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Jim Duke Perspective is a weekly show features news and information exposing the NWO Illuminati conspiracy and Luciferian agenda, and analyzes society from a Christian view. This is where we discuss a variety of fringe topics and genres as they relate to the conspiracy and their Secret Societies, and present biblical insight as we near the End Times. We bring conspiracy evidence and unravel the truth behind the facade wherever it takes us. Whatever level you are at, we break it down for you. No corner is too dark for us to tackle and alert you of the evils of the world.

Our episodes analyze culture and society and cover conspiracy, the Illuminati and secret societies, the NWO, psyops and black op projects, the paranormal and occult, rogue government, political deception, the agenda of the Elite, radical ideologies, Entertainment industry, history, signs of the times, and other things related. As well as hosts interesting guests who appear for an exchange of ideas and insight.

This is where you will hear “a rational voice in a world of conspiracy." Topics that make you think. The information on this show is for those awake and are awakening who want the truth about the inside agenda, the guts behind the facade, and exciting details that the world is not exposed to from their normal resources. Information beyond the boundaries and your Sunday morning sermon.

Shows air live or post Sundays at 6pm EST.
News show segment airs midweek.

The website is
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Synagogue of Satan

Synagogue of Satan


The accusation of Synagogue of Satan gets tossed around at anyone who may be suspected as working for Satan, including the Jews as well as the Catholics. But to whom is this term really referring?We discuss the Knights Templar, Freemasons, and Jesuits claims in this episide.
Facebook went offline for several hours recently and some were in disarray. I didn't even know (or care). But we will discuss some theories. Is Communism coming? All signs show that as Communism was planned for the world, it is already being implemented on us. We just may not recognize it.
Several reports came out that bones of infants have been discovered at Catholic Schools and that a certain sect of Priests have possibly been conducting Satanic Rituals. We explore this find as well as explain the origin of the Jesuits, the Order of militant defenders of the Catholic Church,
Once said that Agenda 2030 was speeding ahead to possibly be implemented in 2025. Some now claim this has moved up even sooner to 2023. They gained more ground with COVID than probably anticipated with so many complying with the agenda by the force of propaganda.
The United States is not the only place of protest. In several mandated countries protestors show their grievance against vaccine mandates. We highlight some of those joining us in resistance.
Plans are in place at the BIS and the W.H.O. to use COVID as jumpstart requirements for digital certification in order to participate in the economy.We have come across documents at the BIS explaining such plans for digital cerfitication that enables a person to participate in the banking system as a CHIMERA. Central Bankers are urged by the BIS to step up efforts for this reality.What will this mean? A lockout for those not compliant.Check my article on this
In this episode we gather information on the risks of the vaccine and what Pfizer, and government, are not telling us.Pfizer was allowed to omit certain ingredients from public report and alsos not thoroughly conduct studies showing toxicity in their product. Researchers prove that the vaccine can cause danger to those who already had been infected naturally, posing greater risk of adverse affects.Pfizer is suspected of switching some of the elements reported in their product with the LUCIFERASE enzyme.There is virtually no accountability for the manufacturers of the vaccine. This is unethical. The risks are overlooked ad in most cases excused. The vaccine is avoided of blame for any illness after one has been vaccinated within a certain time period.The Vaccine Passport leads to economic financial control to force compliance. Bankers collaberated a scheme called "Going Direct Reset" in which will replace the currency for financial transactions by the Central Bankers once complete.Website for doctors and scientists waging war against the vaccine to help you in the case of mandated vaccines
In this episode we discuss the Elite bloodlines and their intricate network of the system related to Mystery Babylon. Some say the Rothschilds are in charge over the agenda, others say it is the Jews, and some that Rockefeller has its hand in things. The truth is they as well as others all contribute to this concept of Mystery Babylon that seduces the nations and runs the Luciferian agenda.
Cultural Christianity

Cultural Christianity


In this episode we discuss the misconception between cultural Christianity and biblical Christianity. Is cultural Christianity shortcoming of what true faith expects? is it compromised? We share what the true faith looks like and what the misleading counterfeit sells.
In this episode we reveal what has been discovered as a "secret ingredient" in the vaccine by a whistleblower Spanish Dr La Quinta Columba who a team of researchers exposed as the delivery component. We will connect this with Hydrogel that we had talked about a year ago and how it relates to AI and the Internet of Things.The CDC issued a protocol last year that it would enact detainment camps, or similar facilities to isolate those who pose a health risk to others. We would think this might be those who get infected, but the wording extends to those who pose a risk rejecting the vaccine as well. Legislation in individual States also have begun steps towards this action. The DHS sent out an advisory update on those who pose a threat as domestic terrorists.Check out the episode we did a year ago exposing Hydrogel friend of mine offers a remedy for reversing magnetization. I can't guarantee results, but here it is:
In this episode we discuss the bribery to get people vaccinated. The officials are actually offering cash prizes to get people vaccinated. Mandates are trying to get it through to society. The administration is lying about the stats overexaggerating the numbers again to make it sound encouraging to take the jab. They tell us to "trust the science," but what science are they referring to? Of course it is political narratives.The unvaccinated are blamed for the variant spreading, despite people having vaccination to PREVENT THEM FROM RESULTS OF THE VIRUS. We know this is a fabrication.We also have proof that the pandemic was planned well before with vaccines already in development BEFORE the pandemic to entice the Great Reset.
In this episode we continue our discussion of New Age influence in Christianity and what it looks like compared to our jurisdiction in Christ.
New Age Christianity Pt1

New Age Christianity Pt1


In this episode we discuss New Age influence in Christianity. We share the origins of New Age and a possible cause of infiltrating the Christian faith.
Propaganda Mind Control

Propaganda Mind Control


In this episode we look into the progression of propaganda techniques traced from the roots of Tavistock research to using the research for mind control as developed into our modern culture.
The NXIVM culprits have been given their sentences. We will share the results of the players. An attack on Christian values gives a voice for Pedophiles, homosexuals, and the whole LGBT gang who want to shock Christians into acceptance. But will they yield? Also an update on vaccines.
In the news: Delta strain variation poses a new threat on society. We examine the scenarios. Facebook puts out a campaign encouraging its patrons to flag what it considers "extremists." Is that YOU who sheds truth on the subjects? Censorship is continuing on social media platforms.
Your Rights in Court

Your Rights in Court


In this episode we discuss some possible loopholes that you can use if you are taken advantage of in court by the authorities. This is not tested by me, and I am not a legal expert. Try at your own risk.Source:
The Elite may seem unspiritual or irreligious, but some do have a code, a Brotherhood, an occult doctrine they contribute. They don't worship God of heaven. They allude to an image of an allegory in which serves as a personification of a god they contrive as a source of supreme enlightenment.
In this episode we discuss the wise of this world and how as intellectual they seem, are still bound to wisdom of the world. The New Age gurus who say they have a spirituality only have a worldy spirituality. They are unable to receive the spirituality to know god unless they have God's Spirit.
In this episode we discuss the transformation of humans in a biological/technological fusion to a new creature. We identify transhumanism and explain the definition of what the developers plan, if it is ehtical, and what the end game intended. Is this a modern Nazi Eugenic program? Vaccinations play a role in this as nanoparticles contribute to the transfer of readable DNA that complies with the AI digital technology. Experiments conducted also to download the conscious mind as data,Here is a link to our past episode on Transhumanism
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Adam Arnett

You can't simplify religion into it's most (logical) terms? the entire idea of many or most of not all religions are completely illogical!! yes you are kind of being bias in your own beliefs when dealing with eastern religions and mysticism.

Mar 7th


great show

Mar 6th

joey w

Would love to hear you and Isaac Weishaupt collaborate. I really enjoy both of your styles and differences of research so it definitely has my vote!

Jul 25th
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Andrew Furrer

first time listening great work

Nov 1st
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