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Author: Roy Coughlan

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I am interviewing people that are public speakers. They are sharing how they overcame their fear and became competent speakers. Some will be for speeches, others workshops and even organizing full events.
If you would like to make a change in the World then being able to speak in public is critical to get followers.
38 Episodes
Kasia is a Toastmaster for only 1 year and is currently in the Polish speaking finals. She explains her speaking journey.She also discusses why having 2 mentors is better.kasia explains how she speaks in different languages.If you are interested in Meditation please visit www.meditationpodcast.orgTo learn polish visit www.learnpolishpodcast.comIf you would like to know more about me visit
Heard about Kamila's journey from a very shy child to running workshops.Why other peoples beliefs were put on her.Explains how she organises her workshops & her very first one.Talking about connecting to your intuition and living your purpose.About how she learns from her audience.How she prepares her speeches.Find more about Kamila at www.kamilasurma.comIf you would like to Meditate visit www.meditationpodcast.orgIf you would like to learn Polish please visit
How to Pitch to your 1st clientsViews on Fake it until you make itObjection TechniquesConsistency is the secretBe the person you want to be in your head to avoid procrastination
How beatboxing made Mariusz confortable on stageHome schoolingHow training is important to your stage presence.How breathwork and beatboxing are connected and help in speaking
How to make a good connection with your audience.How to relate to a person's emotions.The closer to your heart, the more credible the storey.The hero's journey - how you can build a storey.
Makes his speeches about something that matters to give a message.How he inspired another person to be a great guitar player.How Toastmasters helped Pawel in his work, Public Speaking and Self ConfidencePublic Speaking is like learning Chords
How to get relaxed and groundedAlternative nostril breathing
Items Discussed: How to tell Stories in SpeechesHow not to do a boring Speech or Workshop How to Connect with the Audience Using a Mindmap in Stories How to Connect with Audio, Visual and Kinesthetic People The Human Mind can not Ignore Novelty If you should walk on stage How you can react to connect with the audience Why using a noise can help with pause filler words How to be an Effective Coach
This was during a live workshop how to start a podcast
Pitching your Business to InvestorsHow he Prepared his TEDx SpeechDetails on Being a Keynote SpeakerExplains about his New Book Why he wants to give 100M PLN to CharityWhy you need to be careful about which Investor you choose
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