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Naked skydivers. Jeopardy champions. Rodeo clowns. Suzi Quatro. Professional mascots. Competitive eaters. Astronauts. Cherry Vanilla. Renaissance fair kings. Benjamin Franklin. Olympic Curlers. Mandalorians. Gay erotica writers. Mermaids. Fruit cake tossers. Martha Wash. Dolphin Lovers. Hair collectors. Strippers. And satanists. We've talked to them all. On Why? every week we talk with another guest leading a fascinating life.
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Most people unwind after a long day by hoisting a stein of beer. But for Jim Banko, picking up a stein was just the beginning.As a former world champion stein holder, Jim is now part of USA Steinholding, the official body of the sport. How do you get into the competition? How do you practice? And, most importantly, do you get to drink the beer you hold? We get all the answers from Jim.For more information, check out USA Steinholding's website, or follow them on Facebook or Instagram.
What better reason to get a huge group of people together other than to celebrate and hunt Bigfoot? That's what they do every year in Forest County, Pennsylvania and the festival is bringing large numbers of people to this small town.Not interested in hunting? Don't worry, there's more than enough to keep you busy even if you aren't tracking the elusive creature.This year's festival is being held June 7th, 8th and 9th in Marienville, PA. For more information, check out the festival's website ...
Our show is all about passions and, talking with Kim Charron, you instantly get a sense of her passion. Kim is a jewelry maker and she walks us through how she turned pro and all the work that goes into creating a unique, memorable and wearable work of art.And if that's not enough, we also talk about Billy Possum!
Maybe you're closed minded and don't think cellos and the music of Metallica go together. Well, the folks who make up Apocalyptica, the all-cello quartet who first came to fame with their all-Metallica covers album are back at it with their newest release- a vol. 2 of Metallica songs. And this time they're even joined on one track by bassist Robert Trujillo.For more information and to order your copy of "Apocalyptica Plays Metallica Vol. 2," check out their website. Or you can follow them on ...
You think we're just lounging around in robes, enjoying the nice weather? Think again, buster. We're in the podcast salt mines, making content. In that spirit, we thought we'd give you a sneak preview of what we've been up to- making season 2 of our show Famous Last Words. Hope you enjoy it. (And there's soon to be more where that came from!)
Yes, Earth Day was a week or so ago, but, really, shouldn't every day be Earth Day? (We're sure we've heard that somewhere before...) No matter what day it is, it's a good time to talk with music star and children's author Sheri Miller. Along with her mother, Linda Miller, Sheri wrote a book, called "Honoring Our Planet- Think!" which is out now. We talked about conservation, gratitude and so much more."Honoring Our Planet- Think!" is available right now, wherever you get your books, from New...
Are you named Kyle? Do you know someone named Kyle? The city of Kyle, Texas is holding their annual Gathering of the Kyles, where they will try to set the world record of the biggest gathering of people with the same name. How does one organize that many Kyles? What are the difficulties that come from that many Kyles in the same place? (And if you're not named Kyle, don't worry there's tons of activities for the Kyle-less.) We talked with Rachel Sonnier, the Director of Communicati...
If you're looking for an unforgettable and unique way to see tornado, why not take a tour with Twisted Sky Tours? Traveling all around Tornado Alley, Ryan and Shanda will have you chasing storms like you're Helen Hunt.We talked with them about how the tours work, how close you'll get and how astounding your slideshow will be when you get home. For more information, you can check out their website or follow them on Facebook.
It’s become a yearly event that’s taking over- the World Naked Bike Ride. The Milwaukee, Wisconsin version of the ride is taking place June 22nd of this year. We spoke with John, the organizer of the event and the founder of We Bare All, a naturist community dedicated to holding events year round for people to enjoy while naked.For more information, you can check out their website, follow them on Instagram or on Facebook.
Roller Derby is for everyone. And if that wasn't great enough, it's making a comeback. We sat down with Cheyenne Riggs aka Professor Flex (no word the source of her professional accreditation, but it sounds badass,) to talk about the sport, and, in particular, the Twister City Derby.For more information about the league, or to find out when the next game is, check out their website.
Here's another fun episode from our sister show, Rock n Roll Grad School.Hey! Ho! Let’s Go! The Ramoms play punk rock music for punks of all ages. Their loving tributes to both their children and the Ramones are the type of things that make you wanna be sedated. (Or if you’re listening to the Ramoms, playdated.) For more information on the group, and to learn when they’re playing near you, check out their website. Or you can follow them on Instagram and Facebook.
It's the activity that will either bring friends closer together or it will most surely tear friends apart. Of course, we're talking about escape rooms. What are the rules? What can we learn about humanity from the activity? We talked with Michael from the Milwaukee location of the popular Escape the Room. For more information, you can check out the Milwaukee branch's Facebook page, and to find an Escape the Room near you, check out their website.
The Naturist Research Library is exactly what you think it is- a library with a large catalogue, documenting the history and enjoyment of naturism. The library has one of the largest collections of such material in the world. We talked with Doug, one of the librarians about the history of the collection and, if you are allowed to be naked while researching the collection, do you need to wear those white gloves?For more information on the Naturist Educational Foundation and the library, check ...
There's a new/old sound sweeping the world and that's surf music. And leading the charge are The Surfrajettes, an all-female band leaving audiences spellbound with their musical skills.We talked with Shermy, one of the band's guitarists as they prepared to hit the road for a long stretch, playing with bands like The Electric Six and The Reverend Horton Heat.For more information and tour dates, check out their website (where you can also order their tubular debut release, "Roller Fink,") and y...
There is always a reason to celebrate women and women in sports. Enter the Boot Tan Fest, a yearly celebration where women have a mountain all to themselves. And to cap off the weekend's activities, there is a naked ski run for all to participate in.We talked with Jenny Verrochi , the founder of the festival about the joy and celebration contained in each and every year of Boot Tan.For more information, you can check out the Boot Tan website, or you can follow them on Instagram.
What better way to spend a day than watching your pet corgi race around with other dogs, having a great time? Thankfully, there's a few folks in southern California who feel the same way. What started as a day on the beach has turned into a twice-a-year gathering on the beach as well as two days of races at one of the most iconic horse racing venues in the country.We talked with Kelly, one of the founders of So Cal Corgi Racing about the event and all it's intricacies. Are there boxes for the...
When we talked with Marina and Tristan from The Accidental Swingers podcast last year, we had a lot of stuff to cover. Thankfully, we were able to sit down for another conversation about safe words, how relationships grow and change and even what to do if you end up dating Art Garfunkel.You can find the Accidental Swingers podcast wherever you get your podcasts. You can also visit their website, or follow them on Instagram.
Ask any house cat you know- they will tell you they are most deservedly worthy of a museum. Thankfully, there's the American Museum of the House Cat, a celebration of all things cat-related. We talked with Dr Simms, the founder of the museum and Julie, the museum's director. (Museum cat Mimi was too busy to talk with us.)For more information, you can check out the museum's website, or follow them on Facebook or Instagram. And if you'd prefer to follow Mimi, she is on Instagram too.
Like many people, Eric Peschke grew up fascinated by the assassination of President John F Kennedy. So, Eric did what any curious child would do; he built the entire scene in LEGO. And now that model is heading to the Sixth Floor museum in Dallas, Texas.We talked with Eric about the model, it’s building and how it grew over the years. To see the model for yourself, check it out on Facebook. It's pretty cool.
Jon Scott worked as a record promotion guy with a lot of great artists, but his most important, and meaningful, relationship was with Tom Petty. (In fact, Jon can be credited for breaking Petty, long after the record company gave up on him.) In his new book, Tom Petty and Me, Scott recounts a life-long friendship with one of the great American songwriters of all time.To get a copy of Jon's book, visit his website.
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