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Author: Jason Fonger

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The Vegan Champion Podcast is your top choice for discovering new vegan influencers and hearing their stories. This podcast is all about providing you with quality, long-form, in-depth content with some of the most successful vegans on the planet.
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In this interview, I pick the brain of T. Colin Campbell, author of The China Study and pioneer of the plant-based nutrition movement.  Find out more about Dr. Campbell: Hosted by Jason Fonger:
The International Vegan Film Festival is from October 10 - 17, 2020. This virtual event brings over 15 hours of films to you in the comfort of your own home. In this episode, I speak with the man behind the festival, Shawn Stratton.  For more details, visit
Adam & Shoshana Chaim share the health struggles they have had and how a plant-based diet has helped them in ways most doctors wouldn’t believe.  Learn more about them at Find out more about me at 
Wichayapat (Wich) is an animal rights activists from Thailand. It was absolutely fascinating to ask her about her views on veganism and animal rights within the context of Thai society. Check out the video version of my conversation with Wichayapat here Wich - A Vegan Activist Facebook Page: Wichayapat P YouTube Channel: Lersak Inchai on Thai national television: The Vegan Champion Podcast: Instagram: @theveganchampionpodcast   Hosted by Jason Fonger: Instagram @jasonfonger TikTok @jasonfonger Twitter @jasonfonger
Vegan talks to hunter

Vegan talks to hunter


This is a conversation I had with a hunter. I think this conversation is a good example of how two people can have a meaningful exchange of ideas and learn from each other despite having different opinions. Thank you Micah LaJeunesse for having this discussion with me. The Vegan Champion Podcast: Instagram: @theveganchampionpodcast   Hosted by Jason Fonger: Instagram @jasonfonger TikTok @jasonfonger Twitter @jasonfonger
Anonymous for the Voiceless Co-Founder and Co-Director Paul Bashir makes his second appearance on the podcast. We discuss his ideas around what makes for effective vegan street outreach. I trust you will find this conversation thought-provoking and that you will gain some valuable insights about how you approach speaking to people about animal rights. Paul's latest workshop: The Vegan Champion Podcast: Instagram: @theveganchampionpodcast   Hosted by Jason Fonger: Instagram @jasonfonger
Monique Chan is the founder of Bruized, which is a company based in Toronto, Canada aiming to reduce food waste and provide affordable, healthy, vegan food to the local community. In this conversation, she tells us about how a few years ago, she became an environmentalist, then pescetarian, and finally -  after balling her eyes out within the first 5 minutes of the film “Earthlings” - a vegan. She also tells us about her experience so far with starting her own business. I really like Monique, she’s got a positive attitude, she’s doing good work in the vegan movement, and I really think you’re going to enjoy our conversation. Monique's Chan: Personal Instagram: @UniqueWellness Bruized: Instagram: @bruizedco  Facebook: The Vegan Champion Podcast: Instagram: @theveganchampionpodcast   Hosted by Jason Fonger: Instagram @jasonfonger
Sebastiano is working at such a high level on so many exciting things that it's hard to summarize the work he does. I really like these sentences taken from his LinkedIn profile: "Born in Milan, Italy, Sebastiano Cossia Castiglioni is an award-winning entrepreneur, activist, investor, and advisor to businesses and governments around the world. Although his expertise spans the food, finance, wine, technology, life sciences, and art sectors, his greatest concern is animals. An impassioned vegan and animal rights activist, Sebastiano’s focus is on promoting the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle globally; overtaking the inefficiency, cruelty and inherent dangers of animal agriculture; revolutionizing the food industry through innovation; fostering rewarding investments in such innovation; and striving to protect the planet from the catastrophic effects of climate change." Querciabella is his wine company that he tells us about in the episode, and I apologize for my poor pronunciation of Italian words. This conversation was an absolute thrill for me. I hope you enjoy listening and that you find it interesting! Email: Instagram: @theveganchampionpodcast Twitter: @theveganchampionpodcast
Andre shares his inspiring story which begins with a sudden, frightening medical diagnosis at the age of 15. An autoimmune disease called vitiligo. Follow Andre on instagram: @andrevenus 
A force to be reckoned with on the triathlon scene, Travis Coleman is a shining example of what can be achieved on a plant-based diet. Follow Travis: Instagram: @TravisColemanPT Website:
Lee Grantham is a professional endurance athlete running for Nike. We have a lot in common, but we do have different opinions when it comes to a number of topics. I love that Lee and I were able to have a civilized, constructive conversation addressing the nuances of our disagreements. We both came away from this conversation having learned something from each other, and I hope you might learn a thing or two as well! Please enjoy.
4 things to be each day if you want to be happy.
It was a pleasure to have a conversation with Ryan from Happy Healthy Vegan on today’s episode. We talk about, among other things, his recent foray into politics.
I guarantee that you will take something valuable away from this insightful conversation I had with the vegan psychologist Clare Mann. In addition to our conversation, please check out her website links listed below as she offers a wide variety of resources, many of which are absolutely free and of the highest quality. Clare's latest book "Myths of Choice: Why people won't change and what you can do about it. Michael Greger, Author of "How Not To Die"  Out of Shadows (2020) Dr. Shiva
Talking to my dad about veganism as he watches footage of then dairy industry that he has never seen before. I know it’s not always easy having conversations with family members and I hope this exchange might help you feel better about communicating with your loved ones.
Should we focus on the health benefits of eating a plant-based diet? Maybe we should spend more time talking about the environmental footprint of animal agriculture? What about telling the stories of trillions of animals killed every year by human beings? In this short monologue, I explore the options and come to a conclusion of sorts. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. How do you think we should be advocating for veganism?
My Top 5 Foods

My Top 5 Foods


These 5 foods have served me well as a plant-powered athlete since 2009. I hope to inspire you to eat healthier and discover how amazing these foods can make you feel.
At 18 years old, Hudson Tarlow is a strong advocate for the animals. He creates tons of content across various social media platforms with the goal of helping people wake up to what is happening to animals so that they can go vegan. In this conversation, Hudson shares his story of how he got went vegan and into activism. He also offers some valuable insights around how he creates such high quality content, and how he deals with some of the more challenging aspects of being vegan. 
These are very strange times we are in. I'm glad to have a friend like Shane in times like these. He's wise beyond his years and offers some much-needed perspective on life in this uncertain period. Hope you enjoy! Find Shane on instagram @shanegoodhew
3 Tips for Vegans

3 Tips for Vegans


3 tips for vegans, or anyone eating a plant-based diet.
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