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Are you a Funky Feminist? Funk yeah, you are.

Join Funky Feminist founder and CEO Landon Funk as she talks with a variety of people from all over the world in order to empower listeners to fight for what they believe in, push the limits, and be unapologetically themselves. Support this podcast:
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Landon is joined by friend and fellow sex positivity advocate Heather Montgomery, the CEO and Founder of PleazeMe. PleazeMe is a social platform dedicated to ending sex trafficking through sexual education and exploration. As the pair discuss everything from personal sex stories to being a woman in a man's world, the conversation gets vulnerable and pushes the boundaries, showing that both Heather and Landon are nothing but unapologetically themselves.  During the conversation, they mention: Funky Feminist's Channel on PleazeMe PleazeMe's iFundWomen Campaign Operation Underground Rescue If you want to learn more about PleazeMe or Heather visit: Twitter: @pleazemesocial IG: @pleazeme.channels --- Support this podcast:
Landon is joined by close friend and fellow sexual violence crusader Emily Kessinger from the Tennessee Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence. They share stories about their sexual assaults and rapes as well as what they are actively doing to keep everyone safe.  During the conversation, they mention: Drunk Girl By Chris Janson You Take A Drunk Girl Home opinion piece If you want to continue the conversation with Emily, you can find her: Twitter: @emilybrooke_xo Instagram: @emilysworth --- Support this podcast:
Landon is joined by her friend Taylor Veino as the conversation around consent continues. They discuss messy college hookups, what they wish they knew, and what it takes to be comfortable in a healthy relationship.  Throughout the episode, they reference: Tea and Consent Alice Little If you would like to continue the conversation with Taylor, please reach out to her on Instagram at @taylor_veino. --- Support this podcast:
Listen as Landon interviews President of the Sexual Assault Center in Nashville, Tennessee, Rachel Freeman. Rachel has worked at the SAC with sexual violence for over twenty years and is dedicated to changing the way the world thinks about consent, the rights of marginalized communities, and those who have been sexually assaulted.  During this episode, Rachel and Landon referenced: Tea and Consent 2 Minutes Will Change the Way You Think About Consent To learn more about Rachel and The Sexual Assault Center visit: SAC Facebook @nashvillesac --- Support this podcast:
Landon is joined by her good friend and fellow dog lover Abby Lee Hood to discuss consent and what it means to be conscious of consent in modern society. They talk about everything from how to not to act at work to what constitutes basic human decency.  During the episode, they discuss: Consent and Tea To learn more about Abby Lee, check her out at: @abbylee.hood  --- Support this podcast:
Landon is joined this week by Brooklyn-based sex educator Domina Franco. They cover everything from microaggressions to the whore-archy, to the importance of honoring differences. There is nothing that these two don't cover.  They discussed: Dr. Eli Green Demonic Males: Apes and the Origin of Human Violence Ericka Hart So You Have A Question About Racism: What To Do Instead of Turning to the Nearest Person of Color If you want to know more about Domina or follow her on social media, check out: Instagram: @domina_franco --- Support this podcast:
Landon is joined by her friend Summer, a law student who is paying her bills by stripping. Summer opens up about her activism, how stripping has shaped her feminism, and what she does to keep her mental health in tip top shape.  --- Support this podcast:
America's number one legal sex worker, Alice Little, join Landon this week to talk about her job, sex education, sex trafficking, and more. Based out of the Moonlight Bunny Ranch in Nevada, Little loves her job and aims to destigmatize sex work through her work, blog, and social media.  In the episode, they discuss Academic Earth, Magic The Gathering Cards, Harry Potter, and Game of Thrones.  You can find Alice on: Twitter: @thealicelittle Instagram: @thealicelittleofficial Email: --- Support this podcast:
At Funky Feminist, we LOVE Dame Products. So obviously, we asked Dame co-founder and CEO Alexandra Fine to come on the podcast to talk about sex and sex education. She and Landon dive deep into slut shaming, religion, and pleasure.  On the podcast, they mention: The Night Porter by Liliana Cavani  Addyi  If you want to learn more about Dame Products, visit: Social Media: @dameproducts Remember to use discount code: FUNKY15 for 15% off your order If you want to keep up with Alexandra, check her out on Instagram @afinehuman.  --- Support this podcast:
Paige Stewart, one of Funky Feminist's most popular writers, joins Landon to continue the conversation about sex education. Hailing from South Africa, Queen Stewart offers fresh insight and vulnerability about sexuality and how hers has unraveled over the past few years. The two discuss everything from discrimination to animal rights.  The two discuss: Hot Girls Wanted: Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On DocuSeries: Bellesa:  To contact Pagie, send her a DM on Instagram @plantiful_paige. Links to her work for Funky Feminist: --- Support this podcast:
In this episode, Landon talks with Sylvia Pines, the only sex educator in Nashville with her own sex shop. They discuss sex education throughout history, their personal likes and dislikes, and about sex toys. If you want to reach Sylvia, visit or you can find her @earthlydelightsnashville. We mention an artist, Sarah Farmer, in the podcast. If you want to check out her work, visit her socials @sarcatmax. --- Support this podcast:
Writer and sex educator Autumn Morris joins Landon on this episode dedicated to sex education. Listen as Landon and Autumn discuss how they think sex should be taught and share personal stories about what/how/when they learned about sex. They reference Ian Kerner's book She Comes First. You can purchase the book and learn more here: If you want to reach out to Autumn, check her out on Instagram at @lifexmo and @speakingofsex. And if you want to read some of her work, click the links below: --- Support this podcast:
Ep. 0 - Introduction

Ep. 0 - Introduction


Welcome to Funky Feminist The Podcast. In this intro episode, host Landon Funk discusses why she started Funky Feminist and her personal feminist journey. --- Support this podcast:
Sarah G from Dating Kinda Sucks Podcast joins Landon to continue the sex education conversation. They cover everything from birth control to threesomes to whether or not Nutella is sexy. Listen as these twenty-somethings honestly talk about their sex life and what they wish they learned. To continue the conversation with Sarah, please check out: Instagram: @simplysarahg_ or @datingkindasuckspodcast --- Support this podcast:
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