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This is a fun episode, Mike is an amazing guy with an incredible journey. He started in graphic design, which lead to moving to the USA with Adobe which lead him to the heart of Silicon Valley working for Boosted Boards. At the time of this interview (Feb 2019) he was Director of Customer Experience. He has recently moved into the role of Director of Skate Product. Without a doubt, he has one of the best jobs in skate! This episode is not just for the esk8 crew and Boosted fans, we have a wide ranging conversation. We discuss electric skateboard racing, product design, how Boosted takes that design to a new product. Does Boosted have a skate team or ambassadors? (spoiler alert: they have both...and more). We get into future products, and as a side note, at the time of recording the Boosted Scooter had not been released, you can hear me ask Mike if they are going to make a scooter... My goal for this interview was to try and take a look behind the curtain at Boosted Boards. They are one of the most exciting companies in skate and a leader in the future of personal electric transportation. Big thank you to Mike McHugh for giving me so much time out of his busy schedule. --- Send in a voice message:
This might be my new favourite episode. I re-listened to this interview after I published the Kicked Out episode, and was immediately inspired. Danny is an amazing guy, his positive attitude is contagious, I forgot how much fun it was talking to him. It might be a crime against longboarding that I have not released this episode! I recorded this at the end of 2018. The 2019 range had not been released, we talk about a secret new pro model, which ended up being the Phoenix, Tristan Cardillo Pro model. Forgive the delay of this episode, it is still relevant, at the end I mention that we have not talked about any of the models and we will have to do part two to discuss the Rocket Longboard decks. This episode is all about how Daniel got into board building, how he built Rocket, his business philosophy, his board building techniques and values. If you have ever had the urge to build something, you will enjoy the story that unfolds in this episode. --- Send in a voice message:
Reconciliation This is the word that got me kicked out of longboarding. That was the subject of an email I sent to an Australian distributor and the result was losing the Hopkin Skate reseller account. This is not a sad or an angry podcast, it is an interesting one. I feel I need to tell this story to move on and give some context about why I stopped podcasting. This episode is not really about the distributor, it is about me and my opinion on the business of longboarding and how distribution works in Australia. More about the industry than the sport, if that is not your thing, wait a few days, I have an awesome Rocket Longboards interview I did last year.  If you prefer to read, a full transcript of this podcast is on the Hopkin Skate blog. --- Send in a voice message:
Rebecca De Unamuno on weekend ABC Radio (Australian National Broadcaster) interview Jackson Shapiera. Jacko does a good job explaining the sport of downhill skateboarding to someone that knows nothing about the sport. He also talks about the upcoming World Roller Games (WRG), and his Facebook fund me campaign that is helping him complete at the Barcelona WRG.  --- Send in a voice message:
I ask the 2018 guests of the podcast, what did they have for breakfast? --- Send in a voice message:
Jackson Shapiera and Hop talk downhill skateboard racing --- Send in a voice message:
Kavon Zamanian is a unique downhill skateboarding film maker, he travels the world, bombing hills and making videos. --- Send in a voice message:
Last night I caught up with Max Heaton, a Queensland skater heavily into the downhill scene, and we talk downhill. --- Send in a voice message:
Brendan the local grom put on a small slide jam and Hop interviews some of the skaters --- Send in a voice message:
This episode I catch up with Jeffery Vyain of Pantheon Longboards at the foot of the Colorado mountains. We chat about his product line up, and the emotion behind moving some production to China. --- Send in a voice message:
A conversation with Evren Ozan about Laguna Beach downhill and why he has created his own longboard brand of decks. --- Send in a voice message:
A week of news in eSk8

A week of news in eSk8


James Hopkin snd Jeremy Bogan talk about the Mellow getting acquired, are 6 month warranties fair?, Skooter rental business model and will there be a mass esk8 rental business? Inboard and making a skooter! So much more, thanks for listening. --- Send in a voice message:
It is just Hop in this episode talking about podcasts. Four good podcasts and the episodes I enjoyed the most. --- Send in a voice message:
Jeremy from Jed Boards and James Hopkin talk safety and laws affecting electric skateboarding. --- Send in a voice message:
Conversation with Ryan Villa at Subsonic Skateboards --- Send in a voice message:
Talking to Jeremy from Jed Boards and Boa Wheels from the factory in China. We ask the hard questions: when the fck am I going to get my Jed board?!? Lots of great info, we talk about notable esk8 products this year and Black Friday specials!!! And a tip on pricing (hint buy your Jed before December) --- Send in a voice message:
First Episode

First Episode


First episode of Skate Every Day, I kick it off with Dan Pape from Japan. The big news this week in downhill skateboarding is the tragic death of Brazilian skater Allysson Pastrana at Rio Vista race in Brazil. It is a subject that breaks my heart but it would be disrespectful if we did not talk about it and how it might affect the sport in the future. --- Send in a voice message:
Collecting skateboards for fun and profit with Andrew Maunsell --- Send in a voice message:
Thiago drops the mic --- Send in a voice message:
Part one of the Thiago Lessa interview: from the beginning of racing to development of Cuei wheels and becoming World Champion --- Send in a voice message:
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Christian Teplitzky-Purvis

Love the podcast. Keep it up James. It's great to see that someone finally has a downhill/longboarding podcast. We'll see if we can push this over here for you at Stoked.

Jun 20th
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