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Directors of Sociably Dom and Louis look at the shifting balance between brand and influencer in the evolving influencer marketing landscape.  To learn more about Sociably's influencer campaigns on both Instagram and TikTok visit 
In this episode Sociably talk whether TikTok works for brands in the luxury sector and how this new social platform could be the key to engaging a new audience.
In this episode Louis-Nicolas and Dom look back at their previous careers. From completely different worlds - one a lawyer, the other a buyer for a luxury fashion house - what skills did they bring with them and which habits did they try to leave behind? An open conversation about starting a luxury influencer marketing agency. 
Dom and Louis-Nicolas introduce the Sociably podcast - a look at the evolving world of influencer marketing. In this first episode we ask how long it takes to gain 200k+ followers, whether influencers can afford to stop posting every day and can an iphone picture ever be 'good enough'?
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