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Chris Bird interviews Alex Podolinsky during their six weeks, 6000 mile discovery journey of Biodynamics in Australia.  Tape A    Introduction to Biodynamics According to Alex Podolinsky. This material and 20 other tapes are condensed into chapter 6 of Secrets of the Soil. 
Shabari Bird continues her interview with John Priestley where he expounds on certification, what is quality and how the soil is the foundation for nutritive dense food.
John Priestley continues discussion with Shabari Bird about the use of local animals in Australia for Biodynamic Preparation making.
Shabari Bird and John Priestley continue their discussion of farming and biodynamic methods. Weeds, what they indicate and various methods of working with them. 
Shabari Bird continues with her interview of John Priestley on the use of clay in compost and more of his farmer stories.
John Priestley interviewed by Shabari Bird October 2014 at his Hunter Valley, New South Wales, Australia home on using Biodynamic Silica for sweet high brix Citrus. John then age 83 shares his brilliance and innovative uses of Biodynamic Preparations to bring his oranges to ripeness at one time. Saves time and labor having every fruit ready to pick in two rows.
In keeping with indications from The Agriculture Lecture Series by Rudolf Steiner, John Priestley pioneered a new Biodynamic silica known as 501 using diatomaceous earth. Diatoms are the most ancient of living creatures on the earth. John explains how he makes it. This is widely accepted among biodynamic farmers around Australia.
Shabari Bird interviews John Priestley on carbon, biochar, sulphur and silica for fruit
Wayne Rankine, an avid Biodynamic grower and member of the Far Northern Queensland Biodynamic Group left his non-farm career to open an on-farm Education Center. He is also a certified representative of Quantum Agriculture.  You can find him here:
Arnd Enneking and family have added farm stay cabins and a campground to their farm program. He is a well educated farmer who  completed the Quantum Agriculture Advanced Course. We are inspired by his story. 
Kym Green grows the best tasting cherries and apples in Australia. This fifth generation fruit grower from South Australia uses Biodynamic, Biological and Quantum Agriculture methods.  He is the innovator of the pruning method known as KGB which he teaches to stone fruit growers in Chile, US and Canada. He has served as the Chairman of Biodynamic Agriculture Australia.
Cris and Lee-Anne Geri manage their small farm in Tansey, west of Gympie, Queensland (Rawganix Farm) in a way that reduces their farm inputs and their environmental impact as much as possible. For them this means having a range of different crops and stock, and being mindful about the biological systems on their farm, and how their farm interacts with biological systems outside it. As well as chickens and eggs, they have sheep and cattle and grow lucerne, grains and other fodder to keep all their animals well fed and happy.
David and Kim Hunt courageously left city life in Brisbane and bought a lime farm. This is their story.
Peter Windrim remembers helping his father plant their first vines 30 years ago. The vineyard is now considered to be the best biodynamic farm in Australia. Peter is dynamic and a real delight to know. Working with a family business is so rare and yet so fulfilling. This is Peter’s story.  Learn more at
Alistair Jones describes his family farm and their famous value added smoked trout, lamb and beef sausages, and restaurant that serves their farm produce and products. They have built Tuki Retreat which is situated on historic “Stoney Rises” a traditional sheep grazing property.
Shabari Bird interviews Marjory House, biodynamic consultant in Cottage Grove, Oregon.
Wayne Rankine practices biologic, biodynamic and restorative agriculture in Atherton, Queensland, Australia. He is available for consultation. For more information, see
Shabari Bird interviews Cliff and Marlene Bottenfield of Tumbling Creek Farm in Grass Valley, California.
Shabari Bird interviews Glen and Lee Perry, manufacturers of Samadhi flotation tanks and biodynamic gardeners from Grass Valley, California.
Shabari Bird and Hugh Lovel discuss growing food of the highest quality with Rory Turnbull, agronomist and Quantum Agriculture consultant.
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