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Summary: For the first time in history, this year FIFA World Cup is going to be held in Qatar. Once every four years, soccer fans around the world gather and watch as the soccer titans around the world clash for the championship title. In this episode, Angel and I talk about the football stars and when the World Cup will take place. Who's your favorite team or player? Comment down below! Vocabulary: 1. Bet n. & v. 賭注/打賭 My group of friend likes to make bets during FIFA World Cup. 我的一群朋友喜歡在世足賽時打賭。 2. Root for sb. phr. 替某人加油 If I am going to root for Lionel Messi this World Cup, who are you going to root for? 如果我這次世足賽替梅西加油,那你想替誰加油? 3. Go down in history phr. 留名青史 Qatar will go down in history as the first Middle East country to host the FIFA World Cup. 卡達是這次名留青史成為第一個主辦世足賽的中東國家。 更多Vocab Podcast節目: 歡迎主題投稿/意見回覆 : 商業合作/贊助來信 歡迎留言告訴我們你對這一集的想法: Powered by Firstory Hosting
每日英語跟讀 Ep.K441: NASA tests new moon rocket, 50 years after Apollo Years late and billions over budget, NASA’s new moon rocket makes its debut this week in a high-stakes test flight before astronauts get on top. 遲來數年、預算超出數十億美元的美國太空總署(NASA)新型登月火箭,本週將首次啟航,進行一次高風險的試飛,以便為搭載太空人做準備。 The 98m (322ft) rocket will attempt to send an empty crew capsule into a far-flung lunar orbit, 50 years after NASA’s famed Apollo moonshots. If all goes well, astronauts could strap in as soon as 2024 for a lap around the moon, with NASA aiming to land two people on the lunar surface by the end of 2025. Liftoff is set for Monday morning at 8:33am to 10:33am EDT from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. 在NASA著名的阿波羅登月計畫五十年後,這九十八公尺(三百二十二英尺)長的火箭,將嘗試把一個空的載人太空艙送入環月軌道遠端。如果一切順利,太空人最早可在二〇二四年啟程,環繞月球一圈;NASA的目標是在二〇二五年底前,將兩個人送上月球表面登陸。火箭預定在美東時間週一上午八點三十三分至十點三十三分之間自NASA甘迺迪太空中心發射。 ROCKET POWER The new rocket is shorter and slimmer than the Saturn V rockets that hurled 24 Apollo astronauts to the moon a half-century ago. But it’s mightier, packing 4 million kilograms (8.8 million pounds) of thrust. 火箭動力 新型火箭比半世紀前將二十四名阿波羅計畫太空人送上月球的火箭農神五號更短、更細,但更強大,具有四百萬公斤(八百八十萬磅)的推力。 Unlike the streamlined Saturn V, the new rocket has a pair of strap-on boosters refashioned from NASA’s space shuttles. The boosters will peel away after two minutes, just like the shuttle boosters did, but won’t be fished from the Atlantic for reuse. The core stage will keep firing before separating and crashing into the Pacific in pieces. Two hours after liftoff, an upper stage will send the capsule, Orion, racing toward the moon. 與流線型的農神五號不同,新型火箭有一對安裝在外的推進器,是由NASA太空梭改造而來的設計。推進器將在升空後兩分鐘脫落,如同太空梭的推進器,但不會再把它從大西洋打撈上來重複使用。核心節則將繼續前進,然後分離、墜入太平洋碎裂。升空兩小時後,火箭的上節將全速把獵戶座太空船送往月球。 MOONSHIP NASA’s high-tech, automated Orion capsule is named after the constellation, among the night sky’s brightest. At 3m (11ft) tall, it’s roomier than Apollo’s capsule, seating four astronauts instead of three. For this test flight, a full-size dummy in an orange flight suit will occupy the commander’s seat, rigged with vibration and acceleration sensors. Two other mannequins made of material simulating human tissue — heads and female torsos, but no limbs — will measure cosmic radiation, one of the biggest risks of spaceflight. One torso is testing a protective vest from Israel. 登月船 NASA的高科技自動化太空船獵戶座,是以夜空最亮的星座為名。它高三公尺(十一英尺),比阿波羅計畫的太空艙更寬敞,可乘坐四名太空人,而非三名。這次的試飛中,一個身著橙色飛行服的真人尺寸假人將置於指揮官座位,配備振動與加速度感測器。另外還有兩個以仿人體組織材料所製成的假人──有頭部和女性軀幹,但沒有四肢──將用來測量宇宙輻射;宇宙輻射是太空飛行最大的風險之一。另一軀幹則是測試一件以色列製的防護背心。 FLIGHT PLAN Orion’s flight is supposed to last six weeks from its Florida liftoff to Pacific splashdown — twice as long as astronaut trips in order to tax the systems. It will take nearly a week to reach the moon, 386,000km away. 航行計畫 獵戶座太空船預計航行六週,始自佛羅里達升空,終至濺落太平洋,是太空人旅行時間的兩倍,以便檢驗及評估系統。到達三十八萬六千公里外的月球,需要將近一週的時間。 The big test comes at mission’s end, as Orion hits the atmosphere at 40,000 kph on its way to a splashdown in the Pacific. The heat shield uses the same material as the Apollo capsules to withstand reentry temperatures of 2,750 degrees Celsius. But the advanced design anticipates the faster, hotter returns by future Mars crews. 大考驗是在任務結束時,獵戶座太空船會以每小時四萬公里的速度撞擊大氣層,掉落在太平洋。隔熱罩所使用的材料與阿波羅計畫的太空船相同,可承受再進入大氣層的高溫攝氏兩千七百五十度。但此先進的設計已預想了未來火星任務人員返回時更快的速度,以及更熱的溫度。Source article: 歡迎留言告訴我們你對這一集的想法: Powered by Firstory Hosting
即刻加入15Mins通勤學英語直播室,每週一9pm等你來說英文 : 每日英語跟讀 Ep.K440: How to Get Heart Patients to Take Their Pills? Give Them Just One. Heart disease kills more people than any other condition, but despite advances in treatment and prevention, patients often do not stick to their medication regimens. Now researchers may have found a solution: a so-called polypill that combines three drugs needed to prevent cardiovascular trouble. 死於心臟病的人比死於其他任何疾病的人都多,儘管在治療和預防上取得進展,患者往往不能堅守他們的藥物治療方式。現在,研究人員可能已經找到一個解決方法:一種混合三種預防心血管疾病所需藥物的所謂複方製劑。 In what is apparently the largest and longest randomized controlled trial of this approach, patients who were prescribed a polypill within six months of a heart attack were more likely to keep taking their drugs and had significantly fewer cardiovascular events, compared with those receiving the usual assortment of pills. 在明顯是這種方法規模最大、時間最長的隨機對照試驗中,心臟病發作後6個月內服用複方製劑的患者,跟服用常規藥物患者相比,更有可能繼續服用藥物,心血管事件明顯減少。 The participants also experienced one-third fewer cardiovascular deaths, although their overall risk of death from all causes was not significantly changed. 參與者因心血管疾病死亡人數也減少三分之一,即便他們因為各種原因死亡的總體風險沒有顯著改變。 The study of more than 2,000 heart patients, who were followed for three years, was published Friday morning in The New England Journal of Medicine, as the findings were presented at the European Society of Cardiology Congress in Barcelona, Spain. 這項研究對2000多名心臟病患者進行三年追蹤調查,研究結果周五上午發表在《新英格蘭醫學雜誌》,並在西班牙巴塞隆納舉行的歐洲心臟病學會年會上發表。 The study is the culmination of 15 years of work by researchers led by Dr. Valentin Fuster, director of Mount Sinai Heart at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City and general director of the National Center for Cardiovascular Research in Spain. 這研究是紐約市西奈山醫院西奈山心臟中心主任、西班牙國立心血管研究中心總監瓦倫丁.福斯特博士帶領研究人員研究15年的結晶。 “Combination pills are easier for the physician and for the patient, and the data are pretty clear — it translates into a benefit,” said Dr. Thomas J. Wang, chair of the department of internal medicine at UT Southwestern Medical Center, who was not involved in the research but wrote an editorial accompanying the study. 未參與研究但為研究報告撰寫社評的德州大學西南醫學中心內科系主任湯瑪斯.王博士說:「複方藥物對醫生和病患來說更簡便,數據非常清楚,它轉化為一種好處。」 The polypill combines a blood-pressure medication, a cholesterol-lowering drug and aspirin, which helps prevent blood clots. 這種複方製劑結合了降壓藥、降膽固醇藥和阿斯匹林,有助防止血栓。 The polypill used in the study has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration and is not available to patients in the United States right now. Fuster said the results of the new trial would be submitted to the agency shortly in an effort to obtain approval. 這項研究使用的複方製劑還未獲得美國食品藥物管理局批准,目前在美國還不能給患者使用。福斯特 說,這項新試驗結果很快會提交給該機構,以爭取獲得批准。 And since participants became even more likely to keep taking the polypill over time, he said, “The potential results could be even better with more follow-up.” Several studies have shown that only about half of patients, or even less, take all their medications as instructed. 他說,由於參與者會逐漸的更可能繼續服用複方製劑,「若有更多後續研究,潛在結果可能更好」。數項研究顯示,只有大約一半甚至更少患者按照指示服用所有藥物。 The new study, a randomized controlled clinical trial, enrolled just under 2,500 patients at 113 sites in Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary. 這項研究是一項隨機對照臨床試驗,在西班牙、義大利、法國、德國、波蘭、捷克和匈牙利的113個地點招募到近2500名患者。Source article: 歡迎留言告訴我們你對這一集的想法: Powered by Firstory Hosting
Topic: Coronavirus Is Battering Africa’s Growing Middle Class 新冠重創非洲新興中產階級 As the coronavirus surges in many countries in Africa, it is threatening to push as many as 58 million people in the region into extreme poverty, experts at the World Bank say. But beyond the devastating consequences for the continent’s most vulnerable people, the pandemic is also whittling away at one of Africa’s signature achievements: the growth of its middle class. 世界銀行專家指出,新冠肺炎疫情在非洲多國急遽加重,恐將使多達5800萬人陷入極端貧窮(赤貧)。而且疫情除了給非洲大陸最弱勢者帶來毀滅性後果之外,還逐步削弱非洲一項指標性成就,也就是中產階級的成長。 For the last decade, Africa’s middle class has been pivotal to the educational, political and economic development across the continent. New business owners and entrepreneurs have created jobs that, in turn, gave others a leg up as well. 過去這十年,非洲中產階級在非洲大陸全境教育、政治和經濟的發展上,扮演著關鍵性的角色。新的企業主和創業者創造出就業機會,也從而幫了別人一把。 Educated, tech-savvy families and young people with money to spare have fed the demand for consumer goods, called for democratic reforms, expanded the talent pool at all levels of society, and pushed for high-quality schools and health care. 受過教育、熟諳現代科技且有閒錢的家庭和年輕人支撐了消費品的市場,提出了對民主改革的要求,擴大了社會各層次的人才庫,並鼓吹高品質的學校和醫療照護服務。 About 170 million out of Africa’s 1.3 billion people are now classified as middle class. But about 8 million of them could be thrust into poverty because of the coronavirus and its economic fallout, according to World Data Lab, a research organization. 非洲13億人口中,約有1.7億人現在被歸類為中產階級,不過,根據研究機構「世界資料實驗室」的說法,其中約800萬人可能因新冠肺炎疫情及其經濟衝擊而淪為窮人。 It’s a setback that may be felt for years to come. 這個挫敗可在未來幾年內感受到。 “The tragedy is that because Africa is not growing fast, this collapse of the middle class could take several years to recover,” said Homi Kharas, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and the co-founder of the World Data Lab. 華府智庫布魯金斯研究所高級研究員兼世界資料實驗室共同創辦人卡拉斯說:「不幸的是,非洲成長速度並不快,中產階級的潰縮可能得花上幾年才能恢復。」 Africa’s middle class tripled over the past 30 years, by some estimates, spurred by job opportunities in sectors like technology, tourism and manufacturing. 一些估計顯示,在科技、觀光和製造業等領域的就業機會帶動下,非洲中產階級人數過去30年間增為三倍。 But now that the region is facing its first recession in 25 years, millions of educated people living in urban centers could fall victim to the extreme income inequality that has defined Africa for decades. 不過,由於非洲遭逢25年來首次經濟衰退,數以百萬計住在都會區的受過教育者可能淪為極端收入不平等的受害者。極端收入不平等數十年來一直是非洲的特徵。 Kharas defined the middle class in Africa as households that spend anywhere between $11 and $110 per capita per day. 卡拉斯把非洲中產階級定義為,平均每人每天花費11美元到110美元(約台幣330元到3300元)的家庭。 The rising middle class has been “critical for the future prospects of African economies as they stimulate long-term growth, social progress, an inclusive and prosperous society and effective and accountable governance,” said Landry Signé, author of “Unlocking Africa’s Business Potential.” The coronavirus “will drastically delay wages and hold back the dreams of Africa’s middle class,” he said. 著有「解放非洲商業潛力」一書的賽恩說,中產階級崛起「對非洲的經濟前景至關重要,因為中產階級能促進長期成長、社會進步,造就具包容性且繁榮的社會,以及有效率且可問責的治理」。他說,新冠肺炎「將大幅延後薪水發放,並讓非洲中產階級難以圓夢」。 What distinguishes the middle class from the poor, said Razia Khan, chief economist for Africa and the Middle East at Standard Chartered bank, is the ability to earn a steady income. But because of the pandemic, many more people across Africa are at risk of being “knocked back into poverty” because of lack of jobs, unemployment benefits or any social safety net, she said. 渣打銀行非洲中東首席經濟學家拉奇雅.卡恩說,中產階級與窮人不同之處在於,他們有賺取穩定收入的能力。不過她說,由於疫情大流行,非洲各地有更多人可能因為缺乏就業機會、失業救濟金或任何社會安全網而被「打回貧窮」。 The pandemic is also posing a threat to nascent industries supported by governments in Africa in recent years to boost the number of middle-income earners. 疫情大流行還威脅到剛起步的一些產業。非洲各國政府近年來支持這些產業,冀以促進中所得人數的成長。 Source article: Next Article Topic: South Africa is considering letting women have multiple husbands South Africa’s government is considering allowing women to have multiple husbands, a possibility that has thrown the country’s conservatives into uproar. 南非政府正在考慮允許女性擁有多名丈夫,這種可能性使該國保守派一片譁然。 The proposal to allow polyandry was included in a green paper from South Africa’s Department of Home Affairs, which hopes to make marriage more inclusive. 這項允許一妻多夫的提議已經被納入南非內政部的綠皮書中,希望使婚姻更具包容性。 South Africa has one of the world’s most liberal constitutions, embracing same-sex marriages for all and polygamy for men. 南非有世界上最自由的憲法之一,接受所有性別的同性婚姻與男性的一夫多妻。 Businessman and TV personality Musa Mseleku - who has four wives - is among those opposed to polyandry. 有四名妻子的企業家兼電視名人穆薩.姆斯萊庫是反對一妻多夫制的其中一人。 ’’This will destroy African culture.’’ Mseleku said. ’’The woman cannot now take the role of the man. It’s unheard of.’’ 「這會摧毀非洲文化。」姆斯萊庫說。「女性不能扮演男性的角色。這是前所未聞的。」 The idea that polyandry is not African was also prevalent among religious leaders, the Department of Home Affairs found. 內政部發現,一妻多夫「不非洲」的想法也流傳於宗教領袖中。 Next Topic: S.African miners rescued, none still trapped 11 名南非礦工獲救,已無人受困 Eleven men who became trapped in an illegal gold mine in South Africa were rescued on Sunday, but an unknown number remained underground fearing arrest. 受困於南非非法金礦的11名男子在週日獲救,但仍有數目不詳的礦工因害怕被捕而待在地底。 The men, who were all uninjured, were immediately handed over to police. Rescue officials said many others were now able to leave the mine but had refused to come out while officials were present. 這些男子都未受傷,隨即轉交警方處理。救難人員說,其他許多人現在有能力自己離開礦井,但拒絕在警方在場的時候出來。 "We managed to retrieve 11 young men. We believe they are South Africans, they have been treated and handed over to the police," municipal emergency and rescue services official Rogger Mamaila told AFP. 「我們設法營救出11名年輕男子,我們認為他們是南非人,他們已經接受治療並轉交給警方。」緊急搜救官員馬梅拉告訴法新社。 Police spokesman Mack Mngomezulu told AFP a number of men remained in the abandoned mine east of Johannesburg and were refusing to come out. 警局發言人門戈彌祖魯告訴法新社,有一些男子還待在約翰尼斯堡東邊的廢棄礦井,而且拒絕出來。 The number of people still down there remains unclear -- around 30 miners who were trapped at a shallow level had earlier told rescuers from a private operator ER24 that there were 200 others stuck at a level underneath them. 仍待在地下的人數依舊不清楚--約30名受困在淺層地底的礦工早先告訴民營緊急救難隊ER24的救難人員,還有兩百人困在更下層。 That was never confirmed, however, with local municipal officials insisting there were only around 30 people trapped. 這項消息一直未獲證實,當地官員堅持只有大約30人受困。 Mamaila declared the rescue operation closed around two hours after the 11 were brought to the surface. 馬梅拉宣稱搜救行動在11名礦工被帶上地面後2小時結束。 Source article:; Next Article Topic: South Africa launches the world’s biggest hydrogen-fueled truck Mining giant Anglo American on Friday unveiled the world’s largest hydrogen-powered truck, a monster weighing in at 220 tonnes, at a platinum mine in northern South Africa. 礦業巨擘英美資源集團週五在南非北部一座白金礦場展示了全球最大的氫動力卡車,此一龐然巨獸重達220公噸。 Billed as the first of a fleet that will replace the firm’s diesel-powered trucks, the vehicle uses two-megawatt hydrogen fuel cells to haul up to 290 tonnes of ore. 它被宣傳為將取代該公司柴油動力卡車的車隊先鋒,該車使用2百萬瓦的氫燃料電池,來拖動多達290公噸的礦石。 "What we are launching is not merely an impressive piece of machinery, it is the genesis of an entire ecosystem powered by hydrogen," President Cyril Ramaphosa said. 南非總統西里爾.拉瑪佛沙說,「我們推出的不僅僅是一部令人印象深刻的機器,它是一個由氫氣驅動的完整生態系的起源。」 Comparable in size to a small house, the behemoth was shown off at Mogalakwena mine, about 250 kilometres from Johannesburg. 這部龐然大物的大小可匹敵一間小屋,在距離約翰尼斯堡約250公里處的莫加拉奎納礦場展示。 "This is a gigantic leap for South Africa’s hydrogen future economy," Ramaphosa declared. 拉瑪佛沙說,「對南非的氫能源未來經濟來說,這是一個巨大的跨越」。 Next Article Topic: 潛逃中的獅子被關進南非大牢 Lion on the lam locked-up in South African jail A young lion captured after being on the run for almost a month spent the night in a South African police cell before being moved back to its national park home. 一頭在逃將近一個月後被捕的幼獅,被運回位在國家公園的故鄉以前,先在南非一處警察局的拘留室度過長夜。 The juvenile male apparently escaped from the Karoo National Park through a hole in a perimeter fence. He was eventually tracked and darted on Wednesday before being moved by helicopter to the Sutherland police station where he ended up alone in a holding cell. 這個小男生明顯是從「乾旱台地高原國家公園」周邊圍欄一處洞口逃跑。牠最終還是在週三被發現蹤跡並遭標槍射中,後來被直升機運到薩瑟蘭警察局,獨自待在拘留室裡。 "I am sure this is the first time in the world that a lion is put in jail," said police station commander Marius Malan. 警局大隊長馬略斯‧馬蘭說:「我確定這是全球第一次獅子入獄。」 Curious residents of the village of Sutherland thronged outside the police station to catch a glimpse of the locked-up lion. 薩瑟蘭村好奇的居民們,在警局外爭相一窺這頭被囚禁的獅子。 "He is safe and healthy. We didn’t give him breakfast because he had enough to eat along the road," Malan told Reuters. 馬蘭告訴路透:「牠安全又健康。我們沒給牠早餐,因為牠一路上已經有足夠的東西可吃。」Source article: ; 歡迎留言告訴我們你對這一集的想法: Powered by Firstory Hosting
Article from CDC: Drop. Cover. Hold on.  趴下、掩護、穩住 In most situations, you can protect yourself if you immediately: DROP down onto your hands and knees before the earthquake knocks you down. This position protects you from falling but allows you to still move if necessary.COVER your head and neck (and your entire body if possible) underneath a sturdy table or desk. If there is no shelter nearby, get down near an interior wall or next to low-lying furniture that won’t fall on you, and cover your head and neck with your arms and hands.HOLD ON to your shelter (or to your head and neck) until the shaking stops. Be prepared to move with your shelter if the shaking shifts it around. If you are inside, stay inside. 在室內時,待在室內DO NOT run outside or to other rooms during an earthquake. You are less likely to be injured if you stay where you are.DO NOT stand in a doorway. You are safer under a table. In modern houses, doorways are no stronger than any other part of the house. Doorways do not protect you from the most likely source of injury − falling or flying objects. If you are in a high-rise building, drop, cover, and hold on. 在高樓時,趴下、掩護、穩住Move away from windows and outside walls.Stay in the building.DO NOT use the elevators. The electricity may go out, and the sprinkler systems may come on. If you are outside, stay outside. 在戶外時,待在戶外Move away from buildings, utility wires, sinkholes, and fuel and gas lines. The greatest danger from falling debris is just outside doorways and close to outer walls of buildings.Go to an open area away from trees, telephone poles, and buildings. Once in the open, get down low and stay there until the shaking stops. If you are in a moving vehicle, stop as quickly and safely as possible. 在行車時,立刻停下找安全地方Move your car to the shoulder or curb, away from utility poles, overhead wires, and under- or overpasses.Stay in the car and set the parking brake. A car may jiggle violently on its springs, but it is a good place to stay until the shaking stops.Turn on the radio for emergency broadcast information. 隨堂考 What should you do when an earthquake hits ?When you are in your bedroom?When you are in the mall?When you are in your car?  歡迎留言告訴我們你對這一集的想法: Powered by Firstory Hosting
每日英語跟讀 Ep.K439: About Spain - Wine theft of the century A former Mexican beauty queen and a Romanian-Dutch accomplice have been arrested in Croatia over the theft of $1.7 million worth of prestige bottles of wine in Spain after a nine-month chase across Europe, police said on Wednesday. 警方週三表示,歷經9個月橫跨歐洲的追捕後,一位墨西哥前選美皇后和一位羅馬尼亞裔的荷蘭共犯因為在西班牙竊取價值170萬美元的高檔紅酒,在克羅埃西亞被捕。 In a statement, Spanish national police said that on Oct. 27, 2021 in the western city of Caceres, 45 wine bottles worth a total of 1.65 million euros, including one "unique" 19th-century vintage worth 310,000 euros, were spirited away in a meticulously planned theft from the cellars of the famous hotel-restaurant El Atrio. 西班牙國家警察在聲明中說,2021年10月27日在西部城市卡塞雷斯,45瓶價值165萬歐元的紅酒,當中包括一瓶「獨一無二」、要價31萬歐元的19世紀佳釀,在一場精心策劃的竊案中從知名旅店餐館El Atrio的酒窖中被竊走。 Next Article Can I talk to a human? Spain presents customer service bill (我可以跟真人談嗎?西班牙提出客服法案) Tired of speaking to a machine when you call the bank or power company? 對於打電話到銀行或電力公司,卻總是跟機器說話感到厭倦了嗎? Spain’s government wants to end those nerve-shattering, one-sided conversations with a computerized answering service by making it obligatory for companies to offer a real, flesh-and-blood customer service worker when so requested by a caller. 西班牙政府希望終止那些單方面溝通、令人神經疲勞的機械化應答服務,要求企業必須在致電者請求下,提供真正有血有肉的顧客服務人員。 "Customer service far too often causes endless headaches for Spanish families because far too many companies create bureaucratic labyrinths to stop you from exercising your right to service," said Consumption Minister Alberto Garzón. 消費者事務部長阿爾貝托.加爾松說:「客服電話實在太常讓西班牙家庭頭痛不止,因為實在太多企業創造出官僚迷宮,阻止你行使接受服務的權利。」 The bill would also seek to do away with long wait times by forcing companies to answer calls within three minutes. 該法案也希望廢除久候的情況,要求企業在3分鐘內回應致電。 It will apply to all utility providers regardless of their size and all other companies with more than 250 workers or whose business exceeds 50 million euros a year. 法案將適用所有公用事業,不分規模大小;以及所有員工超過250人或1年營業額高於5000萬歐元的企業。Source article: ; 歡迎留言告訴我們你對這一集的想法: Powered by Firstory Hosting
每日英語跟讀 Ep.K438: About Florida - Hotter summers mean Florida’s turtles are mostly born female Florida’s sea turtles are grappling with a gender imbalance made worse by climate change. 佛羅里達海龜奮力解決因氣候變遷導致惡化的性別失衡。 Recent heat waves have caused the sand on some beaches to get so hot that nearly every turtle born was female. 近期熱浪導致一些沙灘的沙粒變得過熱,以至於幾乎每隻新生海龜都是雌性。 "The frightening thing is the last four summers in Florida have been the hottest summers on record," said Bette Zirkelbach, manager of the Turtle Hospital. 海龜醫院經理貝特.齊克爾巴赫說,可怕的是,佛州過去4年夏天是有紀錄以來最熱的夏天。 "Scientists that are studying sea turtle hatchlings and eggs have found no boy sea turtles, so only female sea turtles for the past four years," Zirkelbach said,. 齊克爾巴赫說,研究海龜孵化和蛋的科學家已經發現過去4年沒有雄性海龜,只有雌性海龜。 Instead of determining sex during fertilization, the sex of sea turtles and alligators depends on the temperature of developing eggs. 海龜和鱷魚的性別取決於蛋孵化的溫度,而非受精。 When a female turtle digs a nest on a beach, the temperature of the sand determines the gender of the hatchlings. 當母海龜在沙灘上挖了一個巢穴,沙子的溫度決定孵化出殼的海龜性別。 If a turtle’s eggs incubate below 27.7 Celsius, the turtle hatchlings will be male, whereas if they incubate above 31C, they will be female. 一旦海龜蛋孵化的溫度低於攝氏27.7度,海龜就會是雄性;反之當溫度高於攝氏31度,就會是雌性。 Next Article A Florida man paid off the past dues for 114 families at risk of having their utilities shut off 佛州男子為有斷水斷電斷瓦斯之虞的114個家庭繳逾期帳單 A Florida business owner who was once down on his luck is giving back by covering the utility bills of 114 families who were facing disconnection. (美國)佛羅里達州1名曾經時運不濟的老闆,以幫助114個有斷水斷電斷瓦斯之虞的家庭支付水電費,做為回報。 Michael Esmond’s generosity started in 2019 when he paid the utility bills of 36 households in his community of Gulf Breeze. Last year, with both Hurricane Sally and Covid-induced economic turmoil hitting the city, he thought he needed to up the ante. 邁可.艾斯蒙德的慷慨之舉始於2019年,他當時為微風灣社區的36個家戶繳納水電瓦斯費。去年,該市受到「莎莉」颶風與武漢肺炎所導致的經濟動盪之雙重夾擊,他覺得他必須加碼助人。 Esmond donated $7,615.40 to pay for the past-due bills of 114 households, according to Joanne Oliver, the city’s utility billing supervisor. 該市水電瓦斯帳單稽查員瓊安.奧利佛說,艾斯蒙德捐款7615.40美元,為114個家戶繳納逾期帳單。 While Esmond’s donation increased from the $4,600 he paid in 2019, he says he was able to help about three times as many households. 艾斯蒙德的捐款額高於2019年時的4600美元,他說,他能幫助到的家戶數量是(是2019年時)的3倍。Source article: ; 歡迎留言告訴我們你對這一集的想法: Powered by Firstory Hosting
Summary: Every year in September, Apple fans around the world gather online, hoping to witness the launch of another iPhone that would change the world. This year, Apple rolled out its first purple colored iPhone for its high-end model, the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. In this episode, Angel and I talk about how much of a fan I am and also whether the new phone is worth the upgrade. Are you going to upgrade to the new iPhone 14 ? Comment down below! Vocabulary: 1. In the market for...sth idiom. 有興趣購買 If you are in the market for the new iPhone 14 Pro, you should buy the Deep Purple-colored iPhone. 如果你有興趣買新的iPhone14 Pro,你應當買深紫色的iPhone。 2. Mobile carrier n. 電信業者 Chungwha Telecom was the first mobile carrier to offer the iPhone 3GS back in the day. 中華電信當年是第一個電信業者提供iPhone 3GS。 3. Preorder n. 預購 iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max make up of 80% of the preorders. iPhone 14 Pro與Pro Max佔據8成iPhone預購。 更多Vocab Podcast節目: 歡迎主題投稿/意見回覆 : 商業合作/贊助來信 歡迎留言告訴我們你對這一集的想法: Powered by Firstory Hosting
每日英語跟讀 Ep.K437: Philippines Returns to School, Ending One of World’s Longest Shutdowns Millions of students throughout the Philippines headed to school Monday as in-person classes began to fully restart for the first time in more than two years, ending one of the world’s longest pandemic-related shutdowns in a school system already plagued by severe underinvestment. 全菲律賓數以百萬計的學生周一重新上學,這是兩年多來菲律賓首度全面恢復實體課程。原本就投資嚴重不足的學校系統,遭逢新冠疫情開始封校,時間之長在全球數一數二,現在終於結束了。 “We could no longer afford to delay the education of young Filipinos,” said Vice President Sara Duterte, who is also the education secretary, as she toured schools in the town of Dinalupihan, about 40 miles northwest of Manila. 副總統兼教育部長薩拉.杜特蒂到首都馬尼拉西北方65公里處的迪納路匹罕市巡視學校時表示:「我國年輕人的教育再經不起耽擱」。 Even before the pandemic, the Philippines had among the world’s largest education gaps, with more than 90% of students unable to read and comprehend simple texts by age 10, according to the World Bank. 甚至在新冠疫情爆發前,菲律賓的教育落差跟各國相比就十分巨大。世界銀行調查發現,菲國超過九成學童到了10歲仍無法閱讀和理解簡單的課文。 Schools in the Philippines have long suffered from shortages of classrooms and teachers, whose pay is low, leaving the vast numbers of poor children who cannot afford private schools and rely on the public system with inadequate teaching. 菲律賓的學校長期缺乏教室和師資。老師薪水低,導致念不起私立學校只能讀公立學校的眾多窮人家子女,無法接受適合的教導。 Now, after losing more than two years of in-person instruction, schools face the challenge of educating many students who have fallen even further behind. Although the Philippines offered online instruction during the pandemic, many students lacked access to computers or internet connections, and overburdened parents often found it hard to keep tabs on their children’s remote learning. 如今,在面對面授課停擺兩年多後,學校面臨的挑戰是學習進度落後更多的學生。雖然菲國政府在疫情期間提供線上課程,許多學生卻沒有電腦或網路連線,負擔過重的父母親經常發現付不起子女遠距學習費用。 In some cases, students’ already tenuous connection to school may have been severed entirely after so long away. 在某些個案,學生和學校的聯繫原本就斷斷續續,經過疫情封校這麼久的折騰,學生跟學校可能完全失聯。 In many other countries, as the negative effects of online learning became well documented, governments elected to send children back to classrooms even as the coronavirus continued to circulate widely. 在許多其他國家,線上學習的負面效應已經被詳細記載。縱然新冠疫情持續散布,政府仍決定讓學生返回教室。 But in the Philippines, government officials and parents remained hesitant, with fears that schoolchildren could bring the virus to homes crowded with multiple generations of family members, potentially overtaxing a creaky health care system. 但是在菲律賓,政府和父母親仍猶豫不決,擔心子女會把病毒從校園帶回家,殃及數代同擠一堂的家人,可能會讓已搖搖欲墜的健康照護體系負擔過重。 Starting in late 2021, the government began to experiment with conducting in-person classes in about 300 schools, but has begun expanding it to cover all primary and secondary schools. Currently only some schools are in-person all five weekdays; by November, all of the country’s roughly 47,000 schools will be. 從2021年晚期起,菲國政府從300間學校開始實驗師生面對面上課,現已擴及到全國小學和國中。目前只有部分學校一周五天都是實體上課。到11月的時候,菲律賓全國約4萬7千所學校都會恢復實體上課。Source article:   歡迎留言告訴我們你對這一集的想法: Powered by Firstory Hosting
即刻加入15Mins通勤學英語直播室,每週一9pm等你來說英文 : 每日英語跟讀 Ep.K436: Britain’s rules of succession for a new sovereign Queen Elizabeth, Britain’s monarch for more than seven decades, died on Thursday last week aged 96. 英國在位逾七十年的君主伊麗莎白女王於上週四逝世,享耆壽九十六歲。 The following is an explanation of the rules of the British court regarding the accession of a new sovereign and a description of the powers and responsibilities of the monarch. 以下說明英國皇室新君主即位之規則,以及君主之權責。 Under the British constitution, a sovereign succeeds to the throne the moment his or her predecessor dies, before even being proclaimed to the people, and there is no interregnum.The new monarch is officially proclaimed king or queen by a special body called the Accession Council, to which members of the Privy Council — a group of several hundred selected royal advisers including members of the cabinet — are summoned. 根據英國憲法,君主在其前任去世的那一刻即繼承王位,沒有過渡期,即便尚未向人民宣布。新君主由名為「登基會議」的特殊機構正式宣佈為國王或女王,英國樞密院成員——包括內閣成員在內的數百名選定之皇家顧問——將出席。 A full Privy Council session is only called on the accession of a new sovereign or when the monarch announces an intention to marry, an event of great importance given the hereditary basis of the monarchy. 完整的樞密院會議只有在新君主即位或君主宣布結婚計畫時才會召開;君主制是以世襲為本,因此該會議非常重要。 Also invited to attend the Accession Council which proclaims the new sovereign are the Lords Spiritual and Temporal (that is bishops of the Church of England who sit in the House of Lords, together with the secular peers of the realm) and high commissioners from Commonwealth nations. 亦受邀出席宣布新君主之登基會議的,還有屬靈及世俗的上議院(即坐在上議院的英國國教會主教,以及上議院議員),和來自大英國協國家的政府高層。 The sovereign’s coronation, in effect just a formal ratification procedure, follows the accession after an interval of mourning. Queen Elizabeth II was crowned in June 1953, 16 months after George VI died. The coronation takes place at London’s Westminster Abbey in the presence of politicians, eminent public figures, and representatives from countries around the world. 君主的加冕典禮,實際上只是一個正式的批准程序,是在新君主即位後,經過一段哀悼期後才舉行。一九五三年六月舉行之伊麗莎白二世女王加冕,是在喬治六世去世十六個月後。加冕典禮在倫敦西敏寺教堂舉行,政治家、知名公眾人物和世界各國代表出席。 The sovereign reigns by grace of the 1701 Act of Settlement, which lays down the rules of succession, decreeing that only Protestant descendants of a granddaughter of James I of England (Princess Sophia the Electress of Hanover) can take the throne. 一七〇一年的《王位繼承法》制定了繼承規則,規定只有英格蘭詹姆斯一世孫女(漢諾威選帝侯夫人索菲亞公主)的新教徒後裔才能繼承王位。 Until a new law in 2013, being married to a Roman Catholic also barred a royal from a place in the line of succession. However, a Catholic can still not become monarch. 在二〇一三年一部新法律頒布前,與羅馬天主教徒結婚之皇室成員也被禁止繼承王位。然而,天主教徒仍無法成為君主。 The 2013 legislation also removed precedence being given to the male line, meaning that any royal born from Oct. 28, 2011, would not be discriminated against in succession to the throne based on gender. 這項二〇一三年的立法還取消了男性血統的優先權,這表示二〇一一年十月二十八日之後出生的任何皇室成員,其王位之繼承都不會受到性別歧視。 Traditionally, the sovereign is held to personify the state, which he or she heads, and to symbolize a common link between the countries making up the United Kingdom. In law, the sovereign is head of the executive, an integral part of the legislature, head of the judiciary, commander-in-chief of the armed forces, and supreme governor of the Church of England. 傳統上,君主被認為是所領導國家的人格化,並象徵大不列顛及北愛爾蘭聯合王國組成國家間的共同聯繫。在法律上,君主是行政首腦、立法機關的一部分、司法機關首腦、武裝部隊總司令,以及英國國教之最高領導人。 In reality, he or she rubber stamps government decisions and reigns through the will of parliament. The monarch summons and prorogues parliament, and invites the leader of the political party which has won a general election to be prime minister and form a government. 實際上,君主是在政府決策上蓋橡皮圖章,透過議會的意志進行統治。君主召集議會、休會,並邀請在大選中獲勝的政黨領袖出任首相並組建政府。 The British sovereign is also head of the Commonwealth of nations which grew out of the British empire and head of state of 14 other countries. 英國君主也是大英國協國家及其他十四個國家的元首。大英國協是由大英帝國發展而來。 These are Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, Bahamas, Belize, Canada, Grenada, Jamaica, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Solomon Islands and Tuvalu. 這十四個國家為安地卡及巴布達、澳洲、巴哈馬、貝里斯、加拿大、格瑞納達、牙買加、紐西蘭、巴布亞新幾內亞、聖克里斯多福及尼維斯、聖露西亞、聖文森及格瑞納丁、所羅門群島,以及吐瓦魯。 The monarchy is Britain’s oldest secular institution, with the royal family tracing its ancestry back to William the Conqueror in 1066 and even to Egbert of Wessex, generally recognized as the first king of the English, in the year 829. 君主制為英國最古老的世俗制度,王室之祖先可以追溯到西元一〇六六年的征服者威廉,甚至可追溯到西元八二九年威塞克斯的埃格伯特國王——咸認為英格蘭第一位國王。 The sovereign is addressed as “Your Majesty.”Queen Elizabeth’s official title was “Her Most Excellent Majesty Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of her other territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith.” 到西元八二九年威塞克斯的埃格伯特國王——咸認為英格蘭第一位國王。 對君主之稱呼為「陛下」。 伊麗莎白女王之官方頭銜為「承蒙上帝恩典,大不列顛及北愛爾蘭聯合王國及其其他領土之女王、大英國協元首、信仰之捍衛者伊麗莎白二世女王卓越的陛下」。Source article: 歡迎留言告訴我們你對這一集的想法: Powered by Firstory Hosting
Topic: JR East to raise fares by 10 yen to improve disabled accessibility East Japan Railway Co. (JR East) will become the first railway operator to hike passenger fares and use the funds to improve accessibility for the disabled. 東日本旅客鐵道公司(JR東日本)將成為第一家調漲客運票價,並將這筆資金用來改善供殘障人士使用的無障礙設施的鐵道業者。 The plan is to tack on 10 yen (8 cents) to a ticket for JR East’s 16 major lines, including the Yamanote, Chuo and Keihin-Tohoku lines. The increase will go into effect from spring 2023. 該計畫是要將包括山手線、中央線與京濱東北線等16條JR東日本主要路線的票價調漲10日圓(8美分)。新的票價將自2023年春天起生效。 The transport ministry in December 2021 created a new system of adding fares to a ticket to pay for the installation of platform safety doors and elevators at train stations. (日本)國土交通省在2021年12月創設一項新制度,將調漲的票價金額用來支付在車站設置月台安全門與電梯的費用。 Ministry officials said JR East is the first railway company to announce a specific plan. 國土交通省官員說,JR東日本是第一個(因應該制度)宣布明確計畫的鐵道業者。 Next Article Topic: Tasty TV: Japanese professor creates flavorful screen 美味的電視:日本教授發明有滋味的螢幕 Japan’s Meiji University professor Homei Miyashita has developed a prototype lickable TV screen that can imitate food flavors, another step towards creating a multi-sensory viewing experience. 日本明治大學教授宮下芳明發明出一款可舔式原型電視螢幕,具有模仿食物味道的功能,朝創造多感官收視體驗邁進另一步。 The device, called Taste the TV (TTTV), uses a carousel of 10 flavor canisters that spray in combination to create the taste of a particular food. The flavor sample then rolls on hygienic film over a flat TV screen for the viewer to try. 這個名為「品嚐電視」的裝置內部設置裝有10種口味的罐子,可噴出調製成特定食物的味道,再輸送到平面電視螢幕的衛生薄膜上,讓觀看者品嚐。 In the COVID-19 era, this kind of technology can enhance the way people connect and interact with the outside world, said Miyashita. 宮下說,在新冠肺炎流行時期,這樣的科技可改善人們與外界連結和互動的方式。 "The goal is to make it possible for people to have the experience of something like eating at a restaurant on the other side of the world, even while staying at home," he said. A commercial version would cost about 100,000 yen to make. 他說:「目標是讓人們即使待在家,也能擁有類似於在世界另一端上餐廳吃飯的體驗。」商業機製作成本約為10萬日圓(約2萬4300台幣)。Source article: ; Next Article   Topic: Shinzo Abe - Japan’s longest-serving prime minister Shinzo Abe smashed records as Japan’s longest-serving prime minister, championing ambitious economic reform and forging key diplomatic relationships while weathering scandals. 安倍晉三打破了日本首相任期的最長紀錄,他支持雄心勃勃的經濟改革,並在經歷醜聞的同時建立了關鍵的外交關係。 Nearly two years after poor health forced him to leave office, the 67-year-old was shot during a campaign event in the western region of Nara on Friday last week. 在他因健康狀況不佳而被迫下台後兩年,六十七歲的他上週五在奈良西部地區一場競選活動中被槍殺。 Abe was a sprightly 52 when he first became prime minister in 2006, the youngest person to occupy the job in the postwar era. 安倍在二○○六年首次擔任首相時年僅五十二歲,是戰後日本最年輕的首相。 He was seen as a symbol of change and youth, but also brought the pedigree of a third-generation politician groomed from birth by an elite, conservative family. Abe’s first term was turbulent, plagued by scandals and discord, and capped by an abrupt resignation. 他被視為變革與年輕的象徵,但他也是出身精英保守家庭的政治家族第三代。 安倍的第一個任期動盪不安,飽受醜聞與不和的紛擾,並以突然辭職告終。 - They called it ‘Abenomics’ - He ran again, and Japan’s revolving prime ministerial door brought him back to office in 2012. It ended a turbulent period in which prime ministers sometimes changed at a rate of one a year. With Japan still staggering from the effects of the 2011 tsunami and subsequent nuclear disaster at Fukushima — and a brief opposition government lashed for flip-flopping and incompetence — Abe offered a seemingly safe pair of hands. 他再次參選,日本的首相旋轉門讓他在二○一二年再度擔任首相。 這終結了日本首相更替頻繁(有時只做了一年便下台)的動盪時期。 當時日本仍因二○一一年海嘯及之後福島核災的影響而步履蹣跚,以及短暫執政、被批評為政策出爾反爾及無能的反對黨政府——在此情況下,安倍看來是穩健的選擇。 And he had a plan: Abenomics. The scheme to revive Japan’s economy — the world’s third-biggest, but more than two decades into stagnation — involved vast government spending, massive monetary easing and cutting red tape. Abe also sought to boost the country’s flagging birth rate by making workplaces more friendly to parents, particularly mothers. 而且他有個計畫:「安倍經濟學」。 重振日本——這世界第三大經濟體,但已陷入停滯二十多年——經濟的計畫,有賴大量政府支出、大規模貨幣寬鬆,以及削減繁文縟節。 He pushed through controversial consumption tax hikes to help finance nurseries and plug gaps in Japan’s overstretched social security system. While there was some progress with reform, the economy’s bigger structural problems remained. Deflation proved stubborn and the economy was in recession even before the coronavirus struck in 2020. Abe’s star waned further during the pandemic, with his approach criticized as confused and slow, driving his approval ratings down to some of the lowest of his tenure. 安倍還試圖營造對父母,尤其是對母親更友善的工作環境,來提高日本不斷下降的出生率。 他推動調高消費稅這具爭議性的政策,以資助托兒所並補強日本負擔過重的社會福利系統。 雖然改革取得了一些進展,但更大的經濟結構性問題依然存在。 事實證明,通貨緊縮很頑強,甚至在二○二○年冠狀病毒來襲之前,經濟就已陷入衰退。 安倍的光環在疫情期間變得更加黯淡,他的做法被批評為混亂及緩慢,讓他的支持率降至任期內最低。 - Political storms - - 政治風暴 - On the international stage, Abe took a hard line on North Korea, but sought a peacemaker role between the US and Iran. He prioritized a close personal relationship with Donald Trump in a bid to protect Japan’s key alliance from the then-US president’s “America First” mantra, and tried to mend ties with Russia and China. 在國際舞台上,安倍對北韓採取強硬立場,但又想在美國和伊朗之間扮演和平推手的角色。 他優先考慮跟美國總統唐納‧川普建立密切的個人關係,以保護日本的關鍵同盟免受當時川普口號「美國優先」的影響,並試圖修補與俄國及中國的關係。 But the results were mixed: Trump remained eager to force Japan to pay more for US troops stationed in the country, a deal with Russia on disputed northern islands stayed elusive, and a plan to invite Xi Jinping for a state visit fell by the wayside. Abe also pursued a hard line with South Korea over unresolved wartime disputes and continued to float plans to revise Japan’s pacifist constitution. 但結果好壞參半:川普仍急於迫使日本為駐紮在日本的美軍支付更多費用,日本與俄國對北部島嶼主權之糾紛仍難以達成協議,邀請習近平進行國事訪問的計畫也被擱置。 日本與南韓間懸而未決的戰時爭端,安倍也採強硬立場,並繼續提出修改日本和平憲法的計畫。 Throughout his tenure, he weathered political storms including cronyism allegations that dented approval ratings but did little to affect his power, in part thanks to the weakness of the opposition. Abe had been due to stay on until late 2021, giving him an opportunity to see out one final event in his historic tenure — the postponed Tokyo 2020 Olympics Games.But in a shock announcement, he stepped down in August 2020, with a recurrence of ulcerative colitis ending his second term, too. 在他整個任期內,他經受住了政治風暴,包括裙帶關係的指控,這些指控讓他的支持率降低,但對他的權力幾乎沒有影響,部分原因是反對派的軟弱。安倍原定留任至二○二一年底,讓他有機會在史上最長任期內看見最後一件大事——延期的二○二○年東京奧運。 然而,他令人震驚地宣布在二○二○年八月下台,潰瘍性結腸炎的復發也結束了他的第二個任期。Source article: Next Article Topic: Tokyo June heatwave worst since 1875 as power supply creaks under strain Japan baked under scorching temperatures for a fourth successive day on Tuesday, as the capital’s heat broke nearly 150-year-old records for June and authorities warned power supply remained tight enough to raise the spectre of cuts. 日本週二連續第4天受炙熱高溫所苦,首善之地打破將近150年來的6月高溫紀錄,政府警告電力供應依然吃緊,增加斷電之虞。 Temperatures in Tokyo hit 35.1 C by 1 p.m local time on Tuesday. For a second day, authorities asked consumers in the Tokyo area to conserve electricity to avoid a looming power cut - but in moderation. 東京氣溫在週二下午1點達到攝氏35.1度。政府連續第二天要求東京地區用戶節約用電—但是適度地—以避免可能的斷電。 "Apparently there are some elderly people who have turned off their air conditioners because we are asking people to save energy, but please - it’s this hot - don’t hesitate about cooling off," trade and industry minister Koichi Hagiuda told a news conference. 經濟產業大臣萩生田光一在記者會上說,「顯然有一些老人因為我們要求民眾節約能源而關掉空調,但是,拜託,天氣這麼熱,請不要猶豫涼快一下」。 Next Article Topic: Penguins at a Japanese aquarium are being fed cheaper fish - and they aren’t happy 日本水族館的企鵝被餵食較便宜的魚—牠們不開心 An aquarium employee waves a mackerel near a penguin - but there’s no reaction. When she moves the fish closer to its beak, the penguin turns away haughtily. An otter sniffs the fish, then runs away. 一名水族館員工拿著鯖魚在一隻企鵝身邊揮舞,但是企鵝沒反應。當她把魚靠近企鵝嘴邊,這隻企鵝倨傲地別過頭。一隻水獺聞了聞這隻鯖魚,然後游走。 Before, the Hakone-en Aquarium offered penguins and otters "aji," or Japanese horse mackerel, which the animals readily ate. 箱根園水族館之前給企鵝和水獺吃日本竹筴魚,牠們很樂意吃。 The price of aji has increased by 20% to 30% since last year, the aquarium said. So to cut costs, in May the aquarium switched to a cheaper alternative - "saba," or mackerel. 水族館說,自去年以來,竹夾魚價格已經上漲20%到30%。因此,為了削減成本,館方五月改用較便宜的替代品:鯖魚。 It has not been well received. The aquarium says penguins and otters have their preferred type of fish and the aquarium tries its best to accommodate their needs. 但是此舉並不很受到歡迎。水族館說,企鵝和水獺都有牠們偏好的魚種,館方設法盡量滿足他們的需要。Source article: ; 歡迎留言告訴我們你對這一集的想法: Powered by Firstory Hosting
Pubu x 通勤學英語 飽讀電子書一分鐘跟讀挑戰 愛看英語學習雜誌的你不需看預算只買一兩本了!John老師今天來跟大家推薦一個能夠解決你困擾的強大電子書平台 Pubu Pubu 「飽讀電子書方案」,我認為就是英語學習雜誌的Netflix!只要每日不到3塊錢就可以讓你把書店裡的熱門英文雜誌像CNN互動英文、空中美語、長春藤、LiveABC等都讀到飽!無限暢讀,把你的學習一站隨身帶著走~ Pubu平台重點特色:熱門雜誌、暢銷書籍應有盡有書籍類別保括英語學習、財經、新聞、時尚、親子語音功能能將電子書變成有聲書一個帳號可以登入七個裝置 Pubu X 通勤學英語 飽讀電子書優惠:點此訂閱半年方案(原價$894 )打59折,只要$529 - 每日不到三塊一年方案(原價$1,788 )打55折,只要$999 - 每日不到兩塊半 即日起到2022/08/30 申辦半年或年方案,Pubu會加碼送: 福利1: 送購書金$50,購書即可立享折扣!! 福利2: 申辦年方案, 可以再抽五台P47 耳罩式藍牙耳機。 --------------------------- 跟讀挑戰規則: 每組挑戰有個別文章 (於CNN互動英語 No.263 八月號),需透過跟讀聽力來完美詮釋 1. Rhythm 語速 2. Tone 語調 3. Pronunciation 發音 歡迎留言告訴我們你對這一集的想法: Powered by Firstory Hosting
每日英語跟讀 Ep.K435: About Zimbabwe - Zimbabwe to introduce gold coins as local currency tumbles   Zimbabwe’s central bank said it would start selling gold coins this month as a store of value to tame runaway inflation, which has considerably weakened the local currency. 辛巴威中央銀行本月即將開始販賣金幣作為價值儲存,以抑制失控的通貨膨脹,通膨已大幅削弱當地貨幣。 The central bank governor John Mangudya said in a statement that the coins will be available for sale from July 25 in local currency, U.S. dollars and other foreign currencies at a price based on the prevailing international price of gold and the cost of production. 央行行長強.曼谷迪亞在聲明中說:7月25日起,金幣將可以使用當地貨幣、美元和其他外幣來出售,價格則是基於當時的國際黃金價格和生產成本。 The "Mosi-oa-tunya" coin, named after Victoria falls, can be converted into cash and be traded locally and internationally, the central bank said. 央行表示,以維多利亞瀑布命名的莫西奧圖尼亞金幣可兌換成現金,並在當地和國際間交易買賣。 The gold coin will contain one troy ounce of gold and will be sold by Fidelity Gold Refinery, Aurex and local banks, it added. 央行補充說明,金幣含有一金衡盎司黃金,由Fidelity黃金鑄造廠、奧瑞和當地銀行出售。 Gold coins are used by investors internationally to hedge against inflation and wars. 金幣被國際投資客用來作為抵擋通膨和戰爭的避險手段。 Zimbabwe more than doubled its policy rate to 200% from 80% and outlined plans to make the U.S. dollar legal tender for the next five years to boost confidence. 辛巴威將其政策利率調整了一倍以上,從80%調升到200%,初步規劃五年內讓美元成為法定貨幣以提升信心。   Next Article   In Zimbabwe, a cemetery has become an exercise hotspot 在辛巴威,墓地成為運動熱門地點   Caroline Vumbunu believes that exercising among the dead helps prolong her life. 卡洛琳.馮布努相信在死人群中運動能夠幫助延長壽命。 Every morning, the 59-year-old takes power walks in the Warren Hills cemetery in Zimbabwe’s capital. 每天早上,59歲的馮布努在辛巴威首都的華倫丘墓地健走。 She’s not alone. The cemetery has become a workout site for dozens of other Zimbabweans due to a lack of gyms and other exercise venues in many Harare neighborhoods. 她並不孤單。由於在哈拉雷許多社區缺乏健身房與其他運動場所,墓地成為數十名辛巴威人的健身地點。 The dozens of men and women broke up into groups for routines led by instructors. Dressed in colorful tracksuits, they did pushups and crunches on a cemetery road bordered by countless graves. 數十名男女在教練的帶領下,分成幾隊進行例行訓練。他們身著五顏六色的運動服,在一條與數不清的墳墓接壤的墓地小徑上,做伏地挺身及仰臥起坐。 Those who come here in search of fitness among the more than 20,000 graves enjoy the serene environment. There are few distractions besides the occasional service vehicles or people driving by to visit the final resting places of their loved ones. 這些在超過2萬個墳墓間尋求健身的人,享受這種安詳的環境。除了偶爾經過的服務工作車或是前來至親愛人最後安歇地悼念的民眾外,很少有令人分心的事物。Source article: ; 歡迎留言告訴我們你對這一集的想法: Powered by Firstory Hosting
每日英語跟讀 Ep.K436: About movies - Top Gun: Maverick Flies Past Titanic as Paramount’s Highest-Grossing Movie at Domestic Box Office   Top Gun: Maverick has officially become Paramount Pictures’ highest-grossing movie in the United States and Canada, surpassing Titanic. 「捍衛戰士:獨行俠」,正式成為派拉蒙影業在美加地區最高票房電影,超過「鐵達尼號」。 While the 1997 romance-disaster epic technically racked up close to $660 million at the domestic box office including both its original run and several subsequent re-releases, it earned $600.8 million on its first run — a number that has now been surpassed by Maverick. 儘管這部1997年的浪漫災難鉅作包括首輪上映和之後幾次重新發行,在國內的實際票房累計達到接近6億6000萬美元,但該片首輪上映賺進6億零80萬美元—這個數字現在被「獨行俠」超越了。 The sequel to 1986’s Top Gun has raked in $601.9 million domestically to date since its May 27 release, according to Box Office Mojo. 根據票房統計網站「票房魔酒」,這部1986年電影「捍衛戰士」的續集,自5月27日上映至今,國內票房累積達6億零190萬美元。 Internationally, the action flick has earned $587.9 million, for a global total of $1.19 billion. 在國際市場,這部動作片已賺進5億8790萬美元,全球總票房為11億9000萬美元。   Next Article   ’The Wizard of Oz’ Is the Most Influential Movie of All Time-《綠野仙蹤》是史上最具影響力電影   The Wizard of Oz is the most influential film of all time, followed by Star Wars, Psycho and King Kong, according to a study. 一項研究顯示,《綠野仙蹤》是史上最具影響力的電影,其次是《星際大戰》、《驚魂記》及《金剛》。 Researchers at the University of Turin in Italy calculated an influence score for 47,000 films listed in the internet movie database (IMDb). The results showed that the top 20 most influential films were all produced before 1980, mostly in the US. 義大利都靈大學研究人員計算4萬7000部電影的影響力評分,這些作品列於網路電影資料庫(IMDb)。結果顯示,最具影響力的20部電影,都是在1980年前製作,主要集中在美國。 The Wizard of Oz, starring Judy Garland and premiered in 1939, topped the list. It has been referenced in almost 3000 other movies, including its iconic songs like Over The Rainbow, and its most famous line ’I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.’ 1939年首映由茱蒂‧嘉蘭主演的《綠野仙蹤》高居榜首。該片在近3000部其他電影中被引用,包括〈彩虹之上〉等經典歌曲,以及最著名的台詞「我有預感,我們已經不在堪薩斯州了。」 Applying the same algorithm to actors, it found that Samuel Jackson, Clint Eastwood and Tom Cruise, Arnold Schwarzenegger and John Wayne made up the top five. 這項研究對演員應用相同的演算法,發現山繆傑克森、克林伊斯威特、湯姆克魯斯、阿諾史瓦辛格及約翰韋恩為最具影響力的五大演員。Source article: ; 歡迎留言告訴我們你對這一集的想法: Powered by Firstory Hosting
Summary: Around the world, there are many foods that has nothing to do with their names. Some are based on place, and some are based on the food paired. In this episode, Angel and I chat about food trivia and go through the foods that have nothing to do with their names. Do you know of any foods like that Comment down below!   Vocabulary: Trivia n. 不重要的知識/冷知識 Food trivia can be used as an interesting conversation starter. 食物相關冷知識可以當作開啟話題的有趣議題。 Filling n. 內餡/填充物 Sun cake does not come from the sun and has no sun as its filling. 太陽餅不是從太陽來的,也不是把太陽當內餡。 Pomme frites n. 炸薯條(比利時) Pomme frites are just plain fries with a Belgian origin. Pomme frites是緣起比利時的炸薯條。   更多Vocab Podcast節目: 歡迎主題投稿/意見回覆 : 商業合作/贊助來信 Powered by Firstory Hosting
每日英語跟讀 Ep.K434: Stars Return to Fill the Stage, But Gaze at Many Empty Seats   Patti LuPone, Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig came back to Broadway. Dancers filled stages, symphonies reverberated in concert halls and international theater companies returned to American stages. 佩蒂盧彭、休傑克曼、丹尼爾克雷格回到百老匯。舞者登上舞台,交響樂在音樂廳內迴盪,國際劇團重返美國舞台。 The resumption of live performance after the long pandemic shutdown brought plenty to cheer about over the past year. But from regional theaters to Broadway, and from local orchestras to grand opera houses, performing arts organizations are reporting persistent drops in attendance. 經歷長時間疫情封鎖後,現場演出得以恢復,這在過去一年裡帶來很多歡呼,但從地方劇院到百老匯,從地方管弦樂隊到大型歌劇院,演藝組織均報告說,觀眾人數持續下滑。 Many presenters anticipate that the softer box office will extend into the upcoming season and perhaps beyond. And some fear that the virus is accelerating long-term trends that have troubled arts organizations for years, including softer ticket sales for many classical music events, the decline of the subscription model for selling tickets at many performing arts organizations, and the increasing tendency among consumers to purchase tickets at the last minute. 許多出品人預期,疲弱票房將延續到下一季,甚至更久。一些人擔心,病毒正讓困擾藝術機構多年的長期趨勢加速,包括許多古典音樂活動門票銷售疲軟,許多演藝團體銷售門票的訂閱模式正逐步下滑,以及消費者愈來愈傾向於最後一刻購票。 The concert industry, which attracts younger patrons than many other performing arts sectors, has been a real bright spot. Live Nation, the global concert giant, recently reported that it had sold 100 million tickets for the full year, more than in 2019. 與其他表演藝術領域相比,吸引更年輕顧客的演唱會產業一直是個真正亮點。全球演唱會產業龍頭Live Nation近來公布財報表示,該公司全年賣出1億張門票,比2019年多。 But scattered hits and crowded concerts can distract from the reality that, for most classical and theatrical institutions and shows, attendance is down, ticket prices are depressed, productions are fewer, and memberships or subscriptions have fallen. 然而,零星的叫座演出和擁擠的演唱會,可能會分散人們對現實的注意力。對大多數古典和戲劇單位及秀場來說,觀眾數下跌、票價下降、製作減少、會員或訂閱人數下滑。 Broadway offers the most obvious (and stark) evidence of diminished attendance and its economic consequences. During the 2021-22 season, which started slow and late as the industry gradually reopened, there were 6,860 performances seen by 6.7 million people, grossing $845 million. By contrast, during the 2018-19 season, the last full season before the pandemic, there were 13,590 performances seen by 14.8 million people, grossing $1.8 billion. 百老匯提供了最明顯(且赤裸裸)的證據,證明觀眾減少及其造成的經濟後果。由於這個產業緩步重啟,2021至22演出季較慢且較晚開始,這一季有6860場演出,670萬人觀看,票房收入8.45億美元。相較之下,2018至19年,也就是疫情爆發前最後一個完整演出季,共有1萬3590場演出,1480萬人觀看,票房收入18億美元。 Even far from Broadway, numbers are mostly down. 即便在遠離百老匯的地方,數字也大多是下滑的。 “I’d be a liar if I said I was happy,” said Brian Kelsey, managing director of Peninsula Players Theatre in Door County, Wisconsin. “I don’t know if people are out of the habit or unaware or if the clientele that had come is now more interested in outdoor beer gardens, I just know that we’re definitely seeing a downturn.” 威斯康辛州多爾郡半島演員劇院總經理布萊恩.凱爾西表示:「如果我說我很高興,那我就是在說謊。我不知道人們是出於習慣還是沒意識到,還是曾來過的客人現在對戶外啤酒花園更感興趣,我只知道我們絕對見證了景氣低迷。」Source article: Powered by Firstory Hosting
每日英語跟讀 Ep.K433: The Future of California’s Last Nuclear Power Plant   At a gathering of nuclear professionals and enthusiasts in Anaheim, California, a couple of months ago, the tenor of the conversations about the Diablo Canyon Power Plant — California’s last operating nuclear reactor — turned inconceivably hopeful. 數月前,在加州安那罕一場核專業人士與愛好者的聚會上,關於加州最後一座正在運行的核電廠魔鬼谷電廠的討論基調,變得不可思議地充滿希望。 The American Nuclear Society’s convention, held for four days in the shadow of Mickey Mouse, could not have picked a better venue to uplift spirits. And no one flashed a bigger grin than Gene Nelson, a standout not just for his towering height but also for his signature headbands and his yearslong campaign to keep Diablo Canyon running beyond a planned shutdown by the end of 2025. 這場在米老鼠陰影下舉行4天的美國核子學會大會,沒有比這更好的地方來振奮精神。沒有人比吉恩.尼爾森笑得更開心了。他引人注目,不只因為高大的身材,還有他的招牌髮帶,以及他多年來一直努力,希望讓預計2025年底關閉的魔鬼谷電廠能持續運轉。 “I thought our chances were zero,” Nelson, a government liaison for Californians for Green Nuclear Power, told the conference attendees about the effort to maintain nuclear power in the state. “What has happened since then, it’s been like a snowball.” 尼爾森是「加州人挺綠色核能」組織的政府聯絡員,他向與會者報告加州維持核能的行動說:「我還以為我們沒機會了,從那之後發生的事情就像滾雪球一樣。」 Pushing that snowball is Gov. Gavin Newsom. Although it seemed improbable that Diablo Canyon’s supporters could overcome the numerous challenges to maintain the plant’s operations, a lot has changed and those hurdles appear to be getting swallowed up in the growing clean energy movement. 推動這個雪球的是州長紐森。儘管魔鬼谷的支持者似乎不太可能克服眾多挑戰來維持電廠運作,但很多事情已發生變化,而且那些障礙顯然正被日益增長的清潔能源運動消除。 Last month, Newsom proposed a measure that would provide a forgivable loan of $1.4 billion to the plant’s owner to help resolve permitting, licensing and cost issues. The California Assembly would need to pass the legislation and have it signed in September to make the whole idea possible. 上個月,紐森提出一項措施,將向電廠擁有者提供14億美元可免除貸款,幫忙解決許可、發照及成本問題。加州議會將必須透過這項立法,並於9月簽署,才能讓整個想法成為可能。 In addition, the U.S. Energy Department made $6 billion available to nuclear plant owners to help keep existing facilities operating. 此外,美國能源部向核電廠擁有者提供60億美元,協助維持現有設施運作。 Gunda presented during a public conversation last month about the prospect of continuing the operations at Diablo, which produces about 9% of the state’s electricity. 上月一次公開談話中,加州能源委員會成員之一席瓦.岡達談及魔鬼谷繼續運作的前景。魔鬼谷發電量約占該州發電量的9%。 Even authors of a Stanford University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology report supporting the extension of Diablo Canyon noted that one of the two units had to be taken offline in 2020, the last time California experienced rolling blackouts. That has prompted some to urge caution. 就連史丹福大學和麻省理工學院一份支持魔鬼谷延役報告的作者也指出,兩座機組其中之一在2020年必須停機時,就是加州最近一次經歷輪流停電之時。這促使一些人呼籲要謹慎行事。 “I was a little bit heartbroken by the governor’s proposal,” said Najmedin Meshkati, an engineering professor at the University of Southern California who has inspected many nuclear plants throughout the world. “The word safety is only mentioned once in passing. They really need to bend over backward and go the extra mile to ensure the safety and reliability issues.” 曾赴世界許多核電廠視察的南加大工程學教授納吉米丁.梅許卡蒂說:「州長的提議讓我有點心碎。安全這個字只順便提到一次。他們真的必須盡力且付出更多努力,來確保安全性和可靠性的問題。」Source article: Powered by Firstory Hosting
Topic: A Monster Wind Turbine Is Upending an Industry Twirling above a strip of land at the mouth of Rotterdam’s harbor is a wind turbine so large it is difficult to photograph. The turning diameter of its rotor is longer than two American football fields end to end. Later models will be taller than any building on the mainland of Western Europe. 鹿特丹港口一處狹長土地上,有座風力發電機在轉動,規模大到難以近距離拍攝,葉片旋轉直徑比兩座美式足球場接起來還長,日後更新版的風機將比西歐大陸上任何建物都高。 Packed with sensors gathering data on wind speeds, electricity output and stresses on its components, the giant whirling machine in the Netherlands is a test model for a new series of giant offshore wind turbines planned by General Electric. When assembled in arrays, the wind machines have the potential to power cities, supplanting the emissions-spewing coal- or natural gas-fired plants that form the backbones of many electric systems today. 這個位於荷蘭的巨型旋轉機器,是奇異公司所規畫新系列巨型離岸風機的測試模型,配備了收集風速、電力輸出及各零件所受應力數據的感應器。這些風機若以陣列布建,具備為城市供電的潛力,取代大量排放廢氣、組成當今許多發電系統骨幹的燃煤或燃氣發電廠。 GE has yet to install one of these machines in ocean water. As a relative newcomer to the offshore wind business, the company faces questions about how quickly and efficiently it can scale up production to build and install hundreds of the turbines. 奇異公司尚未在海上安裝此類機器。奇異在離岸風電業堪稱新兵,面臨的問題是,能多快、多有效地擴大生產規模,以建造並安裝數百座風機。 But already the giant turbines have turned heads in the industry. A top executive at the world’s leading wind farm developer called it a “bit of a leapfrog over the latest technology.” And an analyst said the machine’s size and advance sales had “shaken the industry.” 然而這種巨型風機已在業界引起轟動。全球頂尖風場開發商的一位高管稱其為「超越最新技術的一次飛躍」。一位分析師表示,這款機器的尺寸與預售量「撼動了整個產業」。 The prototype is the first of a generation of new machines that are about a third more powerful than the largest already in commercial service. As such, it is changing the business calculations of wind equipment makers, developers and investors. 這是新世代風機的第一個原型機,新世代風機功能比已在商業運轉的最大風機還要強三分之一左右。因此,它正在改變風力設備製造商、開發商與投資人的盤算。 The GE machines will have a generating capacity that would have been almost unimaginable a decade ago. A single one will be able to turn out 13 megawatts of power, enough to light up a town of roughly 12,000 homes. 奇異的風機將具有十年前幾乎無法想像的發電能力,一座就能產生13百萬瓦電力,足夠點亮約有1.2萬戶家庭的小鎮。 The turbine is capable of producing as much thrust as the four engines of a Boeing 747 jet, according to GE, and will be deployed at sea, where developers have learned that they can plant larger and more numerous turbines than on land to capture breezes that are stronger and more reliable. 奇異表示,這種風機能產生相當於波音747飛機四具引擎的推力,將部署在海上,開發商已經知道在海上能安裝比陸上更大也更多的風機,以捕捉更強也更可靠的風。 The race to build bigger turbines has moved faster than many industry figures foresaw. GE’s Haliade-X generates almost 30 times more electricity than the first offshore machines installed off Denmark in 1991. 建造更大風機的競賽步調比許多業內人士預測的要快。奇異的Haliade-X風機,發電量幾乎是1991年安裝於丹麥近海的第一座離岸風機的30倍。 In coming years, customers are likely to demand even bigger machines, industry executives say. On the other hand, they predict that turbines will reach a point at which greater size no longer makes economic sense. 業界高層表示,未來幾年顧客很可能要求更大的機器。另一方面,他們預測,風機遲早會來到再大就不合經濟效益的時刻。 Source article:   Next Article   Topic: A Scary Energy Winter Is Coming. Don’t Blame the Greens. Every so often the tectonic geopolitical plates that hold up the world economy suddenly shift in ways that can rattle and destabilize everything on the surface. That’s happening right now in the energy sphere. 有時候,承載世界經濟的地緣政治板塊會突然移動,把地表每樣東西搖得嘎嘎作響。這種事現在就在能源領域發生。 Several forces are coming together that could make Vladimir Putin the king of Europe, enable Iran to thumb its nose at America and build an atomic bomb, and disrupt European power markets enough that the upcoming United Nations climate conference in Glasgow, Scotland, could suffer blackouts owing to too little clean energy. 有幾股勢力正在匯聚,能使俄國總統普亭成為歐洲之王,使伊朗有本錢不把美國放在眼裡,進而造出原子彈,並足以打亂歐洲能源市場,讓即將登場的英國蘇格蘭格拉斯哥聯合國氣候大會可能會因為潔淨能源太少而停電。 Yes, this is a big one. 沒錯,問題很大。 Natural gas and coal prices in Europe and Asia just hit their highest levels on record, oil prices in America hit a seven-year high and U.S. gasoline prices are up $1 a gallon from last year. If this winter is as bad as some experts predict — with some in the poor and middle classes unable to heat their homes — I fear we’ll see a populist backlash to the whole climate/green movement. You can already smell that coming in Britain. 歐亞兩洲的天然氣和煤價剛剛達到史上最高,美國原油價格創七年新高,而汽油價格每加侖比去年上漲1美元。如果今年冬天跟一些專家預測的一樣糟,一些貧窮和中產階級人家負擔不起取暖費用,我擔心會出現針對整個氣候和綠能運動的民粹反彈。在英國已經可以嗅到這個跡象。 How did we get here? In truth, it’s a good-news-bad-news story. 我們怎會走到這一步?其實,這是個好消息壞消息都有的故事。 The good news is that every major economy has signed onto reducing its carbon footprint by phasing out dirtier fuels like coal to heat homes and to power industries. The bad news is that most nations are doing it in totally uncoordinated ways, from the top down, and before the market has produced sufficient clean renewables like wind, solar and hydro. 好消息是,每個主要經濟體都已同意,透過逐步淘汰煤炭這類比較髒的燃料給家庭取暖和給產業供電,減少碳足跡。壞消息則是,多數國家這麼做的時候完全沒有互相協調,由上而下執行,而且市場還沒製造出足夠多的風力、太陽能和水力等清潔能源。 But how did the bad-news side of this story emerge so fast? 這個故事的壞消息面為何這麼快出現? Blame COVID-19. First, the pandemic erupted and signaled to every major economy that we were headed for a deep recession. This sent prices of all kinds of commodities, including oil and gas, into downward spirals. 要怪新冠肺炎。首先,疫情爆發,對每個重要經濟體而言意味我們正走向深度衰退,使原油、天然氣等各類大宗商品價格走軟。 This, in turn, led banks to choke off investment in new natural gas capacity and crude wells after seven years of already declining investments in these hydrocarbons because of lousy returns. 這進而使銀行停止投資擴充天然氣產能和油井。銀行已減少投資這些碳氫化合物達七年,因為報酬率很差。 As Bill Gates points out in his smart book “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster,” the only way to reach our climate targets is to shift production of all the big heavy industries, like steel, cement and automobiles, as well as how we heat our homes and power our cars, to electricity generated from clean energy. Safe and affordable nuclear power has to be part of our mix because, Gates argues, “it is the only carbon-free, scalable energy source that’s available 24 hours a day.” 就像微軟創辦人蓋茲在他那本睿智的書「如何避免氣候災難」指出的,達成氣候目標的唯一方法是,改變所有重工業如鋼鐵、水泥、汽車業等的生產方式,以及我們在家取暖和為愛車提供動力的方式,轉而用潔淨能源發電。蓋茲主張必須接納安全可負擔的核能,因為「這是唯一不產生二氧化碳又能擴增的能源來源,每天24小時供應」。Source article:   Next Article   Topic: Londoners are better off returning to the office as bills soar City of London workers looking to save money may want to embrace the office over winter as the cost of working from home soars alongside energy bills. 在家工作的成本隨著能源費用的飆升一起上漲,因此到了冬天,想要省錢的倫敦城上班族可能會希望進辦公室上班。 Those prepared to go into the office every day could save about €50 (US$60) per week in January 2023 if they can walk, run or cycle into their workplace. That’s thanks to the money they’ve saved by not heating a home for the whole day, according to estimates by price comparison site Uswitch. 公室的人若可以走路、跑步或騎自行車到工作地點的話,在二○二三年一月,每週可節省約五十英鎊(六十美元)。根據價格比較網站Uswitch的估計,他們之所以省下這些錢,是因為家裡整天都不開暖氣。 Those working from home in January could expect to pay around €175 a week in energy costs and other incidentals included in Bloomberg’s calculations such as buying in your own coffee, a freebie in many offices. The combined cost of energy bills — factoring in the lower consumption expected — and five return trips on the Tube from London’s Zone 4 would be about €160 a week in January 2023, a €15 saving. 一月份在家工作的人預計每週要支付大約一百七十五英鎊的能源費用,以及彭博社所計算出的其他雜費,例如自費買咖啡——很多辦公室會免費供應咖啡。二○二三年一月能源帳單的總成本(以預期較低的花費計算),加上由倫敦第四區坐地鐵來上班來回五次,每週將花費約一百六十英鎊,因此跟在家工作相比,到辦公室上班節省了十五英鎊。 For those taking the bus, the total cost is about €140, a €35 weekly saving. In both cases, any rise in the cost of the commute will eat into those savings. 坐公車上班的人,總花費則約為一百四十英鎊,每週可節省三十五英鎊。在坐地鐵和公車這兩種情況下,任何通勤成本的增加都會消耗所省下的錢。 Uswitch estimates that the average monthly energy bill could hit €683 in January for home workers, compared to €492 for those heading to the office. It assumes remote workers use 25 percent more electricity and 75 percent more gas per day including from central heating. Uswitch估計,在家工作的人,一月份的平均能源費用可能會達到六百八十三英鎊,而到辦公室上班的人則為四百九十二英鎊。這是假設遠距上班的人每天多使用百分之二十五的電力,以及多百分之七十五的瓦斯,包括用於中央暖氣。 Coping Mechanism “People are going to be really struggling to heat their own homes and they are going to look for warmth in other places — we know that is a coping mechanism that people use, whether that is going to a public space, such as a library or a church maybe, or whether it’s going to work when you usually would work from home” Matt Copeland, policy officer at National Energy Action said. “Those are the options people will consider and people will take to actually find warmth.” 因應機制 「要把自己家裡變暖將是難以負擔的窘境,所以人們會到其他地方取暖——我們知道這是一種因應機制,無論是去公共場所,比如圖書館或教堂,或是在你通常在家工作的時候到辦公室上班」,國家能源行動組織政策主管馬特‧科普蘭表示。「人們會考慮和採用這些選項,而實際上找到暖源」。 The incentive to come into the office is likely to be welcomed by some in the City of London, where finance bosses have been pushing for a return to the office. Right now less than half of workers in the UK’s banking sector go into the office on an average day, and just 18 percent of insurance sector employees do so, according to a survey by consultancy Advanced Workplace Associates.準備每天去辦 對於這進辦公室的動機,倫敦城某些人可能會樂見其成。這些金融業老闆一直在推動員工重返辦公室。根據諮詢公司Advanced Workplace Associates的一項調查,目前英國銀行業平均只有不到一半的員工進辦公室上班,而保險業只有百分之十八的員工這麼做。source article: Powered by Firstory Hosting
即刻加入15Mins通勤學英語直播室,每週一9pm等你來說英文 :   PUT / GET YOUR THINKING CAP ON 認真思考 To engage your mind and think in a serious manner. We need to figure out how we’re going to solve this problem. So, let’s put our thinking caps on! DRAW A BLANK ㄧ無所獲,毫無回應 To fail to get an answer or result / to fail to remember something. He asked me for my phone number and I drew a blank - I just couldn't remember it. COVER A LOT OF GROUND涉及面廣 When a lot of work needs to be completed. If there is a lot of research to be done, or material to get through. Our team have done so well over the past two weeks, we’ve managed to cover so much ground that I feel this programme may be ready by the end of this month! We have to complete our research within the next month. We still have a lot of ground to cover, and I fear we may not get everything done in time.   LEARN (SOMETHING) BY HEART / OFF BY HEART背起來 To memorise something so well, that it can be written or recited without thinking. I can’t believe you learnt the whole Macbeth play by heart! Well done! She learnt all the compositions by Beethoven off by heart!   SCHOOL SOMEONE IN SOMETHING 教育某人某事 To train, discipline or coach someone in something. She schooled her brother in patience.   CUT CLASS / PLAY HOOKY / SKIP CLASS 翹課 When someone does not go to their lessons. David has been cutting class again; I haven’t seen him in any of our French lessons for the past week! They played hooky at college so they could be first in line for the concert tickets. The teacher told his parents that he’d been skipping classes! He’s not allowed to go out with us now.   練習時間: 請使用二到三個慣用語來分享自身校園/學習體驗 Use two to three idioms to share a story about your schooling or studies. Powered by Firstory Hosting
每日英語跟讀 Ep.K432: About SKorea - Cats caused more than 100 house fires in the past 3 years, South Korea officials say   Pet owners in South Korea have been warned to stay on their guard after more than 100 fires were started by cats over the past three years, according to fire officials in the capital Seoul. 南韓首都首爾的消防官員表示,貓在過去3年引發超過100起火災,警告寵物飼主保持警覺。 A statement Thursday from the Seoul Metropolitan Fire and Disaster Department said cats caused a total of 107 house fires between January 2019 and November 2021. 首爾大都會消防與災難部門週四發表的一份聲明說,從2019年1月到2021年11月,貓總共引發107起住宅火災。 The cats are believed to have started the fires by switching on electric stoves, the department said. Cats can turn electric stoves on by jumping on touch-sensitive buttons – and once overheated, the appliances can catch fire. 該部門說,據信是貓打開電爐開關而引發火災。貓能夠藉由跳上觸動感應式按鈕而打開電爐──而電爐一旦過熱,就會起火。 Four people were injured in the fires, just over half of which started while pet owners were out, the statement added. 該聲明補充說,這些火災中有4人受傷,其中過半數火災發生於飼主不在家之際。   Next Article   ’Silver tsunami’ threatens to wipe out S. Korean rural communities 「銀色海嘯」恐令南韓偏鄉社區滅村   By 2030, a quarter of all South Koreans will be over 65 years old, and the overall population is expected to peak at around 52 million the same year before entering a period of steady decline. 2030年前,南韓總人口的4分之1,年齡將逾65歲,在進入穩定減少期前,總人口預計同年達高峰,約5200萬人。 Nestled among mountains and known for its mushrooms and apples, Gunwi county boasted a population of more than 70,000 in the 1980s. That number now stands at 24,000 with nearly 40 percent over 65 years old - one of the highest ratios in South Korea. (慶尚北道)軍威郡坐落在群山間,以蘑菇和蘋果聞名,1980年代曾擁有7萬多名人口。目前人口為2萬4000,近4成人口逾65歲,係全南韓比例最高的地方之一。 Childbirth has become so rare that there isn’t a single obstetrician or maternity ward in the entire county, and more than 20 elementary, middle and high schools have closed since the 1990s. South Korea has a fertility rate of 1.19 births per woman - the lowest among OECD member nations. 因出生率太低,導致整個軍威郡沒有任何婦產科醫師或產房,且自1990年代以來,20幾間小學、中學及高中已廢校。南韓每名婦女的生育率為1.19個孩子,在經濟合作暨發展組織(OECD)會員國中墊底。 Gunwi officials have done what they can to rejuvenate the county, offering free school lunches and cash incentives for couples having a third child. The central government has launched similar schemes across the country, pumping more than 80 trillion won since 2006 into programmes aimed at encouraging people to marry young and have larger families, according to health ministry data. 為讓軍威郡年輕化,當地官員已盡其所能,提供免費的學校營養午餐和發放現金獎勵予生第三胎的夫妻。根據南韓保健福祉部數據,中央政府已在全國實施類似方案,自2006年以來對該計畫挹注逾80兆韓元,旨在鼓勵民眾早點結婚,並組織較大的家庭。Source article: ; Powered by Firstory Hosting
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Petty Chan

天啊!這個節目超棒的! 可以利用零碎時間練習,省時又有效率。 篇幅不長,不會有負擔。

Apr 24th
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Corinna Chen

內容豐富多元 短篇文章對聽讀都很有幫助!

Feb 13th
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