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Hi, my name is Teland, and I'm a high schooler who is interested about different jobs. On this podcast, I'll be interviewing different people who have different careers and sharing them with you to educate people and teens about the interesting things that people do to make a living. We will go over normal "run of the mill" jobs but also unique careers, and how people got into the job, what they do on a daily basis, and more.

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Today, I interview Destin Sandlin, who runs the YouTube channel Smarter Every Day which boasts 7 million subscribers.His channel: My Instagram: @majorjobspodcast
Today, I talk to Destin Sandlin of Smarter Every Day about what it's like working as a mechanical engineer.
I talk to the media liason for the Golden State Warriors.
Today I talk to a map designer for Minecraft, and a veteran.
Today, I talked to Ferrari Jetpack Founder Clayton Blaha on what it's like to be a manager for artists.
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Quick Updates


Super Quick Update
Today I talk to a Criminal Defense Attorney.Follow me on Instagram at @majorjobspodcast!
Today I interview a software engineer who worked at Google.Follow me on Instagram at @majorjobspodcast!
Today, I talk to author and speaker Anthony O'Neal about his advice for teenagers from college and on.Go to his site at:  www.anthonyoneal.comAnd mine at:
Today, I talk to an accountant at a Big 4 Accounting Firm.Follow me on Instagram at: @majorjobspodcast.
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