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A Certified Personal Trainer, blogger, writer, and small business owner shares her thoughts, opinions, and knowledge about fitness, nutrition, mental health, and everything in between. Support this podcast:
21 Episodes
Tips about how to break a bad habit! Blog: --- Support this podcast:
I answer the top ten most common #fitness questions I get as a Certified Personal Trainer. Find me on my blog at --- Support this podcast:
If you are enlisting in the US AIR FORCE then this podcast series is for you! I am here to help you get ready for basic military training. Here is the introduction to this series and what I plan to discuss! --- Support this podcast:
14. It's Almost MAY?!?!

14. It's Almost MAY?!?!


Can you all believe that we are 1/3 of the way through 2019?! It is always important to reflect on our goals, so I am doing so publicly and providing you all with a little life update! (NO, I am NOT pregnant)Blog: thefitwriter.blogIG: Support this podcast:
A conversation between me and Aisha Thomas about mental health, especially mental health in young people! --- Support this podcast:
13. Adjustment Disorder

13. Adjustment Disorder


What is an Adjustment Disorder? I am here to break it down for you and tell you about my experience with it! --- Support this podcast:
How fitness impacts my mental health and vice versa! --- Support this podcast:
My opinion about Jillian Michaels and what she said about CrossFit, as a CPT and CrossFit noob myself 🏋🏼‍♀️--- Support this podcast:
Going over some of the things people have told me when they find out about my mental illnesses! To include the dreaded “you should do yoga” and “just let it go.” I am not Queen Elsa, thanks! 😉--- Support this podcast:
9. Health Coaches

9. Health Coaches


In today’s episode, I discuss health coaches; what are they, what I like, what I dislike, and experiences with them. --- Support this podcast:
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