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Author: Adam

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Thin Line Believers is a podcast and devotional by first responders, for first responders. We believe in every Word of the Bible and hope to offer encouragement to police, firefighters, paramedics and veterans.
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We are not victims. We are warriors created in His image!
Steve continues speaking on sacrifice and giving it all.
Smashing grapes, angels in the air, frog-like demons... Revelation has it all. This week we get into Revelation 14 through 16 as we learn what the cost of following a man (the Antichrist) is.
Are you willing?

Are you willing?


Are you willing to pick up your cross? What does that mean for you?
Israel and the Dragon

Israel and the Dragon


Revelation chapters 12 & 13 are terrifying chapters in the Bible to those who are not saved. We're introduced to a couple nefarious characters who will play major roles in the coming end times.... Check it out
Two Fire Breathers

Two Fire Breathers


Continuing in the book of Revelation, we come to the 11th chapter where we're introduced to a couple of interesting people. We also get a glimpse of the rebuilt Jewish Temple....
Revelation 10 introduces us to another angel. It also tells of seven thunders uttering something that is kept secret... A very interesting and very important chapter in this amazing book of prophecy!
Going through chapter 9 of Revelation, we'll learn of demons being loosed to torture mankind. How do people respond? Do they repent and turn to God? Listen in
God is still on the throne. In Revelation 7 and 8 we'll see a group of Jewish evangelists, more judgments poured out on the earth and how this relates to modern days.
My friend Jay joins me to discuss Revelation chapters 4 through 6. Caught up into Heaven and the Great Tribulation on earth.
Revelation is the only book of the Bible that promises a blessing to those who hear it and to those who read it out loud. Let's receive that blessing, beginning with this episode.



This one is unedited and probably a bit too honest.
Where are we headed? And... Do we want to go?
Are You Marked?

Are You Marked?


This episode discusses the marks received by believers and non believers. A choice has to be made regarding which mark we will receive. Listen in!
A breakdown of part of Daniel chapter 7 and 8 and what it means for us. Not a lot of flare in this one, folks. This is a Bible study regarding the Antichrist and why we should be looking for Jesus Christ.
The current state of the world and what our reaction should be as Believers.
Enjoy this glimpse into the muddy, murky mind of Adam. What does this virus have to do with prophecy? Why are things so strange right now? Here. We. Go.
Steve walks us through not allowing fear overcome our faith during this trying time!
God's Economy

God's Economy


God will provide. He always has, always will. We're in some very strange times, but He has never failed. He's never caught by surprise.
Jim Conzelman is one of the co-founders of Faith RX'D, a faith based non-profit within the CrossFit community.  Jim is a retired US Navy veteran and is currently the Executive Director of Faith RXD.  Our discussion on this episode includes faith, the corona virus, the fitness community, and navigating the loss of his wife Becky.  
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