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Listen in as Kris Ferguson MD interviews Doctors, patients, and health care professionals about health related topics. It's in depth, informative, and often personal. It's everything you ever wanted to know about your physical, mental, psychological, and spiritual well being.
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Ever wonder how human eggs and sperm are frozen?  Who is the ideal candidate for such a procedure?  What are its risks and benefits?Reproductive specialist and returning guest Anu Kathiresan, MD explains how the procedure is performed and why more and more people are deciding to undergo it.A native of Marietta, Georgia, Dr. Anu Kathiresan, MD, FACOG attended the Medical College of Georgia, did her residency at the University of Miami, and completed her fellowship in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at the University of California, Los Angeles.  Dr. Kathiresan currently practices in Texas.For more information, Dr. Kathiresan can be reached through:Instagram: @anukathiresanmdFacebook: @anu.kathiresanand her YouTube channel at
What mistakes do young professionals make when negotiating their first contract?  When do you bring up parental benefits during the contract negotiations?  Is full time considered 30 or 40 hours a week?  What are the red flags every employee should look out for in the contract?  What are ways medical professionals can supplement their income?  Dr. Patel offers some excellent advice on how to negotiate your first employment contract.  Although geared to medical professionals, there is advice here for everyone.Dr. Kumkum Sarkar Patel is a double-board certified gastroenterologist practicing in downtown Chicago, with special training in the treatment of functional bowel syndromes and upper and lower GI motility disorders.  Using her Instagram platform @dr.gut_motility, she is raising awareness for IBS and motility diseases and hoping to educate, empower, inspire, and mentor!Kumkum Sarkar Patel, M.D., MPHGastroenterology and HepatologyIllinois Center for Digestive and Liver Health@dr.gut_motility
Human trafficking is much closer to home than you may think.  Girls as young as twelve from small towns to large cities across the US are routinely manipulated into joining the sex trade.   Lisa Sennholz works with victims of human trafficking through her organization, the Damascus Road Project.  Lisa details how traffickers, gangs, and social predators lure children into the sex trade and then manipulate them into staying. Rescuing these girls is challenging as they are often scared into talking to the authorities, and many victims have severe trauma and PTSD.The stories are real, they are frightening, and are much more common than you may think.You don't want to miss this episode of the Get Healthy 360 Podcast.  For more information, The Damascus Road Project can be found may be reached at Thank you for listening!
Crystal Beal, MD is a practicing family physician who self identifies as queer.  Dr. Beal helps explain many of the terms, norms, and realities that affect the LGBTQQIAAP2S community in the context of healthcare.Dr. Beal shares stories of how healthcare service providers can often fail queer patients, and what changes to healthcare could make it more inclusive.  Dr. Beal also offers tips on how members of the queer community can find doctors and why she isn't a fan of online ratings.And what exactly does the acronym LGBTQQIAAP2S stand for?  Dr. Ferguson also looks up the term "gender unicorn" and if you would like to learn more about the gender spectrum, maybe you should look it up too!   (Gender Unicorn: )Dr. Beal owns and operates, which provides queer and gender focused healthcare online.  QueerDoc is an online doctor’s office for queer and gender affirming care for queer, trans, and gender diverse people run by a queer, non-binary doctor.For more information, Dr. Beal may be contacted through:queerdoc.comFacebook/Instagram: @queerdocTwitter: @DocQueerThank you for listening!
Why are measles making a comeback and how worried should you be?  Are children the innocent victims of our society's vaccine debate?What is herd immunity and why are we losing it?Dr. Gretchen and Dr. Ferguson dissect all the common arguments, myths, and truths about vaccines. If you ever questioned the importance of vaccinations you owe it to yourself to hear this discussion between two doctors.  As healthcare providers on the front lines, doctors see the impact of vaccines on a daily basis.Gretchen LaSalle, MD is a family physician at the MultiCare Rockwood Clinic in Spokane, Washington.  Dr. LaSalle is the author of When the Answer to Vaccines is “No”,  published 6/2018 in The Journal of Family Practice.  She may be reached at   
Just what exactly is a Physical Therapist and what do they do?  How well trained are they and when should I seek one out?This episode of the Get Healthy 360 Podcast explores the world of physical therapy and how physical therapists work together with other physicians to help patients.Physical therapists (known as physiotherapists in many countries) can effectively treat many kinds of ailments and can offer relief from the symptoms of numerous conditions. Ben Solheim PT, DPT, OCS is a physical therapist at the Health In Motion clinic in Wausau, WI.  And what do all those letters after his name mean?  Tune in to find out!Mr. Solheim can be reached on Twitter at @BenSolheim and the Health In Motion clinic may be found at www.himwi.comBelow are some additional links related to physical therapy.To find a PT Specialist visit: To find a PT (General) you for listening!
What drives individuals to consider changing their gender?  How does it impact their life, and the lives of their loved ones?Bo Aucoin is undergoing gender reassignment treatment.  After 30+ years of being known as a woman, Bo is becoming a man.  Bo and Dr. Ferguson discuss the life choices, life changes, and challenges associated with such a decision.  In this highly personal interview, Bo unpacks personal stories, family life, and how this decision has impacted Bo's day-to-day life. Bo is an athlete who has competed in triathlons.  In 2018, Bo embarked on a 2,500 mile  solo bicycle ride to raise awareness of climate change and lifestyle choices we make that negatively impact the environment.  Her website,, is dedicated to her efforts to help the environment.  For more information, Bo may be reached through the following channels:Instagram: mountaingoatnymph (personal)SweatandSoil (bike trip)Website:SweatandSoil.orgMedium:Bo AucoinThank you for listening!
Why is my son throwing a tantrum?  Why doesn't my daughter listen to me?  Should I be concerned about my toddler's behavior, or is he just craving attention?Young children are biologically programmed to remain in close proximity to their parents but how do children react to separation?  How does anxiety impact the development and behavior of children?  And what is a normal and healthy response to separation anxiety?Child Psychologist Lara Sando, Ph.D., makes sense of the often bewildering behavior patterns of children aged 0 to 5.  Insightful, educational, and funny, this episode is a must for any parent.Dr. Sando practices psychology at the Providence Saint John’s Child and Family Development Center in Santa Monica California.Thank you for listening!
Alexander Filipski, DO, offers a unique perspective on patients in the terminal phase of their illness.  How do doctors comfort the patients who have recently learned that they only have months to live?  How do doctors deliver the news, and prepare them and their families for a peaceful transition?Dr. Filipski is active in BALANCE, a program he helps run where the next generation of medical students are trained to have the empathy and emotions necessary to offer a high level of end-of-life care.  Doctors are people too, and doctors often go through the emotions of grieving and loss when a patient they are close to is facing death.Dr. Filipski practices family medicine at St. Joseph's Health in Syracuse, NY. Thank you for listening!
When doctors struggle with mental health, stress, and suicidal thoughts, who they turn to?  Adam Hill, MD, shares his deeply personal story of mental health challenges, addiction, and recovery.  Dr. Hill reminds us that we are human, and we all need help from time to time.  Dr. Adam B. Hill is the division chief of pediatric palliative care at Riley Hospital for Children. Dr. Hill is graduate of Butler University for his undergraduate work and Indiana University School of Medicine (IUSOM).  He completed his pediatric residency training at St. Louis University, a fellowship in pediatric hematology/oncology at Duke University and a palliative medicine fellowship at Indiana University. His work in palliative care is focused on allowing patients to live the best quality of life possible, in the midst of chronic, life-limiting and/or life threatening medical conditions.  In addition, he works with colleagues on debriefing clinical work to decrease caregiver distress by finding meaning and purpose in the work and is the founder/director of Compassion Rounds at Riley Hospital for Children, a town hall humanities based forum to process human emotions in healthcare.  Dr. Hill has a passion for international medical work, with opportunities to work in Kenya, Belize, Mexico and Tanzania over the past decade. Dr. Hill also serves as the medical director for Camp Little Red door, a week long, full immersion summer camp for children/siblings living with cancer. Finally, Dr. Hill is passionate about physician wellness and self-care in the context of changing the culture of medicine surrounding mental health conditions and addiction. In 2017, Dr. Hill published a groundbreaking New England Journal of Medicine articled titled “Breaking the Stigma: A Physician’s Perspective on Self- Care and Recovery”. In this article and his lectures, Dr. Hill shares his own story of personal recovery from depression and substance use. As a result, Dr. Hill has become a national recognized lecturer on the topic, including an upcoming book publication with Central Recovery Press entitled “Long Walk Out of the Woods: Lessons from a Physician’s Addiction Recovery”, to be published in February 2020.  For more information, consider following Dr. Hill at the links below:Twitter handle: @AdamHill1212Website:
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