DiscoverMarketing Mindset: The Growth Hackers Guide to Business Success
Marketing Mindset: The Growth Hackers Guide to Business Success
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Marketing Mindset: The Growth Hackers Guide to Business Success

Author: Sam Harris

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Interviews with the worlds leading minds in marketing. We break down their lessons and insights such as:

- Biggest Marketing Mistakes

- Absolute Top Tips

- The Future of Marketing

- Best Marketing Books

We also host deep dives into the latest innovations or time-worn strategies that just keep giving. The goal is to bring fun informative content for you to grow your business.

Marketing Mindset is hosted by a leading marketing agency focusing on personalisation with a mission 'To rid the world of spam'.
9 Episodes
Bart is the CEO of Scout Puppy Local and long time internet entrepreneur. He believes that all businesses could do better if they optimised their SEO and started getting more organic traffic they deserve. His business is designed to help businesses get attention with an SEO optimised profile that brings them leads. On the show we discuss BArts background and all his infinite wisdom in the world of SEO:Long tail keywordsGeo-taggingURL and heading best practicesOptimising contentAdvertising strategies and spending adviceFuture of advertisingThe good and bad of review sitesClearly explaining what you do
Scott BrinkerScott is a computer programmer and entrepreneur who has been a wealth of experience in tech, marketing and the combination of the two 'Martec'.TopicsOn the show we discuss:The future of marketingFounding and scaling Ion InteractiveSelling a businessHubspot's missionWritingHow to start a conferenceAgile MarketingThe biggest mistakes people make in marketingScott's BackgroundHe has an eclectic mix of achievements to on his CV and there simply isn't room to mention everything. Some of the big things you might know him for:VP of Platform Ecosystem - HubspotOwner - Chief Marketing Technologist (blog)Founder and Chair - Martec ConferenceCofounder - Ion-InteractiveI can highly recommend Scott's blog if you're ever looking for Martec advice and ideas.
Mat Braddy was the CMO of Just eat during their meteoric rise across Europe from a small start up until their IPO. He worked in branding and marketing for several years before that and continues to consult with businesses today.He provides some of his biggest marketing insights and key lessons in how to make your message and brand stand out. His leading metric for the company was always brand and he explains how to measure your brand and how to improve your brand.This podcast is brought to you by Postary and Sam
Mike Follett is the CEO of Lumens Research. They create eye-tracking software to understand human behaviour and intentions.He has a wealth of experience from a background in Marketing and advertising before he started his own marketing business to really provide scientific solutions. They have some fantastic research into the behaviour of humans. Both understanding the users and the marketers to get them to communicate in a better way.Why listen?This episode is a fantastic educational piece for anyone struggling to create content that connects with people and gets attention and is the sort of thing I wish I'd known years ago. Thanks Mike for his insights!Lumens
Matt Ward is the host of two great podcasts: also launched an Amazon business which he sold for $1 million after just one year.Matt has great advice for achieving rapid growth and taking your ideas to the next level. An inspiration to have on the podcast.
Nick is the sole founder and owner of Charles Tyrwhitt, the finest men's shirt company on the planet.They are self-confessed experts on marketing. It was Nick's skill of creating an incredible brand that helped drive their growth to become the global company it is today. He breaks down his biggest tips and greatest mistakes in marketing along with some fascinating future predictions.www.ctshirts.comSupported
Kat is the Founder of Curios Kats Adventure Club which is a business she grew rapidly and sold over five years. The business helped her to achieve her dreams of visiting all the most amazing places on earth and being paid to do it.They used Social Media Marketing and video to scale up the business and with her many lessons, Kat now runs a Video and Social Media Marketing agency Xpert SM in London.
Bryony Thomas is the author of Watertight Marketing, the bestselling business book that will get you to turn your marketing upside down and inside out.She has a wealth of experience in helping entrepreneurs grow their business using the best strategies learnt from a life in
The first episode of Marketing Mindset. We lay out our aspirations for the podcast and why we're doing it and how we are going to create the growth hackers guide to business success.Sam Harris is joined by his cofounders of, Theo Rickets and Genia Gordine. We talk about the podcast and explain the business idea behind Postary and of course our top marketing insights.Further
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