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Effective Leadership in itself is uncomfortable.  (heck, ineffective leadership is uncomfortable too!)  Leading through change takes the cake, and that's why I welcome Nancy Murphy of CSR Communications to talk about change leadership and how we can show up as our best, especially in communication!  In this episode, we talk aboutThe 5 threats that make change so hard.Common downfalls of leaders leading change.Nancy’s big 2022 goal that will move her into the Discomfort ZoneThe secret for communicating in a way that others will listenThe definition of an Intrapreneur and how CSR helps those people thriveCheck out Nancy's LinkedIn here.
It's rare that I find someone who loves and values getting uncomfortable as much as I do, but for this week's episode, I do just that!Sterling Hawkins is an author, speaker, investor, entrepreneur and founder of the #NoMatterWhat community.  He has just written a book called Hunting Discomfort talking about the importance of going out and seeking opportunities to get uncomfortable. (Go get yours here that releases TOMORROW!  (June 21, 2022 if you're not looking at this on episode launch day!)So if you don't want to listen to me about dancing in the discomfort zone...listen to Sterling and let's go hunting!  In this episode, we talk aboutHow discomfort chose him.How discomfort acts as a gym for your resiliency.How he hunts discomfortThe uncomfortable process of writing and publishing his bookHis encounter with a great white sharkIt's a fun and fast moving conversation, so settle in, and decide what discomfort you're embracing next.Oh, and BTW: My next #NoMatterWhat is to summit Kilimanjaro before the clock strikes 2023!Want more of Sterling?  (don't we all?)Go to his website: get the book: the #NoMatterWhat community: 
Are you getting enough sleep?  Maybe it's your bedtime routine or your mattress that's keeping you from catching all the Zs you'd like...and did you know, not getting enough sleep affects EVERY PART OF YOUR LIFE?  Holy cow!  Getting enough sleep is important!  So if you're ever asking "How can I fall asleep faster?" or "How do I sleep through the night?" you've got to listen to this episode.Marten Carlson is the lead sleep reviewer for Mattress Clarity (  He has done a ton of research, and shares his fascinating findings with us!In this episode we talk aboutSleep Apnea and how so many people have it!The top things NOT to do before bed to get good sleepThe right mattresses to look for based on your sleep position.How sleep accessories impact your sleepTons of places to find Marten and his merry band of sleep reviewers..Website www.mattressclarity.comInstagram - - - - Now go!  Sleep!Marten Carlson is a mattress reviewer and sleep expert. He has been working in the sleep space for over 4 years. During that time, he has reviewed over 100 mattresses and has written numerous articles on the importance of healthy sleep. He spends his free time writing screenplays and practicing kung fu.
I LOVE RU PAUL'S DRAG RACE!  It is one of my favorite shows, and Drag is something that has always fascinated me.  Drag is an artform that many people don't understand, so this week, I welcome Bob Bolyard, aka Amber LaMay to join me and talk about his experience with Drag.  Sure, every drag queen has a different motivation, but Bob's is common, his story is super fun, and the positive contribution he is making to his community is undeniable!  (hundreds of thousands of dollars raised!)   In this episode, we talk aboutHow Bob ended up in DragHow the House of LaMay was born in the trailer park at Beaver PondHow his drag character ended up as the Larry King of drag!  (Checkout The guests Amber has had on her show; from politicians, tv stars, broadway stars, etc.All the community events The House of LaMay takes part in, and how they’re truly a positive contribution to the community.  Go to to see Amber in action, and some of the super fun interview clips they have.
When we think about the workplace, Human Resources is often a department that encounters a lot of discomfort.  For the workforce, HR often strikes discomfort in the hearts, so this week, Candice Elliott of Fortress and Flourish ( joins us to talk about HR and her work with small companies to engage and retain their great people, a vital need in today's tough employment environment.   We talk aboutThe pandemic impact on the workforceThe reasons for The Great Resignation according to Pew Research, and what to do about it.Living wage vs minimum wage, and wage transparencyMicroaggressions and tough conversations through the trauma informed lensJoin Candice on Instagram @fortressandflourish ( check out her website
In the wake of the shooting at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, TX, I'm dancing in the discomfort Zone with you all.  Trying to figure out, how do we all live on this planet together?  Everyone is calling for action, and I agree, but what action, I don't know.  Policy?  Sure, but what policy and how do we protect everyone's rights and still protect everyone's lives?  It's an interesting challenge.So in this episode, I reflect on some reading I've done lately (Talking to Strangers by Malcolm Gladwell is the one I talk about in this episode,  I reflect on belonging.  I reflect on doing better.  I apologize ahead of time if my thoughts seem rambly...I don't have answers or clear thoughts right now, but I know I want to do the best I can all the time, and here's an idea of how I can do what is 100% within my control.  Good luck out there.  Be kind, eat your veggies, drink your water, and know you're loved
There is a lot of talk these days about "toxic masculinity", and "mansplaining", and very little on the amazing male allys towards gender equality.  In today's episode, I talk to Jeff Rinkus (founder of, my definition of a wonderful male ally, and a divine masculine influence in the world.  We talk aboutHow his literal dance in the discomfort zone ended with him falling down the stairsBalancing masculine and feminine leadership qualitiesThe main factors of divine masculine.Rising tides raise all boats, and I'm excited to bring this important conversation to you.  If you're interested in chatting with Jeff, schedule an appointment at hear the interview with Katja Schleicher on masculine and feminine communication styles mentioned in this episode, click here.
Imposter Syndrome is a real thing, and when you straddle multiple cultures and you're not even sure who you're being an imposter of, it can be really confusing.  This week I welcome the brilliant and engaging Denise Soler Cox ( to chat about her journey into embracing her identity, and sharing the discomfort of that with her fellow Enye'.  (Children of immigrant parents born in the US.)  Denise had a dream for a LONG time, and finally stepped into the Discomfort Zone and started to dance, and the rest is history!  In this fascinating and energizing episode we talk aboutHer film making project, and how it was a long time coming.The incredible response she’s been getting by helping Enye’ feel seen.Her battle with Imposter Syndrome, and how she overcame.The moment she decided to take that long-held dream and make it happen.The dichotomy between conflicting idiologies Go watch Being Enye (don't forget your tissues!): Denise's TedX talk about Radical Cultural Self Awareness here: Watch Denise's TedX talk "The Truth about Secrets" here": Check out The Self-ish Latina Podcast here:
"Rising tides raise all boats" is a common phrase that I believe in!  As we strive for equality and inclusion for women, making sure our allies are supported is also on my list, and Coach Love is doing just that!  She is a men's self-love coach, and helps men get in touch with their emotions, and help the be gentle on themselves despite societal pressures to the contrary.  A fascinating conversation about dancing in the discomfort zone, so tune in!  Ya might learn a new perspective.We talk aboutHow Coach Love became a men’s coach.The differences between coaching men and women, and how as a woman, she has an advantage in coaching men.Blocks to men being gentle on themselves in today’s modern world.Suggestions for women supporting men in being gentle with themselves.Societal roles for men, and trying to change them to find a fulfilling life.Sneak peek at her TV show plan!Want more from Coach Love, or to check out her books? follow her on Instagram at @onecoachlove_ 
Getting comfortable with money is TOUGH, uncomfortable and elusive to many people.  That's why I was excited to bring a new approach to money with Dana Stovern, founder of Somatic Money.   (  A new approach that combines the emotional healing around money with the structural support so you can breathe easy, make good decisions, and see your balances rise.  We talk aboutWhat is Somatic Money?How to get in touch with comfort with your financial life.Engaging the trio of somatic money for your benefitsStrategies for getting beyond your money blocks and making your money work for you.Grab Dana's Book here. Check our her podcast here. Want a free online video to check it out?  Go here! Dana Stovern, Somatic Money founder and coach, brings revolutionary body-based money relationship work to life by encouraging her clients and audiences to explore authentic money relationships with unique tools for deeper personal value. Somatic Money is Stovern’s necessity of invention birthed from tragic loss, triggering her need for better life answers. She now successfully coaches professionals and business owners from across the country with innovative Somatic Money practices, concepts and tools. You may find the core Somatic Money tools and stories in Stovern's first published book on the topic: "Are You Present in Your Body with Your Money? - Body-Based Money Relationship Basics to Reclaim Your Financial Life."
Episode 179: TRUST!

Episode 179: TRUST!


Trust.  Trusting in yourself, trusting in others, trusting that your 15 year old niece who is taking you for a drive for the first time won't run you into a tree.  No matter how you slice it, trusting can be VERY uncomfortable!  In this episode, I chat through a few places where trust is playing a significant role in my life right now, and how being able to dance in the discomfort zone and TRUST that things will work out have, and hopefully will continue to work out really really well!I talk aboutTrusting that my upcoming move will work out the way I hope it will.Trusting in my breathwork teacher and skydiving guideTrusting in my body to carry me 13.1 miles to celebrate my friend's birthdayTrusting in a romantic partner, that they'll show up the way you need them toAnd lastly, when you have decided to trust, don't forget to ask yourself "WHAT IF THIS GOES RIGHT???"
TRIGGER WARNING: We talk about traumatic childhood experiences in this episode, so if that's something that will be difficult for you, ya might want to skip this episode.  If there's one thing we've learned during the pandemic, it's that we can't do it alone.  This week's guest Rena Whittaker knew this long before 2020, and she founded Being Tribal, and even wrote a book about it.  In Being Tribal, she guides people on building a tribe to bring out the best in yourself!  She talks about how she arrived there through growth, pain and self-exploration, and how she's helped so many women build a meaningful and fulfilling life through Being Tribal.In this episode, we talk aboutShame, and how she overcame its crushing weight.The different tracks of her Being Tribal movement and the massive benefits.The details about her book and how she danced in the discomfort zone to make it come to life.The keys to finding the right people for your tribe.Reach out to work with Rena at
In this episode, I welcome Susan Friedman, Amazing Certified Professional Speaker, 17-time author, Founder of Aviva Publishing, Award winning host of Book Marketing Mentors Podcast to talk about none of that!!  Instead, we talk about international travel, and Susan shares some of her amazing stories about the discomforts and amazing life-changing experiences she's had traveling all over the world, from a 14 year old accidentally telling her host family she was pregnant (that's not what she meant!) to using sign language to get around Southeast Asia.  This episode is chock full of fun, and it will make you want to renew your passport, and get out there in the world.  Enjoy!   Susan Friedmann, CSP (certified speaking professional) international bestselling author of 17 books, is on a mission to wipe out sameness and add vitality and differentiation to your author marketing.  Through her company, Aviva Publishing, she’s guided hundreds of non-fiction authors to use their books to become a trusted expert authority in their field.Grab a free e-book from Susan 3 False Book Marketing Beliefs Or book a 20-minute marketing consulting session FREE!  BrainstormWithSusan.comCheck out all her books here.
Creating anything, whether it's artwork, writing, a product, a business requires some serious dancing in the discomfort zone, and this week's guest, Rachael McKee has been dancing a LOT!  She has created Messages From Her (, a deck of 44 cards, each featuring a different badass world-changing woman, and now is in the midst of her kickstarter.  Listen to her fascinating story, and how she's come up against the edge of her comfort zone over and over through the process, and it's not over yet!We talk aboutHer project of a deck of cards featuring inspiring badass world-changing women.How she came up with the idea and the phases of her journey from idea to creation to funding and beyond.How she’s marketed her kickstarter so she could make it a success.How she overcame the fear and discomfort to make her project happen.Which of the 44 women she would most like this deck to fall into the hands of.The amazing ideas that could drive her next project.Rachael McKee is a Colorado-based writer and designer who is launching an oracle deck and guidebook celebrating world-changing modern women. The project is called Messages From Her and it launched on Kickstarter this past March. Rachael is an explorer who takes on a new project every few years that pushes her outside of her comfort zone.Want to see the deck?  Click here for the website.Interested in supporting the kickstarter, live until April 7, 2022?  Click here! Join Racheal on Instagram. @ her_messages 
Dance with us, as we talk about something that makes a lot of people uncomfortable...running!  Not just running, but running after coming back from an injury!  It's discouraging when you need to work back to a level of competence that used to be easy.  Whether it's getting back in shape, relearning a new job, recovering from a stroke or other medical incident, or fighting back from a huge emotional blow.  It's hard.  It's uncomfortable, but it can be done!  In this episode we talk aboutMartha's choice to run through the discomfort.What gets her off the couchDefining her own success whether it's with running, or sobriety, or saving money.Check out Martha Runs the World Podcast with your old!  Happy International Women's Day everyone!!And if you're interested in learning more about Rachael McKee's IWD Oracle Deck I mentioned, here's that link!
Bri Seeley has built many very successful businesses, and she helps other women build the business of their dreams.  In this informative and fun episode, she shares a ton of fabulous insights on building confidence, mindset and wealth!  It's a winner, so don't miss it!We talk aboutHow she accidentally became a very successful fashion designer.How she walked away from the known discomfort into unknown discomfort so many times.Her impromptu journey to Italy (COOL!)Listening to the whispers to avoid the 2x4How she works with her female entrepreneur clients to amass the confidence to build their truly aligned business.Why success doesn’t have to be that damned difficult. (Thank goodness!)Find Bri on Instagram: @briseeley Check out The Success Diaries Podcast Want the free course Bri talks about?  Click here or go to
CBD is on the fringe of being an accepted medicinal option, and that's why Alyson Evans and her co-founder named their CBD products company Fringe.  They're out to educate people about the positive impact that CBD can have on what ails us, and in this super interesting episode, she shares a ton of great information about what it can do.We talk about·       Her journey to join the CBD health movement·       Fascinating discussion of cannabis, marijuana, hemp, CBD, THC and other topics that create a lot of confusion.·       How the water-soluble CBD is more useful for the body.·       How anxiety can show up in unknown ways, and how CBD can help.·       How to get good CBD that can be truly good for your health.·       The culture she’s trying to create and how Louis and Poppy are contributing to that.For more information or to ask any questions, go to their website at
Abi Marsh is a certified sex-pert, founder of Women on Fire Retreats, author of Reinvent your Identity, and many other things!   This is a fascinating conversation about her journey to become a sex coach, and rediscover pleasure and her own power as a woman!   This is a fascinating and educational exploration into sexuality, and finding your pleasure!  Just in time for Valentines Day!  (don't worry, we keep it classy, but you might not want the kids around when you're listening!)  We talk about-          How she became a sex coach as a result of her sexual rediscovery.”-          Her self-exploration to find a fulfilling sex life-          The elusive female orgasm and the female sexual organ-          A technique to build intimacy with your partner-          Advise of self-discovery after a breakupGo to to find more information about Abi, her coaching and her retreats! 
In this episode I talk about why it's important not to just tolerate the discomfort that comes through our lives, but to seek it out and intentionally put ourselves in uncomfortable situations that will help us grow, get stronger, and deal better with the uncomfortable stuff that we can't control!  Sterling Hawkins is the #HuntDiscomfort guy I talk about in this episode.  Fabulous guy!  
Heather Cantor is the queen of reinvention!  When life knocks her down, she gets up and creates her next opportunity!  This episode is chock full of twists and (shouts?) turns and resilience, so listen in, and enjoy!  We talk about-          The intersection of all life’s events and how that can be a huge challenge to a marriage.-          The accident and magic of starting True Housewives.-          Her stint as Mrs. Maryland that took her to the Mrs. America pageant and how she was almost on a Bravo reality show-          She had to start over, and how the village came together to help.-          Her happily ever afterAnd if you want more from me and Heather, check out the episode where she interviewed me!  And if you just want Heather, her Instagram is super fun!!  @healthierhabitsheatherWant to check out the company that she mentions?  Check out Fringe here.  We also talked about Mason’s recipe website.  Here's that link!
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