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The official podcast of YouTube's Corridor Crew.
27 Episodes
Thanks to Storyblocks for Sponsoring! Click ► for Unlimited Stock Video & More! As Deep Fakes evolve, personal AI assistants listen to everything we do, and personal-electric-vehicle transportation gets more and more valuable, much has changed. In this episode, Sam, Niko, Jake & Wren discuss all of the above, and, how in a completely new way, things are the same way as they've always been.
Check out Plugin Everything! Our "Boston Dynamics" Robot Parody video brought up many questions regarding whether it was "fake".  In this episode, Sam, Niko, Wren, Clint, and Jake examine why this occurred, where content and deep fake technology is going next, the role of major social media sites, and the importance of critical thinking in the 2020's.  
Clint is joined by Mark Edward Harris, a renowned travel photographer and author whose assignments have taken him to 98 countries on six continents including North Korea, Iran, and Japan.  His work has appeared in world-wide publications such as Vanity Fair, LIFE, Time, The New York Times, and Newsweek, and his popular books "Inside Iran", "Inside North Korea", and "The Way of the Japanese Bath" offer incredible insights most people never come to know. 
After a month-long hiatus, the crew is back with a fresh slate of interesting topics for you to mull over with us.  Sam, Niko, Wren, and Jake discuss everything from an AI Superintelligence running a World-wide government, to NASA's new Moon strategy, to the intricacies of nuclear reactions and meltdowns.  A great episode!  Enjoy. 
Clint, Sam, Niko, and Jake sit down to talk about Article 13, Jussie Smollett, Rich People Buying Young Blood, Bodies found on Mt. Everest, and Moose Hunting on a Hovercraft.
The boys sit down to chat about Google's Project Stadia, a new Bill & Ted movie, the massive re-uploading of the Christchurch terrorist video, Oculus Rift S, Lilly Singh, liquid metal, and if Uber and Lyft have long-term sustainability.
Clint and Niko sit down with Actor and Internet Boy Made Good Jimmy Wong.  They talk about their long personal history, Freddiew, VGHS, Representation, and Disney's Live Action Mulan.
Sam, Niko, Jake, & Clint sit down to discuss some hot topics of the day! The Elite College Scandal, the upcoming One Wheel Pint, Airplane Crashes, Mr. Beast, and Geo-Engineering Climate Change. 
Richard Ryan is a modern-day renaissance man, having expertise in media, marketing, skydiving, firearms, coffee, and much more.  He sits down with Sam and Jake to talk about life's adventures and what goes into being an awesome human being. 
Jake sits down with Creator, Director, Filmmaker, & All Around Good Dude Wes "Wuz Good" Armstrong. They talk about pursuing your dreams, moving to LA with only $20 in your pocket, and what's next for the enigmatic Wes.
Comments (15)

Andrew Kennedy

kind of lost some respect for y'all after this one.

Jul 2nd

R DeSpirito

An ai hegemony is surely a dystopian future, and I can only hope more people are like Jake and won't be apathetic and complaisant towards world power consolidated in ai tyranny.

May 25th

couh- couh

in germany people think that YouTube will be baned

May 9th

Mark E.

ugh...4 minutes in and I want to stab my ears.

Apr 9th

Melvin Pena

Omg couldn't even make it to the 30min mark. These 3 are knuckle heads. The first thing they had to ask themselves is how can this law be abused and how does it impact this companies. They just focused on their side of the equation and ignored everything else.

Apr 3rd

Courtney Downs

I went to high school with these guys :)

Apr 3rd

Angus Muir

you guys should have mark rober on the podcast

Apr 1st

Nibhan Raheem

the perspective these men have brought to my life, I can't ever repay them for that

Apr 1st

Alex Bolton

Sam needs to stop with the analogies he always comes up with. They are a waste of time!

Mar 31st

angel rosado

node is no more?!

Mar 26th

Dioc de Burdeos

i will use this plataform just because the sponsor poggers

Mar 22nd

Aphex Lynch

Even though this podcast hasn't been around for that long its just such an advanced podcast because of how experienced the corridor crew is. The quality of this podcast couldn't be better, the audio is excellent, the set is luxurious, and the conversations and guests are brilliant. I also want to add how much I like the bell that they ring each time they change their subject, its so simple yet extremely effective. Well done Corridor!

Jan 30th


Aphex Lynch Yeh just took a quick listen, and if they really start promoting it as a podcast, I think it will do really well like you mentioned. High quality audio production and very experienced team. We'll see if they can convert their Youtube fans into podcast fans!

Mar 23rd

Ryan Hall

My favorite channel Corridor making a podcast for my road trips, yesss please!

Dec 13th

Trevor Rowe

First, corridor crew prob my favorite channel on YouTube

Dec 11th
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