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The Geek Bravado Ramble

Author: Parallax Abstraction

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The Geek Bravado Ramble is an eclectic, relatively short, frequently posted commentary and discussion podcast by Parallax Abstraction.

Touching on all kinds of topics from gaming to tech, news, politics, mental health, social issues and everything in between, expect unvarnished, sometimes unpopular but always informed and clickbait free opinions along with an open call for discussion.

Like what I had to say? Tell me why! Don't like it? Change my mind! Let's ramble together!

Join my Discord at or hit me up on Twitter @PXAbstraction.
83 Episodes
Another minor panic about the future of the Mixer platform seems to be going through the community again and this was amplified by the surprise and rapid-fire announcements that both founders of the platform will be leaving Microsoft. I talk about not only why people shouldn't be worrying so much but also why the departure of the founders is probably a good thing.
Blizzard recently banned a competitive Chinese Hearthstone player and withheld substantial prize money because he spoke out in support of Hong Kong protesters during a live broadcast. The Internet has exploded in response to this, more so than I would have expected. I offer my take on the events and in particular, how this shows the incredibly hypocrisy of a company that espouses progressive values on one hand but sides with a dictatorship on the other, all in the interests of shareholders instead of principals.
Another Netflix series popped on my radar recently and it caught my interests in technology and charity because it was about Microsoft founder Bill Gates. It wasn't bad but not at all what I wanted. I give my impressions.
Late in the evening of September 18, photos surfaced of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in a brownface costume at a social function. This has caused no end of outrage from the press, general public and his opponents in out ongoing federal election campaign. While I agree what he did was wrong, I also think it's ridiculous to hold something that someone did in the distant past against them today, especially when they've demonstrated that they've improved as a person. I detail that opinion.
Recently released after a long, Kickstarted development, Children of Morta is a Roguelite, fused with elements of ARPGs like Diablo, with a unique set of characters and a breathtaking presentation. I give my impressions after several hours of play.Children of Morta is available now on PC and is coming soon to all consoles. Use one of the following links to buy it on PC and help support my content:Humble Store (also supports Extra Life) - - Man Gaming - code provided by Evolve PR.
A new entry in one of my favourite series in one of my favourite arcadey genres is upon us. The River City series dates all the way back to the NES and has passed through many developers over its history, which is longer than many realize. The latest entry comes from the renowned devlopers WayForward and I went into it with high expectations. I talk about my first couple of horus with the game and whether those expectations have been met.Intro song is We're the Rivber City Girls, performed by Nathan Sharp and Christina Vee.
Another documentary has his Netflix and despite it's title, it isn't one about the factories in China that make almost everything we buy now, it's about a Chinese company trying to setup a factory in the US. American Factory details this process with a surprising amount of access and shows the cultural and business issues that come from Chinese and American values colliding and why this trend growing should worry people.
Earlier this month, I unexpectedly had to put a lot of my streams and other content on hold because I was so burned out. I originally thought it was because of work and other stresses but after some research, it appears to be not so much because of that but because I've started to become dependent on my ADHD medication. I talk about what that experience has been like and what I'm doing to try to overcome it and still figure out how to treat this disorder.
I've now devoted several episodes to (rightly) addressing a lot of the problems with the Epic Games Store and it's general anti-consumer stance. Many have equated this to me just hating it because it's not Steam. That couldn't be further from the truth and for as much as I use Steam, the service and the company behind it have a lot of problems of their own. I devote longer than I thought I would to talking about those and what Valve should do to improve on them.
I largely avoided sounding off about the latest two mass shootings in the United States because I didn't know what I could say without just repeating the same divisive talking points as everyone else. In this extra rambly episode, I try to discuss the various different issues that are subjects of this intense debate and how, rather than blaming any one of them, that maybe the core issue is a cultural one that is an amalgamation of many different issues.
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