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Author: Roy Coughlan

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I am interviewing people that are public speakers. They are sharing how they overcame their fear and became competent speakers. Some will be for speeches, others workshops and even organizing full events.
If you would like to make a change in the World then being able to speak in public is critical to get followers.
46 Episodes
This week Ambika is back with some tips for Vocal warm ups. Ambika explains what each exercise does.You can also find more tips & tricks on Episode #28 with Ambika.To find out more find Ambika at contact me go to http://roycoughlan.comTo Meditate http://meditationpodcast.orgIf you would like to learn Polish
The winner of District Finals Evaluation contest shares her tips & tricks for winning. Aleksandra explains the advantages and disadvantages of acting skills. Explains why speaking louder has advantages. Radio techniques for interviewing. How she helps startups with pitches to investors. How she prepares her speeches and tips for practicing. Connect with Aleksandra at To find all episodes goto How to start a Podcast & subscribe to my Youtube channel If you are interested in Meditation please visit If you want to learn Polish visit To contact me
In this Episode with Ruth Owen we discussed:What does not kill you makes you stronger.How to be yourself on stage.How she organises an 8 hr Workshop as a Mindvalley Trainer.Find more about Ruth at you would like to learn Polish http://learnpolishpodcast.comTo find different types of Meditation http://meditationpodcast.orgTo Contact me or learn about my businesses
A bit different to my normal episodes. I was the guest of Radek Dabrowski's 1st Podcast. As I discuss mainly speaking it might be of benefit to the listener. You will also get to know a little more about me.Find Radek's Blog & Podcast on https://toastmaster.plTo learn more about me please visit http://roycoughlan.comMeditation Podcast http://meditationpodcast.orgLearn Polish Podcast
Lourdes is the founder of MindtouchLourdes discusses how Meditation can help in your speaking.  To learn more about Mindtouch please visit the following websiteswww.mindtouchbarcelona.com listen to different types of Meditaton including Lourdes please visit http://meditationpodcast.orgTo learn how to speak in Polish visit http://learnpolishpodcast.comTo contact or learn more about me please visit
Chris explain his speaking journeyDiscusses how to be a Keynote speakerExplains how to get paid as a speakerChris tells how to have a great relationship with an agent and the fees involved.Chris is about to release a book about the 7 Mindsets and explains them:1. Who is your client.2. Make your speaker agent as successful as possible.3. Always have a no problems attitude.4. Always go for the emotional connection.5. Live an interesting life, be able to collect stories.6. Always finish on time.7. Be so good they can't ignore you.Chris also explains his next speaker nation and 10X academy. Find more about Speaking Podcast you are interested in Learning Polish visit you are interested in Meditation please visit http://meditationpodcast.orgTo contact me visit
How Andy prepares for Speeches and Workshops.Explains how he spoke online to 10,000 people.Explains about a body evaluator.Talks why trying an open mic comedy is a good challenge.Find More about Andy learn Meditation please visit meditationpodcast.orgTo learn how to speak in Polish visit learn more about the host please visit
From winning speaking competitions at 12 to eventually coaching others to do the same.Constantly learning - If you really want to be the best then learn from the best.How she learns her speeches.Discusses the advantages of using Facebook live.Find more about Lusea at www.lusea.luIf you are interested in learning Polish please visit www.learnpolishpodcast.comIf you would like to start or go deeper in Meditation please visit www.meditationpodcast.orgTo find out more about me visit
Kasia is a Toastmaster for only 1 year and is currently in the Polish speaking finals. She explains her speaking journey.She also discusses why having 2 mentors is better.kasia explains how she speaks in different languages.If you are interested in Meditation please visit www.meditationpodcast.orgTo learn polish visit www.learnpolishpodcast.comIf you would like to know more about me visit
Heard about Kamila's journey from a very shy child to running workshops.Why other peoples beliefs were put on her.Explains how she organises her workshops & her very first one.Talking about connecting to your intuition and living your purpose.About how she learns from her audience.How she prepares her speeches.Find more about Kamila at www.kamilasurma.comIf you would like to Meditate visit www.meditationpodcast.orgIf you would like to learn Polish please visit
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