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Author: Chi Ohi

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Mental Health and Wellness, motivation and Inspiration hosted by Chi Ohi of

All the things needed to "enlighten your mentality".

Welcome to EnlightenMental.

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The world is ablaze, and though the issue is not new, the attitude towards dealing with it is, for this present time.    As a black woman, a black MOTHER of young, beautiful black children with bright futures and wife to an amazing, kind, intelligent black man, it tears me to pieces to repeatedly see injustices against people who are no different from me- no different from us. We are just people trying to live out our dreams, trying to offer the world our talents, trying to LIVE.   It's time that it was recognised that whatever our skin tone, our humantiy is not in question- it never was. --- Send in a voice message:
The world around us is definitely in turmoil, but our inner spaces need not be. Today, we talk about one of many ways to (mentally) survive this C-19 situation- mindfulness! more about mindfulness: Try a mindfulness practice here: --- Send in a voice message:
Taking ownership of your healing through self awareness, building a truer image of yourself through getting to know yourself- asking the right questions and being honest in your answers... learning to love what you are, and taking the ownership and the power to remove what you don’t like from yourself. It’s in you to love yourself better, to free yourself from the ideas of others about you, to heal yourself from the bruises caused you by toxic words and opinions, to BE better. I hope you enjoy this off-the-cuff episode of EnlightenMental. --- Send in a voice message:
This week we discuss how life is like being in the ocean. Waves come, they wash over you, but what happens when you feel too tired to keep kicking? What happens when you’re struggling to keep your head above the water? What do you do, how do you cope? Listen in, for more. 😊❤️ --- Send in a voice message:
We're exploring the beginnings of unsettled mental health from earlier ages. It is no myth that children experince anxiety and depression- but how often was it picked up on when you, or I were younger? Was it dismissed? It's a thread we often don't want to pull, for fear of unraveling the whole sweater... but we're not unraveling today. Today, we explore, we acknowledge, and we start to learn to heal ourselves. --- Send in a voice message:
You have the right to remain sane- and to do what you need to, self-care wise, to ensure that you do. --- Send in a voice message:
From my old series on Soundcloud, Enlightenmental Episode 2 is a guide to talking down an anxious person, by an anxious person. I'm not talking about anxiety the feeling, I'm talking about anxiety the disorder. Stay tuned.   --- Send in a voice message:
From my old series on Soundcloud, Episode 1 on Enlightenmental talks about things you should NEVER say to an anxious person, by an Anxious Person.  I'm not talking about anxiety the feeling, I'm talking about anxiety the disorder. Stay tuned.  --- Send in a voice message:
Expressing emotions like a grown-up- even if that means allowing yourself to cry over penguins, dangit! --- Send in a voice message:
After a long hiatus in which there have been anxiety meltdowns, bereavement, pregnancy, birth, and depression, Chi Ohi returns with EnlightenMental’s newest instalment: Hidden Battles. Don’t fight alone. --- Send in a voice message:
Feeling behind in life? Struggling to escape that overwhelming frustration of apparent stagnancy and continual failure to meet your own expectations? Let’s Enlighten our Mentalities. --- Send in a voice message:
People often spend their live in the “pursuit of happiness”, but is happiness a thing you can catch, and if/when you do catch it, how do you pin it down and make it stay? More importantly, really, is it truly happiness you’re looking for, or does that thing you desire, perhaps, have a different name? --- Send in a voice message:
Who or what is the autocritic, why is it so vicious, and how do I defeat it? --- Send in a voice message:
Impostor syndrome is a thing all by itself. But what happens when you add in the complexity of being a Christian with a diminishing self-image? --- Send in a voice message:
I like to call Imposter Syndrome “The Imp”. Find out why, and how I give it the elbow, in today’s episode. --- Send in a voice message:
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