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The Project: Health Wellness and Psychology

Author: Mahdi Al Oun, Meg Guthmiller, Dr.Juliet Dinkha, Haya AlQassar

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The Project: Health Wellness and Psychology PodcastWith so much information about health and wellness out there, it is difficult to sift out the real from the fake and the informative from the marketable. At every corner there is an unqualified influencer or individual trying to sell the latest diet or quick fix. This show is not about making you buy something or trying to get you to become someone you are not. We offer real information, from local and regional experts, to help guide you to becoming the best version of yourself. Our hosts, Mahdi, Dr. D, and Meg all tackle an array of different topics. Our fitness episodes talk about programs, coaches, and dismantling the latest trends, while our psychology episodes focus on various mental health issues and coping tools. So, who are we?Mahdi: A real-life average Joe who coaches baseball and fitness. Being in the fitness field for over 20 years, he has seen it all and tried all the fad diets and crazy workouts. Mahdi is known for never having a filter, especially when it comes to influencers and snake-oil salesmen, but his main concern is with providing the average person with the best information to make the best decisions. Meet. D: An amazing psychologist who teaches at a local university. She is best known on the show for being outspoken and honest. Not only is she very intelligent, but her humor, compassion, and insight set her apart from very peers. Haya: An academic at heart, Haya switched paths to become a competitive powerlifter and personal trainer. After having her son, she wanted to focus on rebuilding strength, and found a love for lifting heavy. Now her goal is to help inspire others to move more and live comfortably, while focusing on ensuring their bodies are moving better and not just looking better. This show is definitely:Gluten-FreeDairy-FreeBS-Free
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In this episode we talk about a lot  of bout powerlifting and it’s benefits and drawbacks. We also discussed unilateral training and how beneficial that could be for developing strength and stability through core movements.John also breaks down the fundamentals of programming for a power lifter and how important it is to put in some variety and novelty rather than just sticking to the big three movements. Support the show (
And I truly believe that I already had COVID I never been as sick as I was in February. And Chris Cuomo said it like you have to move you have to stay active and, you know really kind of feed into your body. And I believe the body heals itself as long as you're giving it the fuel to heal itself, which is movement, staying awake, staying active, I swear to God, I never in my entire life has been that sick.Support the show (
In this episode I get to sit down and talk to as he's from hybrid training. Now for the first 20 minutes we talk a lot of general fitness stuff talking about grip strength, deadlifts, and then we get into talking about COVID-19 and Corona. And whether I had it with the symptoms work because he had it. And he gives some really good insight from a medical professionals perspective. And we also talk about whether gyms equate should open up or they shouldn't, what is going on and quite wire numbers are spiking as of late. So it's a really an interesting part from a medical perspective. I would say that starts up in minute 25. And then we start talking a little bit about health and fitness and assessments and how he assesses his client. It's a really fun episode, we enjoyed the chat. He's definitely coming back on and if you enjoy this episode, please leave us a rating and review. Support the show (
Dr. Andrew Hahn is a licensed clinical psychologist and founder of Guided Self Healing (GSH), an energy psychospiritual mindbody framework for healing our deepest trauma. He received his B.A. from Harvard University and his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Hahnemann University. A call for greater understanding beyond the traditional Western paradigms led him to the worlds of Buddhist and Eastern Psychology; Mystery Trainings; and Depth, Archetypal and Spiritual Psychology.On the podcast, he talks about how to overcome any sort of challenges, whether it’s physical (like chronic pain, auto-immune), mental (like anxiety) or emotional (like depression).To get a sense of his style, here’s an interview he did for Trauma Therapist Project. Do you feel like you’d want to have Andrew on the podcast?Support the show (
In this episode Lesley Logan talking businesses and training for professionals and none professionals. With Covid-19 came business opportunity especially in the fitness world, developing an online business is a key factor in most trainers sustaining  there income over the last year. in addition we discuss the future of the. industry and what all this will mean for trainers and clients  Support the show (
In this episode Dr.D and Mahdi invite Sommer Al Nasrallah, Dr. Theodore Kruse  to discuss everything in regards to online education from different perspective. Mahdi and Dr.D have been trash talking online education for younger kids so in this episode both guests bring in a unique perspective on the topic. The main points of the discussion:-benefits and drawbacks of online learning for kids -sensory play for children-The difficulties teachers are having-The difficulties parents are having-The price as we are paying for the online education as opposed to in person educationSupport the show (
Too Far too often people look into running just to lose weight or to get fit. From my perspective, running is something that you have to be more fit for. It's a high demand sport, it's a repetitive sport, and it's something that you need to be fit for.Support the show (
In this episode we discuss additions focusing on gambling and what may become of someone affected by this disorder. Support the show (
In this episode we invite Justin Andrews Of Mind pump Media on to talk about training for performance and training for athletes. He discusses some of the most over sought aspects of training programs and industry mistakes.He jumps into the business side of Mind Pump and discusses their programs and what it could do for you as an athlete. Instagram: @mindpumpjustinwebsite:  Mindpumpfree.comwebsite: www.mindpumpmedia.comSupport the show (
In this episode we discuss the psychology of the current presidential debate.the psychology of the media and the role it plays on our decision in every day life ! We dive deep into the KPI’s of the American president and his handling of COVID-19. We also brake down Trumps marketing skills and why he is the best salesman possibly of our generation.  Support the show (
Dietless Living is not a mindset or change belief program per say, although you will definitely change your beliefs and develop a success mindset.Dietless Living program does not tell you what to eat, although you will definitely learn how to guide yourself to the food that is most helpful to you and that you like and love to eat and will give you the results you want.Dietless Living is not an exercise program, but you will definitely discover fun ways to move your body that you choose to do simply for the sheer pleasure of doing it.Support the show (
In this episode we discuss social masks and what it means to some while developing there character among social groups.We also diving to saying no and how to say no to people who expect the most from us. We also talked about how to develop boundaries and set our boundaries for our loved ones and people around us in order to protect ourselvesSupport the show (
In this episode we talk to Rafael Ferreira from labdoor woh talks about supplements and the nasty industry standards. Have you always thought your Pro Tien shake only had protein in it and was free from heavy metals in arsenic think again!Have you always thought the FDA regulates supplements or there was a regulatory body that did that well think again in this episode Rafael breaks it all down for usSupport the show (
In this episode we discuss politics and and how to adjust to the current times. We also talk about the use of masks and how important they actually and are some cool mask hacks that will help! Vaccines are scary and we all may have to take them some we talk about the historical failures of vaccines. Then we dive deep into the meat of the episode and talk about pain and the perception of pain! Support the show (
In this episode we dive deep in to organize sports and talk about the death of CrossFit. This episode is filled with fun facts about baseball football basketball and soccer that I’m sure you’ll enjoy and an awesome collaboration between The Project Kuwait and K-tacticSupport the show (
In this episode we dive deep into myths behind diets and cookie cutter diet plans we also discuss the importance of doing the right thing by your body and not following the trends. Find out what really works to help you shed pounds Support the show (
In this episode we dive deep into human resources in the mentalities of both the employee and the employer. We discussed reactivation back to work and what it takes to get back into the mentality of working in an environment. We also discussed attendance and is it mandatory for all employees to attend on siteSupport the show (
In the episode the boys brakedown  why Bader Al Mutaw took a knee in a football game. The issues that come from the wrong people managing sports Why sports should be privatized and the impact it will have on athletes. Who are Kuwait’s best athletes and why they are the best!   Support the show (
Eric D’Agati has spent the past 20 years in the fitness industry as a coach, trainer and instructor, pioneering his unique approach to client assessment, performance enhancement and injury prevention. His company, ONE Human Performance, provides fitness, training and wellness services in New Jersey and operated as multidisciplinary facility for 12 years before Eric moved on to focus solely on his coaching and consulting services.In this day and age we see a lot of crazy stuff out there, especially when it comes to sports training. A lot of the time we see trainers training athletes till they fatigue rather practicing the movements and developing the fine arts that translate on the playing field.Support the show (
In this episode we discuss firing people For a second time and why it’s so hard to tell someone they are doing a bad job. This also goes into setting boundaries and ensure people undertake there role in your life Anxiety is a big issue these days especially post quarantine. We discussed some of the current issue that have been raised and how to deal with them on a daily bases. Support the show (
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