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A dialogue for the Church! To dive deeper into sermons here at GCC, theology, current cultural topics of the Church locally here in Toledo, around the globe, and everything in between!
67 Episodes
The guys cover the resurrection of Jesus and conspiracy theories, the effects of the crucifixion, how God uses imperfect people to accomplish His plans and more. Don't forget to subscribe and share!Email us question and topics at podcast@glasscitychurch.orgLinks and resources below! (Prop Hip-Hop/Jason Petty) Gospel in Four Minutes Books the show (
Pastor Jeff and The Intern discuss putting hope in ourselves vs God, fasting, seeking the good of the city and more! Don't forget to subscribe on itunes and share with your friends! We would love to talk to you! Email us questions and comments to Support the show (
Pastor Jeff and Justin talk covid-19 quarantine (as Jeff exhibits his affinity for 90's music) and all the joys and challenges that come with it. They also cover questions like is "God punishing the world with Covid-19?"                                     &Are we approaching the "End of Days"This and much more on The GCC Podcast!For questions, comments and more email us at or direct message us on social media!Support the show (
Sick Day

Sick Day


Pastor Jeff has lost his voice! I mean, just listen to it- it's pretty bad. So here's a little nugget to let you know that the full episode will publish on Thursday instead of Wednesday this week.Support the show (
The guys dive into Pastor Jeff's most recent sermon on the Spirit, suffering for the name of Christ, and Persecution around the world. *David Eubanks organization is called the "Free Burma Rangers"  and is not affiliated with the movie "Machine Gun Preacher" .... the Intern was distracted and didnt complete His thought comparing the two. Please forgive Him (:For comments and podcast ideas email us at podcast@glasscitychurch.orgFor more information on what is happening globally check out the links below!https://www.freeburmarangers.orghttps://www.persecution.comhttps://www.opendoorsusa.orghttps://fbrmovie.comSupport the show (
Jerks For Jesus...?

Jerks For Jesus...?


Should Christians be offensive? How does the Holy Spirit help us in our walk with the Jesus? How do we both stand on truth These questions and more are tackled by the guys in this week's episode! Questions? Comments? Ideas?Email us at ***If you are looking for where to start in sharing your faith, or wondering what it means to be a follower of Jesus, email us at the above address, we would love to connect with you!Support the show (
Jeff comes back to the GCC Podcast and we jump into the relationship between feelings and doctrine in our Christian walk, false narratives about God, and so much more! It's Season 2 ... 2.0! For comments, questions, and ideas shoot us an email at Support the show (
The guys share an important announcement concerning the GCC podcast!For questions, ideas and feedback, send us an email to podcast@glasscitychurch.orgSupport the show (
The guys tackle the question "Why do we enjoy a good story?". Join them as they talk about our inherent knowledge of God and gospel parallels in the new movie 1917!Questions or comments? Shoot us an email at Podcast@glasscitychurch.orgReferencesLevi The Poet Correspondence ( a Commentary)Leonard Bernstein1917- Sam MendesSupport the show (
Habits > Resolutions

Habits > Resolutions


IT'S THE NEW SEASON OF THE GCC PODCAST! Joe and Justin talk about their goals in 2020 and if "resolutions" work .... the title may give it away! Thanks for listening!Email questions or comments to podcast@glasscitychurch.organd don't forget to subscribe! Support the show (
Brad's Story

Brad's Story


Justin "The Intern" sits down with a member of Glass City (Brad) who became a beliver last year! This is Brad's story and how the Lord saved him! Support the show (
The guys talk about Justin's trip to Boston, Jeff's sermon and the implications of living a life on mission. “It is the whole business of the whole church to preach the whole gospel to the whole world.”– Charles SpurgeonEmail questions, feedback, and Ideas to podcast@glasscitychurch.orgBe sure to subscribe and share!Support the show (
Pastor Jeff and Justin discuss the planting of Glass City Church, victories, challanges  and lessons God had for us to learn in the process.Support the show (
Podcast Potpourri

Podcast Potpourri


The guys discuss the Notre Dame de Paris catherdral fire, worshiping in "spirit and in truth", Holy Week, Enneagrams,  Justin's most recent instagram poll, and so much more. Email topic ideas or comments at podcast@glasscitychurch.orgSupport the show (
Harlots and Heroes

Harlots and Heroes


The guys discuss their recent feild trip to 102.3 Proclaim FM, "the woman at the well", looking down on others, Justin's latest fire spotify playlist and much more!Further resources:"Those who suppose that the doctrine of God's grace tends to encourage moral laxity are simply showing that, in the most literal sense, they do not know what they are talking about. For love awakens love in return; and love, once awakened, desires to give pleasure." J.I. Packer"Knowing God" Romans 6:1-22 Corinthians 5:1-21See Sermon on John Week 12 Ch 4:1-15Glasscitychurch.orgSupport the show (
The guys discuss who Jesus is, the Trinity, mystery and much more!Rate! Subscribe! and Share!Support the show (
In the podcast the guys talk about cheese, the doctrines of both Justification and Sanctification, sin, messy people, and much more!It's the Glass City Podcast! New podcasts every Wednesday!We hope this blesses you in your walk with the Jesus!Support the show (
Heaven,  Hell, and More

Heaven, Hell, and More


Pastor Jeff and Justin 'the intern' discuss the unpopular doctrine of Hell, the "age of accountability" and more!Support the show (
The Baptist Bishop

The Baptist Bishop


Justin 'The Intern' sits down with Steve 'The Baptist Bishop' Long who is a Church Planter Catalyst with the North American Mission Board and works heavily with the "North West Ohio Baptist Association" and the "State Convention of Baptists" in Ohio. We discuss Steve's position, how God is working in the Southern Baptist Convention, his upbringing, and much much more!Support the show (
Bonus Nugget!

Bonus Nugget!


Last week's episode concluded with Pastor Jeff and Justin 'The Intern' discussing the question, "Is it ever appropriate to tell someone, 'It doesn't appear that you're saved.'?'" After recording, they continued the conversation, and decided to hit 'record' to capture the discussion. This is how it went.Support the show (
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