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A collection of talks from City Collective, a new church that launched in Langley, BC, Canada in September 2018
78 Episodes
Are we supposed to let people who hurt us continue to hurt us? Matthew 5 raises this question as we consider the idea of boundaries and how it creates space for forgiveness.
The dinner table has always been significant to the City Collective community. Table Talks is a collection of conversations exploring interactions that Jesus had with people around the dinner table and the implications it has on us for today.
This week we look to the story of Zaccheus in Luke 19 for insight into finding significance
From Communion to Comparison. Who am I comparing and measuring myself against?
Week 6 of our collection of talks studying significant moments Jesus had around the dinner table.
A unique take on David and Goliath
Ps Neil and Sharol Josephson from Family Life Canada share their thoughts on Relationships
Week 1 of our Series: Advent
This past Sunday we looked at the possibility found in an unexpected interruption. And how sometimes the best answer to an interruption is a simple response of yes.
Week 3 from our Series: Advent
It Was a Setup

It Was a Setup


John 13:36-38
Week 1 of our Series: Sunshine & Shadows. A conversation about mental health. Ps Jason Charles sets the stage for our 3 week series as we explore the intersection between Faith, Science, and Mental Health
What is Mental Health? How can we become better listeners? What is our response to depression & anxiety? Check out our panel conversation about mental health!
We had a fantastic morning with guest speaker Daniel Whitehead from Sanctuary Mental Health Ministries! He spoke out of Psalm 130 for the last instalment of the Sunshine & Shadows series. He said, "The pursuit of happiness is not the Christian ideal ... joy is a part of our walk in faith, but happiness is not the primary pursuit."
This past Sunday was the beginning of our new series Church Clothes as Pastor Jason walks us through the book of Galatians. Are we living a life out of grace or for grace? Have we overcomplicated a simple truth through qualifications in our faith? Why is a simple grace so difficult to understand and grab onto?
Conflict is hard - how does Paul approach it and how does Jesus talk about it?
How is our past experiences impacting our current experience acceptance of grace?
Galatians 5
Forgiveness is hard and sometimes you need to start with what it isn’t before you talk about what it is.
The path from revenge to reconciliation - and how we don’t even know we need it.
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