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Hi, my name is Teland, and I'm a high schooler who is interested about different jobs. On this podcast, I'll be interviewing different people who have different careers and sharing them with you to educate people about the interesting things we do to make a living. We will go over normal "run of the mill" jobs but also unique careers, how people got into the job, what they do on a daily basis, and more.

Check out the website at, or email me at

Featured on Spotify, New York Times Upfront, Scholastic, and NPR
75 Episodes
On this episode, we talk to Melody and how she grew her TikTok account to over 250,000 followers. Follow her TikTok: @pinkishtea
Today I interview a Clinical Operations Manager and a language enthusiast - and how he combines both into the same job. Follow Tetsu on Twitter: and his website: Song: John Denver - Take Me Home, Country Roads Instrumental -
Today, we talk to a real estate investor.
Today we're going back to an original episode, an accountant at a Big 4 Accounting Firm.
Today, we talk to a photojournalist about what it's like working during the coronavirus pandemic. This job was requested by Gabriel. If you would like a job to be recommended, email me at
Today, I talk to a nurse anesthetist.
Today, we are finishing up the two part series on what it's like being a firefighter.
Today, we talk to a firefighter about what it takes to get into the job.  Website:
Pilot - Episode 68

Pilot - Episode 68


Today, I talk to a pilot who talks about what it's like flying a plane, and the unique schedule.
Nurse - Episode 67

Nurse - Episode 67


Today, I talk to a nurse, including what it's like wokring during the coronavirus outbreak. Website:
Today, I talk to Elixir, who is probably best known for having a YouTube channel and being the "Area 51" kid.  Check out his channel here:
Today, I talked with a Physical Therapist about what the career is like. This episode was requested by Nick. If you have a job that you think should be on the show, contact me at and I'll try my best to cater to the request.
Thank you to Raymond Ridder for inviting me to the Warriors practice facility.  He's one of the best communication directors in the whole NBA and it was an honor being able to talk to him.
Today, I interview someone that works in horticulture - the growing of fruits, flowers, and more. Email me at!
Who makes sure that movies and TV shows stay on script and follow continuity? FInd out in this episode!
Physicist - Episode 61

Physicist - Episode 61


Today, we're talking with a Physicist to discuss what it's like working in the field of physics. Website:
Today, I speak with Sterling Backus, a physicist who was featured in a Lamborghini commercial for 3D Printing a Lamborghini Aventador. Watch the ad here:
Plumber - Episode 59

Plumber - Episode 59


Today, I talk to a plumber. Website:
Janitor - Episode 58

Janitor - Episode 58


David sent an interesting message. I respond in the episode.
Paramedic - Episode 57

Paramedic - Episode 57


Today, I interview a paramedic, or an EMT.
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