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The Decision Makers Podcast is hosted by Dalia Strum who is an educator on Digital Marketing and Business Strategy. She has run multiple successful businesses and has worked with some of the largest brands in the world. The Decision Makers podcast will share inspiring insights from some of the most innovative people in the tech, retail, and business industries. In addition to these insightful conversations, it will also incorporate some unfiltered conversations held at conferences and other live events. These convo are meant to inspire as well as provide listeners with tangible takeaways.
45 Episodes
This episode features James Rosenman and his journey to becoming CEO of Andrus on Hudson along with how he focuses on exploring new revenues and vision planning the future
This discussion with Jarrett McGovern discusses his passion for entrepreneurship and knowing when to highlight their major differentiating factor 5:20 The roar 6:14 Waited 2 months to name their product 8:35 Build trust 14:15 There’s no such things as luck, you create your opportunities 16:38 Starbucks launched nitro coffee, and it was the best thing ever for them 17:12 The importance of owning the nitro (nitrogen) aspect in their verbiage and marketing 20:15 There’s so much opportunity in this space, it’s important to look at it through a lens of collaboration instead of competition 23:05 Highlight your differentiating factor 31:20 Sometimes it’s good to be naive 34:24 Know when to hold em and know when to fold em
This discussion features Scott Carlton from Saatchi and Saatchi Wellness where we discuss the importance of Social Good and how they apply in the campaigns they choose to work on.6:50 Saatchi and purpose driven company7:17 Feel something, do something9:28 When data should be evaluated and applied12:03 Rethinking spaces + creating meaningful solutions12:29 Advertising has changed13:09 Having Empathy for others13:11 Embracing our losses so we can learn from them18:44 The true meaning of Wellness25:44 Yes +26:15 Sometimes tech isn't the answer
This podcast with Jon Bobrow from Move38, we discuss how gaming is the number one activity to do online, starting a business and some lessons he picked up along the way, the How to make (almost) anything class at MIT and also his newly released tabletop game "Blinks" 
Failure to plan is planning to fail. Topics from Today's Episode:1:36 Creating content in an industry gets you closer to the inner workings3:20 Discussion around advisors + consultants4:50 The differences between canibus and hemp5:45 What can be made with hemp?9:55 60-75% of CBD companies will go out of business within the next 24 months15:42 Craft companies to pay attention to17:26 Suggestions on best practices starting a cannabis company18:22 Branding branding branding21:32 Dr. Craig Flowerpower coffee - teaching other people about the break downs of cannabis22:05 Ansilary companies are being created26:08 Who’s your target and what are your top sku’s?28:20 Decide how you would do your marketing28:52 B2C - power of social media, power of the internet, power of LinkedIn34:35 what’s your 3-5 year goal?40:40 failure to plan is planning to fail. Know what you want
We discussed driving traffic into establishments, trying before you buy and most importantly - paying attention to the data. 8:20 Paying attention to the data 11:57 a product is not a product without a market 12:21 Understand the pain point, who has it and how large is that market?12:39 Becoming the entrepreneur in residence at Citi ventures14:01 Building inclusivity and access into everything 14:41 Refining product road map 17:13 Which data do you start with?18:11 asking yourself “are we focusing on the wrong thing?”19:40 Building for a specific persona
Topics from Today's Episode:1:30 Getting into innovation2:35 Defining innovation - has to add value3:22 Building in secret4:18 It’s about culture4:48 Challenging the status quo5:18 Invest in people5:54 Technology is meant to add value into people’s lives6:21 Knowledge is power6:30 Disseminating insights into actionable items8:18 Book: the innovators dilemmaDon't do things just for the sake of doing them
Imagine being able to burn calories, detox, relieve pain, and relax all while sitting in a sauna listening to music or meditating.This episode featured the co-founder of HigherDOSE (the caps stand for Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin and Endorphins), Lauren Berlingeri, a health coach and veteran of wellness start-ups and #gethighnaturallyTheir saunas's are currently in 11 locations, use infrared technology - which beautifies you inside and out and offers a natural high--versus traditional sauna technology.The one at 11Howard Hotel is featured in a jungle-inspired room and the location at The William Vale has partnered Terra Glamping to create NYC’s first outdoor infrared spa in the heart of Williamsburg. They created a Scandinavian-inspired oasis that redefines hot and cold therapy.
Paul Cowan | Shutterstock

Paul Cowan | Shutterstock


This podcast is a great example of why I love going to live events. It gave us an opportunity to catch up with Paul Cowan who is the VP of Enterprise and SMB Marketing at Shutterstock. He was also one of my panelists at #DMWF Digital Marketing Conference at the Javits Center in November 2018.Shutterstock recently recreated the infamous Fyre Festival ad using its own stock footage as part of its new global campaign "It's Not Stock." The founders of the festival focused heavily on marketing, spending a lot of money on content creation and visuals (including creating their own clips for the promo video)While Fyre Festival spent hundreds of thousands to create their video collateral, Shuttershock CMO Lou Weiss said the clip, which was a compilation of 18 different bits of footage licensed through Shuttershock, cost just $2062 to create.
This week we're chatting with Cindy Barshop, the founder of VSPOT Medi Spa. She share's her expertise on women's health, Carl and Cindy discuss their experiences of being part of the Bravo world and she also shares some words of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. If you really liked this last podcast pick up your phone and click that 5 star rating - and if you really want to connect with us, comment or dm us on instagram
Talk about powerhouse entrepreneur, Kalle Simpson is the founder of Discover Night (the most comfortable pillows with sexy black silk pillow cases) and we discuss user behavior - people typically buy things that they NEED more than things they want. So she is focused on shifting the mindset to create a *need* for these amazing pillows.We also chatted about rev share strategies, getting featured in retail and the value of customer service.Follow us on instagram @onequestionxyz and don't forget to subscribe and review!
Tara Bodt | Supply Lab

Tara Bodt | Supply Lab


This episode features Tara Bodt from Supply Lab, and some of my favorite takeaways was her story about how she get started, right down to how difficult it was to choose the brand name. She gave key insight on best practices working with sales reps and how she decides which influencers to work with. Make sure you subscribe for new updates!
This episode was a live event hosted at the Elsie Rooftop in Time Square during NRF. We featured thought leaders within the food vertical including Julie Vargas, the Director of Global RFID Market Development at Avery Dennison, Stephen Swartz, the Director of Marketing at Just Salad and Roly Nesi, the Founder and CEO of Roar Beverages. We discussed the importance of transparency, what it means to be a flexitarian, and decreasing food waste.Don't forget to subscribe to stay up to date with new releases!
During this Podcast we sat down with Peter Rogovin, head of the Pleasantville Farmers’ Market and discussed the intentional layout, surprise and delight elements, and how the farmer's market could be used as a product launch pad. Don't forget to subscribe and review
Alyssa Amoroso | Publyssity

Alyssa Amoroso | Publyssity


We sat down with fellow influencer Alyssa Amoroso, founder of Publyssity blog and podcast. She shares everything from working in PR to launching her blog and crushing the influencer game along with best practices. This conversation is filled with PR strategies and pitching tips to work with brands.
This weeks podcast is from our live launch event at The RealReal in NYC. For those who don’t know the store, they are a high end luxury consignment shop and have some amazing pieces in store and online. We had a wonderful assortment of food and drinks thanks to our sponsors Frog Leap Wine and Eat Clean Bro.This podcast features Jennifer Kyvig Kasper from Instagram and Facebook, where she focuses on Fashion and Luxury.We discussed The role that organic content plays in marketing Instagram has been compared to being featured in Vogue, and why it's important to incorporate into a brand's marketing and advertising strategyDemand creation and how brands been successful with that approach
Ritesh Gupta | Vayner Media

Ritesh Gupta | Vayner Media


During this episode, we chatted with Ritesh Gupta from Vayner Media.  We discussed thumb stopping content and the power of storytelling (how even a few seconds make such a big difference). Don't forget to subscribe and leave a quick review!
During this episode we spoke with Jordan Verroi who is a good friend of Carls and also the founder of CapGenius, a creative content keyboard.We focused on Data, market research, relationship-building and even ketchup.Don't forget to subscribe and leave a quick review!
This podcast was recorded live at CRE tech venture conference, a conference which connects commercial real estate to tech companies - there were 1000 people in attendance so if you can power through the background noise, this was a really interesting conversation featuring co-host's Dalia Strum, Carl Radke, our guest Co-host Sarah Malcolm The COO of the content funnel, and our guests Jeremy Bergstein from the Science Project, an integrated retail innovation agency and Brian Prezgay from Pixels and Bricks and we had an interesting conversation around the future of retail
We chatted with Lindsay Hubbard | Founder of Hubb House PR about various PR strategies and things that have and haven't been successful.
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