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The Blume Saloon: A Judy Blume Book Podcast
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The Blume Saloon: A Judy Blume Book Podcast

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A hilarious sort-of book club with Alison Michael and Jody Worthington. The gals sip Scotch and make their way through all the Judy Blume books, one by one. With dramatic readings and deep dives into '70s and '80s nostalgia, boobs, boners, and bullies, this show ain't for kids. Join them every week as they dive deep into a few more chapters from a favorite Judy novel!
183 Episodes
163. Goodbye Rat Face!

163. Goodbye Rat Face!


"Superfudge," chapters 5-6. The Hatcher family settles down in Princeton and keeps their local Baskin Robbins in business. Peter and new bestie Alex Santo go into the worm business and scam Mrs. Muldour (she's definitely eating them, right?). Fudge creates a most legendary ruckus on the first day of school. Join Jody, Alison, AND four-year-old voice actor prodigy Poe for dramatic readings and hilarious commentary on this Judy Blume classic. Thank you to Blume Heads Geniene, Lisa, and Julie for their letters! It's a Judy Blume book club. Join us every week!
“Superfudge,” chapters 3-4. The Hatchers are moving to Princeton! In a week. WTF. Pee-tah has a fight with Jimmy Fargo, a run-in with Sheila, and almost pees in a flower pot. Fudge decorates Tootsie with trading stamps. Jody talks about her recent eyebrow mishap and a *thing* she did in the kitchen sink. Alison continues to channel her inner four-year-old muppet. There’s dramatic readings, a Special Report on Kreskin’s Crystals, and THREE fantastic listener letters from Dustin, Julie, and Lavender Baker. Thank you to our newest Patron, Lea T.! It’s a Judy Blume book club. Join us every week!
“Superfudge,” chapters 1-2. Back to Judy Blume, y’all! Jody and Alison discuss this treasured children’s novel featuring Pee-tah, Fudge, and… Tamara Roxanne?! Alison paints a picture of 1980 events and affairs (lots of Cold War shenanigans), while Jody recaps the movies, TV, and music of the new decade (Paul McCartney’s Coming Up is a BOP.) Over in Fudge-land, there’s a new Hatcher baby and Fudge is PISSED. Peter saves the day when Tootsie goes missing. Sheila is the same ol’ Sheila. It’s a Judy Blume book club. Join us every week!
Exciting bonus crossover alert! Jody joins Esme, Anne, and Emily on Stuck in Stoneybrook to chat about the Baby Sitters Club – in particular, Dawn and the Big Sleepover (#44)! They discuss the psychological benefits of altruism, the white savior-dom of this whole enterprise, and whether Ann M. Martin continued to be influenced by “Dances With Wolves.” Tune in for some '90s Dinosaur Nostalgia, a caramel debate, and to find out which babysitter Jody is. See you sooooon for our NEXT JUDY BLUME BOOK, "Superfudge."Be sure to follow Stuck in Stoneybrook on Instagram at @stuckinstoneybrook and check out more episodes on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher!
Jody and Alison salute The Luckiest Girl with the help of some dedicated Blume Heads! This extremely chaotic episode is chock full of Special Reports on Beverly Cleary's stint in SoCal, dating in the 1950s, giant roadside oranges, old-fashioned doorbells, and basketball culture. Huge thank you to listener correspondents Michelle, Danielle, Alison C., and Helen!
160. Don't Ever Change

160. Don't Ever Change


"The Luckiest Girl," chapters 15-16. Can't believe we're finishing this Beverly Cleary beauty! It's Shelley's last day of school with some mediocre yearbook signing, a biology win, and a heart-to-heart with Jeannie. There's also a solemn date to the roadside orange, middle school dance crashers, and first L-O-V-E. Alison and Jody serve up some analysis and radio plays with a side of space ice cream. Tune in next week for our final wrap-up. It's a Judy Blume book club. Join us every week!
159. Boop!

159. Boop!


"The Luckiest Girl," chapters 13-14. We're cruisin' through Beverly Cleary's 1958 coming-of-age novel! Shelley and Hartley spend quality time together solving word puzzles, washing dishes, and touching hands. Katie makes a toothpaste cake and Mrs. Stickney comes to knit. There's some carnival drama (not as much as Jody would like), and an ALMOST-kiss! Alison and Jody are joined by Jody's mum, who assists with dramatic readings, lawn chat, and talk of mean teachers. HAVE A BANANA! It's a Judy Blume book club. Join us every week!
158. Edgelord Central

158. Edgelord Central


"The Luckiest Girl," chapters 11-12. Alison and Jody discuss Beverly Cleary's charming 1958 novel about a Portland gal finding herself in SoCal. Shelley watches Katie go through her very own Roses-in-the-Disposall moment, flubs an interview with poet Jonas Hornbostle, but wins some time with Hartley. Alison saves the day by recapping TWO chapters and Jody's sister Rosie makes her podcast debut! Join us for dramatic readings, vintage 1950s TV commercials, and all-round wholesome goodness. It's a Judy Blume book club. Join us every week!
"The Luckiest Girl," chapters 9-10. It's Beverly Cleary's 1958 teen novel about first love in a strange land, and things ain't looking good. Shelly and Philip have a serious chat and it does not go as she'd hoped. There's a lot of homesickness and a raucous, disappointing basketball game with paper pom poms and an electric(!) megaphone. Jody and Alison create outsider art, play 1958 TV commercials, and perform dramatic readings. It's a Judy Blume book club. Join us every week!
"The Luckiest Girl," chapters 7-8. Jody and Alison are loving this 1958 Beverly Cleary novel about Shelley Latham and her magical year in SoCal. There's an epic barn dance with wagon wheels and highly flammable hay, an ALMOST kiss from hunky Philip, and a shockingly bad report card. Your hosts chat about Benson Bubblers, Commercial Curriculums, and reenact the pivotal scenes with dramatic flair. Special thanks to Blume Head Molly for her letter about high school journalism (go, Scots!).
155. Seaman Hat

155. Seaman Hat


“The Luckiest Girl,” chapters 5-6. Beverly Cleary transports us back to 1958, where Shelly is interviewed in The Bastion and makes a BOLD move, Luke is crowned Queen of the May, and Katie wears salad to the big dance. Alison and Jody chat about school newspaper names, Reese Witherspoon’s toes, and sperm headwear. Dramatic readings and implausible theories abound. It’s a Judy Blume Book club. Join us every week!
"The Luckiest Girl," chapter 4. Join Jody and Al for Beverly Cleary's wholesome 1958 tale of Shelly Latham, a Portland gal in SoCal. Shelly receives WRITTEN PROOF that mysterious Phil's into her, but it's Hartley who takes her on the donut date. There's more Michie family laundry, weird food combos, and general Katie tomfoolery. Jody reveals some shocking news about Margaritaville Las Vegas and presents a Special Report on laundry sprinkling. Alison chats about the joy of domestic chores and sounds the Patriarchy Alarm. It's a Judy Blume book club. Join us every week!
"The Luckiest Girl," chapters 2-3. In this charming 1958 Beverly Cleary novel, Shelley makes it to San Sebastian and snobs out over smudge pots, dry riverbeds, long bedrooms, and old high school towels. But some witchy Michie moonlight laundry really turns her around. At school, she meets heavy-handed Hartley and Sunburned Philip, and wins the day via donut holes. Join Jody and Alison for some chat about faux Stroganoff, bathroom layouts, and Cheesecake Factory. Thanks to Blume Head Dawn for her excellent letter (be sure to check out Avenging Sybil at And mucho appreciation for new Patrons Michelle G. and Natalie M.!
"The Luckiest Girl", chapter 1. It's high time for some Beverly Cleary (who famously inspired Judy Blume's writing), so we're riding a jetliner back to 1958 – the year of hula hoops, Auntie Mame, quiz show scandals, and Shelley Latham! Jody briefs us on world events and inventions, while Alison reports on music, movies, and TV. They also chat about Beverly's life, literary works, and achievements. In the novel, Shelley pulverizes some roses, pleads for a dirty rain slicker, and decides to break out to Sunny California! PS – Thank you to Blume Head Marlene for her wonderful letter, and to the neighborhood kids for that fireworks display outside Jody's window.  PPS – Please excuse Jody's terrible audio. We were having some problems.
Special bonus crossover! Alison joins Emilie and Margaux on the Old Millennials podcast to chat about American Girl Dolls in honor of their 35th anniversary! They discuss their obsession with the catalogs, the longing for a doll, and the overall joy in remembering something from childhood that wasn't outrageously problematic. See you next week for our NEW BOOK, "The Luckiest Girl" by Beverly Cleary. Be sure to follow Old Millennials on Instagram at @theoldmillennialspod and check out more episodes on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and anywhere else you listen!
"Starring Sally J. Freedman as Herself," the appendix! Dedicated to all things Sally: a brief history of baton twirling, sex ed in the 1940s, child psychology, Howard Hughes' cantilevered bra design, everything you wanted to know about Creme de Cacao, and Esther Williams' dalliance with LSD. Esme and Anne from the Stuck in Stoneybrook podcast join Alison and Jody for Judy Blume deep cuts and chat about animal sex. We also read two wonderful listener letters (thank you Sherie and Dustin!). AND there's a bonus hidden track – keep listening for a Special Report on water bugs from a 7-year-old Blume Head, Lucy! It's a Judy Blume book club. Join us every week! PS: be sure to follow Blume Saloon social media for our next book announcement.
151. Like Fish

151. Like Fish


"Starring Sally J. Freedman as Herself," chapters 25-26. Sayonara Sally! The Freedmans get ready to head back to Jersey, but not before Sally ambush-kisses Peter behind the Temple and swaps secrets with Douglas. Alison and Jody reenact some classic Judy moments and discuss Taylor Swift internet fandom and laptops from the '90s. It's a Judy Blume book club. Join us every week! PS – RIP Mr. Zavodsky.
150. Miss Toenails

150. Miss Toenails


"Starring Sally J. Freedman as Herself," chapters 23-24. The penultimate episode of this marvelous Judy Blume kidlit novel! Sally's up for 5th grade Posture Queen, Andrea gets a new kitten, Douglas wants to see some boobs, Bubbles is with child, and Sally has some good D&M's with Ma Fanny and Doey. Oh, and there's a Goodyear Blimp trip! Jody and Alison do their usual dramatic readings and chat about Friendly Plastic, avoiding helicopters, and the subtle art of worrying as it pertains to the patriarchy. It's a Judy Blume book club. Join us every week!
"Starring Sally J. Freedman as Herself," chapters 21-22. In this Judy Blume kidlit classic, Sally receives some painterly Peter intel and a masterful passive aggressive letter from Chrissy. Andrea gets mad (again), Omar meets a tragic fate (you're always in our hearts!), and mom dodges the sex talk. Jody and Alison read an illuminating letter from Blume Head Danielle about British Ballet, Miami's Monkey Jungle, and an unnamed friend of Margaret O'Brien. There's also a new creepy Daddy song du jour and TWO Margaret movie updates. It's a Judy Blume book club. Join us every week!
"Starring Sally J. Freedman as Herself," chapters 19-20. Sally has a foot fungus and gets competitive over Margaret O'Brien's ballet slipper, Douglas finds a crunchy surprise in his chow mein, and Peter Hornstein rudely compares Sally to New Girl Jackie. Jody and Alison obsess over this wonderful Judy Blume novel about friends, frenemies, and family set in 1940s Miami Beach. Get ready for some great(?) dramatic readings, heavy analysis of the "Unfinished Dance" shoe contest, memories of roaches at La Madeline, and a shout-out to Love Island Australia. It's a Judy Blume Book club. Join us every week!
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