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Marketing has its good points and bad points and depending on how it’s used can either build or destroy brands and companies. May the Best Brand Win will look at what’s happening each week in marketing, branding and public relations and discuss the good, bad and the really, really ugly. Guests will include marketing executives from leading companies, agencies and even some celebrities.

Marketing is an ever-changing topic and you’ll want to be sure to tune in so you know the very latest and best ways to reach your audiences and avoid the many mistakes we see on a weekly basis.

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Getting privacy wrong ends the marketing relationship and THAT is very bad. We know that marketers can own and lead this discussion instead of waiting to be fined by the results of it. But if we start with empathy, we can get privacy right. Joining me in this episode is legit, renowned privacy expert, Jodi Daniels from Red Clover Advisors to tell us what we need to know about all of the new privacy laws, including the recent Sephora fines—and what we should ALL be doing to respect the relationship and get our privacy right.
It’s said that marketing is about creating great relationships. First, we make people curious, then they want to be enlightened and spend some quality and quantity time with the brand. Then finally when everyone is comfortable we move to commitment. Sounds easy, but marketing relationships are tough and so are own personal relationships at home. Joining me on the show is Coach Arno who helps results-driven executives create the relationship they want even when their partner is not open for couples counseling using his proven LBR-Method. So get your apologies and spontaneous gifts ready for another Oprah-approved episode of May the Best Brand Win on Entertalk Media.
PR works with media on reviews to build trust for the brands we represent. On the show today, is Scott Tharler, an award-winning tech journalist who has reviewed bazillions of tech products and services for Newsweek, Club Life Magazine, Gear Patrol, Maxim, Techwalla, Fodor's Travel, Discovery News and many others. Also an author, podcaster (The Family CTO) and speaker, he's especially drawn to devices dedicated to travel, audio and power, but considers himself a tech generalist, excited to share info about cool, practical gadgets (and non-tech stuff) with anyone who'll listen. We dig into the paid aspects of journalism today and of course how marketers continue to get it wrong invading privacy and lacking empathy.
Branding is better when you make the customer feel AMAZING — like they just got laid. My guest today, Deb Gabor has written the book on branding (twice!) with bestsellers Branding is Sex and Irrational Loyalty. She's the founder and CEO of Sol Marketing, a strategy-led marketing firm obsessed with solving major business and branding problems for clients in every industry. Join me today for a hot show (followed by a cold shower) as we dig into what brands need to do to create irrational loyalty in this world of bad marketing practices.
They say “a picture is worth a thousand words,” but when not just ANY picture or image will do, smart marketers call on Renee Farias, a visual branding specialist and former U.S. Army combat medic with 25 years of fantastic experience. Join me for a fun interview with Renee as we discuss photography, NFTs, digital rights, celebrities and more on the next award-winning May the Best Brand only on Entertalk Media.
There are many myths in the profession of marketing, but none as great as big data. They say “big data helps to elicit customer insights in real-time. Therefore, marketers can understand the tastes and preferences of their target audience.”  Uh-huh.  So let’s dispel this nonsense and get down to what marketers like you should be doing.  Join me for another Nobel Prize winning episode of May the Best Brand Win only on Entertalk.
Episode 176: Web Words

Episode 176: Web Words


As society has advanced so has our ability to command language. Today words still matter in marketing.  Everything we do starts with words because our THOUGHTS start with words. One of the key tenets of StoryBrand is “people buy products and services only after reading the words that make them want to buy”   So if everything begins with words, then why do SO many websites fail to communicate clearly?  We’re going to look at why and give you some tips on HOW you can do a better job with your words on the show the Taliban calls “an abomination from the heart of the Great Devil himself” May the Best Brand Win only on Entertalk.
Is a hot dog a sandwich. No.  And is marketing an unrelated bunch of tactics to make money? Nope. On today’s show I thought I might talk a bit about what marketing really is here in the lovely (increasingly dystopian) future of 2021.  Before you do this stuff, you need to know the basics about relationships so don’t worry, I’m gonna tell ya everything (except like the birds and the bees — I’m hoping your parents or siblings handled that).  It’s gonna be crazy again on the podcast Apple calls “one of many we host” on the next May the Best Brand Win only on Entertalk Media.
Today a brand is only as good as its stories and its content.  That bodes extremely well for my guest, Rick Smith, the Founder and CEO of NewsUSA a leader in the syndicated content space.  We’re going to talk about content and what brands can do to tell a better story and amplify that story to reach audiences around the world.  Join me for another Peabody-award winning episode of May the Best Brand on Entertalk.
The currency of marketing has always been how interesting a particular product, service or company could be.  Today it’s imperative because I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but human attention spans are shrinking like George Costanza coming out of the cold water in that classic episode of Seinfeld.  In fact, a new study by Microsoft says that humans now has less of an attention span than a common goldfish. The average attention span for the notoriously ill-focused goldfish is nine seconds, but according to a new study from Microsoft Corp., people now generally lose concentration after eight seconds.  Fear not, I have some tips for you on how to be VERY interesting to your target audiences.  Join me for another Oscar-nominated episode of May the Best Brand Win on Entertalk.
Is it me or have things gotten really fake in the world lately?  I mean, marketing has always been full of it, but lately it seems much worse.  As communicators, we are we supposed to do?  Should we accept the fake nature of the world today as it is or can we fix it?  We’re gonna dive into this area on another Golden Globe worthy edition of May the Best Brand Win on Entertalk.
Marketing has to be about generating leads. But how far are some companies willing to go to do it? How many “targets” will they bother to get one “conversion.”  There’s a better way and I will show it to you on the next truly epic edition of May the Best Brand Win on Entertalk Media.
2020 was a weird year for the world and for marketing. Here’s a quick recap of what happened and most importantly how YOU can make your marketing even stronger in 2021!  Join me for another Novel Prize nominated episode of May the Best Best Win on Entertalk Media.
Eddy Pham is a legend in direct response world.  Starting with his invention of the George Foreman Grill to the Snuggie, to the Comfeet Blanket — Eddy listens to the market and gives it EXACTLY what it wants.  That’s marketing.  Eddy joins us on the show today to talk about his incredible career and what he’s working on next!  Eddy will also give you aspiring inventors some great tips on another "As Seen on TV" certified episode of May the Best Brand Win on Entertalk!
No matter what you sell, it probably comes in a box.  And marketing has ways of making that box sell, sell sell.  But joining me on the show today is musical entrepreneur and good friend Dave Craver whose new company Living Image has a way to make those boxes come to life via Augmented Reality (AR) and REALLY creep people out.  Dave will be here to talk all about that and we’ll hit who’s winning and losing in marketing this week on another wild and crazy award-winning episode of May the Best Brand Win on Entertalk Media.
If you’ve shopped or eaten at a mall or strip mall in your life, you’ve seen Sheldon Pont’s work.  As a master of real estate for retail operations including Morton’s Steakhouse, Polo Ralph Lauren, Kenneth Cole, Cartier, Dunkin Donuts, Baskin Robbins and Little Caesar’s Sheldon manages huge real estate projects and is frequently quoted in the media for his expertise in real estate development. Sheldon joins us today to talk about retail in the USA and the world.  We’ll also hit who’s winning and losing and if you’re nice Sheldon will leave us with some tips/trends before it’s over.  All on another fully marked up episode of May the Best Brand Win on Entertalk!
Here we sit in 2020 and we have no flying cars, no instant meal preparation machines, no space age clothes with matching boots.  But we still have marketing…and man is it awful.  Why is marketing SO bad, so pointless so easily trashable?  We’re going to look at some examples and explore the issue a bit on what’s sure to be another Nobel Peace Prize winning episode of May the Best Brand Win on Entertalk.
Well it happened.  CES — canceled.  NAMM Show — canceled.  But YOUR company ISN’T canceled and YOU still have important marketing work to do.  But NOW you’re going to be minus some really big events that helped you in the past.  Fear not, where there’s a will, there’s a way and I have a few tips and tricks to help you out on this episode of Ryan Reynolds’ favorite marketing podcast, May the Best Brand Win only on Entertalk.
They say entrepreneurs are unemployable because they’d rather MAKE a job than TAKE one.  Well our guest on today’s program certainly fits that bill.  He’s a visionary fitness trainer known around the world for training pro soccer stars — turned actor who worked alongside of Will Ferrell and Robert Duvall — He’s a documentary filmmaker  - turned inventor and marketer. He’ll give us some tips, share his journey and even tag team some winning and losing stories from the marketing universe on another fantastic episode of May the Best Brand Win on Entertalk.
I was in a conversation recently with some business owners and the question of “what is your most effective marketing advice” came up.  Almost all of them said “yeah, we don’t do much marketing,” which I found strange.  Upon further examination many of them engaged in plenty of marketing-related activities but they just didn’t “call” them marketing.  So we’re going to talk about all of the activities that companies do that apparently they don’t think are marketing, but they actually are.  We’ll also dig into who’s winning and losing this week on another fantabulous episode of May the Best Brand Win on Entertalk.  
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