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Summary:  Unilever, one of the world’s largest FMCG company announced it will discontinue the use of word “normal” in its advertising of its beauty and personal care products. Furthermore, they will ban excessive photoshopping (airbrushing) of models as part of its inclusivity policy. The company renamed its skin-lightening brand in India last year from Fair & Lovely to Glow & Lovely after facing anger from customers who said Unilever was perpetuating negative stereotypes about darker skin tones.   原跟讀文章:   Vocabularyand Sample Sentences:    Inclusive adj. – intentionally non-sexist (in language); not excluding any parts of the society  Beauty brands are becoming more inclusive by featuring models from diverse groups.  Inclusivity policies are making community centers catering to residents of a wider age range.      Normal adj.n. - following a standard ; the usual or average  What may be normal to you, may not be normal to many.  Normal people do not do things that risk their lives.      Alter v. –to change  Unilever will not digitally alter their model’s body shape, size or color in any advertising.  Graphic designers often alter the size of pictures so that they fit well on a webpage.    更多Podcast單元: 每日英語跟讀Podcast,就在 精選詞彙 VOCAB Podcast,就在 語音直播 15mins Live Podcast, 就在 文法練習 In-TENSE Podcast,就在 用email訂閱就可以收到通勤學英語節目更新通知。   老師互動信箱: 商業合作洽詢:  
每日英語跟讀 Ep.K140: About Business - Seattle startup rolling out new coffee product without coffee beans   There’s a new guilt-free product underway that is planning to perk up the coffee industry. 有個新的無罪惡感產品正在進行,計畫振興咖啡產業。 Seattle-based Atomo Coffee Inc. is grinding up what it dubs as coffeeless coffee - derived from sunflower seed husks and watermelon seeds, which undergo a patented chemical process. 位於西雅圖的「原子咖啡」正在研磨其所稱的無咖啡咖啡,源自葵花籽殼與西瓜籽,並經過專利的化學過程處理。 The processing of such ingredients results into molecules that set out to mimic the flavor and feel of real java. 將這些成分加工會產生一些分子,來模仿真實爪哇(咖啡)的味道與感覺。 The product’s grounds are brewed just like a regular cup of coffee and will still contain caffeine. 這款產品的咖啡渣就像普通咖啡一樣沖泡,並且仍然含有咖啡因。 The company cites the devastating effects of climate change and the deforestation of approximately 250,000 acres of land per year as the catalyst behind its ’’naturally derived ingredients’’ delivering ’’the same great coffee experience without the negative environmental impacts.’’ 該公司援引氣候變遷的破壞性影響,與每年約25萬畝森林被砍伐為其「天然衍生成分」背後的催化劑,提供「同樣優秀且沒有對環境造成負面影響的咖啡體驗」。   Next   Why this teen set up a prize-winning fake cosmetics shop 為什麼這名青少年會架設得獎的假化妝品商 Disturbed by reports of rising domestic violence under coronavirus lockdown, a Polish high school student decided to launch a fake online shop to offer a lifeline to victims trapped in their homes. 對疫情封鎖期間逐漸上升的家暴事件感到不安,一名波蘭高中學生決定架設假的線上商店,提供被困在家中的受害者一條救生索。 Her idea won a European Union prize that came with €10,000. 她的點子贏得了歐盟獎與1萬歐元獎金。 "Firstly, I heard about the increase in domestic violence cases during the pandemic. Then I heard about a French initiative, where people go to the pharmacy and ask for a special mask that lets the pharmacist know they are a victim of domestic violence," Krystyna Paszko explained. 「起初,我聽聞大流行期間家暴案例增加,然後我聽說了一起法國倡議活動,人們只要去藥局要求購買一種特殊的口罩,就能讓藥師知道他們是家暴受害者」,克莉斯汀娜.帕斯科解釋。 In April, Krystyna decided to launch the fake online shop "Camomiles and Pansies" to sell those cosmetics. 4月,克莉斯汀娜決定架設假的線上商店「洋甘菊與三色堇」來販售那些化妝品。 When a victim writes asking to buy a cream, a psychologist responds instead of a salesperson and asks how long the "skin problems" have been going on for. 當受害者要求要買乳霜時,心理醫師會代替銷售員回覆,並詢問「皮膚問題」已經持續多久。   Next   Would you wash with snail slime soap? 你會用蝸牛黏液皂盥洗嗎? Foamy slime bubbles onto Damien Desrocher’s hand as he lightly rubs one of the thousands of snails he keeps in an enclosure in his backyard. 泡沫狀黏液在達米安.德斯侯歇的手上冒泡,當他輕輕摩擦起養在後院一處圍欄裡數千隻蝸牛的其中一隻。 The 28-year-old French artisan began using the gastropod fluid to make soap bars, which he sells in local markets, in December. 12月,這位28歲法國工匠開始拿這種腹足綱動物的體液做起肥皂塊,於當地市集販售。 ’’It’s all in the dexterity of how you tickle,’’ Desrocher said as he extracted the slime, noting that the process does not kill the animals. 「完全取決於你是如何搔觸」,德斯侯歇萃取黏液時一邊說,並指出這過程不會殺死這種動物。 He has raised a total of 60,000 snails. A single snail will yield about 2 grams of slime, meaning he needs around 40 snails to produce 80 grams - enough to manufacture 15 100-gram soap bars. 他總共養了6萬隻蝸牛。一隻蝸牛會生產2公克黏液,意謂他約需40隻蝸牛來產出80公克—夠製造15個100公克的肥皂塊。Source article:;;  
每日英語跟讀 Ep.K139: Britons working at home spend more time on job in COVID-19 crisis   People working from home during lockdown spend more time at their jobs and are less likely to be promoted or take time off sick, but are paid above average wages, according to an official study in the UK. 英國一項官方研究顯示,封城期間在家上班的人花在工作上的時間更多,而獲晉升或請病假的可能性較小,但他們的薪水高於平均工資。 Documenting the shift to remote work during the pandemic, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said the number of people who did some work at home in 2020 rose by 9.4 percentage points from a year earlier to 35.9 percent of the workforce — representing more than 11 million employees. 英國國家統計局記錄了疫情期間轉為遠距工作的情況,並表示,二○二○年在家做部份工作的人數,佔勞動力的百分之三十五點九,比前一年增加了九點四個百分點,亦即逾一千一百萬名員工。 However, there were substantial variations between occupations and parts of the country, reflecting the differing experiences of the pandemic for workers as some were hit harder by the crisis than others. 但是,此情況因職業及國內各區域之不同而有很大的差異,反映出勞工在疫情中的不同經歷,因為有的人在此危機中所受到的衝擊更大。 Although suggesting that the majority of people continued to travel to work during the pandemic, the figures reveal a divergent impact on home workers. According to the research, those using office studies, converted bedroom workplaces and kitchen tables did two-thirds more unpaid overtime in 2020 and were more likely to work after 6pm. 儘管這些數據表示多數人在疫情期間仍繼續通勤上班,但它顯示居家辦公者所受到的影響不同。根據此研究,那些平常在辦公室上班,而將臥室及餐桌轉為辦公空間的人,在二○二○年的無薪加班時間增加了三分之二,且晚上六點後仍在工作的可能性更高。 However, they were generally higher qualified and better paid, took longer and more frequent breaks, and started work later in the day. 但是,他們通常學經歷較高,薪水也較高,休息時間更長、更頻繁,每天開始工作的時間較晚。 Staff based at home took less than half the amount of sick leave, with two days compared with four for other employees, reflecting the reduced risk of catching an infection. The ONS said people might also feel well enough to work from home while sick if they did not have to travel. 在家工作的員工請病假的時間不到一半,只有兩天,而其他員工則為四天,反映出在家工作降低了感染疾病的風險。英國國家統計局表示,員工生病的時候,若不必出門去上班,待在家也可能會覺得舒服一點,身體狀況足以勝任工作。 However, while there is no daily commute and apparent greater flexibility, the research found that those who work consistently from home are less likely to be promoted, in a sign that they could be overlooked due to reduced face-to-face interaction with colleagues and managers. 在家工作雖然不用每日通勤,且更有彈性,但研究發現,一直在家工作的人很少獲得晉升,表示員工與上司面對面的互動減少後,可能會被忽視。 The study comes as companies across advanced economies adapt to new ways of working, accelerated by the pandemic and facilitated by technological advances, Zoom and video conferencing, and consider making more permanent changes to where staff are based after lockdown. 此研究之進行,正值經濟發達國家之企業尋求適應新的工作方式之際。這種轉變因疫情而加速進行,並有科技進展、視訊軟體Zoom及視訊會議等為助力。這些企業考慮在封城結束後,對員工的上班地點做更永久性的變更。Source article:     通勤學英語15mins.Today榮獲 Apple Podcast 2020年十大熱門節目 KKBox 2020年十大Podcast風雲榜 (唯一語言學習Podcast) Himalaya 人氣票選播客總冠軍 更多Podcast單元: 每日英語跟讀Podcast,就在 精選詞彙 VOCAB Podcast,就在 語音直播 15mins Live Podcast, 就在 文法練習 In-TENSE Podcast,就在 用email訂閱就可以收到通勤學英語節目更新通知。  
每日英語跟讀 Ep.K138: About Australia - Mouse plague sweeps Australia’s east   Swathes of Australia’s rural east are battling a "plague" of mice that is infesting crops and producing hair-raising scenes of rodents running amok. 澳洲鄉村東部大片地區正在與一場老鼠「瘟疫」奮戰,鼠患危害作物,並且造成鼠輩四處橫行的驚駭景象。 Farmers in New South Wales have reported "a drastic increase" in the mouse population, with the creatures invading grain silos, barns and homes, according to the NSW Farmers association. 根據「新南威爾斯州農民協會」說法,該州農民通報老鼠數量「大幅增加」,入侵穀倉和住家。 Videos captured on the Moeris family farm in Gilgandra show thousands of mice scurrying from under pipes, through storage columns and over machinery. 在吉爾加德拉莫里斯家農場捕捉到的畫面顯示,數千隻老鼠從地下管路竄出,穿過穀倉倉筒、越過機具,跑來跑去。 The skin-crawling clips were too much for some social media users. 這些恐怖的畫面讓一些社群媒體使用者難以直視。 "This is exactly what nightmares are made of! I can’t even watch the videos," said one Facebook user in response to Melanie Moeris’ posts.  一名臉書用戶回應梅蘭妮.莫里斯的發文,「惡夢就是這樣,我甚至不敢看這些影片」。   Next   Australia changes national anthem to reflect Indigenous history 澳洲更改國歌以反映原住民歷史 The anthem, "Advance Australia Fair," has been tweaked to recognize the country’s Indigenous history and communities, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced. 澳洲總理莫里森宣布,國歌「前進澳洲美之國」已經被些微修正,承認該國原住民歷史與社群。 The first line, "Australians all let us rejoice, for we are young and free," will now end with "one and free." 第一句「澳洲人,讓我們歡笑吧,因為我們年輕又自由」,將改為以「團結又自由」結束。 The anthem has become controversial in recent years, amid growing conversation about Indigenous representation, systemic inequality, and racial injustice. In particular, many have pushed back against the phrase "for we are young and free", a nod to when Britain’s First Fleet landed in Australia in 1788. 這首國歌在近幾年變得備受爭議,在愈來愈多關於原住民形象、系統性不平等,與種族不正義的對話中。許多人尤其反對「因為我們年輕又自由」這句(歌詞),贊同英國第一艦隊1788年登陸澳洲的歷史。 The government has a history of changing the song to be more inclusive - when Peter Dodds McCormick’s original 1878 composition was declared the official national anthem in 1984, replacing "God Save the Queen," two instances of "sons" were switched with gender-neutral phrasing. 政府過去也曾改動這首歌,以更具包容性。當彼得.多滋.麥考米克1878年譜寫的原曲,於1984年取代「天佑女王」被定為國歌時。曾將歌詞兩處的「兒子」改為性別中立的詞語。Source article:;   更多Podcast單元:   每日英語跟讀Podcast,就在 精選詞彙 VOCAB Podcast,就在 語音直播 15mins Live Podcast, 就在 文法練習 In-TENSE Podcast,就在 用email訂閱就可以收到通勤學英語節目更新通知。
每日英語跟讀 Ep.K137: The Story of America, Told Through Mark Twain’s Favorite Foods   Mark Twain was a well-traveled literary superstar, so famous that his editor once journeyed to Washington to ask President Theodore Roosevelt if he would move Thanksgiving because it coincided with Twain’s birthday plans. (Twain moved his party.) 馬克.吐溫是遊歷甚廣的文學巨星,他如此出名,以至他的編輯曾到華府去問當時的總統西奧多.羅斯福,能否將感恩節改個日子,因為跟吐溫的生日撞期了。(吐溫後來把慶生派對改期。) But in 1879, on a book tour through Europe, he craved the simplest foods from home, with agonizing specificity. Twain wanted Early Rose potatoes, a Vermont-bred heirloom, roasted in the ashes of a fire. Mussels from the waters around San Francisco. And hot broiled Virginia bacon. 不過,1879年吐溫在歐洲各地宣傳新書時,很想吃家鄉最簡單的食物,還提出令人苦惱的具體要求。吐溫想吃早熟玫瑰馬鈴薯,這是佛蒙特州世世代代的特產,在火灰裡烘烤;舊金山海域的貽貝;還有維吉尼亞州熱烤培根。 He compiled a list, an extensive fantasy of a meal, which he imagined sitting down to enjoy right off the steamship when he got home. That list is now a snapshot of some of the most cherished regional American foods of his time. 吐溫列出一張表,是他對一頓正餐包羅萬象的幻想,他想像著一下汽船回到家之後就能坐下來享用。這張表如今呈現了那時代美國一些最受寶愛的地方食物的大致樣貌。 But for a vast array of political, cultural and ecological reasons, few of Twain’s picks — terrapin, prairie chicken and raccoon among them — would be considered an integral part of our national identity today. This month, the audiobook company Audible released an eight-episode series, hosted by the actor Nick Offerman, that explores the reasons. 不過,由於一大堆政治、文化和生態因素,吐溫選擇的水龜、草原榛雞和浣熊等等,絕少被認為是我們當前國家認同不可或缺的一部分。這個月,有聲書公司Audible發行了一系列8集的音訊節目,由演員尼克.奧佛曼主持,探討箇中原因。 Offerman, who compared the taste of turtle meat to that of chicken, was eager to get his hands on some of the more esoteric foods on Twain’s list. In May, as part of the show, he organized a dinner at the Mark Twain House & Museum, the author’s carefully restored home in Hartford, Connecticut, where Twain lived with his wife, Olivia Clemens, after they were married in 1870. 奧佛曼曾將龜肉的滋味比作雞肉,他渴望品嘗吐溫清單上一些常人難以理解的食物。今年5月,他在吐溫故居與博物館辦了一場晚宴,作為節目的一部分。吐溫在康乃狄克州哈特福市的故居細心修復後改為博物館,吐溫與妻子奧麗薇.克雷門斯1870年結婚後就住在這裡。 Offerman asked Tyler Anderson, a Connecticut chef who competed on “Top Chef,” to put together a menu inspired by Twain’s list. 奧佛曼要求康州廚師泰勒.安德森以吐溫清單為靈感設計菜單。安德森曾參加美國競技節目「頂級大廚」。 Anderson produced an eight-course meal. It started with raw oysters with a frothy sherry-maple cream, and moved on to smoked raccoon sausage wrapped in caul fat. The fifth course was sheepshead, a tough, bony fish he poached in olive oil and served with potato purée.The audio series, loosely based on Beahrs’ 2010 book “Twain’s Feast,” includes plenty of snippets from that dinner, along with excerpts from Twain’s fiction and memoir, weaving in new interviews and reporting that examine changes all over the country through the prolific author’s palate. 安德森做出八道菜套餐。從生蠔佐起泡雪利酒槭糖漿開始,接著是豬網油包煙燻浣熊肉腸。第五道菜是羊首魚,一種肉質很老且多刺的魚,他用橄欖油煨,搭配馬鈴薯泥。 Each episode of the series focuses on a different ingredient that Twain loved. Raccoons, like sheepshead, are still plentiful, but the recipes for its meat that were published in the original edition of “Joy of Cooking” have since been edited out. Tastes change. 這套節目大致以作家安德魯.比爾斯2010年的書「吐溫的盛宴」為藍本,包含那場晚宴大量的片段,吐溫小說與回憶錄選段,穿插新的訪談,並在報導中透過這位多產作家對美食的鑑賞力檢視全美國的改變。系列節目每一集重點介紹吐溫喜愛的一種食材,每集介紹的都不同。浣熊就像羊首魚一樣,雖然數量仍充足,但在美國出版最多次的食譜之一「烹飪的樂趣」第一版介紹的浣熊肉作法,如今已被刪除。大眾的口味變了。 “The foods Twain loved, we took for granted as American classics,” Beahrs said. “But these things that are part of the richness of everyday life — they can vanish very, very quickly.” 比爾斯說:「吐溫喜歡的食物,我們理所當然以為是美國的經典,不過這些屬於豐富日常生活一部分的事物,也能消失得非常非常快。」Source article:   更多Podcast單元: 每日英語跟讀Podcast,就在 精選詞彙 VOCAB Podcast,就在 語音直播 15mins Live Podcast, 就在 文法練習 In-TENSE Podcast,就在 用email訂閱就可以收到通勤學英語節目更新通知。   老師互動信箱: 商業合作洽詢:  
每日英語跟讀 Ep.K136: About Health - Drinking any amount of alcohol causes damage to the brain   There is no such thing as a "safe" level of drinking, with increased consumption of alcohol associated with poorer brain health, according to a new study. 根據一項新研究,沒有所謂的「安全」飲酒量,飲酒量增加與大腦健康狀況較差有關。 In an observational study, which has not yet been peer-reviewed, researchers from the University of Oxford studied the relationship between the self-reported alcohol intake of some 25,000 people in the UK, and their brain scans. 在一項尚未經過同行評審的觀察性研究中,牛津大學的研究人員,研究英國約2萬5000人報告的飲酒量,和與他們的大腦掃描圖像之間的關係。 The researchers noted that drinking had an effect on the brain’s gray matter - regions in the brain that make up "important bits where information is processed," according to lead author Anya Topiwala, a senior clinical researcher at Oxford. 研究人員指出,飲酒對大腦的灰質有影響,灰質是構成「重要資訊處理位元」的大腦部位,牛津大學高級臨床研究員托皮瓦拉說。 The team also investigated whether certain drinking patterns, beverage types and other health conditions made a difference to the impact of alcohol on brain health. 研究團隊還調查了特定的飲酒習慣、酒精飲料類型和其他健康狀況,是否會改變酒精對大腦健康的影響程度。   Next   Scientists have taught bees to smell the coronavirus 科學家教導蜜蜂嗅出冠狀病毒 Scientists in the Netherlands have trained bees to identify COVID-19 through their sense of smell, according to a press release from Wageningen University. 瓦赫寧恩大學發布新聞稿聲稱,荷蘭科學家已訓練蜜蜂透過嗅覺,識別2019冠狀病毒病(COVID-19,武漢肺炎)。 The research was conducted on more than 150 bees in Wageningen University’s bio-veterinary research laboratory. 這項研究是在瓦赫寧恩大學生物獸醫研究實驗室對150多隻蜜蜂進行的。 The scientists trained the bees by giving them a treat — a sugar-water solution — every time they were exposed to the scent of a mink infected with COVID-19. Each time the bees were exposed to a non-infected sample, they wouldn’t get a reward. 科學家透過獎勵糖水溶液來訓練蜜蜂,每次蜜蜂在聞到感染COVID-19的貂身上氣味時,都會獲得獎勵。如果蜜蜂聞到的是沒被感染病毒的氣味樣本,則不會獲得獎勵。 Eventually, the bees could identify an infected sample within a few seconds — and would then stick out their tongues like clockwork to collect the sugar water. 最終,這些蜜蜂可以在幾秒鐘內識別出感染的樣本,而且牠們的舌頭會像發條一樣,伸出來吸取糖水。 Bees aren’t the first animals to detect COVID-19 by scent. Researchers have also trained dogs to distinguish between positive and negative COVID-19 samples from human saliva or sweat with fairly high levels of accuracy. 蜜蜂不是第一種透過氣味識別COVID-19的動物。研究人員也曾訓練狗區分來自人類唾液或汗液的陽性和陰性COVID-19樣本 ,準確率相當高。   更多Podcast單元: 每日英語跟讀Podcast,就在 精選詞彙 VOCAB Podcast,就在 語音直播 15mins Live Podcast, 就在 文法練習 In-TENSE Podcast,就在 用email訂閱就可以收到通勤學英語節目更新通知。   老師互動信箱: 商業合作洽詢:  
Hi there!歡迎收聽Look Back Sunday回顧星期天,在這個節目John老師會彙整過去不同國家與主題的熱門跟讀文章,讓你可以在十五分鐘內吸收最精華的世界時事趣聞!我們這週聽聽捷克相關的文章,Let's get started!   Topic: Czech hunter reports rifle-stealing deer to police Czech police are seeking help in an unusual case after a deer turned the tables on the hunters and snagged a pursuer’s rifle on his antlers before running away. 捷克警方正就一宗不尋常的案件尋求協助,一頭鹿在逃跑前用鹿角勾走一名追捕者的步槍,轉而佔了獵人們上風。 The deer, frightened by a dog, ran toward one of the hunting party, tore his sleeve and caught a strap of a 0.22 Hornet rifle on his antlers, police said on Tuesday. 警方週二表示,這頭鹿受一隻狗驚嚇,朝狩獵隊的一名獵人奔去,撕裂他的袖子,鹿角抓到一把點二二黃蜂彈口徑的步槍。 "The rifle, which the hunter had slung over his left arm - fortunately without ammo - slipped on the deer’s antlers and disappeared with him," the police said. 警方說,「這名獵人本來掛在左手臂的這把步槍─幸好沒彈藥─滑到鹿角上,隨著牠消失。」 "The hunters searched the forest but did not find the gun. He had no other choice than to report the incident to the police," the police said, adding anyone who finds the weapon should contact authorities. 警方說,「這些獵人搜索森林,但沒有找到那把槍。他別無選擇,只能報警」,並補充指出,任何發現這把武器的人,都該聯絡當局。   Next Article   Topic: Obsolete Czech phone booths find new life as mini libraries 過時的捷克電話亭重生為迷你圖書館 Two Czechs have breathed new life into telephone booths made obsolete in the cell phone age, converting them into mini libraries with the first installed at a Prague hospital recently. 兩名捷克人讓被手機時代所淘汰的電話亭重現生機,他們把電話亭改造為迷你圖書館,首座電話亭圖書館最近在布拉格一所醫院正式設立。 On the shelves of the red booth, patients of the IKEM hospital will find a plethora of genres, including works by US crime writer John Grisham, Czech and Russian titles and biographer Andrew Morton’s "Diana: Her True Story". 在這座紅色電話亭裡的書架上,IKEM醫院的病人可以找到各種類型的書,包括美國犯罪小說家葛里遜的作品、捷克和俄羅斯書籍,以及英國傳記作家莫頓的作品「黛安娜:她的真實故事」等。 Library mastermind Monika Serbusova, 27, said she and a friend drew inspiration from a similar project in Britain. 圖書館幕後策劃者、現年27歲的塞布索娃說,她和另一個朋友的靈感是來自英國的一個類似計畫。 They won backing from a local phone operator, then built the libraries with the help of colleagues and friends, painting the booths and installing wooden shelves. 她們獲得當地電話公司的支持,並在同事與友人協助下把電話亭改造為圖書館、替電話亭上新漆並裝設木製書架。 She said they intend to set up other libraries at a shopping centre and elsewhere. They currently have 700 books, but the selection will grow as people have promised to donate large collections. 她表示未來還打算在購物商場和其他地方設置其他圖書館。她們手上目前只有700本書,但有人表示願意捐贈大批藏書,藏書量可望繼續增加。Source article: ;   Next Article   Topic: The Czech Republic is the unhealthiest country in the world 捷克共和國是全世界最不健康的國家 The Czech Republic is the least healthy country in the world, according to new research conducted by Clinic Compare. 英國調查機構「臨床比較」的一項新研究顯示,捷克共和國是全世界最不健康的國家。 Researchers analyzed World Health Organization data on alcohol consumption, tobacco consumption and the prevalence of obesity in 179 countries. According to the list, the Czechs love their booze and are the 5th biggest drinkers in the world, consuming 13.7 liters of alcohol each per year – that’s 550 shots, or 1.5 shots a day. The country also had the 11th highest tobacco consumption. 研究人員分析世界衛生組織對179個國家的酒精攝取、香菸消費及肥胖流行率的資料。根據這份名單,捷克人熱愛他們的酒飲,是全世界第五愛喝酒的民族,每年攝取13.7公升酒精,相當於550杯,或每日1.5杯。捷克也是香菸消費全球排名第十一高的國家。 The research found Eastern Europe is the least healthy region in the world, occupying nine out of the top 10 spots. Russia is the second most unhealthy country, followed by Slovenia, Belarus, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Poland, Luxembourg and Lithuania. 研究發現,東歐是全世界最不健康的地區,前10名中佔了9名。俄羅斯是第二不健康的國家,其後是斯洛維尼亞、白俄羅斯、斯洛伐克、匈牙利、克羅埃西亞、波蘭、盧森堡及立陶宛。 The healthiest country is Afghanistan, boasting the second lowest rate of obesity in the world. Just 2.7 per cent of the population had a BMI over 30. Plus, residents only smoked 83 cigarettes a year and drank the least alcohol. 最健康的國家則是擁有全球第二低肥胖率的阿富汗。阿國只有2.7%人口的身體質量指數在30以上。而且,阿國居民一年平均只吸食83根香菸,酒精飲用量也最低。Source article:  
想吃吃不到的台灣美食(英語篇)      簡易大綱 台灣美食也就是我們的街邊小吃  英語翻譯最完善的台菜餐廳 –> 欣葉 +  鼎泰豐菜單 菜單翻譯最完整  夜市翻譯最完整的是基隆夜市  英語菜名是如何命名的?  包子 = 英文叫 蒸豬肉餐包 steamed pork buns  料理方式 + 內容物(菜/肉) + 菜的分類 noodles, bread, rice, pie,    唯美的菜名? +with 配/佐 , on 上面 ,in 泡裡面/鍋裡頭  台式料理的名字 台式醃蘿蔔香煎雞蛋 =>菜脯蛋=> Taiwan styled fried pickled turnip with egg / Fried egg with pickled turnip  Fried egg with rice 蛋炒飯 / Fried rice with egg 飯炒蛋  割包正名後變 bao,小籠包 xiaolongbao等  聽眾分享 Share your favorite Taiwanese snack or dish  鹹酥雞 Chicken popcorn  臭豆腐 Stinky tofu  芒果冰 Shave ice withmango  大腸包小腸 Sausage with/on sticky rice sausage    通勤學英語15mins.Today榮獲 Apple Podcast 2020年十大熱門節目 KKBox 2020年十大Podcast風雲榜 (唯一語言學習Podcast) Himalaya 人氣票選播客總冠軍
每日英語跟讀 Ep.K135: How Common Mental Shortcuts Can Cause Major Physician Errors   It’s tempting to believe that physicians are logical, meticulous thinkers who perfectly weigh the pros and cons of treatment options, acting as unbiased surrogates for their patients. 我們想要相信,醫師是有邏輯、小心謹慎的思考者,完美衡量治療選項的好與壞,以無偏見的病患代理人之姿行動。 In reality, this is often far from the case. Bias, which takes many forms, affects how doctors think and the treatment decisions they make. 現實卻往往遠非如此。偏見會以許多形式出現,影響醫師的思考,以及對治療所做的決定。 Racial biases in treatment decisions by physicians are well documented. One study found that black patients were significantly less likely than white patients to receive pain medication in the emergency department, despite reporting similar levels of pain. Other research suggests that long-standing racial biases among providers might have contributed to racial differences in patient trust in the health system. 醫師做治療決定時的種族偏見已有多案可考。一項研究發現,比起白人病患,黑人病患在急診部門比較不容易被施予止痛藥,即使自述的疼痛程度相當。另有研究指出,醫療提供者間長期存在種族偏見,可能是病患對醫療系統的信賴出現種族差異的原因。 But a growing body of scientific research on physician decision-making shows that doctors exhibit other biases as well — cognitive ones — that influence the way they think and treat patients. These biases lead doctors to make the same mistakes as the rest of us, but usually at a greater cost. 但是,針對內科醫師醫療決定而增加中的科學研究顯示,醫師也表現出認知類型的其他偏見,影響他們思考及治療患者的方式。這些偏見使醫師犯下和我們其他人一樣的錯誤,代價通常卻更大。 Cognitive biases refer to a range of systematic errors in human decision-making stemming from the tendency to use mental shortcuts. 認知偏見指人類做決定時的一些系統性錯誤,源自於使用心理捷徑的偏好。 Prominent examples include confirmation bias, the tendency to interpret new information in a way favorable to one’s preconceptions; and anchoring, the tendency to overly weight an initial piece of information, even when order does not matter. Anchoring helps explain why if you see a car priced at $20,000 and a second car priced at $8,000, you might conclude the second car is cheap, whereas if the first car cost $3,000 you might conclude that the second car is expensive. 顯著的例子包括「確認偏誤」,指一個人偏好以先入為主的想法,解釋新訊息的傾向,還有定錨,指過度重視初始資訊的傾向,即使訊息順序並不重要。定錨可解釋為何當你先看到定價2萬美元的車,再看到標價8000美元的車時,你可能會認為第二輛比較划算,然而若第一輛車要價3000美元,你可能認定第二輛賣得太貴。 In health care, such unconscious biases can lead to disparate treatment of patients and can affect whether similar patients live or die. 在醫療中,這些沒有意識到的偏見會使病患得到完全不同的治療,也會影響病情相似的患者是死是活。 Sometimes these cognitive biases are simple overreactions to recent events, what psychologists term availability bias. One study found that when patients experienced an unlikely adverse side effect of a drug, their doctor was less likely to order that same drug for the next patient whose condition might call for it, even though the efficacy and appropriateness of the drug had not changed. 有些時候,這些認知偏見就只是對新近事件的過度反應,心理學家稱之為「現成偏誤」。一項研究發現,若病患使用某種藥物發生意料之外的有害副作用,他們的醫師就較不可能開同一種藥給也許需要它的下一個病人,儘管這個藥物的效力和適用性並未改變。 A similar study found that when mothers giving birth experienced an adverse event, their obstetrician was more likely to switch delivery modes for the next patient (C-section vs. vaginal delivery), regardless of the appropriateness for that next patient. This cognitive bias resulted in both higher spending and worse outcomes. 一項類似的研究發現,當分娩的產婦經歷一個不好的突發事件,她們的產科醫師比較有可能為下一位病人改變分娩方式(剖腹生產或陰道分娩),而非考慮下一位病人的適用情況。這個認知偏見同時導致更高的支出與更糟糕的後果。 Source article:   通勤學英語15mins.Today榮獲 Apple Podcast 2020年十大熱門節目 KKBox 2020年十大Podcast風雲榜 (唯一語言學習Podcast) Himalaya 人氣票選播客總冠軍 更多Podcast單元: 每日英語跟讀Podcast,就在 精選詞彙 VOCAB Podcast,就在 語音直播 15mins Live Podcast, 就在 文法練習 In-TENSE Podcast,就在 用email訂閱就可以收到通勤學英語節目更新通知。
每日英語跟讀 Ep.K134: Too Many Households Are Short on Emergency Savings   Six weeks of take-home pay. 六周的實質薪資。 That’s how much cash families should aim to set aside to ride out gyrations in their income and expenses, a new analysis from JPMorgan Chase’s research arm finds. The recommendation, based on an analysis of millions of Chase checking accounts, is considerably less than the traditional rule of thumb of three to six months of take-home pay. 摩根大通研究單位的一項新分析發現,一個家庭在收入與支出出現狀況時要能安然度過,這是必須存下的金額。 這項建議是以對摩根大通數百萬個支票帳戶的分析為根據,比起傳統經驗法則要存三至六個月分的實質收入,少了很多。 But even so, most households fall short, the report found: About two-thirds lack the recommended buffer. 但是即使如此,大多數家庭存款仍然不足,這分報告發現,大約三分之二家庭缺乏建議的預備存款。 To cushion against a simultaneous spike in expenses and dip in income, a middle-income family needs about $5,000 in a rainy-day fund but has just $2,000 — a gap of $3,000. Lower-income families need about $2,500 but have just $700. 為了因應同時發生的支出飆升及收入驟減,一個中等收入家庭約需要5000美元應急資金,但實際上只有2000美元, 少了3000美元。低收入家庭約需2500美元,實際上卻只有700美元。 The findings were part of a report on income volatility that the JPMorgan Chase Institute published late last month. The report examined inflows and outflows from 6 million active checking accounts over a period of about six years that ended in December. 這些發現可見於摩根大通研究所上個月底發表的收入波動報告之中。這分報告檢視至去年12月為止的大約六年期間內,600萬個使用中的支票帳戶的存入和支出金額。 Americans’ lack of emergency savings has been a concern for years. The Pew Charitable Trusts found in 2015 that many families lacked funds to cover a $2,000 expense. And the Federal Reserve has repeatedly found that a significant share of households would struggle to cope with an unexpected $400 expense. 美國人缺乏應急儲蓄多年來一直令人引以為憂。匹優慈善信託2015年發現,許多家庭缺少支應一筆2000美元開銷的儲蓄。而且聯邦準備理事會也一再發現,相當比例的家庭應付突如其來的400美元支出會有困難。 But in the current long period of economic growth and low unemployment, it is especially frustrating that many families continue to lack a cash buffer, according to a report last month from the AARP Public Policy Institute. The AARP found that more than half of American households (53%) lacked an emergency savings account, including a majority of people over age 50. 但是,根據美國退休人員協會公共政策研究所(AARP)上個月的報告,在目前長期的經濟成長和低失業率下,許多家庭依然缺少應急現金令人洩氣。該協會發現,超過半數(53%)的美國家庭沒有應急儲蓄帳戶,包括大多數50歲以上民眾。 While it’s easier for more affluent people to save, some low-income families do manage to set aside money while higher-income families do not, the AARP found. For instance, a quarter of Americans earning more than $150,000 a year have no emergency savings account, the report found. AARP發現,雖然手頭較寬裕者存錢更容易,卻有一些低收入家庭仍能努力存下了錢,一些高收入家庭反倒沒有。這分報告發現,舉例來說,一年收入超過15萬美元的美國人中,有四分之一沒有應緊儲蓄帳戶。 Regardless of their income, families with no emergency savings are more likely to suffer financial hardship, said Catherine S. Harvey, the author of the AARP report. AARP報告的作者凱薩琳.哈維說,不論收入多寡,沒有應急存款的家庭都更可能陷入財務困境。 Harvey cautioned that just because people didn’t have a specific emergency savings account didn’t mean they lacked a plan to deal with unexpected expenses — even if it was borrowing from relatives and friends. But it’s clear, she said, that more must be done to promote emergency savings to make families more financially resilient. 哈維提醒我們,沒有特定應急儲蓄帳戶並不表示沒有應付意外支出的計畫,包括向親友借錢。不過她同時指出,顯而易見的是,我們必須更積極推廣應急儲蓄的觀念,讓所有家庭財務更靈活強靭。 Emergency savings are “necessary to meet the obvious issues that arise on a consistent basis for all of us, whether it’s costs for our home, car or health,” said George Barany, director of America Saves, a campaign that is managed by the Consumer Federation of America. 應急存款「對我們所有人應付經常出現的明顯問題而言,都是必要的,不論是我們住家、車子或醫療的花費。」美國消費者協會旗下的「美國存錢」活動執行長巴拉尼說。Source article:   通勤學英語15mins.Today榮獲 Apple Podcast 2020年十大熱門節目 KKBox 2020年十大Podcast風雲榜 (唯一語言學習Podcast) Himalaya 人氣票選播客總冠軍 更多Podcast單元: 每日英語跟讀Podcast,就在 精選詞彙 VOCAB Podcast,就在 語音直播 15mins Live Podcast, 就在 文法練習 In-TENSE Podcast,就在 用email訂閱就可以收到通勤學英語節目更新通知。
每日英語跟讀 Ep.K133: About Taiwan- Taiwan ranked No. 1 by expats in 2021 ‘year of uncertainty’   台灣在最新的調查中以先進的醫療體系和良好的生活品質成為2021年外籍人士生活和工作的首選國家。 Taiwan has been ranked the number 1 place to live and work in 2021 by expats worldwide on Tuesday, mainly due to its great medical care and quality of life. 根據彭博社報導,此項調查為總部在慕尼黑、由400萬名外籍人士組成的網路組織InterNations所進行的,而結果顯示在接受調查的12,420位外國人中,近96%的對台灣的醫療品質感到滿意。 According to Bloomberg, the survey conducted by InterNations, a Munich-based network consisting of about 4 million expats, showed that 96% of the 12,420 expats surveyed were happy with the quality of care in Taiwan. 此文章點出外籍人士認為,台灣的就業安全和當地經濟都遠遠勝出其他國家。 The article explained that expats were reported to felt more satisfaction regarding job security and the overall local economies than those in other places. 此報告更以生活費、定居的難易度和整體生活品質作為調查項目,並顯示出94%的在台外籍人士對於台灣的物價感到非常滿意。 The report, which also ranked categories such as cost of living, ease of settling in, and overall quality of life, showed that 94% of expats in Taiwan are happy with its affordability. 除此之外,沒有一任何一位受訪的外籍人士認為台灣不安全,其中一位受調者更表示「台灣的健保系統真的將病人視為人類而非數據而已。」 In addition, not one single expat surveyed said they felt unsafe in Taiwan, and one surveyor added that “Taiwan’s healthcare system truly considers people as human beings instead of mere numbers.”  台灣在「定居簡易度」中被排在第13名,但以「友善程度」大大勝出,成功奪冠。  Taiwan ranked slightly lower in the “ease of settling in” category at the 13th place but was compensated with its “friendliness” rank, landing the top spot.  相對而言,美國在這「不穩定的一年」於生活品質和生活費用兩項皆獲得較低的評分。  Comparatively, the U.S. received low scores for quality of life and cost of living during the “year of uncertainty.”  彭博社寫道:「外籍人士表示他們對醫療系統的某些部分感到厭惡;僅20%的人表示對生活費感到滿意,而19%的人也大大抨擊當地的醫療照顧體制。」  “Expats reported a distaste for some elements of the health-care system: Just 20% were satisfied with its affordability, and 19% say the quality of care is negative,” Bloomberg reported   Next   唐鳳推「簡訊實聯制」日本爆紅!日網羨炸喊:想搬去台灣 Japanese praise Taiwan’s new contact tracing system 台灣本土疫情嚴峻,昨(19)天又增加267名本土確診案例,中央流行疫情指揮中心也宣布全台進入防疫三級警戒,民眾出入商家、搭乘大眾交通運輸工具時,因配合政府防疫,開始實施「實聯制」。 With the continuous spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in Taiwan, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC, 中央流行疫情指揮中心) confirmed on Wednesday 267 new local COVID-19 cases. In addition, the CECC announced that all parts of Taiwan will raise its epidemic warning to level 3. Following government regulations, people now need to provide their real names and contact information whenever they enter or leave a store or take mass transportation. 對此,行政院科技政委唐鳳更火速推出「簡訊實聯制」,短短幾秒就可以成功登記個人資料,解決民眾使用上的不便,消息曝光掀起日本網友熱議。 In this regard, Minister without Portfolio Audrey Tang, quickly launched a “text message real-name registration system,” which can successfully register personal data in just a few seconds, making it more convenient for the public. 消息曝光之後,立刻有日本網友將台灣「簡訊實聯制」方式轉貼至推特分享,立刻引發高度討論,日本網友紛紛回應「工作效率真的好快!」「好羨慕台灣啊」、「真想搬去住台灣」、「也幫助日本吧>
每日英語跟讀 Ep.K132: Taking Trips That Mean Something    Carol Sullivan awoke recently in Cuenca, Ecuador, excited for the day ahead. She was in the second week of her study abroad experience, and after Spanish class, she and her fellow students were going to the local market to buy dinner ingredients and practice their new language skills.“The local women may be aghast at how little we know but are very willing to let us try,” Sullivan said. She and her husband, Terry, who is also her classmate, are in their early 70s.The Sullivans are part of a trend among adult travelers, who show a growing interest in going to class, volunteering or working abroad as part of their experience. 卡蘿.蘇利文最近在厄瓜多的昆卡市醒來,對將要展開的這一天感到興奮。這是她出國留學體驗的第二周,上完西班牙文課後,她和同學要去當地市場購買晚餐食材,並操練他們新習得的語言能力。蘇利文說:「本地的婦女可能對我們會得如此之少目瞪口呆,但非常樂意讓我們嚐試。」 她的丈夫泰瑞是她的同班同學,兩人都70歲出頭。蘇利文夫婦代表著成年旅客一種新趨勢,他們對到國外上課、當志工或工作,讓它成為生活經驗的一部分,興趣越來越高。 Older travelers often want to continue to learn and have an impact on the world, said Andrew Gordon, who founded the company Diversity Abroad 12 years ago. “They want their travel to have meaning,” he said. Gordon’s company connects and does advocacy work for nontraditional students who want to study overseas.Road Scholar, which organized the Sullivans’ program, began as an organization offering not-for-credit classes on university campuses for adults age 60 and over. Now it offers what it calls educational travel adventures worldwide. Travelers may focus on a particular ecosystem they are visiting, attend class on a college campus or, in a twist on the Semester at Sea concept, spend 115 days on an ocean liner circling the globe with experts delving into destinations’ histories and cultures. All adults are welcomed, but the audience typically skews older and the average age of a “road scholar” is 70. 12年前創立「海外多元文化」公司的安德魯.戈登說,年長旅行者往往希望能繼續學習,並對世界產生影響。 他說:「他們希望他們的旅行能有意義。」戈登的公司專替那些想到外國學習的非傳統學生負責中間的連繫與宣傳工作。主辦蘇利文夫婦出國學習計畫的「道路學者」成立之初,是個提供60歲以上成人大學校園非學分制課程的組織。現在該組織提供他們所謂的全球教育性旅行冒險。旅行者可能聚焦於他們造訪的某個特定生態系統,在某個大學校園上課,或是新一種的「海上學期」概念,花115天搭乘郵輪,和專家一起繞世界一周,鑽研所到目的地的歷史與文化。所有成人都歡迎報名,不過愛好者年齡通常偏高,「道路學者」的平均年齡是70歲。 The organization is a nonprofit and offers family caregiver grants and other scholarships.JoAnn Bell, the senior vice president of program development at Road Scholar, said that adults studying abroad, like their college-age counterparts, value the time in a foreign country’s culture as much or more than academic instruction.“We had seen a decline in enrollment for programs heavily weighted to classroom time,” Bell said. “People want to get out and experience the country for themselves.” Stopping for a croissant and chatting with the neighborhood cafe owner every morning on the way to class was just as important as the class, she said. 該組織屬非營利性質,提供家庭照顧者獎助金和其他獎學金。「道路學者」的體驗班開發高級副總裁喬安.貝爾說,這些到外國留學的成人,和大學生年紀的留學生一樣,對於浸淫在外國文化中的這段時間十分珍惜,程度不在接受學術教學之下,甚至猶有過之。貝爾說:「我們看到課堂時間比例偏重的一些計畫報名人數開始下降。人們希望走出教室,自己體驗這個國家。」她說,每天早上上課途中,停下腳購買可頌麵包,和附近咖啡館的老闆聊聊天,和上課一樣重要。Source article: Sure?     更多Podcast單元: 每日英語跟讀Podcast,就在 精選詞彙 VOCAB Podcast,就在 語音直播 15mins Live Podcast, 就在 文法練習 In-TENSE Podcast,就在 用email訂閱就可以收到通勤學英語節目更新通知。   老師互動信箱: 商業合作洽詢:
每日英語跟讀 Ep.K131: About Japan - Yakult to launch pop-up ice cream store with 7 limited-edition flavors in Japan 發源於日本的飲品「養樂多」(Yakult)不僅好喝又有益腸道蠕動,清爽味道老少咸宜,深受各年齡層民眾的喜愛。不僅如此,這款飲料還經常與其他飲品結合碰撞出新鮮口味,如養樂多燒酒、養樂多綠茶等。 Yakult, a classic drink originated from Japan that is not only tasty but also helps one’s digestive system, has won over the hearts of people of all ages with its refreshing taste. The drink is often combined with other beverages to create new flavors, such as Yakult soju and Yakult Bubble Tea. 而現在,一間日本甜點店將推出一系列養樂多甜品,令粉絲們相當期待。 Starting next month, a Japanese dessert store will take the popular drink to another level by launching a series of Yakult-flavored desserts, making fans quite excited. 這間位於日本澀谷區(Shibuya)的甜點店「Imada Kitchen」與養樂多合作,將推出一間快閃冰淇淋店,提供7種融合養樂多口味的限量的冰品。 Located in Shibuya, Japan, the dessert store Imada Kitchen has announced plans to collaborate with Yakult and launch a pop-up store offering 7 limited-edition Yakult-inspired desserts. 冰品的口感提供多樣選擇,包括冰淇淋、雪酪、霜淇淋、百匯(parfait)等,如果你不想用吃的,也可以選擇養樂多奶昔。 The desserts offer a variety of textures, including ice cream, sherbet, soft serve, and parfait. For those who would rather have a drink instead of a dessert, Yakult shake will be the best option. 令粉絲期待的是,每一款冰品都會附上一個超可愛的瓶裝養樂多造型餅乾。 To the delight of the fans, each dessert comes with a cute Yakult bottle-inspired cookie on top. 店面將於6月1日開始營業至8月1日。 The pop-up store will open from June 1 to August 1.   Next   日本推魔術方塊麵訓練腦力 網友直呼:越玩越餓! | Japanese company launches ‘tasty’ Rubik’s cube modeled after instant noodles 待在家裡不知道要做什麼?日本三間公司非常了解在家隔離有多無趣,近期便推出了一系列的魔術方塊,然而此方塊卻是以泡麵的設計為出發點,讓人越玩越餓。 Stuck inside your house with nothing to do? A Japanese company understands just how bored one can get under quarantine and recently launched a Rubik’s cube modeled after instant noodles. 根據外國媒體報導,Maruchan泡麵公司與日本玩具公司Mega House和魔術方塊一同打造出這有趣的玩具造型。 According to foreign media, famed noodle-making company Maruchan, teamed up with Japanese toy company Mega House, and Rubik’s Cube to release the interestingly designed toy. 包裝就如同一般泡麵一樣,玩家打開後可以見到一個方形的「泡麵」和湯包樣的說明書。 Boxed in a bowl just like an ordinary Maruchan’s Akai Kitsune Udon instant noodle, recipients will open up to find the puzzle and a “soup packet” instruction book. 外媒報導點出,除了泡麵魔術方塊最上方有一個「配料」設計外,其他五面都長得一模一樣。 Foreign media reports that the instant noodle Rubik’s cube, sitting atop the block in its finished form is a “topping“ design, while the other sides are left completely bare, making it entirely noodles. 這使得此魔術方塊比一般的更難解,因為只會有一個方法讓所有的「配料」歸位。 This essentially makes it harder to solve as there’s only a single way for all the blocks to be arranged so that the “toppings” will face the top. 嘗試過的玩家也表示過程中經常無法辨別自己到底是不是快要成功解開魔術方塊,直到其中一塊「配料」卡回原位。 Those who have given it a try claim there’s no way to tell if you’re getting closer to solving a “noodle” side until a tempura-topping piece is locked into the perfect position on top. Source article:;   更多Podcast單元:   每日英語跟讀Podcast,就在 精選詞彙 VOCAB Podcast,就在 語音直播 15mins Live Podcast, 就在 文法練習 In-TENSE Podcast,就在 用email訂閱就可以收到通勤學英語節目更新通知。   老師互動信箱: 商業合作洽詢:  
Hi there!歡迎收聽Look Back Sunday回顧星期天,在這個節目John老師會彙整過去不同國家與主題的熱門跟讀文章,讓你可以在十五分鐘內吸收最精華的世界時事趣聞!我們這週聽聽體育相關的文章,Let's get started!    Topic: Mom Sells Tomatoes as Her Son Seeks Tennis Titles It should have been one of the happiest times of Yu Te Tseng’s life. But Tseng, the father of the world’s best male junior tennis player, lowered his head and put his right hand to his eyes, trying to stem the flow of tears. 這本該是曾育德一生中最幸福的時刻之一。但這位世界最佳青少年男子網球手的父親,卻低下了頭,把右手放到眼睛上,努力想要止住淚流。 He was sitting in a garden at the United States Open in September after his son, Chun Hsin, had won another big match. But while a friend patted him on the back, Tseng needed more than a minute to compose himself and explain his sadness. 那是9月在美網的球場,兒子俊欣又贏了一場大賽之後。當一位朋友拍了拍他的背時,曾育德用了不止一分鐘來收拾情緒,解釋他為何傷心。 For years, Tseng has coached his son, 17, who plans to turn professional at a tournament in Hong Kong at the end of the month. For years, father and son have traveled the globe while Chun Hsin, also known as Jason, soared from a working class background in Taipei, Taiwan, to the top of the junior tennis rankings. 多年來,曾育德一直給兒子當教練,17歲的他計劃在那個月底的香港錦標賽上轉為職業球員。多年來,父子二人輾轉世界各地,兒子俊欣(英文名Jason)從台北的工薪階層背景,躍至青少年網球排名的冠軍。 He tore through the competition in 2018, reaching the final of the Australian Open junior singles tournament in January and winning the French Open junior title in June and Wimbledon’s in July. He was also a semifinalist in the U.S. Open boys event, and finished the year as the No. 1 junior. 2018年的賽事他一路過關斬將,1月份殺進澳洲網球公開賽青少年組男單決賽,6月份贏得法國網球公開賽青少年組男單冠軍,7月份溫布頓奪冠。他還是美國網球公開賽青少年組的半決賽選手,年終成為世界排名第一的青少年選手。 But while he was achieving all that with his father by his side, Tseng’s mother remained in Taipei, running the family’s small food stand and looking after his 15-year-old brother, Yun Di Tseng. 在父親的陪伴下取得所有這些成績的同時,他的母親仍在台北,一邊料理家裡的小吃攤,一邊照顧他15歲的弟弟曾允帝。 For his mother, Chung Han Tsai, the heavy workload has taken a toll.The family owns a stall at the Lehua night market in Taipei, where they sell tanghulu, a treat made of glazed fruit and tomatoes on a stick. They stay on their feet from 4 p.m. until 1 a.m., with hardly a moment to spare for a break. 對母親蔡仲涵來說,工作的重擔讓她付出了代價。一家人在台北樂華夜市有個小攤位,他們在那裡賣糖葫蘆,這是一種用蜜餞和串在棍子上的番茄製成的小吃。他們從下午4點一直站到凌晨1點,幾乎沒有片刻的休息。 Tseng first played tennis at age 5 with his father, who likes to be called Ed. Within a few years, Jason had demonstrated unusual talent, and his father discovered that his night job was suddenly an advantage. It enabled him to train his son during the day. 曾俊欣第一次打網球是5歲時和父親,後者喜歡別人叫他埃德(Ed)。短短几年裡,曾俊欣就展現出了不同尋常的天賦,他的父親發現自己的夜間工作突然成為了優勢。這份工作能讓他白天訓練兒子。 On a typical day, Ed Tseng would work at the night market and get to sleep around 2 a.m. He would wake up three and a half hours later for early-morning practices, after which he and his son would return home, shower and prepare for school. The father would then sleep a bit more before rejoining his son for afternoon practice. Then it was back to work with his wife. 通常,曾育德晚上在夜市上班,然後凌晨兩點左右上床睡覺。三個半小時後,他要起床去進行晨練,之後他和兒子回家,洗澡、準備上學。曾育德會再補一點覺,然後下午再和兒子一起練球。之後就和妻子再回去上班。 On some nights, Jason and his brother would make the five-minute walk from their home to join their parents at the market, doing their homework there or pitching in by peeling tomatoes. But Jason’s focus and dreams were always on tennis.“In that moment, I don’t have a lot of time to go out with friends and do relaxing things,” he said. “I was always working, working. That is how the professional player has to do it.” 在有些晚上,曾俊欣和弟弟會從家裡走路五分鐘,去夜市和父母在一起,他們在那裡做功課,或是幫忙給番茄剝皮。但曾俊欣的關注點和夢想一直都是網球。「在那一刻,我沒有很多時間和朋友出去玩、放鬆,」他說。「我一直都在練球、練球。這就是職業球員必須要做的。」 Jason Tseng said he does not really like the treats his parents sell. He prefers ice cream, although he eliminated it from his training diet. He indulged in his favorite treat twice recently, though: to celebrate winning the French Open and Wimbledon junior titles. 曾俊欣說,他不怎麼喜歡父母賣的那些小吃。他更喜歡冰激淋,儘管他把它從訓練飲食裡去掉了。但近期,他放縱地吃了兩次自己最愛的零食:為了慶祝自己獲得法國公開賽和溫布頓青少年冠軍。 Tsai could not make those trips. She remained in Taipei, selling tanghulu. But when Jason plays, Ed sends her updates. In a recent email, he said his wife told him that Jason’s victories buoyed her spirit, making her stand stronger in the moment. 蔡仲涵不能一起前往巡迴賽。她得留在台北賣糖葫蘆。但每當曾俊欣打球時,埃德會發給她最新情況。在近期的一封郵件裡,他說妻子告訴他,曾俊欣的勝利激勵了她的精神,讓她變得更堅強。 But the arrangement is no longer tenable with her physical condition. Tsai needs rest to recover, and Ed said this week that in the spring, the family plans to shutter the business. Legally, it cannot be sold, just closed. But now that Jason will be earning some money on tour, the investment in his future may pay off and the financial burden eased. 但她的身體狀況無法應付這種安排了。蔡仲涵需要休息才能恢復身體,曾育德本週說,明年春天的時候,他們計劃關掉攤位。從法律層面來說,它不能被賣掉,只能關張。但如今曾俊欣會在巡迴賽上賺到些錢,對他未來的投資可能會有回報,也能減輕家裡的經濟負擔。Source article:   Next   Topic: Gaming’s New Lifestyle:Less Pizza, More Yoga The squats and leg lifts were harder than they looked, and after a few sets, Alfonso Aguirre Rodriguez placed his hands on his knees and attempted to compose himself. 深蹲和抬腿動作比看起來要困難,做了幾組後,阿方索.艾吉瑞.羅德里蓋茲把手放在膝蓋上,試著讓自己放鬆。 In November, Aguirre, a 24-year-old professional video game player from Spain, joined the five-man roster of Origen, a League of Legends team that competes in the game’s top European league. The players — all signed in late fall — were told at the time that the team might be run a bit differently from what they were accustomed to. 24歲的艾吉瑞是西班牙的電子競技(電競)職業選手,去年11月加入五人組成的奧里根戰隊,這是一支在電玩「英雄聯盟」歐洲頂尖聯盟中競賽的隊伍。該隊選手-全於去年秋季末尾簽約加入-當時即被告知,這支隊伍的運作方式也許會和他們習慣的有些不同。 Now here they were, five young men who make their living sitting almost completely still in front of desktop computers, sweating through an hourlong workout in a cramped gym. 現在,眼前就是這麼五個靠著坐在桌上電腦前幾乎全不移動來維生的年輕男子,他們正在一間狹窄的健身房裡汗流浹背地鍛鍊一小時。 “I think I’m going to puke my oatmeal,” said Aguirre, who is known in the gaming community as Mithy. “I’m dying.” 「我覺得我快把燕麥片吐出來了。」艾吉瑞說,他在電玩社群中被喚作米西。「我快死了。」 Some years ago, traditional sports leagues were revolutionized by young analysts wielding computers. The way things had always been done, it turned out, was not always the best way to do things. Now echoes of that transformation have arrived in the growing world of professional e-sports, where gamers are being shepherded toward a new frontier, oddly, by the old, corporeal wisdom of traditional sports. 數年前,傳統運動聯盟被使用電腦的年輕分析家給顛覆了。事實證明,人們一向用來做事情的方法,並非永遠是最好的方法。現在這項轉變的迴響已觸及成長中的職競世界,說也奇怪,選手們竟被傳統運動的古老、肉體智慧引向新的領域。 The debate about whether competitive gamers can be considered athletes may never end. In the meantime, though, gamers are increasingly acting like them. 關於電競選手能否被視為運動員的爭論,恐怕永遠不會停止。而於此同時,玩家的作為卻越來越像運動員了。 Origen is one of two teams owned by Rfrsh Entertainment, an e-sports company based in Copenhagen. Two years ago, the organization hired Kasper Hvidt, a former captain of Denmark’s national handball team, to be its sporting director. Hvidt, 43, had no previous exposure to gaming. But that was the point. 奧里根是以哥本哈根為據點的電競公司「更新娛樂」旗下兩支隊伍之一,兩年前,這家公司雇用丹麥手球國家隊前隊長卡斯伯.赫維特為運動總監。43歲的赫維特以前不曾接觸過電玩,但這正是重點。 E-sports in recent years have crept into the mainstream, attracting new fans, new sponsors and new investment. The top professionals now make six-figure salaries and earn even more with endorsements and prize money. And yet, Hvidt observed, their approach to performance remained amateurish. 近年電競已打入主流,吸引新粉絲、新贊助商和新投資。頂尖職業選手現在可賺進六位數薪水,而且靠代言和競賽獎金還能賺更多。不過赫維特說,選手優化表現的方法仍然很不專業。 Eating right, sleeping right, exercising, cleaning up for sponsors — these ideas have undergirded traditional sports for generations. In e-sports, they are regarded as almost radical. 吃得對、睡得好、做運動、為贊助商打理好門面-這些想法數個世代以來支撐著傳統運動。但在電競界,卻被視為近乎激進。 “They don’t look at themselves as physical human beings,” said Hvidt, who won the European handball championship with Denmark in 2008. 「他們並未視自己為活生生的人類。」2008年帶領丹麥隊贏得歐洲手球錦標賽冠軍的赫維特說。 “It’s common sense, in a way. But with them, it was not.” 「這多少可算是常識了,對他們來說卻並非如此。」   Next   Topic: Why the Philippines Is a Hoops Haven Go to any street corner in the Philippines. Any village. Any beach. Even a church. You’re likely to see a basketball jersey. 在菲律賓隨便去到哪個街角,哪個村落,哪個海灘,甚至哪個教堂,你應該都會看到籃球衣。 “It’s often described as a religion,” Carlo Roy Singson, managing director of NBA Philippines, said in an interview. 美國國家籃球協會(NBA)菲律賓分會總監辛松受訪時說:「大家常說,籃球就是菲律賓人的宗教。」 Indeed, basketball is ingrained in Filipino culture and has been for more than a century. The sport’s permeation of a country of about 105 million began in the late 1800s, when Spain ceded the Philippines to the United States in 1898 after the Spanish-American War. 的確,籃球在菲律賓文化扎根已超過一個世紀。 籃球於19世紀末傳入這個目前有一億零五百萬人口的國家,終至遍布每個角落。1898年西班牙在美西戰爭中戰敗,把菲律賓割讓給美國。 A large facet of the introduction of the fledgling game was Christian missionaries, who were part of the YMCA, or Young Men’s Christian Association. The game’s inventor, Dr. James Naismith, conceived of the sport at what was then known as the International YMCA Training School in Springfield, Massachusetts. 籃球這個新興運動傳入菲律賓,很大一部分是靠基督教傳教士,這些傳教士是基督教國際社會服務團體「基督教青年會」(YMCA)的成員。籃球發明人奈史密斯博士就是在美國麻州春田市當時名為「國際YMCA訓練學校」的地方,想出籃球這種運動。 To take a round object and throw it into a peach hoop, as Naismith pictured it, could be a character-building endeavor. Soon after he invented it, missionaries began spreading it around the world, particularly in the Far East and the Philippines, in U.S.-controlled areas — a kind of sports imperialism. 奈史密斯設想,拿起一個球形物並將它丟進一個桃木筐,這種努力過程可以培養品格。在他發明籃球後不久,傳教士開始把這種運動傳布到世界各地,尤其是美國控制的遠東地區和菲律賓,算是一種運動殖民。 The NBA and its players, recognizing the sport’s popularity in the Philippines, have invested time there in recent years. In 2013, the Houston Rockets and the Indiana Pacers played a preseason game there. According to a spokesman for the league, the NBA’s Facebook page has 7.3 million followers from the Philippines, the largest of any country outside of the United States. NBA及其運動員認識到籃球在菲律賓大受歡迎,近年在菲律賓投入許多時間。2013年,休士頓火箭隊和印第安納溜馬隊在菲律賓打了場季前賽。根據NBA發言人的說法,NBA臉書專頁有730萬名粉絲來自菲律賓,菲律賓是美國之外最大的粉絲來源國。 This all began in the early 1900s, when basketball was introduced into schools in the Philippines. In 1913, the first Far Eastern Championship Games — an early version of what is now known as the Asian Games — took place in Manila, featuring several East Asian countries taking part in Olympics-style competitions, including basketball. 這一切全始於20世紀初,當時籃球傳入菲律賓各級學校。1913年,亞洲運動會前身、第一屆遠東運動會在馬尼拉舉行,幾個東亞國家參與奧運式的競賽,包括籃球。 It was the first of 10 biennial events, before disagreements between the countries disbanded the games. The Philippines won gold in nine of them. 遠東運動會兩年一次,總共辦過十次,後來因為各國意見不合而停辦。菲律賓在其中九次贏得籃球金牌。 The country’s population took to the sport en masse. In 1936, its national team made the Olympics and finished fifth. At the 1954 FIBA World Championship, the Philippines won a bronze medal, the best finish for an Asian country. 菲律賓舉國上下都愛上籃球。1936年,菲律賓國家隊打進奧運並拿下第五名。在1954年世界杯男籃錦標賽中,菲律賓贏得銅牌,寫下亞洲國家最佳成績。 Two decades later, in 1975, the Philippine Basketball Association, Asia’s first basketball league, was created. These games kept the sport at the forefront of Filipino culture and helped grow interest throughout the 20th century. 20年後,1975年,菲律賓職業籃球聯賽開打,是亞洲第一個職業籃球聯賽。這些比賽讓籃球處在菲律賓文化的重要位置,並在整個20世紀激發菲律賓人對籃球的興趣。Source article:  
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每日英語跟讀 Ep.K130: About Health- Whale of a time: NYC offers walk-up vaccinations for all   Appointments are no longer mandatory at any of the coronavirus vaccination sites run by New York City, including its newest and maybe coolest location: beneath the giant blue whale at the Museum of Natural History. 任何紐約市設立的新型冠狀病毒疫苗接種處,不再強制要求預約,包括最新設立、或許也是最酷的地點:位於自然歷史博物館巨大藍鯨下的接種處。 Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Friday that the city will now be accepting walk-ins at all its vaccination sites. "You can just walk up and get vaccinated," he said. 市長白思豪週五宣布,該市所有接種站現在接受隨到隨登記接種,「你可以直接進來接種疫苗」。 The expansion of walk-in service comes as supplies of the vaccine have increased. 擴大實施現場登記接種,是在疫苗供應量已經增加之際推出。 Just weeks ago, most people trying to get an appointment for a vaccination in the nation’s biggest city had to game online appointment systems in which scarce slots would be snapped up in moments. 僅在數週之前,在這個全美最大城市,大多數要預約接種時間的人還得在網路預約系統上賭運氣,稀少的名額一下子就會被搶光。   Next   Serbian diner thanks those getting COVID shots with plates of roast meat (感謝客人打新冠疫苗 塞爾維亞餐館請吃烤肉) Get a COVID-19 vaccine and you will be served a plate of spit-roast ox or wild game goulash for free - in the Serbian city of Kragujevac. 塞爾維亞「米盧廷圖書館」餐廳招待接種疫苗的顧客吃牛肉大餐。(路透資料照) 在塞爾維亞克拉古耶瓦茨,只要接種新冠肺炎疫苗,就能免費獲得一盤烤牛肉串或野味燉牛肉。 Restaurateur Stavro Raskovic offered the popular local dishes as his way of promoting vaccination and campaigning for the full reopening of the country’s restaurants, cafes and bars. 餐館老闆斯塔夫羅.拉斯科維奇端出這2道受歡迎的本地菜餚,作為推廣疫苗及推動該國餐廳、咖啡廳、酒吧全面重新營業的方式。 Lockdowns in 2020 and partial restrictions this year have driven Biblioteka kod Milutina (Milutin’s Library) restaurant to the brink of closure, he said. 他說,2020年的封城及今年的局部封鎖措施,讓「米盧廷圖書館」餐廳瀕臨停業。 "Our trade, catering, has been particularly hit... and if this (vaccination) is the way out, then we wanted to contribute." 「我們的生意、外燴服務尤其受到影響…若這(疫苗)是解決方法,我們想要出一份力。」 Local health authorities turned the restaurant into a vaccination point to deliver shots made by Pfizer/BioNtech, and China’s Sinopharm. 當地衛生當局把餐廳變成疫苗接種點,提供輝瑞/BNT疫苗和中國國藥集團疫苗。 "Today we have vaccines from both East and West on the menu, to everybody’s taste," said Raskovic.(Reuters) 拉斯科維奇說:「今天我們的菜單上有來自東方和西方的疫苗,任君挑選。」(路透)   Next   Dracula’s castle’ offers tourists Covid shots 「德古拉的城堡」提供觀光客武漢肺炎疫苗接種 Visitors to Romania’s forbidding Bran Castle are being jabbed with needles rather than vampiric fangs this weekend in a coronavirus vaccination drive. 造訪羅馬尼亞令人生畏的布蘭城堡的遊客,在本週末的冠狀病毒疫苗接種活動中,將會被針頭而不是吸血鬼的毒牙扎刺。 Those who take the jab are handed a certificate hailing their"boldness and responsibility"promising they will be welcome at the castle"for the coming 100 years" - as well as offered a free tour of the"torture chamber". 那些接受施打的人將拿到證書,為他們的「勇氣與責任」喝采,並承諾這座城堡在未來100年都歡迎他們,並提供一次「酷刑室」的免費導覽。 Nestled in a misty valley in the Carpathian mountains, Bran Castle is associated with the 15th-century Romanian prince Vlad Dracula. 布蘭城堡坐落於喀爾巴阡山迷霧籠罩的山谷,與15世紀羅馬尼亞王子弗拉德.德古拉有關。 Dracula author Bram Stoker is believed to have been inspired by Vlad and descriptions of Bran Castle when writing his 1897 novel that helped found the modern vampire genre. 德古拉的作者布拉姆.史托克在撰寫他的1897年的小說時,被認為受到弗拉德與布蘭城堡的描述的啟發,這本小說幫助他奠定現代吸血鬼體裁。 Source article:;;   更多Podcast單元: 每日英語跟讀Podcast,就在 精選詞彙 VOCAB Podcast,就在 語音直播 15mins Live Podcast, 就在 文法練習 In-TENSE Podcast,就在 用email訂閱就可以收到通勤學英語節目更新通知。
每日英語跟讀 Ep.K129: Jerusalem tensions sparked heaviest Israel-Gaza fighting in years   For weeks now, Palestinian protesters and Israeli police have clashed on a daily basis in and around Jerusalem’s Old City, home to major religious sites sacred to Jews, Christians and Muslims and the emotional epicenter of the Middle East conflict. 數週以來,巴勒斯坦抗議民眾和以色列警察每天都在耶路撒冷舊城及其周圍發生衝突。耶路撒冷舊城是猶太人、基督徒和穆斯林神聖的主要宗教場所,以及中東衝突情感中心的所在地。 Jerusalem has been the scene of violent confrontations between Jews and Arabs for 100 years and remains one of the most bitterly contested cities on earth. The latest clashes began a month ago with an Israeli move to block some Palestinian gatherings at the beginning of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, already a time of heightened religious sensitivities. After those restrictions eased, tensions over a plan to evict dozens of Palestinians from an east Jerusalem neighborhood continued to fuel confrontations. 耶路撒冷成為猶太人與阿拉伯人之間暴力對峙的現場,已有一百年了,現仍為世界上衝突最劇的城市之一。最近的衝突始於一個月前,以色列在穆斯林聖月齋戒月之初禁止一些巴勒斯坦人的集會,而齋戒月已然是宗教敏感時期。這些限制放鬆之後,將數十名巴勒斯坦人逐出東耶路撒冷地區的計畫,讓對峙的緊張局勢持續升高。 Israelis on May 10 marked Jerusalem Day, a national holiday celebrating the annexation. In past years, thousands of Israelis — mainly religious nationalists — have marched through the Old City, including the densely populated Muslim Quarter, in a display considered provocative by many Palestinians. 以色列人在五月十日紀念「耶路撒冷日」,此國定假日旨在慶祝以色列併吞耶路撒冷。在過去幾年中,成千上萬的以色列人──主要為宗教民族主義者──上街遊行,穿過舊城區,包括人口稠密的穆斯林區,這種肆無忌憚被許多巴勒斯坦人認為是挑釁。 CAPITAL OF TWO PEOPLES Israel views Jerusalem as its “unified, eternal” capital. It had captured east Jerusalem, which includes the Old City, in the 1967 Mideast war, along with the West Bank and Gaza. Palestinians want those territories for their future state, with east Jerusalem serving as their eventual capital. But Israel annexed the eastern part of the city in a move not recognized internationally. 兩個民族的首都 以色列將耶路撒冷視為其「統一、永恆」的首都。一九六七年的中東戰爭,以色列佔領了包括舊城在內的東耶路撒冷,以及西岸與加薩走廊。巴勒斯坦人希望這些地方在他們建國後成為其領土,最終將定都於東耶路撒冷。但以色列卻將東耶路撒冷併吞,以色列此舉並未獲得國際認可。 At the heart of Jerusalem’s Old City is the hill known to Jews across the world as Temple Mount — the holiest site in Judaism — and to Muslims internationally as the Noble Sanctuary. It was home to the Jewish temples of antiquity. Two Muslim holy places now stand there, the Dome of the Rock and Al-Aqsa Mosque, the third holiest place in Islam. Christians also revere the city as the place where they believe that Jesus preached, died and was resurrected. 耶路撒冷舊城的中心,是全球猶太人稱為「聖殿山」的山丘──猶太教最神聖之地點,而各國穆斯林則稱之為「神聖禁地」。此為古代猶太聖殿之所在地,亦為伊斯蘭教之第三聖地,現有兩處穆斯林聖地──圓頂清真寺,以及阿克薩清真寺。基督徒也崇敬此城,因為他們相信此為耶穌講道、受死及復活之處。 The fate of east Jerusalem has been one of the thorniest issues in the peace process, which ground to a halt more than a decade ago. 東耶路撒冷的命運一直是和平進程中最棘手的問題之一,此進程在十多年前已停滯不前。Source article:   更多Podcast單元: 每日英語跟讀Podcast,就在 精選詞彙 VOCAB Podcast,就在 語音直播 15mins Live Podcast, 就在 文法練習 In-TENSE Podcast,就在 用email訂閱就可以收到通勤學英語節目更新通知。  
每日英語跟讀 Ep.K128: Cash Might Be King, but They Don’t Care甩   The other day at Dig Inn, a just-opened lunch spot on Broadway and 38th Street in Midtown Manhattan, Shania Bryant committed a consumer faux pas. She placed her order for chicken and brown rice and yams, and when she got to the register, she held out a $50 bill.“Sorry,” the cashier told her. “We don’t take cash.” Not, “We don’t take $50s.” No cash. Period.“What?” Bryant asked. 幾天前,在紐約曼哈坦中城百老匯大道與第38街交口剛開幕的午餐餐廳Dig Inn內,仙妮亞.布萊恩犯了個消費者不太得體的錯。她點了雞肉、糙米飯和山藥,到櫃檯結帳時,掏出張50元美鈔。收銀員對她說:「抱歉,我們不收現金。」不是「我們不收50美元的鈔票,」是不收現金,就是這樣。布萊恩女士問道:「蛤?」The cashier patiently explained. Credit and debit cards were fine, as was the easy-to-download Dig Inn phone app. But the almighty dollar was powerless.“I’ve never experienced that before,” said Bryant, 20, an assistant to a designer. “I guess we’re in new times.”收銀員耐心地解釋,信用卡和簽帳金融卡都可以使用,容易下載的Dig Inn手機應用程式也行,但萬能的美元則無能為力。20歲的設計師助理布萊恩說:「我從未碰過這種事。我想我們正身處在新的時代。」Indeed. Cashless businesses were once an isolated phenomenon, but now, similarly jarring experiences can be had across the street at Sweetgreen, or two blocks up at Two Forks, or next door to Two Forks at Dos Toros, or over on 41st Street at Bluestone Lane coffee. In Midtown and some other neighborhoods across New York City, cashless is fast on its way to becoming normal.But it is not quite normal yet. So the cashier at Dig Inn cut Bryant a break.“Just this one time, we’ll give it to you on the house,” she said, handing over the bag. “But just so you know, in the future.”的確如此。店家的無現金交易曾經是孤立的特別現象,但如今在對街的沙拉店Sweetgreen,往前方兩個街區的Two Forks餐廳,Two Forks隔壁的墨西哥餐廳Dos Toros,甚或是第41街的Bluestone Lane咖啡店內,都可能會有類似的不愉快經驗。在紐約市中城和市內一些其他區域,無現金交易正快速普及,往成為常態之路邁進。然而由於還沒有完全成為常態,Dig Inn的收銀員給布萊恩行了個方便。她把袋子遞給她,說:「就這一次,我們免費奉送,為的是讓你知道,以後該怎麼樣。」 Ah, the future. In the future, when dollar bills are found only in museum display cases, we will look back on this moment of transition and confusion with the same head-shaking smile with which we regard customs on the Isle of Yap in Micronesia, where giant stone discs are still accepted as payment for particularly big-ticket items.Some people already live in this cashless future. They find nothing strange about paying for a pack of gum with a swipe of a card. If you are one of these people and you are still somehow reading this article, you may be thinking, “What on earth is the big deal?” 哦,未來。當我們將來只能在博物館陳列櫃中看到美鈔時,我們會帶著微笑回顧這個過渡與混亂的時刻,就好像我們看待密克羅尼西亞雅浦島的習俗一樣,因為在當地巨型石盤(石幣)仍被用作特別昂貴物品的支付工具。有些人已經生活在這種無現金的未來之中。他們覺得刷卡買包口香糖並無奇怪之處。如果你是這些人中的一員而且還在閱讀這篇報導,你可能會在想,「這有什麼大不了的?」 At Two Forks on 40th Street, where the lunch offerings have cheery names like Squash Goals, Kristin Junco, a 34-year-old auditor for the state Education Department, said she had not used cash for about a week and much prefers a cashless establishment to its opposite. “We travel a lot for work,” she said, gesturing to a colleague, “and if they don’t take credit cards that makes things difficult.”On the other side are those who were raised to equate credit-card spending with taking on debt — something to be avoided whenever possible, and reserved in any case for major expenditures. Those people do things like grab a $5 bill from their purse and run down from their office to the place on the corner thinking that they can buy a snack with it. They will catch on eventually. 在第40街的Two Forks餐廳,午餐提供的食物有著Squash Goals之類令人愉快的名字,34歲的州教育廳審計員克里斯汀.榮科表示,她大概有一周沒用現金了,而且更喜歡與現金制度相對的無現金環境。她指著一位同事說:「我們經常出差。如果他們不收信用卡會比較麻煩。」而與這些人相反的那群人,則把使用信用卡消費視同負債,認為應盡可能避免,就算要用也該保留給重大支出。這些人喜歡從他們錢包內拿出一張5美元鈔票,從他們的辦公室跑到街角某處,認為他們能用它買零食。他們遲早會趕上潮流。Source article:   更多Podcast單元: 每日英語跟讀Podcast,就在 精選詞彙 VOCAB Podcast,就在 語音直播 15mins Live Podcast, 就在 文法練習 In-TENSE Podcast,就在 用email訂閱就可以收到通勤學英語節目更新通知。
每日英語跟讀 Ep.K127: In Soccer, Power’s Always in Play   On the pitch, soccer is a cipher for war, with uniforms, formations, victory and defeat. Beyond the pitch, soccer is power, with owners seemingly using their teams as much for the corollary benefits as for any love of the game. 在球場上,足球代表著戰爭,有制服、隊形、勝利與失敗,而到了球場之外,足球卻是一種力量,若論球隊擁有者操作球隊的動機,用以獲得必然的實際效益,似乎不下於對足球比賽的熱愛。 Sports in general, but especially soccer — given its global appeal — are an ideal way for tycoons to purchase prestige and for countries to burnish their reputations, particularly when governments have unsavory associations with issues such as human rights abuse, gender inequality or anti-democratic politics. 一般的運動,尤其是風行全球的足球,是大亨們獲得聲譽及各個國家美化形象的理想方式,特別是當一國政府跟侵犯人權、性別不平等或反民主政治等不名譽議題扯上關係之時。 “Soccer and the Arab World: The Revolution of the Round Ball,” an exhibition at the Arab World Institute in Paris that runs through July 21, surveys the modern history of the sport in Africa and the Middle East, charting changes in gender and racial politics, government and finance, through the lens of the game. 刻在巴黎阿拉伯世界文化中心舉辦的「足球與阿拉伯世界:圓球革命」展覽,展至7月21日,勘測非洲與中東的現代足球史,透過足球運動的視角描繪性別和種族政治、以及政府與財政的變化。 Viewing the Arab world from the French perspective, the show ranges from midcentury events like the rise of the first Algerian national team, whose players broke away from France even though Algeria was still a colony, to more recent ones, like the purchase in 2011 of the French soccer team, Paris St.-Germain, by a Qatari state-run company. 以法國角度來看阿拉伯世界的話,這項展覽包括世紀中葉發生的事件,例如阿爾及利亞即便仍為殖民地,選手仍脫離法國組成首支國家隊,另外還有比較晚近的事,像是2011年一家卡達國營企業收購法國巴黎聖日耳曼足球隊。 Binding the show together is an exploration of political clout: using soccer to explore the increasing reach of some Arab nations, while France’s global influence is decreasing — seen in the cultural legitimacy that the sport provides. 將這些展出內容結合在一起,旨在對政治影響力進行探究,藉由足球來探索一些阿拉伯國家日益擴大的影響力,同一時間法國的全球影響力則正在減弱,而這從該項運動提供的文化合法性中可以看出。 “New Arab countries are in the game,” said the show’s curator, Aurélie Clemente-Ruiz, on a recent tour of the exhibition. “It’s not only North Africa or the Middle East but all of these countries from the Arabian Peninsula — Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the Emirates — that are very involved in soccer, and it’s a way for them to exist in an international point of view. It’s a real soft power and, to them, very useful.” 策展人歐黑里·克雷蒙·芮斯日前參觀展覽時說:「新的阿拉伯國家成了玩家。不僅僅是北非或中東,還有來自阿拉伯半島的卡達、沙烏地阿拉伯和阿拉伯聯合大公國這些國家,也都深度介入足球,這也是他們在國際舞台上存在的一種方式。這是種真正的軟實力,對他們來說非常有用。」 At the root is the ability of sports to shape perceptions. For the likes of Mohammed bin Salman, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, being associated with global soccer can help divert attention from the international indignation at the killing of a dissident. 一切的根本在於,體育能塑造觀感。對沙烏地阿拉伯王儲穆罕默德這樣的人來說,跟全球足球運動扯上關係,有助於轉移國際社會對殺害一名異議分子的怒氣。 For Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan of Abu Dhabi, one of the United Arab Emirates, his ownership and lavish spending on the English team Manchester City automatically buys a certain fame and influence. Similar reasons inform Qatar’s control of Paris St.-Germain and the country’s efforts to win the right to host the men’s World Cup in 2022. 對阿拉伯聯合大公國成員阿布達比的曼蘇爾親王來說,他在英國曼城足球隊的所有權跟大手筆支出,自然會為他贏得一定的聲譽及影響力,而類似的原因也說明了卡達為何要掌控巴黎聖日耳曼隊,以及努力贏得2022年男子世界盃足球賽主辦權。Source article:   更多Podcast單元: 每日英語跟讀Podcast,就在 精選詞彙 VOCAB Podcast,就在 語音直播 15mins Live Podcast, 就在 文法練習 In-TENSE Podcast,就在 用email訂閱就可以收到通勤學英語節目更新通知。   老師互動信箱: 商業合作洽詢:
每日英語跟讀 Ep.K126: Chinese rocket’s chaotic fall to Earth highlights problem of space junk   Remnants of China’s biggest rocket landed in the Indian Ocean on May 9, ending days of speculation over where the debris would hit and drawing US criticism over a lack of transparency. 中國最大火箭之殘骸已在五月九日墜落印度洋,讓數天來對殘骸究竟將撞擊何處的猜測告一段落,也引起美國對此事缺乏透明度的批評。 But the fiery fate of a booster rocket, wherever it comes down, speaks to the larger issue of space debris and space sustainability, especially as space becomes a target not just for national space programs but also increasingly the private sector. Under international treaty, private space actors, who are expected to put 45,000 satellites in low Earth orbit over the next several years, are under the legal responsibility of their host nations. 火箭推進器在熊熊烈焰中的宿命,無論它掉在哪裡,都觸及太空垃圾與太空永續性這更大的問題,尤其此時太空不僅成為國家太空計畫之標的,也愈趨成為私有公司之標的。在未來幾年中,經營太空業務的私有公司將把四萬五千顆衛星送入低空地球軌道,而根據國際條約規定,法律責任是由其東道國所承擔。 Add to that an estimated 9,300 tonnes of space junk that is already orbiting the planet and the probability of space collisions and debris pollution is an issue of concern. 此外,據估計,現已有九千三百噸太空垃圾在繞著地球轉,太空中的碰撞與垃圾污染問題令人關注。 Previously, a piece of paint the size of a fingernail struck the windscreen of a space shuttle, piercing two of three layers of glass. 此前,一塊指甲大小的油漆打到一艘太空船的擋風玻璃,刺穿了三層厚玻璃的其中兩層。 The fate of Long March 5B could refocus governments and international bodies on the issue of space sustainability, and that could provide more opportunity to firms like UK-based Astroscale that are preparing to tackle the debris problem with commercial junk-collecting services. 長征五號的命運可能使政府及國際組織重新關注太空的永續性問題,而可能給像英國的Astroscale這樣的公司帶來更多機會,這些公司正準備提供收集垃圾之商業化服務,以解決太空垃圾問題。 Astroscale is currently demonstrating a vehicle called “ELSA-d” in lower Earth orbit to show that space debris clean-up is indeed possible. It is a fiendishly difficult task, especially if the target satellite is spinning and tumbling. The test is using a satellite to capture a test drone with a magnet. In time, larger objects will require a robotic arm. Astroscale正在地球較低軌道展示一種名為「ELSA-d」的運載工具,以證明清除太空垃圾的確可行。這是一項艱鉅的任務,尤其是目標衛星處於旋轉與翻滾的情況時。該測試透過衛星進行,以磁鐵來捕獲測試用無人機,最後也會需要用到機械臂來抓取較大的物體。Source article:   更多Podcast單元: 每日英語跟讀Podcast,就在 精選詞彙 VOCAB Podcast,就在 語音直播 15mins Live Podcast, 就在 文法練習 In-TENSE Podcast,就在 用email訂閱就可以收到通勤學英語節目更新通知。   老師互動信箱: 商業合作洽詢:  
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