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News, politics, traffic, weather and more from Utah, anchored by veteran news junkie Jeff Caplan alongside Maria Shilaos.

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KSL News Brief 6:30pm 17MAY2024
KSL News Brief 6:00pm 17MAY2024
Alexandra was diagnosed at age 8 with the degenerative disease that affects many systems of the body. Join KSL on Thursday, May 23rd for the KSL Give-A-Thon. Donate now by visiting, or text the word SMILE to 57500.
KSL News Brief 5:30pm – May 17, 2024
KSL News Brief 5:00pm – May 17, 2024
The Salt Lake County prosecutor has cleared the officers who shot an armed man in Taylorsville last year...  AFter the officer-involved shooting... the D-A referred to the man shot as a "military veteran" calling to question this... are we making it harder for veterans to get the help they need by identifying them by veterans?  Joining me live is Former Executive Director of the Utah Department of Veteran AFfairs... Terry Schow
KSL News Brief 4:30pm – May 17, 2024
The man accused of killing a Utah toy maker last year in a drunk driving incident... was found guilty on all charges.  Joining me live is KSL TV's Garna Mejia. 
KSL News Brief 4:00pm –May 17, 2024   
The story of a haunting kidnapping and ransom case involving a 12 year old boy.  Joining me live is the host of the podcast... Art Rascon. 
KSL News Brief 3:30pm – May 17, 2024 
Speaker of the House Mike Johnson has reacted to the chaos of last night's house committee... calling it "not a good look."  Joining us live is Inside Sources Boyd Matheson. 
KSL News Brief 3:00pm –May 17, 2024   
KSL News Brief 6:30pm 16MAY2024
KSL News Brief 6:00pm 16MAY2024
ksl news brief 5:30 pm 05/16/2024
ksl news brief 5:00 pm 05/16/2024
KSL's Top Story: Six weeks after they started... the prosecution has rested its case against Chad Daybell. But not without last minute drama from the Judge finding an error in the original indictment. Team coverage ... begins with KSL NewsRadio's Eric Cabrera.
KSL News brief 4:30 pm 05/16/2024
Are Tacos and Burritos sandwiches? The hotly debated question was taken to actual court in Indiana... and it looks like a judge has made a ruling. Working hard on the story... ABC News Correspondent Jason Nathanson.
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