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Dating is really hard. Especially now when everything's online AND there's a pandemic going on. What's a single girl gotta do to find love? Join me as we lament on the dismal state of dating, pour over terrible advice and find deep solace in incoherent dating tv shows. Dating is hard y'all, but we can pull through this sh*t together. If you like our show, make sure to find us on Instagram @datingishardyall and say hi!
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What's dating hygiene? Keeping yourself sane during dating of course. In yet another episode about dating that isn't about my personal dating life, I talk about 3 things to keep in mind to maintain your dating hygiene as you go out and date once more this year.
In this episode, I talk about another philosophical topic I have on dating - self-respect when you're single. 
On Mother's Day, I found myself reflecting on why we pick certain partners at different stages of our lives and why we should be a bit more forgiving around our bad dating choices.
There's a TON of negative stigma around dating someone who is divorced. As someone who IS currently dating a divorcee, I thought I'd give my two cents on the subject and how to approach it in the dating field. Follow us at @datingishardyall for fun graphics!
In this week's episode, we talk about the patterns myself and my new partner have experienced in the past within relationships and what we're doing to break the cycle of toxicity. Follow us on Instagram at @datingishardyall to join the fam!
Hey guys! Sorry for being away for so long...but I have a really good reason - I met someone! Listen in as Yan and I discuss my latest guy and all the pitfalls I should avoid (cough cough - going too fast) as I explore this super new relationship. Follow us on @datingishardyall on Instagram for some cool stuff!
Hello hello. What begins as a tender walk down memory lane turns into burning questions about kids, marriage and relationships in general! 
3 Guys I Wish I Dated

3 Guys I Wish I Dated


We reached episode 80! Woohoo fam - thank you for sticking with me for EIGHTY episodes. Today, I reminisce on three amazing guys (for a change) that I wish I dated but couldn't due to circumstances, etc. We all have that person that we think about now and then, right? Well, I have THREE. 
Happy International Women's Day! Don't take your singlehood for granted - it's an awesome thing to be.
I put a ton of effort into dating, yet I didn't get the outcome I desired. And that's okay! Let's normalize that. #selfpartnered
I'm back!!! Listen in for updates on my thoughts on dating and the state of being self-partnered. Connect with us on Instagram @datingishardyall and our website,!
Dating during the pandemic isn't fun. If you find someone new, you'll miss 'em. If you already live with the person you're dating, you'll (at times) get really sick of them. There's no balance! As a result, I've consciously decided to stay single - for now.
Well, this year has been SO much. For all of us! Congratulations to everyone for getting through this  year - it's been so much learning and adapting and evolving. I am as single as a gal can be but I'm actually chill about it. Make sure to find us on Instagram @DatingisHardYall!
Hi y'all! For today's solo episode, I decided to take a trip down memory lane about all of the dating bullshit I experienced this year and reflect on the BIGGEST lesson I've learned from the experiences I had in 2020 - STOP tolerating bullshit. If someone doesn't make their intentions, feelings or perspectives clear to you and don't give a flying fuck about being in your life, LET THEM. Don't waste your energy on people who have no energy to give to you. Put time and resources into cultivating relationships with people who strive to be there for you, care for you and fight to stay in your lives in a meaningful way. Make sure to follow us on Instagram @datingishardyall to join in on the fun! 
So I guess my so-called "boyfriend" was TRULY imaginary after all. Me and Polly discuss the nonsense that went down when I decided to date a seemingly friendly podcast listener who DM-ed me on Instagram. For two weeks, things were perfect. Then it kinda...went downhill - listen in to hear how. Follow us on Instagram @datingishardyall for more love. Stay safe everyone!
This week, I'm joined by the amazing Love Coach Bonita! Join us as she takes me through how to really scope out and understand whether a man is what you're truly looking for when you're on a date. This was a truly enlightening and insightful episode for me when it comes to my own dating life - I hope it helps you out too! Stay safe out there! Make sure to follow the pod on Instagram, @DatingisHardYall .
The lockdown is driving us cray-cray and what else is new, am I right? In this week's episode, Meg and I discuss why exactly 2020 is wreaking havoc with all things relationships and how I probably just made up my boyfriend in my head (cause has anyone seen him but me? LOL). Make sure to follow us on @datingishardyall on Instagram and stay safe out there! #datingishardyall
Ah, sweet sweet psychotherapy. In this episode, I'm joined by Sylvio, a real-life therapist and we both dive deep into my dating psyche and uncover the f*cked up familial history that's lead to my toxic attachment styles and high tolerance for bad behaviors. Fun! The work isn't sexy but hey, if it leads to happier relationships, it's worth it right? Learn more about Slyvio and his practice at! Make sure to follow the podcast on Instagram at @DatingisHardYall . 
As the conversation deepens around my new boyfriend, Yan and me go into further detail on what makes a partner truly AWESOME to date and how we can all reach that milestone in our own lives. Become the partner you're looking for, y'all! For all my US friends - hang in there! Dating is hard y'all but it's so much better together. Follow us on Instagram @DatingisHardYall and make sure to subscribe to us on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts - wherever you listen!
SO. Guys. I'm not single anymore! I've met someone super special and who better to go into the dirty details of the whole encounter than with YAN himself. 
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