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Happy Valentine’s Day! Let’s travel back in time to the height of quirky hipsterdom, 2009, and dive into 500 Days of Summer! This movie has been heavily requested for almost the entire time we’ve been doing the podcast. As the movie reminds us several times, this is NOT a love story! So we will be breaking down the concept of “Situationships”, what are they, how do you end up them, and how to get out of them. So check it out unless you want to end up like a Tom.
Surprise! In this episode we are joind by Dr. Andy Luttrell, Psychology Professor at Ball State University and host of Opinion Science Podcast. We are talking about the 2005 film, Thank You For Smoking! We mainly discuss the main character played by Aaron Eckhart. We break down the themes of gaslighting and moral flexibility that are heavily featured in the film. We also discuss work/life balance and the psychological ramifications of your work being your life when your work is taken from you. Thank You For Listening!
Happy Holidays as we land in Whoville to talk about The Grinch!! In this episode we focus the 2018 animated adaptiation from Illumination! We include aspects of the 1966 an 2000 versions to be inclusive of their genius! We are joined by Stanford professor and host of Know What You See podcaset, Dr. Brian Lowery for this epsiode! We discuss PTSD and the situational triggers that can present around this time of year. Be forewarned, we may get a little Grinchy in this episode! So sit down and join us as we ask the question: was the Grinch’s heart really 2 sizes too small??
[Content Warning: mentions of sexual assault and violence towards women] In a special bonus episode, we have an interview with the creators of the new movie The Retaliators! We are joined by the screenwriters, Darren Geare and Jeff Allen Geare, and the lead actor, Michael Lombardi! We discuss the inspiration for the movie as well as the psychological components of both writing and starring in a movie that involves significant trauma, violence, and grief. We hope you enjoy this peek behind the movie curtain!
Happy Holidays! In our first holiday episode of 2022, we traveling to NeverNeverLand in Steven Spielberg's Hook!! We mainly break down the characters of adult Peter Pan and Captain Hook. We discuss a variety of topics: anxiety and irritability, dissociative amnesia, parenting when you never had parents, cluster B diagnoses, grooming, and more. Joining us for this jampacked episode is an amazing guesst, Dr. Tara Sanderson! So sprinkle some fairy dust, think some happy thoughts, and fly away with us!!You can find Dr. Tara Sanderson on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook @drtarasanderson & at her website
Welcome back to the Tolkien-verse! We are diving back into the Lord of the Rings trilogy with The Two Towers. We are joined by Justine Mastin, therapist and author of Starship Therapise and The Grieving Therapist. We touch upon a variety of themes: grief and loss, ecological grief, individuation, Jung. We also discuss Internal Family Systems and how that is demonstrated via Gollum/Smeagol. You can find Justine here:website: justinemastin.comsocial: @mindbodyfandom on fb, insta, and twitterbook: Starship Therapise: using therapeutic fanfiction to rewrite your lifebook: The Grieving Therapist: caring for yourself and your clients when it feels like the end of the world
[Content Warning: In depth discussion on suicide] In honor of National Native American Heritage Month, we are discussing the critically acclaimed tv series, Reservation Dogs! Specifically we explore the first season but there are mild spoilers for season two, so listen with caution if you are not caught up. This is also a pretty heavy episode as our main topic of discussion is suicide and the impact of suicide on the main four characters: Elora, Willie Jack, Cheese, and Bear. We also talk about the generational trauma shown within their community and how that impacts the ability to process and heal from grief. Resources discussed in this episode:National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255Sponsoring an Indigenous therapist:
[Content Warning: In-depth discussion on the abuse tactic of grooming] In our second Spooky Season episode of 2022, we are going into the claymation world of Coraline! We are joined by a live action guest, Eric Wesselmann, to discuss some heavy topics for a child based movie so listen with caution if there are young ears around. We dive deep into the dynamic between Coraline and her parents who are presented as neglectful workaholics. We examine how this dynamic leads to the under-stimulation of Coraline and makes her vulnerable to the grooming demonstrated by the “Other Mother”. So join us…and if you find any spooky doors in your new old house…leave them alone!!Where you can find our guest:Department webpage: @EricWesselmann Film blog:
Get your two favorite sisters and your skin-bound spell book because we are talking about Hocus Pocus!! We discuss Adjustment Disorder and how it presents with the character of Max as he adjusts to moving to Salem. We also examine the importance of listening to children when they share about bullying, feeling unsafe, etc. And last but certainly not least, we explore the enmeshed sibling relationships between all three Sanderson Sisters. Happy Halloween!
By popular demand, we are dropping an extra episode before our Spooky Season starts on the newly beloved movie, Encanto!! We are joined by a dear friend and excellent therapist, Paulina Chirinos. We explore the theme of perfectionism within the Madrigal family and how it is a response to the intense trauma experienced by their matriarch, Alma. We also discuss how this trauma created co-dependency, not just within the family but with their small town. So join us as we DO talk about Bruno and much more!!Info on our guest:Paulina ChirinosLicensed Clinical Professional CounselorLCPC, RYTChicago, IL(872) 814-6044
Do you ever look at someone and wonder, ‘What is going on inside their head?’” That’s right folks! We are finally discussing Inside Out! We tackle the eternal question: Why Do We Have Feelings?? We also discuss emotional intelligence, the idea of good feelings vs bad feelings, and what it means to “grow up”. So hold on tight to your imaginary friend and join us!!
We are finally discussing our first Wes Anderson movie, Moonrise Kingdom! We focus on the two main characters, Suzy and Sam. We break down the movie’s idea of an “emotionally disturbed child” and discuss the following topics: intermittent explosive disorder, oppositional defiant disorder; as well as the significant impact of both characters’ home lives on their presentation in the world. So put on your khaki scout uniform and your favorite French pop record and join us!
In this episode we are firing up the Nirvana and exploring the theme of Something In the Way as we travel back to Gotham City to discuss the newest iteration of the caped crusader in 2022’s The Batman. We are joined by Dr. Travis Langley, author of Batman and Psychology: A Dark and Stormy Knight. We explore the theme of trust in how we can be betrayed by systems. We also break down this film’s portrayal of Bruce Wayne as someone who is still figuring out his purpose as a crime fighter in the early days of being Batman. Lastly, we discuss the importance of caregivers, not just with Bruce as an orphan being raised by his butler, but also with The Riddler and Catwoman as fellow adults struggling in a world in which they were abandoned as children.
We have another bonus episode for ya! Recorded live at Fan Expo Chicago 2022, our panel on Marvel and Mental Health. We primarily discuss Moon Knight and its depiction of Dissociative Identity Disorder but we also revisit some other Marvel Disney+ favorites. Hope you enjoy!
We finally did it! We are talking about Gone Girl!! This is a very special episode for two reasons. Firstly, we have a special guest, Rachel Harrison, an art therapist and our friend who did the art for our logo. Secondly, It’s a pATREON patron requested video! Don’t forgot, one of the perks for becoming a top tier patron is the privilege of picking the subject of an episode. In this episode, we discuss the betrayals of trust seen throughout the film. We also discuss the development of identity, specifically with Amy and the Amazing Amy books as well as the concept of the Cool Girl. Give it a listen and don’t forgot to not smile in front of your wife’s missing poster.Rachel Harrison, MAAT, LCPC, ATRPronouns: She, Her, Hers Art Therapist | PsychotherapistOffice: 773-945-1165 Fax: 773-257-9144You can email Rachel through her Psychology Today profile:
!!SPOILERS and Content Warning for Physical and Emotional Abuse!!Check out our live episode on Stranger Things Season 4 recorded live at Fan Expo Chicago 2022! We focus on the trauma, dissociation, and grief symptoms that are present in Eleven and Max throughout Season 4. We also discuss the relationship dynamics that evolve between the other characters in the wake of ongoing horror both human and supernatural. Be sure to check out our photos from the event as Eddie, Argyle, Eddie cosplay combo and see Ben rip the intro of Metallica's Master of Puppets...for Chrissy! Note: This episode has been edited to remove inaudible live questions.
[CW: discussions of hate crimes and intense violence] Join us for a heavier episode today as we discuss the 2005 award-winning movie, Brokeback Mountain. We are joined by the host of the Lifetime Uncorked podcast, Patrick Serrano. We focus on the two main characters, Ennis and Jack, and explore how homophobia, trauma, and their families of origin impacted their mental health and influenced their relationship with each other as well as with their spouses. As noted in the content warning, we dive into very intense subject matter; such as hate crimes both seen in the movie and in those that have occurred in real life. Please listen with discretion.
[CW: Discussions about domestic abuse] Hello and Happy Pride! Hop in our Cadillac DeVille as we discuss the 1995 comedy “To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar”. We explore the role of community in the various ways it is demonstrated in the movie, both in the LGBT+ community and in the small town our main characters end up in. We also examine the movie’s depiction of domestic abuse and how community impacts that as well. And don’t worry…we make sure to honor Julie Newmar’s iconic role as Catwoman.
Hop in our Aston Martin and join us as we break down the 2006 James Bond film, Casino Royale! We explore the question: Does James Bond have Antisocial Personality Disorder or is he in a career that encourages antisocial behaviors? We also examine his relationship with the Bond girl of this movie and the trauma that comes with being a 00. And remember…we like our mental health shaken…not stirred.
In this episode, we are jumping into our private jet to discuss the modern day rom com classic, Crazy Rich Asians. We explore the varied ways that culture shock can present via classism, immigration status, assimilation, etc. We also, unfortunately, tear apart the ways that Nick does not show up as a partner for Rachel when it comes to managing the complicated social layers and norms of shifting from one culture to another.
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