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Author: Katrina Collier

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Katrina Collier, Author of The Robot-Proof Recruiter, Facilitator and Keynote Speaker, and Glenn Martin, talented Talent Acquisition Professional, chatted to people in the HR, Talent Acquisition, Recruitment, and Employer Branding space about all things recruiting, marketing, sourcing, employer branding, social media, diversity and inclusion, and more. Ran from October 2015 - October 2020.

Rated: PG - though headset use is recommended! 😉
141 Episodes
Emma Freivogel would shout it from the rooftops if she could, "Recruiting people with experience of homelessness ... it’s not that scary! It’s not impossible! It’s good for business and our economy!"  And she's on a mission to place 100 homeless in 100 days! Glenn Martin & Katrina Collier couldn't wait to hear more.
What would happen if you took the principals of your EVP, and used it as the basis of an agreement between recruiters and hiring partners? Ben Gledhill joined Glenn Martin & Katrina Collier to spill the beans!
5 YEARS ON and The #SocialRecruiting Show is still going!! So Glenn Martin & Katrina Collier welcomed back Audra Knight (it was her idea, after all!) and talked about the craziness of firing your employer branding teams right now!
☁︎ Ever lost your mojo? Now imagine being responsible for bringing great people into your company while you are feeling this way. Many are struggling with job & life satisfaction so we are chatting to Felicity King FCCT to find out what we can do about it! Hear the great chat Felicity had with Glenn Martin & Katrina Collier now. 
Keith Moutter knows a lot about using tech to open the door to more diverse applicants and Glenn Martin & Katrina Collier couldn't wait to discuss the problems people face applying for/getting work and how we can help make things better.
Is it time that female TA leaders got out of their own way? Erin Peterson knows a lot about being a director-level leader in talent acquisition,  and we can't wait to hear more about how can empower more female leaders!
Head of Talent Acquisition, Clive Smart, cannot wait to share the success they've had using 'time back as cash' to hire developers. Especially the impact to D&I in particular for neurodiverse candidates.   If you recruit technical professionals, you'll want to hear this conversation with Glenn Martin and Katrina Collier.
Where is the diversity in speaker panels at #HR & #recruitment events? Louise Triance ⭐️  returns, two years later, to see if we have managed to improve the diversity at events where so many of you learn new ways to do our jobs. With more virtual events taking place, Glenn Martin & Katrina Collier ask, "What did we learn? Has anything changed?"
Jim Berrisford has changed career multiple times, so has Katrina Collier, and there is nothing like a recession or a pandemic to get you thinking of a change. But changing careers can be difficult so Jim will be sharing how he went about it!
Jiri Herodek wants to chat data analytics because it matters! Data averse, Katrina would rather not 🙈 but knows that it's super important and that Glenn Martin will love it!   Jiri wants you to know your market and analyse your response rates and conversion rates for starters so be sure to tune in now to discover more!
Madison Butler one of the bravest & most outspoken humans about D&I and #BLM and Glenn Martin & Katrina Collier caught up with her. It's been two months, has anything changed?  We hoped so but would rather you listened to someone who knows best. 🖤
What do you do when you find yourself as ‘the’ HR person in a startup? Rohan Dickinson thinks you should find a mentor! ... but why, and who, and how? 🤔   Glenn Martin & Katrina Collier found out!  🙌🏻
Simon Halkyard has a strong opinion about hiring managers; they are not your client! As an experienced TA Manager, he knows what he's talking about too, and Glenn Martin & Katrina Collier had a great chat to him!
Co-author of Exceptional Talent & recruitment industry veteran, Mervyn Dinnen, knows a lot about attracting, hiring and engaging people... but has that changed during this crisis?  Glenn Martin & Katrina Collier found out in this lively conversation!  
You think a global pandemic would have made companies trust their people, right? Yet still it is an issue! Dawn Ward, Head of People & Culture, joined Glenn Martin & Katrina Collier to talk about why trust is is entwined with flexibility and, frankly, why it's time for organisations to get over themselves! Massive thanks to EnterpriseAlumni for keeping us going!
Recruiting Daily's Ryan Leary thinks we should be leveraging consumer-based marketing & campaigns in recruitment! So Glenn Martin & Katrina Collier asked him all about it!
Isolation has made us more aware of our mental health & well-being, and as we open up & consider our options, do we trust our employer or future employer with them?   Glenn Martin & Katrina Collier putt these question to Ted Hewett!
Altruistic in recruitment? Liz Nevitt believes in quality over quantity and chatted with Glenn & Katrina about the steps she takes to stand out in the world of agency recruitment. It was a brilliant chat ❤️ Huge thanks to our fabulous sponsor  Enterprise Alumni.
How good are recruiters at being interviewed? It's very different on the other side of the table, how well are you doing?  With so many recruiters and TA professionals on the job hunt, Glenn Martin & Katrina Collier, thought we'd ask TA professional & Interview Coach, Margaret Buj onto the show to share some tips.   Join us live now to ask your questions!   Huge thanks to our sponsor: Enterprise Alumni!! 💚
White people are being asked to listen & learn, to be allies and to be anti-racist. Glenn Martin and Katrina Collier want to continue to give a voice to people like this week's guest Abi Adamson, so they can share their stories and tell us what it's like to be a black employee so we can do better. It's up to white people to step up and help create the change, are you ready to be an ally?
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