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Author: Master Hun

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Python Fu Masters with Master Hun

Do you want to teach coding to kids?

Teach Python & coding concepts to future tech founders, tech professionals, and developers.

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29 Episodes
Episode 28: "What is computer science?" Part 3of3 | What is computer science? - Job Outlook for CS & coding | TikTok @masterhun | Web | Instagram @masterhun
Episode 27: "What is computer science?" Part 2of3 | Alternatives to a CS degree | TikTok @masterhun | Web | Instagram @masterhun
Episode 26: "What is computer science?" Part 1of3 | My experience & analysis of the CS major | Next episode: "What is computer science?" Part 2of3 | TikTok @masterhun | Web | Instagram @masterhun
Episode 25: Digital Marketing | Why you need to be on TikTok | Next episode: TBD (To Be Determined) | TikTok @masterhun | Web | Facebook @pythonfumasters | Instagram @masterhun
Episode 24: Why Coding? Next episode: TBD (To Be Determined). Sources: Code [dot] org | Web | Facebook @pythonfumasters | Instagram @masterhun
Episode 23: Project: KodeFighterz™ KwizKardz™. Next episode: TBD (To Be Determined). Web | Facebook @pythonfumasters | Instagram @masterhun
Episode 22: More $$$ for Coding Classes in Public Schools. Next episode: TBD (To Be Determined). Web | Facebook @pythonfumasters | Instagram @masterhun
Episode 21: How to spot a fake coding class, a fake coding teacher. Web | Facebook @pythonfumasters | Instagram @masterhun
STEM, Chess, Robotics

STEM, Chess, Robotics


Episode 20: STEM, chess, robotics. Web | Facebook @pythonfumasters | Instagram @masterhun
Episode 19: The KodezCombatCards v0.1.3 coding card game. Copyright © 2019 Hyun C. Hwang All rights reserved. Web | Facebook @pythonfumasters | Instagram @masterhun
Episode 18: 1. SoloLearn [dot] com Learn to code for free and earn XPs, badges, & certificates. 2. W3Schools [dot] com A popular free reference & learning resource for web developers. 3. freeCodeCamp [dot] org Another great resource to learn web development for free. Next episode: TBD (To Be Decided). Web | Facebook @pythonfumasters | Instagram @masterhun
Why Coding Is Hard

Why Coding Is Hard


Episode 17: 1. The modulus operator %. 2. The pre tag & document.writeln(). 3. Division by zero. Next episode: TBD (To Be Determined). Web | Facebook @pythonfumasters | Instagram @masterhun
The Game FizzBuzz

The Game FizzBuzz


Episode 16: 1. What is "FizzBuzz"? 2. Go to Python Fu Masters [dot] com for more info about the game FizzBuzz. Next episode: TBD (To Be Determined). Web | Facebook @pythonfumasters | Instagram @masterhun
Episode 15: 1. What is your "secret sauce"? 2. What parents/customers want. 3. Say, "NO!" to the "secret sauce" game. Next episode: TBD (To Be Determined). Web | Facebook @pythonfumasters | Instagram @masterhun
Episode 14: 1. var userName = "John Doe"; 2. userName = prompt("What is your name?"); 3. alert("Hello " + userName + "!"); Next episode: TBD (To Be Determined). Web | Facebook @pythonfumasters | Instagram @masterhun
Episode 13: 1. K-12 standards, goals. &, coding & CS fundamentals. Practical & theory. 2. Gamification PBL (Points, Badges, Leaderboards). The carrot and the stick. 3. Projects, activities, games. Unplugged & on a computer. Next episode: My New & Improved "Hello, World!" Program. Web | Facebook @pythonfumasters | Instagram @masterhun
Episode 12: 1. Variables and boxes. 2. Strings and real strings. 3. Functions and kitchen appliances. Next episode: Prep for CFK Class 2019. Web | Instagram @masterhun | Facebook @pythonfumasters
Episode 11: PFM news update. CSTA member. 1. Why NOT the Code Ninjas franchise. 2. CFK (Coding For Kids) products. Toys, board games, books, chess, robotics. 3. CFK services. Classes, workshops, tutoring, mentoring, consulting. Next episode: CFK (Coding For Kids) Analogies. Web | Facebook @pythonfumasters | Instagram @masterhun
Episode 10. 1. Parents want their kids to learn coding. 2. Corporations want more coders in the job market. 3. The government want tech jobs to stay in the U.S. Next episode: CFK Business Opportunities (NOT Including the Code Ninjas Franchise). Web | Facebook @pythonfumasters | Instagram @masterhun
Episode 9: 1. Where's the fun. Engagement. Gamification. 2. Language-based vs. project-based. Listening vs. doing 3. KodeKumite™ = competitive quizzes. Students compete individually & in teams. 4. What's the bottom line? Results. Real coding skills. Next episode: Why Do I Know (NOT Think) 2019 Will Be The Year of CFK (Coding For Kids). Web | Facebook @pythonfumasters | Instagram @masterhun
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