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Naked skydivers. Jeopardy champions. Rodeo clowns. Suzi Quatro. Professional mascots. Competitive eaters. Astronauts. Cherry Vanilla. Renaissance fair kings. Benjamin Franklin. Olympic Curlers. Mandalorians. Gay erotica writers. Mermaids. Fruit cake tossers. Martha Wash. Dolphin Lovers. Hair collectors. Strippers. And satanists. We've talked to them all. On Why? every week we talk with another guest leading a fascinating life.
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We talked with Mark Stancil and Daniel Hancock from Terminus Media. They are a comic book company dedicated to telling stories originally told in the Bible. (So, maybe spoiler alert?) But if you hear that description and tune out, you should know that Davey & Goliath, or, to make a modern reference, Veggie Tales these are not.Terminus is telling stories based on biblical characters, but focusing on the actual character and fleshing them out from their description in that other book, and try to make them more human. It's a great conversation as we learn more about comic books and that other book.For more information, check out Terminus' website.
Here's an episode we didn't think we'd be releasing this weekend.If you haven't heard, actress and model Tawney Kitaen passed away last night at age 59. Not much more is known about her death, but, like many people, we were pretty surprised.We interviewed Tawny last summer and had some technical issues, so we were trying our best to make everything sound better. In light of today's news, we decided to release what we had as a thank you to Tawny for talking with us.We can't pretend we knew her well, but we are thankful that she opened up with us and gave us her time.  And so it goes...
Hi there! Hope you're doing well and enjoying the great weather as we enter a new season. And when we think about sun and flowers and dandelions, we think Satan. (Well, we don't, but we wanted to segue to this week's guests.)This week we talked with Kym and Nick from The Satanic Temple. We had a great conversation, learning more about the work of the Temple and their beliefs. They're not a scary bunch- they were kind, welcoming and happy to answer our questions and explain more about their beliefs. For more information, and to find a Temple near you, check out their website. We'll see you at coffee hour!
To the uninitiated, bee keeping seems like a scary and dangerous hobby. But for Paul and Lynda Violassi, it's all in a day's work. They are the owners of Violassi Farm, located in Davisburg, Michigan. We talked with Paul and Lynda about how they got into the hobby, how hard it is to take care of the bees and what they do with all that honey. For more information, check out the Violassi Farm on Facebook.
This week we talked with the legendary Steve Cropper."Hey, hold on a minute Slappy(s)," we hear you say. "'Legendary' is strong words." You're right, it is. But when you're talking about someone who co-wrote "Green Onions," and "Soul Man" and "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay," forgive us for throwing around the 'L' word.Steve has a new record out called "Fire It Up," and  it does what he has done his entire career; it rocks. We talked with Steve about the new album, but we also talked about what it was like at Stax Records (!) during their heyday. We also talked about his friend (!!) Otis Redding.What else can we tell you? Steve was great fun and very kind (it's that southern gentleman thing) AND told us what a bush hog is. What more do you want to know?Just listen to the thing.
It's spring, the days are longer, the sun is brighter and the temperatures are a little bit higher- it seems like the perfect time to take off your clothes and enjoy your day.We talked with nudist Matthew McDermott about his book How to Take Your Clothes Off and his work as an author and blogger to help spread the acceptance and understanding of non-sexual nudity. You can read his great blog and order his book from his website.
If you had to choose your screen debut, you could do worse than playing the significant other of Idris Elba. And, Liz Priestley was just that fortunate. Liz co-stars in Concrete Cowboy, the most recent film from Netflix. It tells the story of a boy who meets up with the Fletcher Street Riding Club in Philadelphia and who rediscovers his father on horseback.We talked with Liz about the new film, the difference in preparing for a stage performance vs film and whether she offered to act alongside her co-star should he ever get the job portraying a certain British secret agent who is also known as a prime number.
This week, pull out your best canine puns because we're talking with the creators and owners of the popular Dog Bark Park B&B.You've seen it on countless roadside attraction shows, and celebrations of the unique and memorable buildings, but this week, we get under the collar and talk with Frances Conklin, co-owner of the popular B&B.And if sleeping inside a dog wasn't enough. Frances and her husband are artists and in the gift shop located right next to Big Willy (that's the name of the 12 ft Beagle you can sleep inside, you can get all sorts of creative dog art, including art made by chainsaw. For more information check out their website.
How do puppets do all those things that make them look so alive? That's the work of this week's guest- puppet engineer Randy Erskine. Randy works for Selberg Studios helping build hand-crafted puppets that have been used by puppeteers around the world. (You also might have seen their work in the movies Best in Show and Goosebumps.)For more information on Randy and his impressive work, check out the Selberg Studios website.
If the phrase 'coming-of-age-movie' makes your skin crawl, just wait until you see Antarctica. It's a unique and wonderfully written and produced film. This week we talked with actress Kimie Muroya, who stars in the film along with Chloe Levine.If Monday's Oscar nominations has you thinking good movies need to be pretentious and long and boring, check this one out- it's a fun one. 
Would it shock you if we said that our conversation with Ted Lange was exciting and new? Because it was. Ted was wonderful, telling us all about his career, his time on The Love Boat and how his career has only grown and expanded since the show ended.Heidi told Ted about her celebrating his birthday every year and he wasn't the least bit scared. Needless to say, we are fans of Ted and his work. Come aboard, we've been expecting you.
Hello there ladies and gentlemen! Hello there ladies and gents- are you ready to rock?Starting March 10th, we're launching a brand new podcast all about music.It's called Rock n Roll Grad School and will feature interviews with singers, songwriters, DJs, producers, scholars and the occasional roadie. We're releasing a bunch of episodes as an opening act, and we can't wait for you to hear who we got.Subscribe to the show now so you don't miss an episode. We're on iTunes, Spotify and wherever you subscribed to Why? And follow us on Twitter and Facebook.Why? will still continue, with all sorts of unique conversations and we're are excited for our next episode. It's both exciting AND new.Rock on!
This week we get to talk with another podcaster and learn about his show and his work.Andrew Morrison is a voice over actor and has provided voices for all sorts of characters and projects. He also hosts The Voice Over Coffee Shop, a new podcast dedicated to learning more about the voice over world and encouraging each other in finding their path. For more information, you can check out the podcast's website.
Let's face it, we're going to have to change the way we eat. And we're not talking about the sleeve of Oreos you ate while standing over the sink last night. (Or was that just us?)With the population of the earth growing, we are now turning to new ways to get the protein our bodies need. We talked with Massimo Reverberi from Bugsolutely about the future of food. Bugsolutely is making pasta out of crickets as well as exploring all the other ways people can create delicious food out of bugs. For more information on Bugsolutely, check out their website.
Damon Johnson grew up loving Thin Lizzy, so it was a dream come true when he was offered a spot in the band. And if that wasn't enough,  Damon has also played with folks like Sammy Hagar, Faith Hill, Alice Cooper AND he was a member of the popular band Brother Cane. Damon has a brand new record out, with his new band, The Get Ready. Battle Lessons is an album designed to be played loud. We recommend doing just that. Check out our interview with Damon and then get your copy of Battle Lessons!For more information, check out Damon's website.
Bruce Vilanch is a comedy legend.He's an awards show writing EGOT (having written for the Emmys, Grammys, Oscars AND Tonys), and also written for Better Midler, Donnie & Marie and Chewbacca. (Oh, did you miss episode 120 where we talked about the Star Wars Holiday Special with Bruce?) He's also well known for his appearances on Hollywood Squares. ("Bruce Vilanch for the block!")
Carrie Stevens memoir "Unrated," sets a new bar for memoirs. Carrie isn't afraid to name names and tell some amazing stories about her fascinating life.Starting off in Massachusetts before heading to LA, Carrie talks all about her modeling career and her time with Eric Carr, the love of her life. Eric was the drummer for Kiss from 1981 until his untimely passing from heart cancer in 1991. We had a great time talking with Carrie about her stories, her work and what she's up to now. For more information, check out her website.
No matter your age, no matter your philosophy, bouncing up and down on a pogo stick is fun. But the things the Xpogo stunt team are doing on a stick are on a different level all together.We talked with Russ Kaus from the stunt team about how he got into extreme pogo, the insane tricks that he does on a stick and the world record he held... for a hot minute. (Or 5.)For more info, check out the Xpogo website. You can also find them on YouTube for a sampling of some of their more insane tricks. 
If you're looking for a boost of encouragement this week, have we got the guest for you. Fran Capo is the world's fastest talking woman. But that's not all. She also is a stand-up comic, motivational speaker, written 22 books and holds 9 Guinness World Records.We talked with Fran about all her accomplishments, including her record for book signings at the highest point in the world and at the wreck of the Titanic. It's the perfect conversation to get up and get going on that project you've been thinking of starting.For more information on Fran, check out her website.
We have loved the music of Matthew Sweet for decades and we were thrilled to talk with Matthew on the release of his 15th solo album. Catspaw is everything you love about Matthew's music, plus a few new colors as he played every instrument on the record, save the drums.We talks about a lot with Matthew- songwriting, his cats, Big Star and the lasting influence of his breakthrough record Girlfriend. We had a blast.Matthew's new record, Catspaw is available wherever you buy or download music. Check out his website for more info and, hopefully, some tour dates.
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