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Prasanna is an International Speaker, Feminine Prosperity Creatrix and International Bestselling Author of Elemental Woman™. I work with conscious and creative women entrepreneurs globally, who want to Awaken their Heart’s Calling and powerfully bring that into every detail of their life and business.
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From the book Elemental Woman.
Are you showing up?

Are you showing up?


Are you showing up? How well are you showing up AS YOU… ALL OF YOU? From an Elemental Woman point of you there are so many facets to each of us. We are multi-dimensional beings… The more you express the different facets, colour and flavours, the richer the experience for those around you to experience you. What does that actually mean? It allows you to be seen for who you are in that moment. As example, I was giving a talk in Arizona in April this year at the WomanSpeak Festival. The talk was ‘The Awakening of a New Generation of Wise Woman Leaders’. Watch the talk here:
Today as a conscious women in business, we just want it all, we want that deliciously intimate close relationship, we want the harmonious family and we so desire an income that fully sustains us whilst we offer our gifts to the world and fulfil our heart’s calling… and perhaps a little extra to go travelling and to have a comfortable life style… and what’s wrong with that? What I see however today is the sheer contrast to that… and speaking from personal experience here, I include myself here too. BOOKPAGE:
What does it actually mean to create from overflow vs. depletion in your life and business? Listen to this podcast, how Elemental Woman supports you with your heart’s calling so you can lead with intent. Find out how you connect to life in a way that lets you totally become a powerful magnet that receives in harmony.
Last week on Thursday afternoon at 5.15pm Melbourne, Australia time we announced and launched the Elemental Woman book… by Monday morning it hit #1 New Release on Amazon… by Tuesday morning it became an International #1 Bestseller and #1 New Release on Amazon. So how have I been feeling? Very naket indeed. It feels like there is nowhere to hide any longer. My raw vulnerable self is being shared with the world.
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