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Author: Edward Brennan

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Here are some of the latest insights and teachings from The More Group
28 Episodes
Sometimes you just gotta go with the Reset button and let the days take its lead.
Treating your finances like a fishing trip. 🐟🎏🎣
Setting up and maintaining a daily routine for your day. 👨‍🍳🏃🚿
The objective to this challenge is simple. The journey not simple. Listen to Eddie's key takeaways from the challenge.
A short story about two frogs and how the message can help you further your career.
Here we discover a simple question to keep yourself accountable throughout the day.
Sometimes keeping it as simple as possible is what pays off.
Here we explore some key qualities and traits in order to be successful in sales and leadership.
Shake it off! 💁

Shake it off! 💁


Here is an extract form one of our tea meetings where we are talking about the inspiration behind Taylor Swifts classic hit.....Sometime you just gotta Shake it off!
Cool story about taking your chances and not being afraid of failure.
Lessons from a 5k race
We all lose our head every now and again. Here are some helpful tips to assist.
We look into Work and its silent killer!!! 😀
This is a cool story!!
We are looking at a juggler and how we can adapt to new tasks as a leader.
In this episode we talk about how you can improve your leadership skills by using a simple approach.
The lessons we can take from the Australian Open 🎾
Lessons on being rewarded for achieving milestones
Race towards your goals
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