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Author: Adam Haniver

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Understanding how we learn is surely the most important tool in any coaches skill set. The boxing coaches’ podcast discusses learning within a boxing context and shares the application of theory. Getting better starts with us, the coaches.....
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So how do we train during lockdown and how do we emerge from this whole COVID-19 catastrophe? In this episode I speak about how going back to boxing principles may be beneficial for when normality finally returns! --- Send in a voice message:
About a year ago, I read a fascinating article from today’s guest regarding the inner battle of boxer faces. Repton’s Seema Aggarwal discusses her experiences within the sport and how it has helped shape the person she is today. You can check out her article here - a fascinating read. --- Send in a voice message:
There aren’t many coaches out there as revered as the British Army Lead Technical Coach - Ben Stewart. An AIBA 2 star coach, GB Coach and former England Talent Pathway Assistant Coach, Ben has consistently coached at the coal-face of high performance boxing. Ben speaks with passion and enthusiasm about the Army’s high performance programme especially regarding how they structure their approach to development. ‘We spread our bets.’ Ben goes on to speak about this philosophy and the learning principles behind it. Furthermore, some exceptional advice for up and coming coaches. It was fantastic speaking to Ben who I have had the pleasure of coaching with, learning great amounts about the art and science of coaching as well as being a great admirer of his interpersonal skills. Ladies and Gentleman - Ben Stewart. --- Send in a voice message:
A fascinating conversation with USA Coach Education Coordinator Chad Wigle. Chad delves in to the USA Boxing coach education programme and how it feeds in to their high performance programme under internationally renowned coach Billy Walsh. He articulately describes how he has used his knowledge from his Canadian education in to an applied development setting in the States. He also talks American culture and how the team are looking to review and instil a robust system to bring USA Boxing back to the forefront again in International boxing. --- Send in a voice message:
Practicing with an opponent or without - is one better than the other? What’s optimal? Should it be both? A few questions we ask in this episode. --- Send in a voice message:
Ex boxer and a current coach for All Stars ABC, NE London - Preya Dhanecha. Coach Preya talks about her interpretation of a positive growth mindset and how we as coaches can help cultivate one. --- Send in a voice message:
The autonomy support approach to coaching relies upon good communication and handing over permission as Colchester ABC coach Casy Nachman describes in this week’s podcast. --- Send in a voice message:
Leadership. What is it, really? Lieutenant Colonel Shamus Kelly of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers explains how leadership isn’t what it’s often perceived and also how it pertains to coaching and soldiering. --- Send in a voice message:
Bolognese (Well, from Modena) boxing coach Giuni Ligabue shares his views on The Italian coaching structure and how the sport is growing in Italy. A great chat with a lovely bloke. Check out his club Boxe TPO Quartiere Porto here “Urlando contro il cielo!” 🎶 --- Send in a voice message:
A fascinating chat with Scott Sievewright from Primal MKE MMA gym in Wisconsin, USA. We talk about our approaches to coaching our different sports and make sense of coaching buzz words. You can contact Scott at --- Send in a voice message:
A fascinating chat with Lawrence ABC Coach Ross Clark about the age old pub chat - Nature vs Nurture. Is boxing in the blood? What do you think? What examples do you have? Let us know on social media at --- Send in a voice message:
Shadow boxing - a staple part of any boxer’s training regime. But how effective is it? Today we talk about the pros and cons. Please post your thoughts and views on our social media pages. --- Send in a voice message:
Today I spoke about certain mistakes I keep making and why I need to address them! Feel free to share with me or on the social media pages, the challenges you currently have and how you’re tackling them. Meanwhile it really helps giving reviews for the podcast on your chose podcast platform, so, thank you. --- Send in a voice message:
We ask coaches from all over the country to share which podcasts they listen to and how they have helped them develop their coaching skills and knowledge. --- Send in a voice message:
Today we talk to Wayne Smith from the Olympia boxing podcast, Olympia boxing CIC and Saint Mary‘s boxing club in Chatham about how the incredible work they do in the Kent area. Listen to the Olympia boxing podcast here --- Send in a voice message:
2019 has been a great year. In episode #34, I talk about some of my main learning opportunities and experiences as I move in to 2020. Please leave a review on your listening platform and join in the chat on our social media sites. --- Send in a voice message:
“I learn best by listening, I learn best by watching, I learn best by......” Why do we limit ourselves by pigeon-holing ourselves? Today I briefly talk about how mixing in kinaesthetic coaching and ‘stick-ability’ strategies has engaged some grass roots boxers I’ve coached recently. --- Send in a voice message:
Dr Kathy Adcock is the Founder & Director of the award winning social enterprise In Your Corner. She is a Clinical Psychologist, boxer and England Boxing accredited Boxing Coach, and a fellow of the School for Social Entrepreneurs. In Your Corner combine non-contact boxing with evidence based ideas from psychological intervention to improve emotional wellbeing in hard to reach young people. Find out more here:, @iycboxing, @drkathyadcock --- Send in a voice message:
Great word isn’t it - ‘Starring’. Today I have another car-based journey chat with myself about my experience of the sessions I ran today at DiSE. I wanted to consider how to ‘gamify’ a spar more and see how offering super powers to a boxer would change behaviours. Have a listen and see what we discovered! Remember to share your comments here --- Send in a voice message:
Pads have been around a while now In boxing. But what are good pads? What’s bad? How valuable are they? Today I rant slightly about padwork. This one may be fairly contentious, so please comment on your experiences of using pads on the Facebook page. --- Send in a voice message:
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