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Author: Andy Hooper

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We specialise in helping e-commerce sellers expand to the EU. Our podcast talks to current e-commerce sellers that have already succesfully expanded to the EU so that you can glean all the information ready for your expansion.

Each episode looks at how someone in your position has expanded and what are the current best practices for selling on platforms such as Amazon.
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Join resident GEE Warehouse Manager Nathan and CEO Andy as they discuss the power of 3PL Centres in comparison to Amazon FBA.  It'll explore the pros and cons of each covering everything from how 3PL allows you to reach more customers through multi-channel logistics, improve service levels, have higher control of your stock and inventory and in some cases reduce costs.  Listen now to learn all about which option is the best for you.
Activating the Pan-European FBA programme enables the ability to send and store products to all of the 5 EU country Marketplaces, allowing you to fulfill offers directly to buyers from these centres. This will shorten delivery time, cost and make you eligible for Prime which are all great incentives for consumers to buy from you, but to do this you are also required to be VAT registered in these marketplaces. Here you'll learn all about PAN EU, the market's distance selling thresholds and when is best to activate the programme to benefit you the most...
In this week's podcast episode we talk Dream 100! Dream 100 is a form of relationship marketing that’s solely about finding your top or ideal 100 people in your market/niche who are already selling to a warmed up audience and connecting with them, collaborating with them to grow your audience and get your name out there.
We've talked now about the power creating your own website to sell from can have, but with that it's incredibly important to build an email list as the more people you have on your mailing list, the more potential buyers see your marketing messages. If you can provide crucial information and value to your consumers, delivered directly to their inbox you will be in a great position to build intimate relationships and build your brand. In this podcast we discuss how you can go about doing exactly this - helping you successfully take your business to the next level.
80% of sellers list their products on other platforms outside of Amazon - are you one of these? While Amazon is an amazing platform to often start your e-commerce business, due to the sheer size of Amazon it's hugely saturated and comes with some restrictions of freedom as well as numerous fees. Creating your own store on one of the store building platforms listed or another entirely can allow you to have more control over what your consumer sees, how you can manage customer data and often smaller fees. If you do not already have a website, in this podcast we will discuss the benefits creating your own store off of Amazon can have, and how to best use it to both grow your brand and increase sales!
Social Media is your friend, and a great way to send traffic to your products if you can grow or already have an existing social following​ you will be able to push traffic to both your existing Amazon Stores and give you the ability to take your business onto other marketplaces or your own e-commerce platform to give yourself more control over fees and data
In this week's podcast we ran through what the benefits of owning a registered business trademark can do for your brand and products with the eligibility of Enhanced Brand Content giving you access to create professional looking imagery and videos as well as a storefront with a catalogue page and individual pages for each listing...
Your listings can make or break your sales conversion!  In this week's podcast  we show you how to optimise your images, keywords, titles, descriptions and the key product details/bullet points of your listings to get the edge over competition, increase search ranking and appear at the top of results pages.  Join us in creating listings that will skyrocket your sales!
Vouchers, promotions and deals are often overlooked due to the lowered cost per sale and associated Amazon fees.   But if you're new to a marketplace, sales velocity is key - getting this will help with your product search ranking immediately boosting you to the top and giving you an edge on the competition.   To get products out the door fast and in large numbers after just expanding, vouchers and promotions can be your best friend.   In this week's webinar we'll share the crazy benefit they can have to your organic sales as well as how to captalise on holiday deals/sales through using deals.
If you missed the live webinar earlier in the week do not worry, you can listen to the recorded version of it here!    Whether you've been selling in a marketplace for sometime or or you've just started selling into a newly entered market. To give yourself the best chance, promotion is essential! One highly effective method of this is through using Amazon PPC or pay per click.   We we went over your ACOS (advertising cost of sales) and running through some strategies and tools you can implement to keep your spend low and your sales high!
If you missed the live webinar earlier in the week do not worry, you can listen to the recorded version of it here!  We know that label compliance is an increasingly complex matter, which is why we decided to dedicate a full episode to it, get the full breakdown on what you need to look out for and be wary of to ensure you're safe when expanding your products into the EU. EU label compliance regulations are quite strict in comparison to other countries; to prevent problems from occurring down the line, we strongly suggest that you check if your labels are compliant before shipping your products to the EU. One thing we see many sellers stung by when expanding into the EU is incorrect EU Label Compliance, resulting in an Amazon suspension - we don't want this to be you...
This week we've got a really insightful podcast with Heloise from Sell Beyond, an expert in translation on Amazon marketplaces. We talk with her about why you can't just add your existing listing(s) to the European markets with a simple google translate and expect to do as well as you are in the US or UK.
Something a little bit different for you, Andy talks over what he got up to over the bank holiday weekend here in the UK and how it relates to our EU Expansion Series... 
This week's podcast is a more informal chat than usual with our good friend Jerome who works closely with Amazon especially on the German front, and we discuss the state of German VAT, getting Tax ID and Certificates to be able to sell over in Germany as well as going over suggestions for how to go about beginning to sell into Europe. 
Today's podcast is a slightly edited version of the webinar we did last week with Robert from Payoneer on; getting paid by Amazon, paying VAT to HMRC, Paying UK based companies with ease, and the GEE Expanders Group. It's an amazing episode that covers these crucial steps that people find really difficult and can be so helpful for those of you expanding into the EU. 
We've got a fantastic episode this week, talking all about Amazon Vendors and the difference between Amazon Sellers and Vendors. Who better to discuss this with than our incredible partner and Vendor expert, Jerome from 'Amazon Made Simple'. 
The questions keep flying in so hopefully this can put some of them to rest and give you some more information on the massive topic that is - Brexit. Continuing on in our series of podcasts covering the subject, over the coming months as it progresses and more information comes out that needs to be shared with everyone who's wondering.  
What are they? What's the difference? Which one should I pick? Can I change? We get a lot of questions about the standard or flat rate schemes so we thought today was a good time to put them to bed with a quick informative podcast on the matter...
We've got a fantastic episode this week with Jacob from Zero K Wipes. He talks to us all about his business' expansion into the EU with some really helpful tips as well as the difficulties he faced.
On today's episode, we talk to Jason from Wakaya Group who shares some crucial golden nuggets of expanding over to the EU for you to take away and implement into your own expansion. 
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