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The Magical Life Podcast

Author: Naveed & Sonika

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Remember the days when you believed fairy god mothers were true, because that meant your wish could be granted? Remember when you looked around in awe, imagining a magical creature under your bed, or a ghost in your closet? Remember the freedom inside your mind; where everyday was a new day full of possibilities? The days you just wished you lived inside a fairy tale because all dreams always came true?
That blissful life isn't out of grasp. This is The Magical Life Podcast, helping you manifest the magical life you have always dreamed of.
5 Episodes
Have you ever felt like you're taking a whole bunch of action and it's just NOT creating the results you desire? Are you seriously tired of wondering whether you're doing it right? Then look no further, because this is for you. Send in a voice message:
Resistance is the thing that stops us from maintaining the right emotions to manifest. It's the part of us that says "no" to our desires because it doesn't believe it can have/deserve it. Learn how to remove it to live your best life! Send in a voice message:
We've always seen writing content or recording videos as a part of self-expression. That's what it's meant for. Unfortunately a lot of people today are blinded by marketing tactics alone, and create content not for themselves or others, but for sales. Send in a voice message:
Yikes, we've all been there right? When you need the physical money to be here but it's not, and at this point you literally are starting to believe you're cursed because things just don't work out on time for you?Well you're not cursed. And you might not actually like much that we have to say about this situation because your ego would love for you to not actually figure this out... but we're going to say it anyway. Send in a voice message:
We’ve all felt it right? That feeling in the pit of your stomach that makes you think something is wrong, and then your brain goes off on a rampage trying to find what’s making it feel this way so it can STOP the anxiety.Why does that even happen to us? There’s an explanation. There’s also a way to make it stop, or at least, have serious control over it. But it’s going to take a bit of time and practice on your end. Send in a voice message:
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