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Name Still Pending Improv

Author: Team Prototype

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A series in which we create random scenes and try to improvise something funny... we usually fail.
34 Episodes
Best friends forever? More like best friends for never.
Acting can be a pain in the butt sometimes...
A new DJ doesn't quite understand what kind of show he's in.
3 doctors have to diagnose a patient. Some of their methods are a bit extreme.
2 guys are trapped in a room that's filling up with water. Someone will die.
2 salesmen try to sell lamps. One is brighter than the other
Episode 28 - My Court

Episode 28 - My Court


The judge has to make a hard choice in this murder trial
Hitler travels through time to play some Nazi zombies
Cloning can be a very tricky process. Something always goes wrong.
Two trainers battle it out in a life or death match. Things take an unexpected turn.
Two cops try to break a suspect down... They have different methods
Two rivals face off with an elephant involved. Annoying people were hurt.
Ry and Dave partake in a legal drug transaction. No one gets hurt.
A man gets his fortune told... sort of.
A barter takes place that includes sandwiches, money and bullets.
Darth Vader tries being a good father but it's a bit too late for that.
Can he do it? can he catch 25 melons????
Two guys set on a quest to kill a vampire but they run into a stranger.
Dave takes a backseat this episode as Ryry clears an entire village infested with zombies. He takes out the villagers too. And maybe a president or two
One boy gets a wooden stick from his father, which is no legitimate form of defense. Join him on his adventure
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