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Jupiter Farms, YOUR community has its very own podcast. The Jupiter Farms Residents PODCAST! Of course, JFR has monthly community meetings, and we regularly interact on our Facebook page and there's also our e-Newsletter. Yet we keep hearing from people wanting to hear MORE about our community. To answer that, we’ve decided to do a monthly podcast to keep you even more informed about what’s going on in "The Farms." Sure, we’ll hit all the basics, “When is the hoedown?” “When do the Christmas Trees go on pre-sale?” “When is the next meeting?” – but we hope to bring you a lot more. Many times, an email or a post can get missed – our messages have a lot of competition out there, so we want to meet you where YOU are - and for most of us that’s on our mobile phones.So, whether you’re an experienced podcaster or not quite sure where to get them – don’t worry. If you’re reading this, you’re in the right spot. Just hit the subscribe button wherever you got this podcast and you’re good. Every episode we release will come to you absolutely free.Thanks for listening! And please don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and tell your friends and neighbors about this exciting new addition to our community.
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Welcome to Episode 10 of the Jupiter Farms Residents Podcast and we are lucky to have Becky Robinson and Willie Puz from the Solid Waste Authority (SWA) on the show to be pelted by all our questions about the new solid waste collection contract. There are some changes to the way things have traditionally been done so this is one of our more necessary and helpful podcasts to date. We specifically focus how things change in our area so listen closely – you will be quizzed on your knowledge of the new rules! For any other questions, concerns call SWA at 561-697-2700 or find them online at www.SWA.org01:16 – RECYCLING isn’t changing but we get into all the do’s and don’ts of this Thursday tradition 02:36 – What goes in the blue bin? Lids on or off?11:30 – What goes in the yellow bin? Does your Pizza box get recycled?14:19 – What numbers 1-7 are recyclable and what about Styrofoam and plastic bags.16:30 – What to do with Batteries? 17:22 – More things you should NOT recycle19:49 – THE NEW TRASH RECEPTACLE is mandatory to use for trash24:07 – What if the 96 Gallon cart doesn’t work for your family?27:52 – What about BULK items? What are the changes, what can I put out? 30:10 – YARD VEGETATION WASTE – How much can I put out at a time?35:07 – 6 cubic yards of yard waste is the maximum that can be put out at any one time37:21 – What if my waste isn’t being picked up? 561-697-2700 or www.SWA.org40:22 – How should my vegetation be cut to conform to SWA rules? 42:17 – What about empty lots or land clearing an area? 44:24 – What about illegal dumping? 50:19 – Lots with secondary structures may be entitled to additional benefits 51:21 – COMMUNITY CALENDAR: 10/8 JFR Meeting at 7pm, 10/12 Talking Trash at the Pavilion, 10/23 SIRWCD Board Meeting, Until 10/15 you can pre-order your Christmas Trees, Support the show
This month we’re speaking with Benji Studtof Palm Beach County Environmental Resources Management, or ERM. Benji has been with the ERM since 2006. He is currently an Environmental Program Supervisor in ERM’s Outreach Section.  In addition to outreach activities and public education, his experience includes wetland mitigation administration, and designing, permitting and managing restoration projects on County natural areas.  He also assists with biological monitoring and prescribed fire activities.00:27 – What is ERM? What do they do?01:53 – Why the prescribed burns out here? Are they really needed? 06:17 – Benji tells us about the exciting things happening at the Loxahatchee Slough10:40 – Benji reminds Jupiter Farmers about all the great things around us (including Cyprus Creek North and South)13:03 – ERM and Busch Wildlife Sanctuaryhave teamed up in some cool and amazing ways14:02 – They’ve also partnered with the Palm Beach Zoo& the Avian Research & Conservation Institute17:06 – They also have many more creative partners in their adopt a natural area program18:04 – Adventure Awaitsis an awesome program with tons of activities and they are FREE (including a Scary Trail for Halloween on October 25th) 21:39 – Benji talks about some of the benchmarks he’s seen in the wildlife areas since 2006 (Pine Glades is great for a memorable sunset) 24:16 – The Loxahatchee River is being restored by ERM and other land management agencies which in turn helps Jupiter Farms 28:19 – Here are the questions Matt should have asked but didn’t (Benji is apart of an amazing team at ERM)… 30:42 – Now it’s YOUR turn. Let your government officials know how appreciative you are of ERM’s work and the importance of the land. 33:23 – COMMUNITY CALENDAR: Jupiter Farms Residents Meeting September 10that 7pm at the Pavilion, SIRWCD Annual Land Owners Meeting September 19th in the Jupiter High School Auditorium, Pre-Order your Christmas Trees from September 15th– October 15thCheck out ERM online at @PBCERM and @BenjiStudtPhoto on InstagramSupport the show
Welcome to another episode of the Jupiter Farms Residents Podcast, this is number eight! This month we have with us three candidates for the South Indian River Water Control District (SIRWCD) Board of Supervisors.  Thom Fredrick, Michael Howard and John Jones join us to discuss their candidacy, why they’re running and what they would like to do if elected. 01:05 – Why do you want to serve on the Board? 03:52 – Discuss how you will handle the differing needs of the different areas under SIRWCD’s control?06:49 – What are your own assessments?09:21 – How would you reconcile decisions that could affect different assessments in dramatically different ways (like paving roads)?12:05 – What are some of the biggest challenges facing SIRWCD?18:40 – What issue matters to you most?25:20 – We in Jupiter Farms vet our candidates rigorously. 32:01 – Water quality & water control is a huge issue – Where are we headed on this issue?38:58 – Closing statements 41:22 – COMMUNITY CALENDAR – JFR August 13th, Candidates Night at 7pm at the Pavilion. SIRWCD Meeting August 15that 6pm at the Pavilion. Support the show
If Nobody Cared...

If Nobody Cared...


This month we discuss what it would be like if nobody cared.  If you go to the Jupiter Farms Residents website, you can find a slider picture that says “If Nobody Cared” and it has information about all of the different projects that over the last couple of decades were proposed and either fought against or mitigated by JFR.  If not for actions taken, Jupiter Farms would closely resemble the likes of PGA or Northlake Blvd.  So, this month we discuss many of the current and former battles the current board has waged to keep Jupiter Farms the community you know and love.01:30 – Surf Ranch – Why can’t I drop my kid off at this gigantic pool this (or any) Summer?07:51 – Soccer Club - Why can’t I drop my kid off at this gigantic field this (or any) Summer?12:15 - Sober Living Home – What’s up with this place and its proposed expansion?14:04 – Reynolds Ranch – Why wasn’t that turned into a Jupiter Farms High School or Park?19:59 – The Bears Club – Is that project dead?22:02 – Will we ever get another signal near the Shopping Center to help prevent accidents?27:38 – Community Calendar– Not much happening folks – enjoy the Summer!Support the show
With rainy season upon us we thought it prudent to do an episode on all things water.  So, who is responsible when the swales overflow, culverts collapse and drainage backs up? Thankfully our friend Mike Dillon stopped by to answer all our questions. Mike has worked for the South Indian River Water Control District (SIRWCD) for twenty years and was named Manager of Operations in March of 2011. 00:40 – Who is Sir Wicked and why is he so Wicked?  (aka - What is SIRWCD?)01:53 – With rainy season at hand we wanted to understand our drainage systems a bit better – Mike explains the difference between primary and secondary systems – and what’s up with our swales! For those unaware: A swale is a shallow channel with gently sloping sides. Artificial swales are often infiltration basins, designed to manage water runoff, filter pollutants, and increase rainwater infiltration. You have one surrounding your property!05:01 – Are swales breeding grounds for mosquitos? 05:31 – What is a culvert, what do they do and why do they need to be maintained?07:12 – SIRWCD has a culvert replacement program – Call to get yours replaced: 561-747-055012:17 – How do I make sure my vegetative debris doesn’t impact my swale? 16:00 – How should we expect the drainage systems to react after a heavy rain event? 25:54 – Tales of SIRWCD vs. Wildlife 31:37 – COMMUNITY CALENDAR-      Residents Meeting, Tuesday, June 11that 7:00pm at the Jupiter Farms Pavilion -      For more information on SIRWCD go to or call 561-747-0550Support the show
This month we have a very special episode for you.  Two Grande Dames of the Farms, Kathryn Fleming and Sandra Mellen-Wakefield.  They share memories from the 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s of the Farms; what it was like living here, and how they helped shape the place we know and love today.  From the Burt Reynolds Ranch, to the shopping center and I95 fights, secret buried treasure (still somewhere waiting to be fully excavated) to nudist firefighters – come join us for a revealing discussion of what it used to be like here. 00:48 – What brought them to the Farms? 04:38 – They compare the Jupiter Farms of today to that of yesteryear 06:16 – How Burt Reynolds coming to the Farms changed everything (Kathryn’s husband managed the Ranch for several years)08:08 – Okay… let’s talk about the Nudist Colony that was here since the 60’s where the campground is today. 11:19 – How some of the roads were named were often literally family affairs (Do we settle the Alexander Run controversy?)12:58 – What it was like to be in some of Burt’s movies that were filmed here 13:53 – The Shopping Center was supposed to be 3 times the size it is today – didn’t happen because of people like Sandra15:37 – Kathryn was part of the fight that prevented I95 from cutting the Farms in half17:22 – Talk about wild animals – the Farms used to be a regular snake pit 20:06 – The origins of the Jupiter Farmer (Hint: Sandra founded it) 23:25 – They share their fondest memories (one including hidden buried Treasure!)28:44 – Some of the development made life in the Farms better and more community-oriented 30:31 – The Nudist Colony was a pillar of the community 31:35 – The Farms was a very free and open place to grow up in33:16 – What was it like when someone moved into town?  Good or bad thing? 34:10 – THE COMMUNITY CALENDAR-      SPECIAL SUNDAY, MAY 5TH EDITION OF ‘TALKING TRASH’ 8AM-      TUESDAY, MAY 14TH JFR MEETING AT 7PM-      THURSDAY, MAY 16TH SIRWCD BOARD OF SUPERVISORS MEETING – 7PM Don’t forget, you can still nominate yourself to for one of the four open slots on the JFR Board of Directors!Support the show
Today we’re talking about all the great organizations out here in Jupiter Farms you can take part in and you can support.  00:29 - Jupiter Farms Residents02:12 – Jupiter Horseman’s Association - Purpose is to promote knowledge and skill in horsemanship, participate in public functions, parades, horsemanship contests and shows, and develop in the community the interest of the general public in the field of horsemanship.www.jupiterhorsemens.org03:03 - Gaited Trail Riders - The purpose of gaited trail riders of south Florida is to provide an enjoyable, social, safe and responsible platform in horsemanship for our club members. April 5-7thPoker Run www.Gaitedtrailriders.com04:45 - Pet Connection by Melanie Willey - If your Pet is Lost or if you have Found a Pet call and leave a message at Pet Connection 561-743-8511. FB Group Jupiter Farms Lost and Found Pets06:57 – The ​Citizen Observer Patrol (COP) - A volunteer unit of the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office. The program is comprised of over 80 individual COP units from neighborhoods much like your own. The phone number is 561-433-2003. If you apply drop Lt. Frances Mullane an email to inform her you are in the process ( – North Everglades Trail Association (NETA) -  Goal is to get people out into the natural areas. Annual OTL Last full weekend in February Fundraiser www.evergladestrails.org12:49 - PBCE Hike and Bike Facebook group13:15 – CERT- Jupiter Farms Community Emergency Response Team, is a community based non-profit organization consisting of volunteers whose focus is on disaster preparation, mitigation, recovery, and communications for the communityHurricane safety day April 6 at the park 16:25 - TALKING TRASH by Kathy Moore – Our group to do trash cleanup around the farms once or twice a month most of the year. To get involved and get community service hours call 561-523-755018:07 – The Community Calendar!   The next JFR Meetingis April 9that 7:00pm at the Pavilion at the JF Park. On April 13ththe annual Spring Family Fun Day at the JF Park from 11-3pm. Support the show
In this month’s edition of the Jupiter Farms Residents Podcast we speak with Amy Kight the Executive Director of the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary about her work and what goes on at the Sanctuary.      This month’s Facebook, “Outrage of the Month” --- What is Verizon up to?-      0:25 This month’s Outrage – Why is Verizon digging?-      1:30 We welcome Amy to the show -      2:30 What happens to an animal after Busch is called?  We take you through the         process -      6:27 What happens to animals who can’t be released into the wild?-      9:49 Which animals go to Busch which go elsewhere?-      10:31 The strangest calls & animals Amy has encountered RECENTLY! (Anyone         missing a Kinkajou?) -       14:03 Over 4,500 animals were rescued last year. So, they need your support:          (561) 575-3399 -      16:02 NEW FEATURES coming to the Sanctuary  -       17:32 A LOT of new activities for kids happening all the time-      19:38 The history of the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary -      23:09 The Community Calendar! Busch Wildlife Sanctuary at Loxahatchee River District 2500 Jupiter Park DriveJupiter, FL 33458Web: http://www.buschwildlife.orgPhone: (561) 575-3399E-mail: director@buschwildlife.orgSupport the show
In this episode the Jupiter Farms Residents Board of Directors discuss what makes Jupiter Farms so special. We also kick off our newest segment, "The Outrage of the Month" This month's outrage comes from our JRF Facebook page and has to do with a little kerfuffle over Golf Carts. 0:51 Outrage of the Month4:49 What makes Jupiter Farms Special5:38 The things that make JF unique6:42 Things to consider before moving to JF7:24 We have pigs, horses & goats oh my!8:04 We have wells, pumps & septic here11:43 We talk about why we moved to JF18:06 Looming threats to our way of life22:54 The community Calendar Support the show
History of Jupiter Farms

History of Jupiter Farms


For our first full episode of the Jupiter Farms Residents podcast we welcome our very first guest, Susan Kennedy the President of the Jupiter Farms Environmental Council (JFEC) as well as one of our keepers of Jupiter Farms history.  With her we discuss Jupiter Farms history and the history of the Jupiter Farms Residents organization.  Some of the topics include: How Jupiter Farms came into being, how the shopping center led to the creation of what became Jupiter Farms Residents.  We also discuss how many of the land use debates directly led to the preservation of our very special and unique home. For more information: Support the show
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