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鼠年假期跟讀#772: About Taiwan : Odd pizzas at hand in Taiwan   身為台灣人一定會吃的經典小吃臭豆腐,竟然也能搬上國際舞臺,與西方美食披薩結合,迸出全新火花。繼六月必勝客推出榴蓮披薩,創下單日每十秒賣出一個披薩的紀錄,這次推出為限量「臭豆腐」披薩,鋪上滿滿的臭豆腐和台式泡菜,搭配濃郁的莫札瑞拉起司,絕對適合愛嘗鮮的你來挑戰。   Do you like Taiwan’s stinky tofu? Pizza Hut recently added the traditional dish on their pizza. Following the launch of a special menu –– durian pizza in June which set a record of one durian pizza sold every ten seconds — the pizza chain store decided to challenge pizza lover’s tolerance by launching the stinky tofu pizza. Stinky tofu and Taiwan version of kimchi top the pizza with mozzarella cheese, this western-Taiwan fusion dish is for those who love to challenge new food experience.   然而,這已經不是第一次台灣推出搞怪披薩口味,過去還有連鎖瓦薩美式餐廳將草莓大福包進墨西哥辣醬口味披薩,周圍還有草莓切片點綴,鹹甜滋味衝擊大家的味蕾。   Yet, Pizza Hut is not alone in creating unique pizzas. Chain restaurant VASA Pizzeria features Japanese strawberry mochi in its Mexican tabasco-flavored pizza. The savory yet sweet taste challenges epicure’s taste buds.   除此之外,台灣經典怪披薩絕對不能忽略嘉義大老闆手作披薩推出的「珍珠奶茶」口味披薩,上面鋪滿大量珍珠,奇特搭配讓人不禁好奇這樣真的好吃嗎?還有另一項鎮店之寶是「糯米腸」披薩,煎得香脆的糯米腸融入披薩,口味新奇,與起司搭配完全無違和感。   Moreover, a Chiayi restaurant, Boss Pizza, has unveiled the boba milk tea pizza featuring a great deal of tapioca balls on top. The restaurant has another signature menu –– sticky rice sausage pizza.   如果以上都不夠怪,那麼這個結合薑絲與西式薄片餅皮的披薩你絕對沒有想過。位於台北So Free柴燒窯烤披薩店推出這款「薑絲超人」披薩,嗆辣的薑絲搭配鹹蛋、玉米,簡直是中西文化在舌尖引爆。綜合以上各種「怪」出新滋味的披薩,準備好帶著你的外國朋友去嘗試台灣人無極限創意披薩嗎。   If any of the above dishes sound weird to you, the ginger superman pizza from Taipei’s So Free Pizza is worth a try. The spicy ginger, along with salted dug egg and corn together enrich your taste buds. Are you ready to take your international friends to try these “odd” yet creative fusion pizza?   Next Article:   冬季進補吃比薩?超狂麻油赤肉口味限時登場 | Sesame oil-flavored pizza to challenge your taste buds   還記得今年連鎖披薩店推出的臭豆腐、珍奶比薩嗎?連鎖比薩業者昨(17)日推出麻油赤肉口味比薩,再掀話題。   Do you remember the stinky tofu and boba milk tea pizzas launched earlier this year? To celebrate the New Year, local pizza chain store Pizza Hut launched a new sesame oil with pork chops pizza on Tuesday, causing another online stir.   麻油赤肉口味比薩淋上香氣濃郁的胡麻油,遵循古法煸香杏鮑菇、爆量赤肉,與香濃莫札瑞拉起司相互交融。新口味大比薩每個定價359元,即日起14天限時快閃開賣、限量售完為止。   The sesame oil-flavored pizza, which also features king oyster mushrooms, pork chops and mozzarella, will tickle your taste buds. The pizza is priced at NT$359 (US$11.9) and it will only be available until Dec. 31.   這已經不是第一次台灣推出創新比薩口味。必勝客今年六月曾推出榴槤披薩,創下單日每十秒賣出一個披薩的紀錄。   This is not the first time the pizza chain store has launched odd pizza flavors though. Pizza Hut unveiled durian pizzas in June, breaking the record for the fastest-selling pizza in Taiwan — one sold every ten seconds.   Source article: ;   更多跟讀練習單元,就在   用email訂閱就可以收到所有15mins.Today最新節目通知。
鼠年假期跟讀#771: Dihua Street’s Lunar New Year market   Every year, in the two-week run up to the Lunar New Year break, businesses along Taipei’s Dihua Street hold a special Lunar New Year specialties market.   每年春節假期前兩週左右,台北迪化街的商家都會辦理年貨市集。   The store-lined roads, with outside stalls laden with New Year dried fruits, candies, spiced drinks and meat jerkies, are packed with people anxious to stock up for the holiday.   商店林立的年貨大街擠滿趕辦年貨的人,店鋪前擺出的攤子滿是蜜餞、糖果、薑茶和肉乾等年貨。   The weather was cold on Wednesday, but mercifully sunny to take the bite from the cold, and the air was full of anticipation and festive spirit.   週三天氣很冷,但幸好出了太陽,驅走了一些寒意,空氣中充滿著年節的味道與對過年的期盼。   The sellers themselves, wearing matching Lunar New Year jackets and tops in each individual stall, were all in a jovial mood, smiling and joking with the customers as they handed out free samples and took their money.   每攤的售貨員都穿著自家店統一的春節外套及上衣,喜氣洋洋,發試吃品和收錢的時候,都跟顧客有說有笑。   The shoppers were dressed up warm, some in casual clothes, some in their best suits for the occasion; there were monks and foreigners and photographers and mothers bringing their children, as well as pet owners, carrying their dogs on their shoulders or pushing them along in pet pushchairs. There was one guy walking his pet pig — he’d had it for five months, he said — which had its snout pressed to the ground, hoovering the tarmac for fallen sweets, treats or dried meats.   採買的顧客穿著保暖的衣服,有些只是居家服,也有人穿得很慎重。人群中有僧侶、外國人、攝影師、帶著孩子的母親,以及把狗扛在肩上或用寵物推車推著的飼主。還有一個人牽著寵物豬──他說他已經養了五個月──那隻豬把鼻子貼在地上,把掉在路面上的糖果、零食或肉乾吸起來吃。   Source article:   更多跟讀練習單元,就在   用email訂閱就可以收到所有15mins.Today最新節目通知。
每日跟讀#771: About UK: The toilet aims to increase employee productivity   A British company, StandardToilet, has developed a toilet that discourages long bathroom breaks. The company has filed a patent for a fixture designed to increase employee productivity by making it uncomfortable for anyone to dwell on the toilet seat.   一家英國公司「StandardToilet」開發出一款不讓人在廁所休息太久的馬桶。這家公司已經為這項發明註冊專利,它透過讓任何人都無法舒服地坐在馬桶上的設計,提升員工生產力。   According to StandardToilet, employees are spending an average of 10 minutes a day on the toilet. They estimate that their product will lead to a 25% reduction in time spent on the toilet, so employees can spend those extra two and a half minutes doing something way more productive. Like going to get coffee.   StandardToilet指出,員工每天平均耗費10分鐘在馬桶上。他們估計,他們的產品可以讓員工花在廁所的時間減少25%,讓員工們可以將騰出來的2分30秒時間,拿去做更有成效的事。例如喝杯咖啡。   Sloping forward at an angle of 13 degrees, StandardToilet’s product is designed to make it uncomfortable to spend longer than about five minutes on it without experiencing leg strain, Mahabir Gill, founder of StandardToilet said.   StandardToilet的馬桶產品向前傾斜13度,被設計成讓人無法舒服地、腿部不痠痛地坐在上面超過5分鐘,StandardToilet創辦人瑪哈比爾.吉爾說。   Next Article:   A plumber fixed the boiler of a 91-year-old terminally ill woman. He billed her $0水電工修好91歲罹患絕症老婦的鍋爐,收費0元   "It’s totally free of charge." These are words you wouldn’t normally associate with a broken boiler.   「完全免費」這幾個字,通常不會跟一個壞掉的鍋爐扯上關係。   That was until a plumber in the British town of Burnley, gained internet stardom after a receipt from one of his jobs went viral.   直到英國班來鎮的一名水電工因為工作收據被瘋傳而成為網紅。   James Anderson, originally from Liverpool, is being lauded for his bill of £0 sent to a 91-year-old woman with leukaemia.   出生於利物浦的詹姆斯.安德森因為對一名91歲又罹患白血病的婦人開出一張0元英鎊的帳單而備受讚譽。   The bill, initially shared on Facebook by the woman’s daughter, Christine Rowlands, was accompanied by the message:’No charge for this lady under any circumstances. We will be available 24 hours to help her and keep her as comfortable as possible.’   這張最初是由婦人的女兒克麗絲汀.羅蘭茲分享於臉書的帳單,還附上這樣一段話:「在任何情況下都不跟這位女士收費。我們24小時待命,以便協助與讓她儘可能過得舒適。」   Anderson insists that she will have "free plumbing for life."   安德森堅持,老婦享有「終身免費的水電服務」。   But this isn’t a first act of kindness for Anderson. Since turning his plumbing business into a community project for vulnerable people, he says he’s helped and assisted thousands of people.   這並非安德森的首次善舉。自從他把他的水電事業轉為服務弱勢者的社區計畫,他說,他已幫忙與協助數千人。   That’s 2,389 people since March 2017 to be precise, he told CNN.   他告訴美國有線電視新聞網,確切來說,自2017年3月起的人數是2389人。   Source article:;   更多跟讀練習單元,就在   用email訂閱就可以收到所有15mins.Today最新節目通知。
每日跟讀#770: Why the Star of a Big Hollywood Development Is the Sun   At last count, there were 34 major construction projects in Hollywood, which Los Angeles officials are determined to turn into a high-density area.   根據最新近的統計,好萊塢計有34個大型建案,洛杉磯市政官員決心把好萊塢變成一個建築物密集的地區。   But one new building stands out amid the glut, and not just because of its name — the Epic — or the company that will soon occupy all of its 13 floors: Netflix.   在這新建築物供過於求之際,有一棟新的大樓卻顯得與眾不同,不只是因為它名叫Epic,或是Netflix很快就會使用它全部13個樓層。   The just-completed Epic is the first office tower in LA to embed solar energy-generating panels (“building integrated photovoltaics”) into its facade, according to Hudson Pacific, which owns the property. Put simply, the structure will use its walls to capture and convert sunlight into electricity.   擁有該大樓的哈德遜太平洋公司指出,剛竣工的Epic是洛杉磯第一座將太陽能發電面板(建築整合太陽能)嵌入建築立面的辦公大樓。簡而言之,這棟建物將利用它的牆壁來捕捉陽光,並轉化為電能。   “Vertical panels are extremely uncommon and part of the reason is just physics — they’re less efficient than if you have them on the roof,” said Bernadette Del Chiaro, executive director of the California Solar and Storage Association, a trade group.   “So I’m not sure how much energy they will generate. But it’s still interesting.”   同業組織加州太陽能與儲存協會執行董事伯納戴特.德爾基亞洛說:「垂直面板非常罕見,部分原因直接關乎物理原理,它們的效率不如裝在屋頂。因此,我不確定它們會產生多少電能,但這仍是件很有趣的事。」   Del Chiaro described Los Angeles as “almost a clean-energy desert,” saying, “it’s the place with the most amount of energy need and the most sun and the least amount of this type of experimentation.”   德爾基亞洛形容洛杉磯「幾乎是個乾淨能源的荒漠」,表示「這裡是個能源需求最大、陽光最多,這一類實驗卻最少的地方」。   The 310 panels, manufactured by Walters & Wolf and installed on the building’s east and west sides (the two with the greatest exposure), will supply 1.5% of the power that Netflix needs, according to Natalie Teear, Hudson Pacific’s vice president for sustainability and social impact.   哈德遜太平洋公司主管永續性及社會影響業務的副總裁娜塔莉.提爾指出,由Walters & Wolf製造、安裝在大樓東面和西面(陽光照射最多的兩邊)的310片面板,將供應Netflix所需電力的1.5%。   “It’s just a cool example of what’s possible,” Teear said.   提爾說:「這恰恰是個展示可能性的很酷的例子。」   Chris Barton, Hudson Pacific’s executive vice president for development and capital investments, declined to say how much the solar panels added to the cost of construction.   克里斯.巴頓是哈德遜太平洋公司主管開發與資本投資的執行副總裁,他拒絕透露太陽能板會使建築成本增加多少。   “There’s a premium to pay for them, certainly,” he said. “But we want to do what we can to establish a market for this technology.”   他說:「當然,要為它付額外的費用,但我們希望盡自己所能為這項技術建立起市場。」   Netflix had no comment. A Hudson Pacific spokeswoman said the streaming giant would move into the building in the coming months.   Netflix未就此事發表評論。哈德遜太平洋一位女發言人表示,這家串流媒體巨擘將在未來幾個月內搬進這棟大樓。   The Epic has other unusual features — colossal outdoor work spaces with trees, fire pits and sofas, for instance — but Netflix’s primary Hollywood headquarters will remain across the street in a building (also owned by Hudson Pacific) that is known for its eye-popping lobby.   Epic還有些與眾不同的其他特點,例如有樹木、火坑跟沙發的巨大戶外工作空間,但Netflix在好萊塢的主要總部,仍會在對街一棟以大廳令人瞠目結舌著稱的大樓(亦由哈德遜太平洋公司擁有)之內。   Source article:   更多跟讀練習單元,就在   用email訂閱就可以收到所有15mins.Today最新節目通知。
每日跟讀#769: No eyes? No problem: Marine creature expands boundaries of vision   A cousin of the starfish that resides in the coral reefs of the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico lacks eyes, but can still see, according to scientists who studied this creature that expands the boundaries of the sense of sight in the animal kingdom.   有一種海星的近親棲息在加勒比海和墨西哥灣的珊瑚礁中。研究這種生物的科學家指出,它們沒有眼睛,卻仍然可以看得到東西,拓展動物界中視覺的界限。   Researchers said on Jan. 2 that the red brittle star, called Ophiocoma wendtii, is only the second creature known to be able to see without having eyes — known as extraocular vision — joining a single species of sea urchin.   研究人員於一月二日表示,該物種俗稱紅色陽燧足(或稱蛇尾類),學名為Ophiocoma wendtii,是目前所知第二種可以不用眼睛看東西──此能力稱為「眼外視力」──的生物。第一種被發現具有眼外視力的生物是一種海膽類。   It possesses this exotic capability thanks to light-sensing cells, called photoreceptors, covering its body and pigment cells, called chromatophores, that move during the day to facilitate the animal’s dramatic color change from a deep reddish-brown in daytime to a stripy beige at nighttime.   紅色陽燧足擁有這種奇特的能力,可歸功於覆蓋身體表面、稱為「光受器」的感光細胞,以及稱作「色素體」的色素細胞。色素細胞在一天當中移動,促使動物發生戲劇性的身體顏色改變,從白天的深紅褐色轉變成夜間的條紋淺褐色。   Brittle stars, with five radiating arms extending from a central disk, are related to starfish (also called sea stars), sea cucumbers, sea urchins and others in a group of marine invertebrates called echinoderms. They have a nervous system but no brain.   陽燧足從中央盤伸出五隻呈輻射狀向外發散的腕足,它們和海星、海參、海膽等動物具有親緣關係,屬於稱作「棘皮動物」的海洋無脊椎動物族群。這些動物具有神經系統,但是沒有大腦。   The red brittle star — up to about 35cm from arm tip to arm tip — lives in bright and complex habitats, with high predation threats from reef fish. It stays hidden during daytime — making the ability to spot a safe place to hide critical — and comes out at night to feed on detritus.   紅色陽燧足最大可長到約三十五公分(從一隻腕足尖端量到另一隻腕足尖端),生活在明亮而環境複雜的棲息地,身處珊瑚礁魚類的高度掠食威脅下。它在白天保持隱匿──也因此使得找到安全地點躲藏的能力非常重要──晚上才會出來,以海洋中的碎屑為食。   Its photoreceptors are surrounded during daytime by chromatophores that narrow the field of the light being detected, making each photoreceptor like the pixel of a computer image that, when combined with other pixels, makes a whole image. The visual system does not work at night, when the chromatophores contract.   紅色陽燧足的光受器在白天被色素體包圍,使得探測到的光範圍縮小。這時,光受器就像是一個電腦圖檔的像素,與其他像素結合時,就會生成一個完整的圖像。色素體到了晚上會收縮,所以視覺系統晚間不會運作。   “If our conclusions about the chromatophores are correct, this is a beautiful example of innovation in evolution,” said Lauren Sumner-Rooney, a research fellow at Oxford University Museum of Natural History who led the study published in the journal Current Biology.   這篇研究刊登於期刊《當代生物學》,主持研究的哈佛大學自然史博物館研究員蘿倫‧桑姆納─魯尼指出:「如果我們對色素體做出的結論是正確的,這就是演化創新的美麗範例。」   Laboratory experiments indicated the brittle stars have rudimentary vision. Placed in a circular arena, they moved toward walls that were white with a black bar, suggestive of a daytime hiding place. Another scenario showed they were not simply detecting brightness versus darkness. When they were presented with gray walls making it so no part of the arena was lighter or darker overall, they still moved toward the black stripe, which was centered on a white stripe so as to reflect the same amount of light as the gray.   實驗室中的實驗顯示,這類陽燧足擁有基本程度的視力。將它們放在大型的圓形容器中,它們會朝向有黑色塊的白色牆壁處移動,讓人聯想到它們白天隱匿地點的樣貌。另一個實驗情境顯示,陽燧足並非單純察覺明亮對比黑暗的差異。在同樣的圓形空間,改用灰色牆壁,使得整塊活動區域沒有部分地方比較明亮或是比較黑暗的情況下,牆壁上有一塊白色粗條紋,正中間有一道黑色條紋。在黑白兩色反射光線相等的情況下,它們還是會向黑色條紋處移動。   “It’s such an alien concept for us, as very visually driven animals, to conceive of how an animal might see its habitat without eyes, but now we know of two examples,” Sumner-Rooney added.   桑姆納─魯尼補充表示:「對於我們人類,身為一種極度視覺取向的動物,想像其他動物如何不用眼睛觀看它們的棲息地,這是很陌生的概念,不過我們現在已經知道兩種範例了。」   Source article:   更多跟讀練習單元,就在   用email訂閱就可以收到所有15mins.Today最新節目通知。
每日跟讀#768: Original icon font promotes beauty of Taiwan   日本設計師Holoko和英國工程師Rob攜手創作出100個代表台灣的文字圖標(Taiwan Icon Font),提供免費下載,期望透過台味十足的圖標,讓世界知道台灣的魅力,吸引更多人來台觀光旅遊。   Holoko and Rob, a Japanese designer and a British programmer, recently joined hands to design a hundred Taiwan-themed icon fonts in hopes of introducing local tourism attractions and attracting more tourists to Taiwan.   文字圖標是什麼呢?使用者只要打入對應代碼,便能產生小圖示,也可以像文字一樣改變圖示大小、顏色。   But, what’s an icon font? Icon fonts are fonts that contain symbols and glyphs instead of letters and numbers. Internet users can style them with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to create original designs in a variety of colors and shapes.   圖標種類分為四大類,分別是觀光景點、產品、交通、其他。除了全台從南到北和離島的觀光景點之外,還有珍珠奶茶、台灣鐵路、YouBike等等代表台灣的事物都變成超可愛迷你圖示。   The aforesaid icon font is organized into four types, including sights, products, traffic and more. In addition to famous Taiwan attractions and offshore islands, various cultural features such as pearl milk tea, Taiwan Railways Administration, and YouBike have been converted into cute mini icons.   Taiwan Icon Font官網寫道,創作者的發想理念緣起於2019年8月陸客來台禁令生效,對台灣觀光業造成衝擊,然而,設計師認為來台灣的不只有中國人,台灣的美足以吸引來自世界各地的人,盼能藉由小圖示宣傳台灣之美。   In 2019, China imposed a travel ban that froze individual tourists’ permits to Taiwan, which caused a significant impact on Taiwan’s tourism. Against this backdrop, Holoko and Rob launched this project with the hopes of bringing more people from around the world to discover the beauty of Taiwan, according to the designers’ official website.   文內自介寫道,「我們支持台灣,因為台灣有好大的吸引力,而且台灣就是我們的好朋友!」熱愛台灣的設計師不僅被台灣景致吸引,對他們來說,台灣更像是好朋友。舉例來說,珍珠奶茶在日本掀起的熱潮、每年增加的旅台日人、台灣2011年傾囊相助日本東北地震賑災,可見台灣與日本友好關係。   In addition, they stressed how “we support Taiwan not only because Taiwan is attractive but also is our friends.” Among other highlights, they remarked that Taiwan-Japan ties have been blooming ties in recent years which can be seen in the pearl milk tea craze in Japan, an increase of Japanese tourists to Taiwan and donations to the Japan earthquake in 2011.   「WE STAND BY TAIWAN」是計畫口號,呼應整體概念。設計師支持台灣自由、尊嚴而開始了這個計畫。目前已經出了第一版,而設計師們也會持續更新改善,讓世界認識台灣。   “We Stand By Taiwan” the slogan of the project, reflects such design concepts. The two foreign creators launched this project with the aim of supporting freedom in Taiwan. So far, the first version has already been released and they will continue to improve their original font to let more people know about Taiwan.   Source article: 更多跟讀練習單元,就在用email訂閱就可以收到所有15mins.Today最新節目通知。
每日跟讀#767: About Russia: ’They just want to take a selfie’: how TV show changed Chernobyl tourism   The hit TV series "Chernobyl" has attracted a new generation of tourists to the nuclear disaster zone but guides say that many are more interested in taking selfies than learning about the accident.   美國熱門電視影集《核爆家園》吸引一群新世代遊客造訪車諾比核災區,但當地導遊說,比起了解核災意外,很多人只想自拍。   Tourists now are often on the lookout for locations featured in the acclaimed HBO drama and can be surprised to discover that certain sites were fictional.   遊客現在大多是去探訪出現在這部備受讚譽的HBO影集中的地點,但他們可能會驚訝地發現,劇中有些場景是虛構的。   The abandoned site had already become a "dark tourism" destination, even before the eponymous TV show started broadcasting.   早在這個以車諾比為名的影集開播前,這個被遺棄的地方就已成為「黑暗旅遊」的目的地。   Some Ukrainian travel agencies have further adapted their tours to take in locations from the "Chernobyl" series and offer special trips, such as kayaking in rivers around the exclusion zone.   某些烏克蘭旅行社進一步改變行程,加入出現在《核爆家園》的地點,為旅客提供特別之旅,像是在禁制區附近的河流划皮艇。   In July, new Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky signed a decree that aims to develop the site further as a tourist attraction. In 2018, 72,000 people visited Chernobyl and it is expected to jump to 100,000 in 2019.   7月,新任烏克蘭總統佛拉迪米爾‧澤倫斯基簽署一項法令,進一步將車諾比地區打造成觀光景點。2018年,有7萬2000人造訪車諾比,2019年可望增至10萬人。   Next Article:   Russia joins race to make quantum dreams a reality 俄羅斯加入量子戰局   Russia has launched an effort to build a working quantum computer, in a bid to catch up to other countries in the race for practical quantum technologies.   俄羅斯開始致力建造可投入應用的量子電腦,以期在實作量子技術的競爭中,趕上其他國家。   The government will inject around 50 billion roubles (US$790 million)over the next 5 years into basic and applied quantum research carried out at leading Russian laboratories, the country’s deputy prime minister, Maxim Akimov, announced on 6 December at a technology forum in Sochi.   俄羅斯副總理馬克司米.阿基莫夫12月6日在索契的一場科技論壇宣布,未來5年政府將投入約500億盧布(7.9億美元),推動國家重點實驗室在量子科學的基礎研究及應用。   Quantum technology already receives massive governmental support in a number of countries. The European Union’s €1-billion (US$1.1-billion) Quantum Flagship programme, first announced in 2016. Germany announced a €650-million national quantum initiative in August 2019. The Chinese and US governments are also spending billions on quantum science and technology programmes.   量子技術已獲得多國政府大力支持。歐盟2016年率先宣布一項10億歐元(11億美元)的量子旗艦計畫。德國2019年8月發表一項6.5億歐元的國家量子計畫。中國和美國政府同樣也在量子科學和技術項目投入數十億經費。   Source article:; 更多跟讀練習單元,就在   用email訂閱就可以收到所有15mins.Today最新節目通知。
Welcome to the home of English Shadowing. I'm your host Gavin and this is InTense Episode 33.   Well guys we're working on definite articles and we're working on the definite article “the” 'cause I think that's the only one there is and so today we're going to be looking at geography. That means countries and natural features like seas, oceans, mountains, and so on. When we use “the” with these things well we do not use articles, which is “the a an” before countries, states, cities, towns, continents, single lakes and single mountains.   Of course you notice “single” that means when we talk about a mountain range it's different and of course for every one of these rules there's always an exception. So, if we look at countries, we live in Taiwan, think of it like a name when we talk about a mounain and I'm going to Yamingshan, and when we talk about a mountain range though that is different. So, the Himalayas, so Mount Everest is in the Himalayas and again with lakes Lake Michigan is part of the Great Lakes and then of course we have to talk about the exceptions. So, they mentioned countries, now everybody knows one of my problems here all the students mess up with “the USA.”   We put “the” in front of USA, if you are unsure just use the word America, it's the same country but no “the” so we have “the USA, the UK, the Netherlands, The Czech Republic.” Now there are more countries that use “the.” So, if you want to you can Google “What countries use the in front of their names,” to cheat. I would suggest you use the word America or for the UK you could say Great Britain, and even the Netherlands has another name Holland, but some “the Czech Republic “ only has that one name so there you will have to remember. So, that is what we're going to be looking at our examples, so let's get started!   Drill Sentences:   Is Jane from Canada? Yes, she is from Canada. Is Jane from Canada? No, she is not from Canada.   Are Peter and John from the Netherlands? Yes, they are from the Netherlands. Are Peter and John from the Netherlands? No, they are not from the Netherlands.   Do you go to the USA often? Yes, I go to the USA often. Do you go to the USA often? No, I do not go to the USA often.   Do you go to America often? Yes, I go to America often. Do you go to America often? No, I do not go to America often.   Is Mont Blanc in the Alps? Yes, Mont Blanc is in the Alps. Is Mont Blanc in the Alps? No, Mont Blanc is not in the Alps.   Are Lake Ontario and Lake Huron two of the Great Lakes? Yes, Lake Ontario and Lake Huron are two of the Great Lakes. Are Lake Ontario and Lake Huron two of the Great Lakes? No, Lake Ontario and Lake Huron are not two of the Great Lakes.   Is Mount Fuji in Japan? Yes, Mount Fuji is in Japan. Is Mount Fuji in the Japan? No, Mount Fuji is not in Japan.   Is Yamingshan the tallest mountain in Taiwan? Yes, Yamingshan is the tallest mountain in Taiwan. Is Yamingshan the tallest mountain in Taiwan? No, Yamingshan is not the tallest mountain in Taiwan.   Is Peter visiting Scotland? Yes, he is visiting Scotland. Is Peter visiting Scotland? No, he is not visiting Scotland.   Is the UK one country? No, the UK is not one country. Is the UK one country? Yes, the UK is one country.   Is Great Britain one country? Yes, Great Britain is one country. Is Great Britain one country? No, Great Britain is not one country.   Have you been to Thailand? Yes, I have been to Thailand. Have you ever been to Thailand? No, I have not been to Thailand.   Is Omaha in the USA? Yes, Omaha is in the USA. Is Omaha in the USA? No, Omaha is not in the USA.   Is Beijing in Vietnam? Yes, Beijing is in Vietnam. Is Beijing in Vietnam? No, Beijing is not in Vietnam.   Is the Philippines in Asia? Yes, the Philippines is in Asia. Is the Philippines in Asia? No, the Philippines is not in Asia.   Is Kenting in Taiwan? Yes, Kenting is in Taiwan. Is Kenting in Taiwan? No, Kenting is not in Taiwan.   Do you live in Sanchong? Yes, I live in Sanchong. Do you live in Sanchong? No, I do not live in Sanchong.   Well guys there you go, keep repeating, now obviously many of the things i said were incorrect in some way, we know Mount Fuji is in Japan, but that’s nothing, we are just lying a little bit. So great, I hope you practice, practice, practice and listen for the “the, the Philippines" another one of those exceptions and they are near us. So, remember that. thanks guys and have a great day, bye!   更多跟讀練習單元,就在   用email訂閱就可以收到所有15mins.Today最新節目通知。
Summary:   On average, students who graduate from public university in the US is expected to have over USD35000 in student debt loan. Official government statistics also indicates that 71% of US students are burdened with student loans, with minorities – black women hit the hardest. For students, it’s the inability to repay the loans on time that is incurring additional interest, and over time the debt just keeps piling upwards.   Next article   Singapore schoolchildren is struggling with stress from school. According to news reports, the number of schoolchildren seeking psychiatric help is increasing. To ease the pressure of students, the government removed some exams in primary and secondary schools and group the students according to ability in math and science classes.   Full article here:   Vocabulary and Sample Sentences:   Debt n. A sum of money that is owed or due / a feeling of gratitude for a service or favor   You will be in debt if you borrow money from the bank that you cannot pay back.   Thank you for the help, I am in your debt.   Burden v. n. A heavy load ; load heavily   The student loans over time will become a huge burden for the graduates.   Please don’t burden yourself with too much debt before you get a job.   Anxiety n. adj. A feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about uncertain outcome   Compared to student in other countries, Singaporean students suffer from greater anxiety.   更多跟讀練習單元,就在   用email訂閱就可以收到所有15mins.Today最新節目通知。
每日跟讀#766: Veggie food suppliers target meat lovers   The juiciest topic in the global food industry this year is artificial meat featuring its own “blood.” When the US company Beyond Meat went public on the NASDAQ on May 2, its shares surged 163 percent, with shares being purchased by Bill Gates, Leonardo DiCaprio, former McDonald’s president Don Thompson and Hong Kong business magnate Li Ka-shing. The rise in environmental and health consciousness has seen a rapid increase in business opportunities for environmentally friendly foods associated with vegetarian and vegan diets.   今年全球餐飲業最火熱的話題就是會流出「血水」的人造肉!美國Beyond Meat於去年五月二日那斯達克掛牌上市,當日股價大漲百分之一百六十三,包括比爾蓋茲、李奧納多狄卡皮歐、麥當勞前執行長唐湯普生、香港首富李嘉誠都掏錢投資。因環保與健康意識興起,素食與蔬食帶來的綠色「食」尚商機正快速襲捲全球。   Studies are increasingly showing that excessive meat consumption is harmful to health. In 2003, an American health advocate revived “Meatless Monday,” promoting the idea of refraining from eating meat every Monday. The practice was taken up in many countries, including the US, Canada, Brazil and Italy. For those of us who simply must have meat, and for whom a vegetarian meal constitutes a form of torture, artificial meat or veggie meat substitutes are the best option. According to a United Bank of Switzerland (UBS) report, veggie meat sales are predicted to soar from US$4.6 billion in 2018 to US$85 billion in 2030.   越來越多的研究發現,過量攝取肉食對健康造成危害,美國學者在二○○三年發起「週一無肉日」,推廣每週一不吃肉的活動,包括美國、加拿大、巴西、義大利等國陸續加入。但對無肉不歡的人來說,吃素是件痛苦的事,於是人造肉或是素肉成為最佳選項。根據瑞銀報告顯示,素肉銷售從二○一八年的四十六億美元,預估至二○三○年將達八百五十億美元。   Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods are currently the two largest producers of artificial meat in the world. Both companies are targeting not vegetarians but meat eaters, hoping to break away from the idea that vegetarian foods are meat substitutes.   Beyond Meat與Impossible Foods為目前全球兩大人造肉廠商,兩家大廠瞄準的都不是素食者,而是吃肉的人,希望跳脫以素食為肉品替代物的框架。   According to Beyond Meat’s chief growth officer, Chuck Muck, when the company approached stores and supermarkets, it asked them to display the product together with the meat products, to be sold together with real meat, and not to place it in the vegetarian foods section, as they wanted to attract meat-eaters, too. Impossible Foods founder Patrick Brown says, “We score zero points if a vegan or vegetarian buys our burger. The more of a meat lover they are, the more they are our target customer.”   Beyond Meat首席增長官查克莫克說,Beyond Meat和超商、超市等通路業者接洽時,要求一定要把產品擺放在肉類區,和真肉一起販賣,而非放在蔬食區,因為要讓吃肉的人也可以接受Beyond Meat;Impossible Foods創辦人派崔克布朗也說:「若是純素或一般素食者購買我們的漢堡肉,我們得到的是零分,越愛吃肉的人,才是我們真正的目標顧客。」   In April last year, Burger King teamed up with Impossible Foods to promote a veggie hamburger, calling it the Impossible Whopper, which was convincing enough that not even the Burger King staff could tell the difference between the two. This increased Burger King’s customer flow by 18.5 percent. The popularity of the Impossible Whopper led McDonald’s to team up with Beyond Meat to trial an artificial meat burger in Canada, followed by KFC working with Beyond Meat to produce Beyond Fried Chicken. With major fast food companies one after the other embracing artificial meat, the potential market for vegan foods knows no bounds.   去年四月,漢堡王和Impossible Foods推出素肉漢堡,取名為「不可能華堡」,逼真到讓連漢堡王內部員工也無法分辨真偽,為漢堡王提高百分之十八點五的客流量。因「不可能華堡」爆紅,勁敵麥當勞也和Beyond Meat在加拿大試推人造肉漢堡,就連肯德基也和Beyond Meat推出人造肉炸雞(Beyond Fried Chicken)。在速食巨頭紛紛投向人造肉的懷抱下,顯示出蔬食市場的無限潛力。   Source article:   更多跟讀練習單元,就在   用email訂閱就可以收到所有15mins.Today最新節目通知。
每日跟讀#765: Climate change exposes future generations to life-long health harm   A child born today faces multiple and life-long health harms from climate change, growing up in a warmer world with risks of food shortages, infectious diseases, floods and extreme heat, a major global study has found.   一項大型全球研究發現,今日出生的孩童,面臨著氣候變遷帶來多項終生的健康危害──他們在暖化的世界長大,伴隨著糧食短缺、傳染性疾病、洪水,以及極端高溫等風險。   Climate change is already harming people’s health by increasing the number of extreme weather events and exacerbating air pollution, according to the study published in The Lancet medical journal. And if nothing is done to mitigate it, its impacts could burden an entire generation with disease and illness throughout their lives.   根據這份發表於醫學期刊《刺胳針》的研究指出,氣候變遷造成極端天氣事件不斷增加,空氣汙染持續惡化,早已開始傷害人類健康。而且,如果不採取任何行動來緩和情況,氣候變遷的影響將帶來疾病和病痛,加重一整個世代終生的負擔。   “Children are particularly vulnerable to the health risks of a changing climate. Their bodies and immune systems are still developing, leaving them more susceptible to disease and environmental pollutants,” said Nick Watts, who co-led the Lancet Countdown on Health and Climate Change study. He warned that health damage in early childhood is “persistent and pervasive,” and carries lifelong consequences. “Without immediate action from all countries to cut greenhouse gas emissions, gains in wellbeing and life expectancy will be compromised, and climate change will come to define the health of an entire generation,” he told a London briefing.   《刺胳針健康與氣候變遷倒數計時》的研究共同主持人尼克‧沃茲指出:「孩童面對變遷氣候的健康風險特別脆弱。小孩的身體和免疫系統仍然在發展階段,使得他們更容易受到疾病和環境污染物影響。」   Yet introducing policies to limit emissions and cap global warming would see a different outcome, the research teams said. In that scenario, a child born today, would see an end to coal use in Britain, for example, by their sixth birthday, and the world reaching net-zero emissions by the time they were 31. The Lancet study is a collaboration by 120 experts from 35 institutions including the WHO, the World Bank, University College London and China’s Tsinghua University.   不過,研究團隊表示,推出政策限制氣體排放,並控制全球暖化程度,則會出現不同的結果。在那樣的情況下,舉例而言,今天出生的孩童會在六歲生日那天看到英國停止使用燃煤,並在三十一歲時看到全球達成淨零碳排放的目標。《刺胳針》這項研究是一百二十位專家的合作成果,他們來自三十五個機構,其中包括世界衛生組織、世界銀行、倫敦大學學院,以及中國的清華大學。   On a “business-as-usual” pathway, with little action to limit climate change, it found that amid rising temperatures and extreme weather events, children would be vulnerable to malnutrition and rising food prices, and the most likely to suffer from warmer waters and climates accelerating the spread of infectious diseases such as dengue fever and cholera.   研究發現,如果照著「一切照常進行」的路徑發展,只採取少許行動限制氣候變遷,除了持續攀升的氣溫和極端天氣事件之外,孩童容易受到營養不良以及食物價格上漲的影響,也最可能面臨暖化的水源和氣候,加速登革熱和霍亂等傳染性疾病的傳播。   Among the most immediate and long-lasting health threats from climate change is air pollution, the researchers said. They called for urgent action to reduce outdoor and indoor pollution through the introduction of cleaner fuels and vehicles, and policies to encourage safe and active transport such as walking and cycling.   研究人員表示,氣候變遷帶來最立即且持續最久的健康威脅就是空氣汙染。他們呼籲各國政府採取緊急行動,藉由引進較乾淨的燃料和交通工具,以減少室外和室內的污染,並推出政策鼓勵大眾採取安全且自主性較高的通勤方式,包括步行和騎腳踏車。   The WHO says that globally in 2016, seven million deaths were due to the effects of household and ambient air pollution. The vast majority of these were in low and middle-income countries. “If we want to protect our children, we need to make sure the air they breathe isn’t toxic,” said Sonja Ayeb-Karlsson, a global health specialist at Britain’s Sussex University who worked on the Lancet study.   世界衛生組織表示,二○一六年全球有七百萬人的死亡原因來自於家庭和周遭環境中的空氣汙染。這些人絕大多數都居住於中低收入國家。英國薩塞克斯大學的全球健康專家索妮雅‧阿耶布─卡爾森參與了這份研究,她表示:「如果想要保護我們的孩子,就必須確定他們呼吸的空氣是無毒的。」   Source article:   更多跟讀練習單元,就在   用email訂閱就可以收到所有15mins.Today最新節目通知。
每日跟讀#764: The beat goes on: fireworks, smoke and tear gas start new decade   New York dropped its traditional crystal-encrusted ball to ring in 2020 in a packed Times Square, after crisis-marred celebrations in other countries ended a year of worldwide upheaval that saw strike-hit Paris welcome the new decade with fireworks, and London’s Big Ben ring out after a long restoration. Billions around the world cheered in 2020 after a tumultuous year dominated by demonstrations calling for political revolt and action on climate change.   世界各國因各種危機而蒙上陰影的慶祝活動,為全球動盪不安的一年畫下句點──仍遭罷工影響的巴黎,以煙火迎接新的十年;倫敦的大笨鐘經過漫長的修復後,以鐘聲送走二○一九年──隨後,在人潮擠得水洩不通的紐約時代廣場上,水晶球依照慣例緩緩降下,宣告二○二○年來臨。   Chile saw thousands of demonstrators gather at Santiago’s Plaza Italia — the epicenter of protests against President Sebastian Pinera’s right-wing government since October last year — to celebrate a “New Year with Dignity.”   數千名示威民眾聚集在智利首都聖地牙哥的義大利廣場──自去年十月以來,此處一直是反對總統賽巴斯汀‧皮涅拉右派政府的抗議中心──慶祝「有尊嚴的新年」。   In the French capital, tens of thousands gathered on the Champs-Elysees, despite a grueling transport strike that has spelled weeks of misery for commuters. They came on foot, by bike, taxi — and a few by Metro — to ring in the new decade as a dazzling light show lit up the Arc de Triomphe.   法國首都巴黎讓人精疲力盡的交通大罷工已持續數星期之久,使得通勤族痛苦不堪,但是仍有數萬人湧入香榭麗舍大道。民眾以步行、腳踏車、計程車──也有部分民眾搭乘地鐵──來到璀璨燈光秀點亮的凱旋門前,迎接新的十年。   In the British capital, thousands of revelers lined the Thames to watch fireworks fired from the London Eye for the last new year before Brexit. Big Ben rang out 12 times after the bell had fallen mostly silent in 2019 because of renovation work. It followed a year of political wrangling that led to the resignation of Prime Minister Theresa May and culminated in Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s pledging to leave the EU on Jan. 31.   在英國首都倫敦,數千名狂歡民眾在泰晤士河沿岸觀賞倫敦眼施放的煙火,迎接英國脫歐前最後一次新年。因整修而沉寂了大半個二○一九年的大笨鐘以十二次鐘聲送走舊歲。過去一年來的政治爭議,促使英國首相特雷莎‧梅伊黯然下台,並以保守派首相鮑里斯‧強森宣示一月三十一日正式脫歐告終。   Smoke-choked Sydney ushered in the New Year with an enormous fireworks display, despite a petition to cancel it that received more than 280,000 signatures as devastating bushfires raged across the country. But the show did go on: more than 100,000 fireworks lit up the skyline for the hundreds of thousands of spectators thronging the city center.   被濃煙嗆得無法呼吸的雪梨以巨大的煙火秀迎接新年。隨著毀滅性森林大火肆虐全國,取消煙火的請願書日前獲得二十八萬人連署。只是演出仍然照常舉行:超過十萬發煙火為湧入市中心的數十萬名觀眾點亮了雪梨的天際線。   After more than six months of near-daily demonstrations, Hong Kong ushered in 2020 with tear gas and water cannon. Pro-democracy protesters took their movement into the new year with midnight countdown rallies and a massive march planned for Wednesday. Demonstrators at the harborfront counted down chanting “Ten! Nine! Liberate Hong Kong, revolution now!” in a sea of light from their mobile phones. Smaller crowds of protesters in the Mong Kok district set fire to barricades and riot police unleashed their first volleys of tear gas for 2020 in response.   六個月多以來幾乎每天都發生示威遊行的香港,則在催淚彈和水砲中迎接新年。民主派抗議人士藉由午夜的倒數跨年活動,以及在週三舉行的大規模遊行,將他們的社會運動帶進新的一年。維多利亞港邊的示威者,在手機燈海中倒數跨年,喊著:「十、九、光復香港!時代革命!」小群的抗議者在旺角縱火燃燒路障,鎮暴警察則發射二○二○年的第一批催淚彈作為回應。   Source article:   更多跟讀練習單元,就在   用email訂閱就可以收到所有15mins.Today最新節目通知。
每日跟讀#763: Australia’s bushfires: 2019 like nothing seen before   As the bushfires in Australia this year extend across five million hectares, an area larger than many countries, stories of destruction have become depressingly familiar.   大火不斷延燒,澳洲本季野火所焚毀的面積超過了五百萬公頃,比許多國家的面積都還要大,災情不斷傳出,在在都是慘重的破壞,令人灰心。   So far 24 people and 460 million animals have been killed. In New South Wales (NSW), the worst-affected state, up to 1,365 homes have been destroyed. It is too early for a thorough examination of?the impact on wildlife, including the many threatened species in the fires’ path.   目前已知大火造成了二十四人死亡、四點六億隻動物喪命。新南威爾斯省的災情最為嚴重,已有多達一千三百六十五座房屋被毀。現在仍無法全面調查野生生物所受的影響,包括火舌所席捲的區域中許多瀕危的物種。   Does this qualify as unprecedented? Plenty of experts say yes, but not all politicians and newspaper columnists are convinced. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison acknowledged the fires were severe, but also adopted a familiar line: Australia has always had bushfires. That’s true. But a key question is whether it has always had bushfires like this.   這樣的大火算是前所未見的嗎?許多專家都說是的,但並非所有的政客和報紙專欄作家都這麼認為。澳洲總理史考特‧莫里森承認大火很嚴重,但也採用了一套常見的說詞:澳洲一直都有森林火災。確實如此。但一個關鍵問題是,澳洲是否一直都有像這樣的森林大火。   David Bowman, director of The Fire Centre at the University of Tasmania, says the most striking thing about this fire season is the continent-scale nature of the threat. “The geographic range, and the fact it is occurring all at once, is what makes it unprecedented,” Bowman says. “There has never been a situation where there has been a fire from southern Queensland, right through NSW, into Gippsland, in the Adelaide Hills, near Perth and on the east coast of Tasmania.”   塔斯馬尼亞大學消防研究中心主任大衛‧鮑曼表示,這次火災季節最突出的是,災情的威脅橫跨整個大陸。鮑曼說:「由於它所影響的地理範圍,且是同時發生,因此這火災是空前的」。「從未發生過像這樣的情況,大火從昆士蘭省南部燒到新南威爾斯省,吉普斯蘭、阿德雷德山、珀斯附近都燒起來,還有塔斯馬尼亞島東岸。」   He says one of the less explored issues, though it has begun to receive some attention in recent days, is the economic impact of having prolonged fires that affect so many Australians. “You can’t properly run an economy when you get a third to a half of the population affected by smoke, and the media completely focused on fires,” he says.   他說,有個問題雖近來已有人開始關注,但研究較少,那就是長時間的大火對許多澳洲人造成了經濟上的影響。他說:「當有三分之一到一半的人口受到煙塵影響,而媒體完全聚焦於火災時,就無法正常經營經濟」。   There are also fears critically endangered Wollemi pines have burned in the fires tearing through the Blue Mountains. They were thought extinct until discovered by bushwalkers in 1994. Their whereabouts had been kept secret from the public to keep them safe.   也有人擔心,瀕臨滅絕的瓦勒邁杉已在肆虐藍山的大火中被燒毀。一九九四年登山客在藍山發現了瓦勒邁杉,在此之前該樹種被認為已經滅絕。為保護瓦勒邁杉,其發現地點一直秘而不宣。   Authorities say the smoke that has smothered Sydney, Canberra and other centers and towns in recent weeks has produced pollution up to 11 times greater than the hazardous level for human health. In Sydney, the air pollution has been hazardous for at least 30 days.   澳洲政府表示,最近幾週以來,煙塵壟罩了雪梨、坎培拉與其他城鎮,所造成污染之巨,是足以造成人類健康危害程度的十一倍。在雪梨,空氣污染達有害程度的情況,已有至少三十天。   The explanation should be familiar by now: greenhouse gas emissions do not cause bushfires, but they play a demonstrated role in increasing average and particularly extreme temperatures and contribute to the extraordinarily dry conditions afflicting eastern Australia. Scientists cite the near absolute lack of moisture in the landscape as a key reason the fires have been so severe. Multiple studies, here and overseas, have found the climate crisis is lengthening the fire season.   以下的解釋如今應不陌生了:溫室氣體的排放不會引起森林大火,但它對於提高平均溫度,尤其是提高極端溫度,有舉足輕重的作用,助長了澳洲東部極端乾燥的成災條件。 科學家指出,地景中幾乎完全沒有水分,是火災如此嚴重的關鍵原因。 澳洲國內外所進行的多項研究已發現,氣候危機正在拉長火災季節。   Source article:   更多跟讀練習單元,就在   用email訂閱就可以收到所有15mins.Today最新節目通知。
每日跟讀#762: Big tech comes out ahead again in 2019. Can it be stopped?   On its surface, 2019 was the difficult year that most of us had anticipated. The simmering trade tensions (perhaps diffused by the new phase-one trade agreement) raised the prospect of constrained opportunities for US tech companies in China. Fears of intrusive government regulation, antitrust scrutiny and a consumer privacy backlash hung like a San Francisco fog over the major tech firms.   表面上看來,二○一九年就如我們多數人所預期,是艱難的一年。一觸即發的貿易緊張局勢(這緊張情勢或許因新的第一階段貿易協議而撥雲見日),讓美國的高科技公司在中國的發展可能受到更多限制。政府的侵入性監管、反壟斷﹝∕反托辣斯﹞審查、消費者隱私權的反撲,這些擔憂有如舊金山的霧霾般籠罩著科技大公司。   Just like 2018, 2019 was a banner year for tech. Alphabet stock is up 29 percent this year, Microsoft 52 percent and Apple Inc. 74 percent. They’re all beating the S&P 500 index, which is up 26 percent, and the year saw a slate of tech IPOs — a record haul, despite the poor market performance of unicorns like Uber Technologies Inc. and Slack Technologies Inc. and the debacle at WeWork.   如同二○一八年,二○一九年也是科技業發展特別旺的一年。Alphabet﹝谷歌母公司﹞的股票上漲了百分之二十九,微軟上漲百分之五十二,蘋果上漲百分之七十四,都超過了標準普爾500指數的百分之二十六漲幅。這一年也有很多科技公司上市──創紀錄地多,儘管交通網路公司優步和企業即時通訊服務商Slack等新創獨角獸公司股票上市後表現不佳,以及WeWork的潰敗。   By my measure, the year was defined by several breakthroughs: AirPods took off. Critics can no longer claim that Apple under Tim Cook hasn’t minted a mainstream hit, after the success of the Apple Watch and now these awkward ear accessories. The company is expected to sell 60 million units, double last year’s tally, and retailers are having a hard time keeping them in stock. One new research report said the AirPod’s popularity has surpassed the iPod’s at its peak. It’s a remarkable shift in fashion and culture — we’re now a species with no compunction about sporting white dongles from the sides of our heads. Inc., Google and others have introduced their own versions, with limited success so far.   在我看來,幾項重大的突破定義了這一年: AirPods的起飛。Apple Watch(蘋果手錶)現在這些笨拙的耳機配件取得成功後,評論家們不能再說提姆‧庫克領導下的蘋果沒有創造出引領潮流的熱門商品。這一年蘋果預計會賣出六千萬組AirPods,是去年的兩倍,零售商也常賣到缺貨。一份新的研究報告稱,AirPod受歡迎的程度已超過了iPod的鼎盛時期。AirPod是時尚和文化的重大轉變──我們現在已是一種無怨無悔地在頭部兩側突變出白色藍芽傳輸器的生物。亞馬遜、谷歌和其他公司也各自推出了無線耳機,但迄今成效有限。   Voice-activated speakers continue to boom. This year, 78 million people in the US used a smart speaker like the Amazon Echo or Google Home, up about 18 percent from last year, according to estimates from EMarketer. That’s almost a quarter of the American population and comes despite the troubling revelations that companies farm out a small percentage of customer queries to human workers. Do people care about Silicon Valley snooping on their most intimate conversations? Some do, but apparently most are either confident in the noble intentions of tech companies or comfortable with sacrificing a bit of privacy for the privilege of asking a computer to play the latest hit tunes and recite the weather.   聲控喇叭繼續蓬勃發展。根據市場研究機構EMarketer的估計,今年,美國有七千八百萬人使用像Amazon Echo或Google Home這樣的智慧喇叭,比去年增加了約百分之十八。這人數幾乎是美國人口的四分之一,雖然有消息披露令人不安的情況──有一小部分的客戶查詢,公司是交給人工來處理。人們是否介意矽谷監聽自己最親密的對話?有些人介意,但顯然大多數人不是對科技公司的崇高意圖深具信心,就是為了可以叫電腦播放最新流行歌曲和報天氣,而願意犧牲一些隱私。   It was the year of TikTok. The Bytedance Inc.-owned video service is suddenly everywhere and putting a scare into Facebook and Snap Inc. The service has 680 million users, crossed a million downloads in February and then 1.5 billion in November, according to Sensor Tower. Irony isn’t dead, after all: At the very height of Sino-US tensions, teenagers around the world, in unison, flocked to an Internet service operated and owned by a Chinese company.   這是屬於TikTok(抖音)的一年。這屬於北京字節跳動科技公司的影音服務忽然變得無所不在,嚇壞了Facebook和Snap公司。據App分析平台Sensor Tower統計,抖音有六點八億用戶,二月份的下載量為一百萬,十一月的下載量則有十五億。諷刺畢竟仍未死:在中美關係最緊張的時候,世界各地的青少年卻都不約而同紛紛湧向一家由中國公司營運和擁有的網路服務。   So what’s on tap for 2020? 5G will reinvigorate the growth of smartphone sales; Samsung Electronics Co. and Lenovo Group Ltd.’s Motorola will finally make foldable phones work; streaming services will push further into sports and live news, striking another blow to terrestrial cable and satellite TV; new products will invigorate a market for home robotics, and a distracted administration of US President Donald Trump in an election year will fail to mount any credible attack on the tech giants.   那麼,二○二○年有哪些發展潛力?5G將重振智慧型手機的銷售;三星電子以及聯想集團的摩托羅拉,最終會順利推出可折疊手機。串流媒體服務會進一步推廣至體育及實況新聞的發展,讓有線電視和衛星電視再受打擊;家用機器人市場將因新產品而注入活力,而川普政府在大選年將疲於奔命,無暇對科技巨頭採取任何有效的攻擊。   Source article:   更多跟讀練習單元,就在   用email訂閱就可以收到所有15mins.Today最新節目通知。
Summary: Thai mangosteens are selling like hot cakes after an absence of 15 years in the Taiwan market. The return is thanks to a new procedure that can eradicate pests without affecting the flavor of the fruit.   Full article:   Vocabulary and Sample Sentences:   Queued v.: to line up Do you enjoy queuing for food? Is it a cultural thing to queue in Taiwan?   Entrepreneurs n. : people who start a new business and take risks   Does Taiwan have many entrepreneurs? Are you an entrepreneur?       Eradicate v. : destroy completely Can we eradicate corruption? Has polio been eradicated?   更多跟讀練習單元,就在   用email訂閱就可以收到所有15mins.Today最新節目通知。
每日跟讀#761: In Amsterdam, Floating Homes That Only Look Like Ships   When Karen Bosma first moved her boat to the Borneokade, northeast of Amsterdam’s bustling city center, in 1999, the neighborhood was barely more than a cluster of commercial docks and underused warehouses.   凱倫.博斯馬1999年剛把她的船移到荷蘭首都阿姆斯特丹熱鬧市中心東北方的波諾卡德時,這一帶幾乎只有成排商船船席和不常使用的倉庫。   “It was for poor people — a lot of artists lived on boats,” she said, sitting in her neat, cozy living room just below the waterline.   博斯馬坐在她整潔舒適的客廳裡回憶說:「當時這是窮人聚居區,很多藝術家住在船上。」客廳就在吃水線下方。   In the quarter century since, Bosma, a 62-year-old social worker, and her husband have raised two sons on the Distel, a 1912 82-foot freighter, which — stripped of its engine, fuel tanks and cargo hold — is one of Amsterdam’s iconic houseboats, with a seagoing hull, wheelhouse and curtained windows.   此後的四分之一個世紀,現年62歲的社工博斯馬和先生,在這艘船上把兩個兒子帶大。這艘船名叫「迪斯特爾」,是1912年打造的貨船,長25公尺,引擎、燃料槽和貨艙都已去除,是阿姆斯特丹著名船屋之一,具備遠洋船船體、舵手室和裝上窗簾的窗子。   Three boats down lies the B18, an elegant 131-foot, 2 1/2-story floating mansion (with more than 3,000 square feet of interior space) that shows just how perfectly the soul of a luxury yacht combines with open-space living and elegant living quarters.   三艘船以外停泊著B18,是雅緻的兩層半水上豪宅,長40公尺,室內面積超過279平方公尺(約84坪),顯示奢華遊艇的精髓如何與室外生活和優美的室內起居空間完美結合。   “It has to be a ship on the outside and a house on the inside,” said Gijs Haverkate, 53, who created the vessel and lives on it with his family.   53歲的哈福卡特造了B18,並與家人住在船上,他說:「B18必須外觀是艘船,內部是個家。」   In the Dutch capital, houseboats have gone upmarket. The new owners are wealthy and discerning, interested in new designs, upgraded comfort and sustainability.   在阿姆斯特丹,船屋已變得高檔了。新一批船屋主人富裕且有品味,對新設計、更高的舒適感和永續性都很感興趣。   Haverkate, a designer by trade, hopes his boat will inspire others to build on the water. He runs UrbanShips, a company that builds customized houseboats designed to look like ships.   哈福卡特以設計為業,希望他的船能激勵別人在水上蓋房子。他經營「都市船」公司,依照客戶需求打造看來像船隻的船屋。   After years of serving as a relatively cheap place to live in an expensive city, Amsterdam’s houseboats — or rather the spaces they float — have become popular and expensive, with prices increasing 30% to 40% over the past five years alone, according to Jon Kok, one of the city’s best known houseboat real estate agents.   阿姆斯特丹的船屋(更確切地說,是承載船屋的水面),原本的功用是在這昂貴的城市中作為相對廉價的住所,多年下來卻變得大受歡迎且價格高漲,阿姆斯特丹最知名船屋仲介公司之一「約翰科克」資料顯示,單單這五年來,船屋價格就漲了三到四成。   The whale’s share of the price increase comes from the value of the berth, not the ship.   船屋價格上漲,主要是因為船席變得更值錢,而不是船體本身。   A typical Amsterdam canal berth might be worth close to a half-million dollars, depending on its location and how big a ship it will allow; some of the older, unrenovated ships in those berths might be worth only $20,000 (building a new ship, of course, is much more expensive).   一個典型的阿姆斯特丹運河船席,可能就要近50萬美元,視地點和可容下多大船隻而定。停在這種船席上的一些老舊未翻新船隻,可能只值兩萬美元。(當然,造新船貴得多。)   But in this gentrification debate, the cost of new berths is less important than the architecture of the ship — and whether they ever served as actual commercial ships.   不過,在討論船屋愈來愈高級的話題時,新船席的價格並不如船隻的設計美感和是否曾作為真正的商船來得重要。   Once populated by converted working boats, the canal now holds an increasing number of floating houses designed to look like oceangoing vessels but with hardly any of the working features of a real boat.   阿姆斯特丹的運河曾經滿是工作船改造後的船屋,現在有愈來愈多的水上房屋,設計成外觀像遠洋船,但實際上幾乎不具備真正船隻的功能。   Source article:   更多跟讀練習單元,就在   用email訂閱就可以收到所有15mins.Today最新節目通知。
每日跟讀#760: About Technology - What is Deepfake?   Deepfakes rely on a branch of AI called Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs). It requires two machine learning networks that teach each other with an ongoing feedback loop. The first one takes real content and alters it. Then, the second machine learning network, known as the discriminator, tests the authenticity of the changes.   「深度偽造」依賴人工智慧(AI)的分支「生成對抗網路」(GAN)。「生成對抗網路」責成兩個機器學習網路,透過不斷生成的回饋迴路互相學習。第一個「機器學習」網路變造真實的內容。然後,第二個機器學習網路「資料辨識器」,對這些更動進行鑑識。   GANs are still in the early stages, but people expect numerous potential commercial applications. For example, some can convert a single image into different poses. Others can suggest outfits similar to what a celebrity wears in a photo or turn a low-quality picture into a high-resolution snapshot.   「生成對抗網路」仍處於初步發展階段,但人們預期它在商業應用上擁有巨大潛力。例如,它可以將單張影像變換成不同的姿勢。它們可以找出名人在照片中所穿的類似服裝,或將低畫質的照片轉換為高解析度的快照。   But, outside of those helpful uses, deepfakes could have sinister purposes. Consider the blowback if a criminal creates a deepfake video of something that would hurt someone’s reputation — for instance, a deepfake video of a politician "admitting" to illegal activities, like accepting a bribe.   然而,除了正向的應用之外,也會有居心不良的「深度偽造」。倘若罪犯創造出一部妨害他人名聲的深度偽造影片,例如讓一名政治人物「承認」接受賄賂等違法行為的一部深偽影片,所造成的衝擊將難以衡量。   Next Article:   Facebook is making its own AI deepfakes to head off a disinformation disaster 防制假訊息災難,臉書積極產製人工智慧「深度偽造」影片   Facebook fears that AI-generated “deepfake” videos could be the next big source of viral misinformation—spreading among its users with potentially catastrophic consequences for the next US presidential election.   臉書擔心用戶散播由人工智慧生成、未來有望成為假訊息主要來源的「深度偽造」影片,對下屆美國總統選舉帶來具有災難性潛力的後果。   Its solution? Making lots of deepfakes of its own, to help researchers build and refine detection tools.   提出因應「深度偽造」的解決方案?臉書自己產製大量深偽影片,助力研究者創建及改善辨識工具。   The rise of deepfakes has been driven by recent advances in machine learning. Algorithms capable of capturing and re-creating a person’s likeness have already been used to make point-and-click tools for pasting a person’s face onto someone else.   機器學習的技術進展助長了深偽的崛起。能夠捕捉及重現人物肖像的演算法,已被應用在點擊式工具的製作,它能把人臉貼在另一個人身上。   Facebook will dedicate $10 million. Together with Microsoft and academics from institutions including MIT, UC Berkeley, and Oxford University, the company is launching the Deepfake Detection Challenge, which will offer unspecified cash rewards for the best detection methods.   臉書將貢獻1000萬美元。與微軟及學術機構麻省理工學院、加州大學柏克萊分校、牛津大學等,一起推出「辨識深偽挑戰賽」,該挑戰賽將頒發未指定金額的獎金給最優秀的檢測方法。   Source article: ;   更多跟讀練習單元,就在   用email訂閱就可以收到所有15mins.Today最新節目通知。
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每日跟讀#759: “Possibility of life”— scientists map Saturn’s exotic moon Titan   Scientists on Monday unveiled the first global geological map of Saturn’s moon Titan including vast plains and dunes of frozen organic material and lakes of liquid methane, illuminating an exotic world considered a strong candidate in the search for life beyond Earth.   科學家在週一公布史上第一張土星衛星「泰坦」的全球地質圖,其中包含許多廣闊的平原,冰凍有機物質構成的沙丘,以及液態甲烷形成的湖泊,揭露這片咸認為是地球以外生命搜尋重要候選地點的奇特世界。   The map was based on radar, infrared and other data collected by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft, which studied Saturn and its moons from 2004 to 2017. Titan, with a diameter of 5,150km, is the solar system’s second-biggest moon behind Jupiter’s Ganymede. It is larger than the planet Mercury.   該地質圖是根據美國國家航空暨太空總署的卡西尼太空探測船,在二○○四年到二○一七年間研究土星及其衛星時,收集到的雷達、紅外線等資料。直徑達五千一百五十公里的泰坦星,是我們太陽系第二大的衛星,僅次於木星的衛星蓋尼米德。泰坦甚至比水星還大。   Organic materials — carbon-based compounds critical for fostering living organisms — play a leading role on Titan. “Organics are very important for the possibility of life on Titan, which many of us think likely would have evolved in the liquid water ocean under Titan’s icy crust,” said planetary geologist Rosaly Lopes of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California. “Organic materials can, we think, penetrate down to the liquid water ocean and this can provide nutrients necessary for life, if it evolved there,” added Lopes, who led the research published in the journal Nature Astronomy.   有機物質──也就是對於培養生物體而言非常關鍵的碳基化合物──在泰坦星上扮演重要角色。美國太空總署加州噴射推進實驗室的行星地質學家羅莎莉‧洛佩茲指出:「有機物對於泰坦形成生命的可能性至關重要,我們有許多人認為,生命可能在泰坦結冰地殼底下的液態海洋中進行演化。」這篇研究發表於《自然‧天文》期刊,主持該研究的洛佩茲補充說:「我們認為,有機物質會向下滲透到液態海洋,如果其中有生命演化,就能為生命提供必要營養物。」   On Earth, water rains down from clouds and fills rivers, lakes and oceans. On Titan, clouds spew hydrocarbons like methane and ethane — which are gases on Earth — in liquid form due to the moon’s frigid climate. Rainfall occurs everywhere on Titan, but the equatorial regions are drier than the poles, said study co-author Anezina Solomonidou, a European Space Agency research fellow.   在地球上,水從雲層降下,注入河流、湖泊和海洋。在泰坦星上,雲層則會噴出液態的甲烷或乙烷等碳氫化合物。這類碳氫化合物在地球上以氣態存在,但在泰坦星上卻因為嚴寒氣候而呈現液態。這份研究的共同作者是歐洲太空總署的研究員安聶琦娜‧所羅門妮朵,她表示泰坦星上各處都有降雨,不過赤道地區比起兩極較為乾燥。   Plains (covering 65 percent of the surface) and dunes (covering 17 percent of the surface) made up of frozen bits of methane and other hydrocarbons dominate Titan’s mid-latitudes and equatorial regions, respectively.   由結冰的甲烷和其他碳氫化合物形成的碎屑組成的平原(佔其地表百分之六十五)與沙丘(佔其表面百分之十七),分別分布於泰坦星的中緯度和赤道地區。   Titan is the only solar system object other than Earth boasting stable liquids on the surface, with lakes and seas full of methane being major features at its polar regions. Hilly and mountainous areas, thought to represent exposed portions of Titan’s crust of water ice, represent 14 percent of the surface.   除了地球以外,泰坦星是太陽系中唯一表面擁有穩定液體的星球,充滿甲烷的湖泊和海洋是兩極地區的主要特徵。丘陵和高山區域則被認為是泰坦地殼部分裸露出來的冰塊,佔其表面百分之十四。   “What is really fun to think about is if there are any ways that those more complex organics can go down and mix with water in the deep icy crust or deep subsurface ocean,” JPL scientist and study co-author Michael Malaska said. Noting that on Earth there is a bacterium that can survive just on a hydrocarbon called acetylene and water, Malaska asked, “Could it or something like it live in Titan deep in the crust or ocean where temperatures are a little warmer?”   噴射推進實驗室的科學家麥可‧馬拉斯加是這篇研究的另一位共同作者,他指出:「真正有趣的是,我們可以想像那些更複雜的有機物,有什麼方法能夠滲入冰凍的地殼深處、或是沉入地殼下的深層海洋,和水混合。馬拉斯加提到,地球上有一種細菌只靠乙炔這種碳氫化合物跟水就可以生存,於是他問:「這種細菌,或是類似的有機物,會不會也存在於泰坦地殼深處或是底下溫度較暖的海洋中呢?」   The map was created seven years before the US space agency is set to launch its Dragonfly mission to dispatch a multi-rotor drone to study Titan’s chemistry and suitability for life. Dragonfly is scheduled to reach Titan in 2034. “It is not only scientifically important but also really cool — a drone flying around on Titan,” Lopes said. “It will be really exciting.”   這張地圖的誕生將為美國太空總署即將於七年後啟動的「蜻蜓號」任務做好準備。該任務將派遣一架多旋翼無人機,前往泰坦星探索其化學性質和適合生命存在的可能性。「蜻蜓號」預計於二○三四年抵達泰坦星。洛佩茲表示:「這項任務不只具有重要的科學意義,同時也很酷──派一架無人機在泰坦星上四處盤旋,這將會非常讓人興奮。」   Source article:   更多跟讀練習單元,就在   用email訂閱就可以收到所有15mins.Today最新節目通知。
每日跟讀#758: New measures to take effect in Taiwan from Jan. 1   A slew of new regulations will come into force in Taiwan today, including higher monthly and hourly minimum wages, raising the age of eligibility for full labor insurance pensions, and introducing electronic work permits for international students.   在台灣,許多新法規自一月一日起生效,包括調漲最低基本月薪及時薪、提高勞工保險全額年金法定請領年齡、國際學生可申請電子工作許可……等。   The monthly minimum wage for workers covered under the Labor Standards Act will be raised from NT$23,100 (US$767) to NT$23,800, while the hourly minimum wage will be increased from NT$150 to NT$158.   受到《勞動基準法》保障,勞工的基本工資由每月新台幣兩萬三千一百元(約七百六十七美元),調升至兩萬三千八百元。而基本時薪由一百五十元,調升至一百五十八元。   The minimum monthly wage increase is expected to benefit 1.83 million workers, while raising the minimum hourly wage will boost the pay for 483,300 other workers.   基本月薪調漲,預估約有一百八十三萬多名勞工受惠;基本時薪調漲,預估約有四十八萬三千三百多人加薪。   In line with the adjustment of basic wages, the starting insured salary under the labor insurance program will be increased to NT$23,800. The age of eligibility for receiving full labor insurance pensions will be pushed back from 61 to 62.   為配合基本工資調升,勞工保險投保薪資第一級的月投保薪資同步調升為兩萬三千八百元。至於勞工保險全額年金法定請領年齡,則從六十一歲延後到六十二歲。   In addition, the Ministry of Labor will accept online applications from employers to extend the permitted time span for importing migrant workers in the manufacturing, fishery, construction, caregiving and domestic help sectors.   此外,勞動部將接受雇主透過線上申辦,延長外籍勞工聘僱許可,其範圍包括製造業、海洋漁撈工、建築業、家庭看護工、家庭幫傭等類別。   Online applications will also be accepted from employers for recurring recruitment, entry permit, transfer and extended transfer of migrant workers in the construction sector. Meanwhile, international students studying in Taiwan will be able to apply for electronic work permits.   線上申辦並擴及建築業外籍勞工之遞補招募、入境許可、轉出及延長轉出等。 同時,在台灣就讀的國際學生亦可申請電子工作許可。   The Ministry of Finance will increase the basic allowance that taxpayers can deduct from their incomes when filing income taxes by NT$4,000 to NT$175,000. Another new regulation will require cross-border e-commerce suppliers to issue cloud-based invoices.   而財政部將每人基本生活費多增加了四千元至十七萬五千元,於今年申報所得稅時,即可從所得當中扣除。其另一項新制,則規定跨境電商須開雲端發票。   At the same time, all commercial aircraft aged over 26 years will have to be retired from service. In addition, a modified intensity scale to more accurately reflect the effect earthquakes have on people, structures and the environment will be introduced. Also, all transactions of ivory products are banned as of today.   同時,所有機齡超過二十六年的商用客機都將要強制退役。 此外,修正後的「地震震度分級表」今日起上路,新版將能更準確反應出地震對民眾、建築和環境所造成的影響。自元旦起,所有象牙製品交易也將全面禁止。   Source article:   更多跟讀練習單元,就在   用email訂閱就可以收到所有15mins.Today最新節目通知。    
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