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Author: Bob Rose

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Thunder Grunt is a multi-show podcast about movies and friendship. It’s Art.
161 Episodes
Thanks for coming over to the new W/B feed with us! All episodes ONLY available there! Links: - Writers/Blockbusters New Home Page - W/B on Apple Podcasts - W/B on Spotify - W/B on Google Podcasts - W/B on Stitcher
Bob has a delightful chat with the two indelible hosts of Baltimore's longest running cult movie screening event, Mondo Baltimore! Ros and Michael have been the "faces" of Mondo for around four years now, including the online-version during the covid years. Even though Bob has been a member for over a decade, he asks them to point out all that is great about Mondo and why you should go (if you get the chance.) Also, everyone makes a list of their "Top 5 Movies Where Someone Gets Frozen." Watch this episode with FULL VIDEO on YouTube! Mondo Baltimore's Official Website!
Bob is joined once again by the great, wonderful, talented mad scientist Johannes Grenzfurthner! They discuss local history, religious truth and the making of Johannes's newest film RAZZENNEST, which was has been accepted to Fantastic Fest 2022!  Watch this episode with FULL VIDEO on YouTube! Read up on Johannes via Wikipedia! Check out the trailer to RAZZENNEST! MONOCHROM his official production company website! Fantastic Fest's official RAZZENNEST announcement!  
 Bob once again uses Shrimp Night! to expose his forgotten internet-radio failures, this time focusing on two "podcasts that never were" with two of his best friends, Huey Hesson and Mike Stettes! Backrow Bastards was a DVD commentary podcast hosted by Bob and Mike, around five unreleased episodes existed (they think.) The Chet Program Program with Wet and Chet was Bob and Huey's attempt to try and make a whole show off a very weird name, it lasted one episode, which was released to the public and then promptly abandoned! The guys walk down their personal memory lane of posting content on the internet since the 2000s, celebrating the few things that worked and cracking up over the litany of things that absolutely did not. Listen to Disco Spy by Hestus (a song made by Huey and Mike) HERE! 
Bob has a grand old time laughing it up with his good buddy Brandon Hardesty! Brandon is a super talented writer and actor who snowballed to fame in the early days of YouTube. His videos led to appearances on Jimmy Kimmel and David Letterman, acting in movies with the likes of William H. Macy, Nick Swardson and The Scorpion King and portraying the live-action version of Eric Cartman on South Park! Somehow years later he ended up in one of Bob's short films, and thus their friendship was forged in fire! Oh also they talk about their Top 10 Favorite Parenting Movies. Check out Brandon's original Youtube Channel HERE! Watch Brandon in Bob's short Timecrowave HERE! Enjoy Brandon's Essay videos on THE BACK FOCUS!
Once again Bob wields the nebulous format of SHRIMP NIGHT! to placate his "podcasting midlife crisis."  Years ago Sarah Gorman, Becky Hackerman, Mike Walls and Bob were the co-hosts of a horror movie podcast that only lasted a handful of episodes. The podcast was called NOW SLAYING, it ended pretty quick. Becky and Sarah join Bob to discuss memories, why it stopped so abruptly and to relive the old glory days by reviewing the water-logged, found-footage horror film THE DEEP HOUSE! Check out Becky's band INFINITE PIZZA on BANDCAMP and FACEBOOK! Watch this episode with video HERE!
Bob yaks it up with his friend, filmmaker, YouTuber, live-streamer, Misfits historian...Jeff Frumess! Since Jeff has so kindly had Bob on his YouTube channel several times, Bob returns the favor to Jeff with the longest Shrimp Night episode ever! The boys talk about balding, the technical aspects of podcast streaming and run down their top 10 favorite comedy directors of all time! Watch this episode on YouTube with video HERE! Subscribe to the FRUMESS YouTube channel HERE! All of Bob's appearances on the FRUMESS Channel are compiled HERE!
Bob has the honor of catching up with an old buddy, a filmmaker whose been pounding out Low Budget Pictures for more than 30 years, the director of such films as SEXSQUATCH, THE WEIRDSIES and MULVA: ZOMBIE ASS KICKER!...Chris Seaver! The guys do a deep dive on their favorite films of the 2000's, Chris absolutely nails the assignment and Bob gets overly excited that they both adore the masterpiece known as HOT ROD! Watch this episode with video on YouTube! Check out Seaver's YouTube Channel IT CREPT FROM THE 80S WARLOCK HOME VIDEO on Facebook Chris Seaver's Instagram!
Bob decides to use the amorphous premise of SHRIMP NIGHT! to begin to revisit what the hell happened to his long defunct podcasts. First on the list: The gents from A MOUND OF THUNDER! Bob, Huey, Rex and John gather for some closure on the 15 episode run of their rage filled show that started because of a mistake and ended because of several mistakes! The guys also find time to give one last comic book movie review by complaining about Marvel's THE ETERNALS! All episodes of A MOUND OF THUNDER are available on the Thunder Grunt Podcast feed, here's a direct link! Watch this episode with video HERE!
Bob has a long overdue chat with Jim McDonough, the super talented filmmaker responsible for incredible short films such as Manicorn, Tiny Clones, Darling Pet Monkey and many more! Jim gives a verbal sneak peak at turning Manicorn into a feature film, but first the guys walk each other through the ups and downs of early filmmaking life, how they let go of giving power to "view counts" and Jim is kind enough to read a list of negative reviews posted under his movies by all the well-adjusted people on the internet!  You can watch all of Jim's movie on his YouTube channel RIGHT HERE!
Bob has a chat with a writer he considers one of the most enthusiastic and positive forces in modern film criticism, Nick Clement! A contributor to both Variety and We Are Cult, his writing can also be found on the limited edition Arrow Films releases of both True Romance and Legend. Prior to this recording Bob asked Nick if he would like to discuss 1990s action films, listen up for Bob's actual shock as Nick details the fact that he actually worked under the likes of Jerry Bruckheimer, Tony Scott and Michael Bay during the productions of some of their biggest movies! Nick's articles in VARIETY! Nick's articles for WE ARE CULT! Purchase ARROW FILMS TRUE ROMANCE limited edition Blu-ray! Purchase ARROW FILMS LEGEND limited edition Blu-ray!
Bob has a long overdue chat with his good friend John Walker! John is one of the creative powerhouses behind the Movie Schmovie Podcast, a talented musician and an analytical mastermind of media! Outside of using this time to just catch up between friends as the world continues to burn, the guys decide to talk about the one subject no one cares to discuss ever again: STAR WARS!  Movie Schmovie Podcast! FYIz Podcast! Follow John on Twitter! Listen to John's music on Bandcamp!
Bob has a long overdue chat with Johannes Grenzfurthner, an Austrian artist, filmmaker, writer, actor, curator, theatre director, performer and lecturer...which it states clearly on his wikipedia page! They cover a wide range of topics from Sub-cultures to Starship Troopers to his newest film Masking Threshold! Read (or edit!) the Johannes Wikipedia page! Follow Johannes on Twitter! Visit the official Monochrom website! Rent Traceroute on Vimeo!
Bob has a blast chatting with his super talented friend, cinematographer, musician, filmmaker, singer and dog mom...Sophia Cacciola! They discuss a plethora of film ideas, Sophia checks IMDB to conform the facts and Bob gets overly giddy when Blanche the dog or Face/Off is mentioned!  Watch this episode with video on YouTube! Launch Over Official Website! Launch Over YouTube Channel! Check out Fat Fleshy Fingers! Blanche The Dog's Instagram!
Bob has a chat with his good friend, talented filmmaker, musician, writer and PHANTASM super-fan Michael J. Epstein! They talk about the horrors of making people watch something you made, lamenting the film tastes of others and Michael's myriad of upcoming projects!   Launch Over - Michael J. Epstein and Sophia Cacciola's Official Website! The Launch Over YouTube Channel! Check out Fat Fleshy Fingers!
Bob has a chat with filmmaker Austin Allan James, director of the feature film Who's With Me?, a movie about isolation made BEFORE 2020! The two talk about influences, single location movies and their mutual love for the one and only David Wain! Watch Who's With Me? for free on YouTube here! Follow the film's instagram page!
Bob has a blast chatting with an independent filmmaker he very much admires, Joe Badon, director of the features The God Inside My Ear and Sister Tempest. They talk about what exactly counts as a "weird movie" while also outpouring their love for Tim and Eric, Ken Russell and the music of Ray Lynch. They also talk about Joe's two upcoming short films The Blood of the Dinosaurs and The Wheel of Heaven (WHICH HE IS CURRENTLY FUNDING THROUGH KICKSTARTER! BOB DONATED YOU SHOULD TOO.) The Wheel of Heaven KICKSTARTER! The Blood of the Dinosaurs Trailer Joe's Website
Bob sits down with his good buddy, Floridian filmmaker, creator of the Sick 'n' Wrong Film Festival, the one and only Stephen Stull. The two of them spend hours catching up on the important subjects like small penis humiliation, Michael Bay, videos of bloody fecal matter, why they both look like edgelords, and MENSA. They also talk about how he's producing a delightfully gross movie and DONATING TO THE FAT FLESHY FINGERS KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN IS A GREAT IDEA! BOB DID...THREE TIMES! Donate to the FAT FLESHY FINGERS KickStarter Here! Official Sick 'n' Wrong Film Festival Website! Stephen's Vimeo Account! Stephen's personal Website!
Bob Rose and his buddy, musician Mike Walls, are honored to have a chat with the new Anti-Capitalist Master of Twitter himself, the lead vocalist, songwriter and bassist for Eve6, Max Collins! The guys run through the gamut of today's most important subjects such as shitting in grocery stores, the filmography of David Lynch and a mutual respect for the band Rancid. Yes, they discuss why the 1998 hit "the heart in a blender song" isn't officially called "The Heart In The Blender Song."  Eve6 Twitter: Grim Value website:
Jeremy Herbert is a Rondo-Nominated filmmaker, freelance writer and lover of theme parks. Jeremy and Bob have been friends online for a while. This episode is the very first time they really got a chance to "talk" with their mouths, together. Join them as they spend almost four hours discussing VHS technology, lesser movies by great directors and why National Lampoon's European Vacation is the Temple of Doom.  Follow Jeremy on Twitter! Check out the Indiegogo for WORST LAID PLAINS here!
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