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Author: Sequoia Blodgett

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Commas is all things tech from life hacks, to entrepreneurship advice, to love, life, and tech. Hosted by Sequoia Blodgett.
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44 Episodes
On this episode, we chat with Renee King, the founder of FundBlackFounders to understand why it's a good idea for Black Founders to consider traditional crowdfunding. We cover entrepreneurship stereotypes, mistakes people make on social media and the hottest new technology to hit the market in 2020.  --- Support this podcast:
We’re jumping into the pros/cons of bringing on an investor, how to manifest what you want, life as a fashion entrepreneur and what was popping’ at CES. --- Support this podcast:
Commas Radio is Back!

Commas Radio is Back!


We took a brief hiatus but, we are back with an all-new co-host! Entrepreneur, Doctor Dapper is bringing his unique perspective to the airwaves. We are talking Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Tech, Fashion and so much more. 2020 is gonna be fire!! Tap in. --- Support this podcast:
Malcolm "MJ" Harris discusses how authenticity awarded him financial abundance, we give you solutions to avoid entrepreneurial burnout and we discuss how recently installed tech security backfired.  --- Support this podcast:
Does your business need automation? We got you! We cover that, the importance of your circle, digital dating vs. IRL, what jobs will no longer exist in 10 years and what the workforce of the future will look like.  --- Support this podcast:
I'm Stuck! Help!

I'm Stuck! Help!


We're taking calls and answering all of your tech entrepreneurship questions. If you'd like advice about your startup, hit us up on the gram @Commas.Club --- Support this podcast:
Your finances are the bricks to building your entrepreneurial house and millennial money expert, Dominque Broadway teaches you how to lay your foundation. --- Support this podcast:
On this episode, I'll break down the three costly mistakes that most entrepreneurs make when building their startups and I'll teach you how to create a roadmap for your business.  --- Support this podcast:
Credit maven, Christia'n Annice teaches us the importance of business credit and I’ll share with you how I got my personal credit score to jump up 50 points putting me in the 700 Club in less than two weeks.  --- Support this podcast:
 We’ve heard from investors who are out here killin’ the game but, that’s one side of the coin. On today’s show, we'll hear from an investor-in-training and she’ll give you a glimpse of what it’s like to become a Venture Capitalist. Additionally, I'll teach you how to get your problem(s) solved almost immediately if you ever encounter issues with a major corporation.  --- Support this podcast:
Former NFL player, Chase Minnifield takes us on his journey from the league to growing a seven-figure tech company as a non-technical founder and you guys... why in the world did my Instacart shopper steal my groceries... ooohh technology --- Support this podcast:
On this episode, we do a business audit with the founder of Broke and Fab giving her the steps to grow her business using Instagram and I also teach you how to directly confront your entrepreneurial fears.  --- Support this podcast:
On this episode we chat with Anndrea Moore who fills us in on how she's been able to hold down jobs at the largest tech companies in the world, all while getting a business degree from Harvard, starting her own tech organization, and learning how to become an investor. --- Support this podcast:
#Roadmap to the Money

#Roadmap to the Money


 We chat with Anthony Price, author and founder of Lootscout and discuss all of the different ways you can fund your company.  --- Support this podcast:
We catch with Blavity co-founder Jon Jackson and discuss what it meant for him when he left the company that he helped create and what you should do to prepare to exit if you're having similar thoughts.  --- Support this podcast:
On this episode, I take you through my journey as an entrepreneur, how I manifested what I wanted through establishing boundaries and why it's so important to understand the power of no.  --- Support this podcast:
On this episode, we catch up with former NFL player, Mike Brown who takes us through his startup journey and he teaches us how to get in on the ground floor of startup investing so we can make that tech money and I’ll let you know why with high risk comes high reward - --- Support this podcast:
On this episode, we’ll hear from Vernell Woods, the founder of Moolah Mobile and he'll explain to us how he had over a million users on his platform, a major celeb as an investor and business partner and yet, he knew it was time to take his business in a different direction.  --- Support this podcast:
Abu Fofanah, the lieutenant of marketing, teaches individuals how to promote their products and services and turn them into profitable businesses using Facebook Ads and I will tell you what my experience has been like being part of his marketing accelerator.  --- Support this podcast:
The best of Entrepreneurship Advice, Part 2 of the series. I give you tips on how to gamify your life to produce more productivity, how to embrace and deal with failure, and I answer all of your questions from the Gram.  --- Support this podcast:
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