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Overflow: Beyond The Music

Author: Overflow Ministries Group

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Music is more than just melodies and random words: it has the ability to share emotion, to

connect creators and listeners, to spark life change. With this podcast from The Overflow, host

Josh McCabe sits down with artist guests to get real about the stories Beyond The Music.

Coming from a personal background of pastoral work and music ministry, Josh hosts the

podcast in the form of honest conversations. In these 30-60 minute bi-weekly episodes, Beyond

The Music guests talk about faith, art, their life stories, and their struggles. You’ll get a taste of

some of the best new music releasing now— but more importantly, you’ll get to know the

songwriters behind it.

Some of the guests who have featured on The Overflow: Beyond The Music podcast include

John Cooper (Skillet), Mike Donehey (Tenth Avenue North), Trevor McNevan (Thousand Foot

Krutch) and Brian Johnson (Bethel Music). Beyond The Music is available on

Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, YouTube, and at our official website (All links provided in our about section).

20 Episodes
BTM Special: Andrew Holt

BTM Special: Andrew Holt


Josh talks to Worship Pastor Andrew Holt and how he handles leading other well known Worship Leaders and Song Writers. Andrew Holt is on the pastoral team at The Belonging Co in Nashville TN. With weekly worship leaders including Meredith Andrews, Kari Jobe, Cody Carnes, Mia Fieldes, and more, Andrew shares about his unique journey into a place of leadership in the area of worship. This is a must listen for young worship leaders!| Facebook| Instagram
Her name might not sound familiar, but Elle Limebear has come into her own as a talented singer, and worshipper. The eldest daughter of Martin Smith (Delirious?) calls Brighton her home, but her songs are finding their way around the world. Learn more about Elle's journey, and how growing up around a touring family shaped her musical endeavours. Follow Elle Limebear:-Website: Beyond The Music:-Instagram: Playlist: Spotify -
Will Mcginnis is most recognized for his role as a founding member of the rock band, Audio Adrenaline. With a pair of Grammy's, several Dove Awards, and a Gold Record, the band found themselves at the top of their genre. Will shares about his passion, and the motivating factor for himself and the band in their later years, caring for orphans in Haiti. Hear more about Audio A's history, as well as about the Hands & Feet project, and the newest initiative, Haiti Made.Follow Will Mcginnis via Haiti Made:-Website: Beyond The Music:-Instagram: Playlist: Spotify -
If you haven't heard already Singer/Song Writer Marty Sampson recently shared a post (that has since been deleted) about him “genuinely losing” his faith. Many have commented on this post, but none have been as vocal as the post made by John Cooper (Skillet lead singer). Josh McCabe talks with John about the his post and dives deeper into what he meant (read full post here).In a world where topics like this can turn into click bait or gossip. Josh and the Overflow Ministries Group aim to use this special episode as a tool to open up dialogue and understanding.As always thank you for listening.*For the Christian Post article on Marty Sampson click here
Wow, we got REAL on this episode. Ben Crist of The Glorious Unseen joins the podcast to talk about his journey, and struggles while writing, recording, and touring. Ben gets vulnerable about the wondering whether his experience with Jesus was even real, and some of the painful ways that manifesting in his life. You may not know Ben Crist's name straight away, but you'll be glad you listened to what he had to share.Follow Ben Crist:-Instagram: The Glorious Unseen:-Instagram: Beyond The Music:-Instagram: Playlist: Spotify -
Even with several #1 hits, Dove Awards, and sold out tours, Tenth Avenue North may still be best recognized for their willingness to write songs that talk about some tough and maybe even "taboo" topics. Josh catches up with lead vocalist Mike Donehey, and they discuss their upcoming album, Mike's forthcoming book, and why they decided to play 50 LESS shows a year.Follow Mike Donehey:-Instagram: Tenth Avenue North:-Website: Beyond The Music:-Instagram: Playlist: Spotify -
She's one of the most influential people in Worship music today... you just may not realize it! Beginning her journey with Hillsong United, to writing songs for Jesus Culture, Francesca Battestelii, Zach Williams (and hundreds more), Mia Fieldes talks about her journey, and offers some great wisdom about stewarding your craft. Easily, one of the most inspiring interviews we've had to date. Oh, and Meredith Andrews pops by to offer some insight into writing with Mia Fieldes as well.Follow Mia Fields:-Instagram: Beyond The Music:-Instagram: Playlist: Spotify -
With their newest album Fear No More out now, Josh sits down with The Afters to talk about the journey of the band, and some of the events that inspired the songs from their sixth Studio Album... thats right..6 records! Chris Sligh also pops by to talk about one of his favorite songs.Follow The Afters:-Website: Chris Sligh:-Website: -Twitter: Beyond The Music:-Instagram: Playlist: Spotify -
Jon Egan: Unveiled

Jon Egan: Unveiled


Jon Egan is one of the founding memebers of Desperation Band, from New Life Church in Colorado Springs, CO. After nearly 2 decades, the Desperation Conference has reached tens of thousands of people across the world with their events, and the music of Desperation Band. Jon and Josh reconnected and recall the time they played together, as well as talk about some of the dangers of today's worship trends affecting young leaders.Follow Jon Egan:-Website: Beyond The Music:-Instagram: Playlist: Spotify -
From her viral video leading the song "How He Loves" in worship, to a brand new book, Kim Walker-Smith is a woman of incredible talent, and spritual depth. Hear about her journey growing up with multiple step-dad's, as well as her attempt to take her own life, and how God clearly rescued her for a purpose. She also shares the story of trying to STOP the release of the hit, "How He Loves".Follow Kim Walker-Smith:-Website: http://bravesurrenderbook.comFollow Beyond The Music:-Instagram: Playlist: Spotify -
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