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Welcome to the DistantJob Podcast. This podcast is about people working together on great projects, through the magic of the internet - no office required. Here, we interview people who've built and managed remote teams and even full companies - and found great success! The DistantJob Podcast is brought to you by DistantJob, a recruitment agency that specializes in remote recruitment, helping its clients build and manage remote teams.
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In this podcast episode, Kate Lister shares how 2020 is the year that changed how people perceived remote work. She reveals facts and statistics about how companies have seen a productivity boost even during covid-19 times. However, although companies are experiencing all the benefits, they are also struggling with other aspects. For instance, companies need to prioritize building a virtual culture for employees to thrive in the long term.
In this podcast episode, our guest Michael Gutman shares why encouraging feedback meetings in virtual teams is fundamental to build a strong culture. He provides valuable insights regarding how to lead remote teams efficiently and how leaders can establish trust within their virtual employees.
During this episode, Chris Bruno shares how Brexit was the factor that drove him to start working remotely. In 2016, his 8-year-old business suffered significant consequences, and two key factors were the ones that enabled him to become the successful entrepreneur he is nowadays: Passion and remote work.
With more than 20 years of working in a remote environment, our guest, Flore Dorcely-Mohr, shares practical tips to help leaders cultivate better relationships in remote teams. She emphasizes the importance of building connection and trust in a virtual setting.
In this podcast episode, our guest, David Schneider, talks about how he discovered the power of having talented virtual employees - and how this helped him shaped his business. He also shares his insights regarding his experience working remotely for seven years and how he deals daily with remote teams.
During this enriching podcast episode, Mag Boron shares why all employers and managers need to look for culture fit when hiring remote employees. She also reveals tips and strategies for maintaining a healthy work-life balance.
In this podcast episode, we have as a guest, Chris Ronzio, an expert in leading and guiding remote teams. He shares his experience founding Trainual and the lessons he has learned over the past years. He also reveals the importance of documentation and processes to keep organized, productive, and efficient remote teams.
In this podcast episode, Susan Basterfiel remarks on the importance of building transparent and accountable remote teams. She also remarks on how changing the typical hierarchical business structure is possible even in a remote environment by fostering a collaborating culture.
In this podcast episode, Jeb Hurley reveals the importance of seeking in candidates two things: Empathy and purpose. He states that building a culture is beyond hiring talented people who have excellent hard skills. It also depends if these people believe and understand why their job is important in the company and can develop consciousness regarding the team they work with.
Are you struggling to build culture in your remote organization? Need help leading your distributed team? In this episode, you'll learn everything any remote manager needs to know, from building an awesome culture to tips and strategies to manage teams effectively. DistantJob's leaders share the major challenges they faced and the most important lessons they've learned on their path of becoming successful remote leaders.
In this episode, Jennifer Aldrich takes us through her journey, working for 5 years at InVision, a remote-first company. She shares why onboarding is a crucial step that all remote companies need to consider and how having the right strategies leads to better company culture and engaged employees.
In this podcast episode, Francis Norman shares the main lessons he learned from his Ph. D. research regarding virtual teams. He highlights that all remote leaders and managers need to implement management styles that embrace other cultures, not just their culture. He also reveals the main challenges that virtual teams constantly face when working together and how to overcome them.
In this podcast episode, our guest, Shiran Yaroslavky, reveals strategies and tips that leaders can do to improve their culture and their team collaboration. Also, the importance of looking out for employees well being and mental health.
In this podcast episode, Victor Vorski shows a different perspective on how to manage remote teams. He shares that the key is not to be a manager and continuously look over how employees perform, but to be a leader and inspire each member of the team.
In this podcast episode, our guest Gonçalo Hall shares his insights on how are the remote conferences and events taking place during the pandemic. He also shares valuable strategies for building a remote network for your business and how working with people in a virtual setting is the key to success. 
In this podcast episode, Jamie Powers shares his remote recruitment expertise. He reveals strategies companies can implement when it comes to hiring remote employees. He also takes us through his journey, helping people get jobs. Jamie highlights the crucial role recruiters have when it comes to filtering and rejecting candidates beyond a cold rejection email.
In this podcast episode, our guest, Lisa Tamayo, shares her experience as the CEO of Scollar and how implementing the Agile philosophy and principles has helped her manage her distributed company. She also discusses what managers should always keep in mind when leading their team.
In this podcast episode, Jennifer Britton shares her experience leading and working with distributed teams for more than 16 years. She reveals the key lessons she has learned from managing teams in both face-to-face and virtual contexts. She also shares how building her organization, Potentials Realized, lead her to discover that remote leaders need to be proactive to succeed.
In this podcast episode, our guest Savannah Peterson shares the strategies she uses for achieving the right balance that makes her work efficiently but also to enjoy the things she loves the most, like tasting wine, for example.  As someone who spends most of her time flying around the globe, Savannah shares her digital nomad experience and how she manages her remote team by strengthening one of the most important aspects for any company: Trust.
As a second-time guest in this podcast episode, Laura Farrer shares strategies and practical tips for those companies and managers struggling to lead their teams during COVID-19. She shares why some companies are failing to adopt a remote work policy, and what aspects these companies should change for positive results.
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