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Author: Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson

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The "pick me up" podcast for overwhelmed autism warrior moms who are looking to get their child and their life back. Done with wasting time & money on in-effective therapies, extreme autism diets, supplements, test and Biomed protocols? Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson turned her son's autism around in Nature.This podcast is where you find the holistic tools, mindset strategies, experts and success path she used to get him from stimming, sleepless nights, tantrums, chaos and no eye contact to a neurotypical life. Replace stress anxiety and fear with hope, peace and clarity and inner/spiritual guidance. Autism is a messenger. When we listen, change and return to nature - peace is restored. In our child and in our family. Autism
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An unusual online friendship between me and Carrie-Anne Moss inspired her to quit social media. Today she is sharing the wisdom, love, and tips to handle "THE SHITSHOW" (her words)  of this chaotic time and life online. It turned into a very personal, honest, and vulnerable conversation that can give you insights and tools to handle:Children's addiction to screens and the grief of ruining family life and playtime by handling our children an addiction. The need to fix problems and ask experts for help and why we should never wish our problems away. The need to take pictures and the importance of enjoying the moments that never comes back instead. Missing out on sacred time with our children in our race to get in shape and work our way away from the present moment.The grief of losing our children when they grow out of childhood and begin their life as independent persons (and crying for 2 years).The need to seek answers outside of ourselves and the signs that your teachers, guides or coaches are not healthy for you (because they are undermining your sovereignty.Breaking up with social media without getting lonely or isolated. The dark moments of the soul and the challenges of motherhood by appreciating the growth that comes with them. Healing and reclaiming the feminine through motherhood. Imperfections and feeling worthless. Stress and overwhelm and daily, free rituals to reclaim peace and spiritual connection. If you want to read more about Carrie-Anne Moss, check out her website here: for The Matrix 4 with Carrie-Anne Moss:
TEST AND HEAL YOUR STRESS TYPEFor 7  years, I have used this secret testing system to help women transform their health and transform their children. Before I fully understood this incredible secret, there were 2 specific types of women I simply COULD NOT HELP. No matter what they did, what they ate and no matter how much they exercised and tried to change, they kept sabotaging their own results. Now I know why and how to heal this self-sabotage pattern. If you are one of these 2 stress types you HAVE TO understand yourself and how to heal yourself emotionally and physically. In this episode you will learn:How to spot and heal the hidden autism turnaround (and -health) blocker that is making you sad, tired, anxious and unhealthy. Why these 2 stress types have some of the same symptoms emotionally and physically - the healing path for the 2 types is COMPLETELY different. What heals the cortisol type will make the thyroid type worse. And vice versa.How your stress-type might affect your hormones, your child's turnaround journey, your mood, health and sleep right now. Why thyroid types keep repeating the same self-sabotage patterns and the real reasons why they never complete things or keep promises to themselves. Why thyroid types have health issues and how it's linked to multi-tasking, feeling rejected and letting themselves down (and how this happened)The unusual healing tool for thyroid types no matter how many symptoms they have. What weight issues, hair loss, exhaustion, constipation and premature ageing have to do with it. Why control anxiety, stress and fear are creating more problems for cortisol stress types and why control freaks have to seek more pleasure and less perfectionism in order to heal themselves and their children. Why this stress type HAS to stop over performing, controlling and pleasing if they want to stop premature ageing and turnaround blockers for their children. Why vulnerability, relaxation and being SOFT is a healing tool and how this stress type ended up not being able to feel their body. Why these 2 stress types struggle to help their children and how to learn to do that by enjoying life more. Plus the secret behind sleeplessness, premature ageing, hormonal issues, mood swings, disordered appetite, hair loss, constipation, addiction, sleepless nights and anger (and so much more).Enjoy this episode. Deanne - for "you might also like:The 5 underlying messages behind autism. 5 signs you are a healer. 
Today we are going to have a really tough, personal conversation about ALL THE THINGS WE hide. The things we feel ashamed about because we think we are the only ones dealing with this crap.Wrong. Let's share and support each other. I go first. Why? Because all the secrecy and the suppression of the shameful aspects of life as an autism mom keep us STUCK and isolated.Even worse: It can block autism turnarounds. We can't heal what we won't feel (or see). After this podcast episode, you will know why and realize that we are all in this together. You will also know what to ask yourself and do to GROW from this. You are not a victim. You are a warrior. And you are human.Often when we actually share the shitty side of life as an autism mom in order to grow from it (rather than feeling sorry for ourselves) - we realize that we are NOT alone (or crazy)So today, we are sharing all the taboos and the way to heal through the following:Regrets and fantasies about running away from it all.Shameful events, thoughts and feelings (and how to embrace them.)Fearing the future and feeling like you have lost yourself.Embarrassing secrets about our body, symptoms and eating habits.Anxiety, depression, yelling and mood swings (why you struggle and how to heal).Jealousy and the danger of becoming a preacher, a soul prostitute, a policewoman or a parent instead of a partner and how it destroys your sex life.Addiction (food, stimulants, work and pain-addiction), over-performance and extreme lack of self-care. Low levels of consciousness (pride, bitch syndrome, anger, helplessness and superficial existence based on survival.)Shame and regret.Addictions (numbing out the pain).Moodswings, yelling, jealousy and aggression. Lousy love life during autism PTSD and sexual problems.How to ruin your relationship.All of this to remind you that this is part of the process and that this will pass as soon as you start observing yourself from the outside. Nothing is permanent and the only way out of the darkness is by shining light on the shadows. Every one of the 5 taboos in this podcast is accompanied by healing questions to ask yourself and strategies to raise the level of consciousness, health, healing, and recovery speed. Ps: In the next episode, you will learn how to test and heal your stress type. The missing link in all healing protocols and personal development programs. There are 2 main stress typoes and the way they heal are two COMPLETELY different pathways. If you want to heal your child, you've gotta know your stress type. The 2 main stress types have very different self-sabotage patterns, nervous systems, and personality.
There's a lot of important information in this podcast for both autism dads and the women who live with them. In this podcast we are going to cover: Why autism dads are heroes, Kings and chosen ones (and need to be treated as such).Why men must take leadership and become creat role models for their children and the tribe. How to get closer to turning autism around for your child, whether you are a hardcore sceptic, believe that this is for life or whether you have this strange feeling that you can heal your child. The most important thinking for you to know in order to be able to help your child. Why your beliefs about autism might shape your child's future.The underlying issues of autism that no doctors or therapists will ever tell you about. Some strange secrets about autism warrior moms that you need to know about autism warrior moms (especially if you are frustrated with your partner right now).Secrets for autism dads about autism mamas (and vice versa) that might save your relationship. How autism diets, protocols and therapies can sometimes come between you. How we test your strength as a dad, leader and partner and how to get our admiration and respect.Signs that you have become more feminine than masculine (trigger alert) and how to get your masculinity back. Why the symbolic role of the masculine (hunter, gatherer, leader, protector is the secret key to success for your child's healing journey.My son's transformation and why his dad was SO IMPORTANT in his journey to turn all symptoms around. Why you will be grateful for autism one day. Here's the link for the amazing interview with Dr Zach Busch (will change your life) Insert youtube player link directly in here:Dr Zach Busch: The next podcast episode will be about the 5 taboos autism moms don't talk about (and why we should).
Yes, it's freaking hard to go through "the dark phases of autism" and there's a reason for that. The sleepless nights, the screaming, the rituals, the fear for the future...ALL OF IT....It's so hard that you want to give up. But you've got to get up and walk it. This podcast episode is a helping hand in the darkest moments when you want to give up and feel that the world and this life is against you - offered to you so that you can pull yourself up and start walking. Towards the light. If you want to make BIG CHANGES in your child's life (and your own life) - there is no way of avoiding, escaping and fixing the hardest part of the journey with an autistic child. Unless you want to be part of the old paradigm (coping, accepting and relying on experts to tell you what to do and what to expect from the future) you have to walk THROUGH the darkness. You have been chosen for this. This is the way of the shaman, the medicine woman and the healer. It's NOT an easy journey and that's why so many parents are lost and angry right now. But you are fully equipped to do this. In this podcast you will learn:What you have in common with a mother who lost her child because her boyfriend shot her in a psychotic episode out of the blue. How to deal with fear, tantrums, sleepless nights and hopelessness.The difference between the conventional way of dealing with autism and why autism mamas and experts are triggered by warrior parents who are recovering their children.The sacrifices and realisations you need to make in order to actually do this (and why I believe you are chosen for this job.How science and mainstream medicine is typically 10 - 20 years outdated and why you must stop relying on scientists for answers and tools to heal your child. 
Personal share + trigger alert. We are going to talk about things that can be hard to face in this podcast episode. We have to. There's a fine line between "clean autism diets" and a hidden form of obsessive, restrictive eating that gets stressfully close to being dysfunctional. This podcast is created out of love (I have  a personal experience with this). I truly want you to experience more freedom and less stress in your life as an autism parent. I don't want you to feel wrong or worried. I want life (including diet and lifestyle) to be EASIER. Not harder. You have enough problems to deal with as it is. This is a heart to heart conversation about these important topics: When is it time to reassess the autism diet and how to recognize an obsession when you see one. Especially in yourself. Why obsession and restrictions can work against your child's healing - and turnaround process.5 things to ask yourself BEFORE starting an autism diet. Why your relationship with your body's hunger cues and  your relationship with food is VERY important to deal with. Why restrictions, punishment, performance, fixing and "project based eating" is the opposite of healing. If you have a history of dealing with this - more healing and foundation is needed. Undermethylation in autism families and the link to obsessive tendencies.Sentences we use when we are in denial. Why "exit strategies" and ending the autism diet is as important as starting one. When and how to let go.How to spot dysfunctional "feeding" or eating habits in the family. When is it actually a GOOD IDEA to change diet?Why what you actually DO EAT AND FEED your child is as important as what you DON'T eat.Why autism diets are no long term solution and the problem with compensation and malnutrition on Gaps, low oxalate, low carb, low starch, Medical Medium, vegan and any other exclusion diet.Control, cortisol and why pain and stress can become addictive. The 8 things that need to be in place in order to heal with food. 
A conversation about healing autism and ascension symptoms.Why do children with autism have symptoms and what is it that we need to understand in order for these children to choose to “clear the symptoms”?In this conversation with Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson, the wildly popular and highly respected lightworker, channel, and spiritual messenger, Lorie Ladd talks about autism and ascension. Lorie Ladd and her army of light beings (including the Galactic Federation Of Light) share their perspective.What an eye-opening conversation.We also cover:How these children show you and teach you how we can all move through the crisis with more ease and grace.How to get through depression, anxiety, despair, and conflicts with people in your life by NOT running away from discomfort.How trying to escape symptoms, discomfort, and pain (ironically) can keep you in a loop of pain and discomfort until you learn to SIT WITH IT.Why green juicing, ABA therapy, diagnosis, and the way professionals deal with autism is the old world’s way of dealing with autism. And what to do instead.Why trying to fix the child or putting the child into boxes or any form of “rigidity” or protocol can make their problems worse, because they need freedom.Why taking your child outside might be the best thing to do right now.Why you must stop feeling shame, guilt or thinking “it’s my fault”, because children with autism come here on a sacred mission to wake us up.why you shouldn’t make a big deal or an issue out of temporary, “bad habits” (or even judge them as “bad”) like watching TV and eating nuggets all day.Why these children hold SO MUCH LIGHT in their bodies that they often struggle to be present in the physical body.  Why you need to notice what’s being triggered in you when you experience autism symptoms.What ascension is and feels like and how you can get to understand your role in the madness, chaos, conflicts, separation by looking at your reactions to TRUMP.Why judging, hating and “us and them” approaches are lower density consciousnesses and how to shift to higher consciousness.Follow Lorie Ladd on Youtube HERE HERE HERE Facebook HERE You might also like:
What is the barefoot autism warriors unique approach to tantrums, stimming, sleepless nights, lack of eye contact and non-verbal autism?  How can you learn what I did and copy it? That's what I am sharing in this podcast episode. THIS EPISODE WILL TEACH YOU:BEFORE LISTENING, DOWNLOAD THE SUCCESS PATH ROADMAP ON MY WEBSITE-VERSION OF THIS PODCAST HERE: Small steps. That's the best way to start the recovery journey. You don't have to struggle. You don't have to change everything at once. You don't have to spend time and money on tests or treatments. Not now. Why you don't have to give away your power to practitioners, therapists, doctors or ANYONE else. You got this, baby. But you need to chill. Let's be patient. Why you DON'T have to do everything (diet, lifestyle changes, healing or any of that) all at once. In fact - trying to do everything all at once might prolong the healing process. My 3 step Mindset shift technique and the 5 step pathway that changed my child, my life, my love life and my purpose (which I teach in my closed membership)Why the 2 most popular approaches to autism don't really work and what does. Why almost everybody is focusing on the wrong thing when it comes to autism recovery. The most common reasons why autism recovery fails. What the heck self-sabotage and your brain have to do with it. Read more about my course here: other autism mama's transformation stories here.
How my ex-husband felt, helped & struggled through our autism turnaround.For the first time since their divorce 10 years ago and 15 years after their son's recovered from autism,Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson has a heart-to-heart conversation with her ex about his version of the story.This truly is an "open mike" situation.Many of the talking points in this conversation has never been shared before and we have never talked about this.Many aha moments and scary memories as well as hope and great tips for autism moms and autism dads.In this episode, we reveal:How did autism show up and how did he notice the shift from "normality" to tantrums, stimming, screaming and violence?A man's perspective: The autism recovery and autism turnaround. His version of the story (does it fit mine?).How he felt before, during and after the diagnosis?What it felt like to be 23, just married and a father for the first time and have THIS happen to you?What happened after the diagnosis and how he dealt with doctors, experts and other parents (and why he lost his belief in authority). Why he resisted BIG time (and what he HATED) about my plans for recovery. What it felt like when we changed EVERYTHING (food, lifestyle, house, EVERYTHING) And what he felt about me? Why he gave me 2 months to prove that I could turn his symptoms around. Finding the road to recovery and that pivotal moment when he knew that we were recovering our son. His darkest moments and the most scary scenarios in the worst phases of autism. Dealing with sceptics, friends and family members. Why autism pulled us apart and why he supported the lifestyle and me even after divorce (and our unusual living arrangements).His best tips for moms and dads to get men on boards and overcome scepticism. His feelings about the boy's new life in The UK and his opinions about them. His new life with new girlfriend and baby - and what his life, lifestyle and diet is like now. Meet Morten-Dam Soerensen, Journalist and athlete HERE: 
If you are one of the sensitive people with a sensitive child and you are both experiencing increased symptoms - you will love this podcast episode.An interview between Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson and Sigrid Garfield , who is a channel and a healer. Feeling scared about your child's symptoms or the current state of the World, masks, Governments and control?In this episode, you will learn the tools to understand the message behind increased autism symptoms, sensitivities and the IMPORTANCE of fear.You will also learn why and how everything brings important change. Intergalactic healers to the rescue!!!!The energies are shifting SO FAST. We all need support and tools to cope, stay focused on autism healing and understand what is going on. That's why I have invited Sigrid Garfield from Intergalactic Awakenings to bring healing. She is also channelling specific messages directly from Mother Earth in this interview and that makes it an extraordinarily powerful episode. Do you want to call up Mother Earth for advice about how to deal with healing-crisis, fear and overwhelm? Want to know how to deal with sensitivity, fear of Governments, dark forces, separation, the future or your child? Did you know that an increase in struggles and symptoms right now is actually a GOOD sign ( signs that you are on the right track)?Did you know that fear is MEDICINE? Fear is important information and it is forcing you to face everything instead of running away? Without revealing too much I can say that Gaia - Mother Earth showed up to speak directly to warrior parents. It was very beautiful. The healing session starts 51 minutes in if you want to skip to that section.In this episode we also cover: Signs that you are on the right track and things you do that will block your healing journey.Why judging old paradigms, "dark players", governments, politicians and other people will harm you and how to say NO THANK YOU in a conscious way. Why more symptoms are a good sign - not bad signs. The role of the autistic children, the star kids, and why judging, labelling them, putting them into boxes or protocols will bring stagnation - not healing.Why our sensory system and our physical bodies are challenged right now. Find more information about Sigrid and her healing HERE: my free 3 step course to start your autism turnaround journey HERE with me in my Autism Turnaround Mindset Course (which also is the only way to be invited into my membership The Turnaround Tribe after completion).  HERE.  I would LOVE a 5-star rating for this episode. And make sure to subscribe to the podcastIf you liked this episode, you would also love: 4 signs you are a healer: mom's synchronistic events and autism turnaround:
FINALLY! You asked we listened. I sat down and recorded an honest conversation answering all your burning questions for my recovered son, 21, his brother Melvin, 18, My soulmate and myself. Apart from some private memories about our past experiences together, we talked for an hour about your obstacles and how to overcome them.Melvin is giving moms great advice on teenage health and being different, how to deal with the fear of stepping over children's boundaries, shame for wanting to change their children and all the challenges of being in the dark phases of an autism turnaround. He also tells moms why we MUST commit to this and how it feels to be a sibling (good advice for helping a sibling get through this. Pablo Bertram is answering questions about life after autism, his memories, his relationship with his brother and his experience of all the changes he has been through. He was so amazing and truly surprised me during this interview. It moved me so much to have this conversation because it made me realize how far we have come. He also talks about confidence, friends and relating to people in school (and how to deal with judgement).Wynford answered all the questions about brain development, neuroplasticity, exercises to stimulate the brain and the neurological part of the turnaround process. He covers stem cells, tantrums, stimming, social skills and how misunderstood many of the autism symptoms truly are and how to address the root cause. He also covers the difference between Doman, Brain balance and Zing Performance and dives into the hidden aspects of non-verbal autism. I talk about school, home-schooling and what we did that had THE MOST effect on the autism turnaround process. I also talk about symptoms, healing and the missing links in the autism recovery community. 
How is it possible to go from autism chaos to peace in 5 months? What do you do when your son keeps running away, banging his head on the walls and on the ground so hard that you pick up the phone to call an ambulance?Especially when you have tried EVERYTHING including Gluten/dairy-free diets, Nemechek and Gaps diets, supplements and chiropractic?Australian Emma is a doula and very health conscious, but even after 4 years of breastfeeding, natural birth and a medicine-free childhood she was at her wits end. Nothing worked. Not even all the things that seemed to work for other autism mamas. In this episode she shares:What happened between November and February that lead to her partner saying: "Ninka is going to save our lives". And how we did this together. Or rather - they saved themselves.The synchronistic events and the role of Luke Storey and The Life Stylist Podcast episode with me that lead Emma to her truth.The low point, the headbanging, the violence and the shame and embarrassment in the nursery, supermarkets because of the meltdowns. How and when she realised he had autism. The autism personality that had her very worried and the extreme sensitivity that ruined their lives. The scary change when Otto turned the 12 months corner.Feeling like a failure as a parent and the excruciating shame. The "typical healthy diet" that made things worse.What it feels like to try EVERYTHING without results and the feeling of finally finding the things that worked for her child (and what it was).If you want to go through the coaching and the courses that Emma completed with me, you can read more HERE You can also join my free Facebook community (as long as it exists because I might take it off social media  HERE Find Emma here: HEREYou might also like: Two US Moms 8 tips   HERESan Diego Mom: My son who is no longer being evaluated for autism HEREAutism Mama, Turning autism around via mindset and belief HEREEmma is a very informed and health-conscious mother  
Personal trainer Arianna and husband Abdul are influencers and go by the name "San Diego's coolest parent's and their son's autism turnaround journey with me, proves that they ARE.In this tear-jerking episode (we cried a lot) she shares:How it felt when experts started to evaluate her son for autism just before she found me.How she diligently trawled through Instagram and Facebook knowing that "reversing autism" would be a censored hashtag to find proof that SOMEONE had turned autism around.The ONE THING that saved her, and made the impossible turnaround possible even after the evaluation ended up confirming the suspicion of autism.What she did to go from lack of language and connection, tippy-toe walking and classical symptoms to deep connection and these words from his teacher:"He is no longer being evaluated for autism."Why they switched strategy from detox, focusing on the anger and the causes of autism, vegan diets and protocols to the barefoot autism warrior's way and why that worked so well. The difference between then and now in Arianna's life, nervous system, relationship and presence as a mother. What she answers when people ask "what did you do" and why most people aren't ready for that answer :-)So far, no one has ever been able to listen to this podcast without crying. Listen now...Listen to the podcast Arianna recorded with me before she started seeing results from using the tools, I shared with her. See HERE:Follow Arianna and Abdul on Instagram HERE: You might also like:2 US Moms Turned Autism Around click HERE:Adult Turned Autism Around In Nature: click HERE:LA Mom: Turning autism around via mindset click HERE:
In this episode, Zimon August Sepnors, spiritual healer, earth acupuncturist, numerologist and Feng Shui expert reveals: The number "7" and what the numerology, ancient wisdom and Feng Shui tells you about WHY this is happening and why there are things you are NOT being told that you need to know. Why sensitive people are better off than those who are just waking up right now. How to wake up.The link to Lemuria and Atlantis and why this is our "last chance" to finish the job we never completed back then. The meaning of the dominant  "metal" energy (which creates sparks and problems) and how to mitigate. What you need to let go of. Right now. How to get through this faster and the time frame for this "make it or break it" period. How to avoid catastrophe.What the Feng Shui numbers reveal about the theft, loss and violence that is showing up to be healed.  What you need to prepare for.The fine line between "speaking up, stepping up" and being pulled down by "truth" and "real information".Why we can't heal when we are focusing on "right and wrong".The two Feng shui tools you MUST buy right now for protection and exactly where to place them in your home. Who to listen to and who to unfollow (and love at a safe distance) RIGHT NOW.Sacred, spiritual messages for you about WHY this time is a turning point and what you MUST KNOW to get through this crisis.MORE ABOUT ZIMON AUGUST: FOR ZIMON AUGUST' S MENTORS: Hale Dwoskin (The Sedona Method) Biofield Tuning 
How do you survive losing your 7-year-old child in a hospital room because mainstream doctors don't believe in your alternative approach and refuse to save him? How do you move on without bitterness when you pay the ultimate price (your child)? How do you actually GAIN from this experience and move through the different phases of grief instead of getting stuck in the darkness (and victim mentality)?Kirsten is a light in the darkness for ANY parent who has lost a child or battle with the stress factors of having a child who struggles (maybe even because of mainstream medicine). This podcast is the most heart-opening episode. I have ever recorded. I remember when my friend, Kirsten Stendevad lost her child (he was 7).In this episode, she shares:What happened after she walked home from that hospital room where her son had just died because of old school medical practice. What did she say, do and think - and how did these words and decisions save her life, her other children's future (and so many other lives)?The magic of choosing a path through the dark night of the soul and why "going up or going down is actually optional".The art of having one son in Paradise and insisting on creating Paradise on earth for the children who are still with her. Why the children who struggle (The special children) are here to wake us up to the fact that "business as usual" is forever GONE and why the feminine is SO important in any family.How she has dealt with her "special child".Why love is the answer. The new paradigm: parenting, business, mothering and why you have to make big changes now and create time and space for yourself to ENJOY life. We have cried many tears together and she is my biggest hero because she turned the most horrific experience into an awakening, that turned not only her -  but her other children into strong role models, lightworkers and....quite frankly...healers.MORE ABOUT KIRSTEN: 
In this podcast I answer a question I get A LOT:What is the one affordable gadget that I LOVE and recommend?What is the one thing that works for me, when I want to target both inflammation, oxidative stress, energy production, tissue repair, recovery, pain, infections?The answer  MICROCURRENT unit. There's a reason why microcurrent therapy is a buzzword in the field of autism, beauty, pain and recovery. We are electrical beings and microcurrent seems to mimic the naturally occurring electrical currents in the body that stimulates healing.  It's a class A medical device and it has been tested in The USA and in Europe over 2 decades. I share why we have given it to people we love who struggle with chronic illness, pain, scar tissue,  inflammation or acute injuries and why we use it in this family. The information in the podcast is for educational purpose only, please consult a medical professional before trying any of the procedures or tips described in this podcast. DISCOUNT CODE FOR LISTENERS: Your code is ARC5147. All capitals, no spaces.   Get the device or more information here: about microcurrent:Microcurrent for the healing of wounds many conditions that microcurrent can address: Microcurrent for pain for ATP production science behind it (by the company) Love Ninka
I am turning off my phone every other week. I deleted messenger. I am not checking emails, creating podcasts, going live on Facebook, posting on Instagram or ANYTHING work-related on my week of (every other week). I feared that I would lose my business, followers and my purpose. That didn't happen. So what happens when an over-performer and workaholic ditches her addiction to social media? And how can this strategy give you more time, more healing, more health and happinessThat's what I reveal in this podcast social media (and work) fasting changed my body, my life, my eating habits and my consciousness. How you can get 50 % more time, abundance, healing and happiness by doing less, rest more and just BE.The new Paradigm: More success, purpose and results by working less and the art of abandoning your inbox, newsletter, Instagram and Facebook plus Twitter every other week. How going electronics-free turned my son's autism around years ago and how I got sucked into it again until I broke up with my phone half time. Irritability and depression/anxiety is a sign of addiction. I was addicted to my phone and to social media. It can ruin our lives. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube are designed to create a dopamine rush, addiction and is mind control based on reward and punishment. Feeling overwhelmed and distracted by social media? Stressed? Do you have a bad conscience about being less present than you want to be? Trust the niggle, dive into silence with me. In this episode, I will reveal:How social media and electronics-fasting is important if you want to heal yourself and your child. Why you become aggressive, irritable and apathetic if you are addicted to social media. How phones, distractions, news and the negativity based algorithm prevents us from moving from 3D to 5D reality.How you can change your addictions to sugar, over-eating and weight issues by social media fasting and tuning into the frequency and mindfulness of Nature. The 10 signs that you are addicted and currently damaging your nervous system and your soul by being online too much. And the denial we tend to get into. The signs that you are ascending from 3D to 5D awakening.The light side and the dark side of social media and how to use it for good instead of trauma-based relating.How to do social media fast and the knowledge you need to avoid getting damaged by social media.Youtube video about how and why Social Media ruins your life(Jarion Lanier) Ted talk: Things I learned from my social media fast you next week. PS:Next episode is about the amazing microcurrent technology for autism, pain, inflammation, immune system, healing and cell-repair.
Freedom, Divorce, teenage years, PTSD and finding my soulmateThis dramatic podcast is episode 3 in the 3-part series: "Our Autism Turnaround Journey - the full story" This podcast will reveal:What happened after we realized that "autism was gone".Why we decided to quit social services, financial support and mainstream schooling.What happened in a year when we took our child into nature.How I found my life purpose through the healing process and how I had to lose everything (including money and dignity twice).How our family and our healing story became a phenomenon in Scandinavia.The incredible synchronicities, the bestselling book and becoming an overnight success.Overwhelm, manifestation, break down and stress collapse that leads to financial catastrophe.The divorce, the point of no return and saved by synchronicities again.Healing childhood trauma and PTSD, finding a new path and regaining success.The teenage years, learning to love myself, my children's victories and lessons.Finding my soulmate, moving to The UK and healing love.MORE INFORMATION, LINKS AND RESSOURCES FOR YOUR AUTISM TURNAROUND:Missed previous episodes?Listen to episode 1: The early years, diagnosis and the first signs of healingHERE to episode 2:My past, body issues and creating autism.How to prevent autism.
My past, body issues and creating autism. How autism happened years before I ever got pregnant.  Childhood trauma, stress, body-detachment, "abusing" my body, stress, food, pollution and the lifestyle that ended up creating autism.This podcast is relevant for everyone who wants to understand my opinion on why autism happens, how we can prevent autism and why understanding "your body's story", ancestry and emotional patterns are important.
This first episode covers the early years from childbirth to diagnosis and horrific symptoms to the first signs of a completely unexpected autism turnaround. In this episode, I dive into the diagnosis, the first sign of autism, papers from the hospital and the experts, our family album and a bunch of painful and exciting memories. How we went from a newlywed expecting couple with so much anticipation to shattered dreams and an autism diagnosis within 4 years. It's the story of an ordinary family who trusted the doctors and authorities from our son's hospital birth, the many mistakes made in the first months of parenting, to getting the diagnosis.In this episode, you will hear:The story of my son's birth and my time as a depressed and anxious mother. I was overwhelmed with a child who got sicker and sicker with infections, asthma, allergies, and breathing problems. The more I listened to advice from the nurses and doctors, the worse my son became. The ticking time bombs in our house, fridge, doctor's office and city that were about to take our child from us for years to come. The first signs of autism, the seizure and why we were in denial.The process of diagnosis from age 2 - 4.The apathetic behavior, violence, stimming, sleepless nights, night terrors, screaming, lack of eye contact and physical contact that drove us to the ground. The many times our son put himself in danger and the pain of losing our social lives, family life and dreams to the endless stress and fear. Why we are sending the children to the wrong experts and why believing that a diagnosis is a life sentence almost ruined our life for good. The 4 wake up calls (including pinworms) that saved us from a destiny as victims and finally gave me the signs and the knowledge we needed to start helping our son, saving our family, our health and future PLUS overcome asthma and allergies. The BIG SHIFTS we had to make in our life, what truly worked and what was a waste of time, money and energy (including autism diets, low oxalate diets, autism supplement protocols, chelation, SCD, broth, kefir, fish oil and other bad ideas).Why we quit gurus, ABA, therapy, support from the social services and the Autism Society and why that is the reason why our son overcame his symptoms. The first signs of healing and the link between our lifestyle, autism, ADHD, asthma, and allergies. The main takeaways. This 3 part series is relevant to anyone who has been told that there's "nothing you can do" about autism. It's relevant to autism parents who are seeing results but keep hitting roadblocks and want to know why. You must listen to this podcast series if you want to know how we turned our son's autism around from infantile autism to life without symptoms. It's a must-read for parents who want to prevent autism, want to understand why autism happens and why we have gotten it all wrong in the established system. It's a podcast series about overcoming any symptom by addressing the root cause and why every child is different and there's no one cause - one solution when it comes to autism. This is why so many autism therapists, autism practitioners, biomedical practitioners and autism protocols make our children worse (and what you can do instead).Episode 2 is all about the years BEFORE autism, why it happened, my story as a detached, lost young woman and how autism started way before I even knew I was going to be a mother. Episode 3 is about life after autism, the different phases of recovery, school, friends, humor, setbacks, passing exams and the last pieces of the healing puzzle...the teenage years, divorce and finding my purpose, my soulmate and our new life in England. 
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Oct 17th
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