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Author: Parallax Abstraction

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The Geek Bravado Ramble is an eclectic, relatively short, frequently posted commentary and discussion podcast by Parallax Abstraction.

Touching on all kinds of topics from gaming to tech, news, politics, mental health, social issues and everything in between, expect unvarnished, sometimes unpopular but always informed and clickbait free opinions along with an open call for discussion.

Like what I had to say? Tell me why! Don't like it? Change my mind! Let's ramble together!

Join my Discord at or hit me up on Twitter @PXAbstraction.
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I've now devoted several episodes to (rightly) addressing a lot of the problems with the Epic Games Store and it's general anti-consumer stance. Many have equated this to me just hating it because it's not Steam. That couldn't be further from the truth and for as much as I use Steam, the service and the company behind it have a lot of problems of their own. I devote longer than I thought I would to talking about those and what Valve should do to improve on them.
I largely avoided sounding off about the latest two mass shootings in the United States because I didn't know what I could say without just repeating the same divisive talking points as everyone else. In this extra rambly episode, I try to discuss the various different issues that are subjects of this intense debate and how, rather than blaming any one of them, that maybe the core issue is a cultural one that is an amalgamation of many different issues.
An indie game going Epic Games Store exclusive is sadly nothing new and while I'm as sick of podcast about this as everyone else, the spectacularly arrogant and entitled manner in which Glumberland, the developers of Ooblets chose to announce their exclusivity, is something that has to be discussed. In addition, their announcement and some hints from other developers have shed some more light on how the economics of these Epic exclusivity deals work and why it's such a tempting proposition for so many.The Ooblets blog post referenced in the episode: 
A big bombshell was dropped in the streaming world today when it was announced that Ninja, one of the biggest streamers in the world, is leaving Twitch to exclusively join Mixer. No one saw this coming and while most people are generally welcome and positive on the idea, some people do have some worries, myself included. I discuss the cons but largely pros of him joining the Mixer fold.
A new documentary about the Cambridge Analytica/Facebook scandal recently came out on Netflix. While I do recommend reading up a bit on how the scandal happened before watching it, I think it does a good job of showcasing what happened and more importantly, the amoral, opportunistic nature of nearly everyone involved, even those who now claim to be on the side of good. I give my impressions.
On the morning of July 25th, the CBC published a story on two young fujitives who are currently running from accusations of murder. Despite them having no criminal or violent past, in a desperate attempt to keep a story in the headlines with no new details to share, they attempted to once again link "online gaming" and their social introversion as they reason they murdered three people in cold blood. It is hack reporting at its worst and something even the modern CBC is supposed to be better at than this. I rant about it.Please share this podcast around and take the time to file a formal complaint with the CBC if you agree with this.The CBC story I reference in the episode: to file a complaint with the CBC (select CBC Shows and News): video on how games can relieve depression:
Every time I see a Reddit or Twitter thread bemoaning the modern state of video games, it's always talking about AAA titles like they're the only games that exist. Almost without fail, every time I try to point out the entire world of creative, inexpensive, consumer friendly indie games that are out there, I get downvoted or some other kind of push back from these same people. In a true ramble with no preparation, I expand on why this might be and what we can maybe do about it.
Indie Showcase impressions video: you buy the game on PC and are OK using the Epic Games Store, use Creator Tag PXAbstraction at checkout to help support my content.Shakedown: Hawaii is the latest effort from Retro City Rampage developer Vblank Entertainment. It's a pixel art, open-world game that's a little bit of GTA and a little bit of an arcadey crime empire simulator. I quite enjoyed it and give me impressions on it.Press code provided by Vblank Entertainment.
The new AMD Ryzen 3000 line of CPUs has had a lot of hype behind it and based on reviews from its July 7th launch, it hasn't disappointed. However, fewer are talking about the obscene prices the accompanying motherboards have. As someone who was planning to build a new rig soon, this has taken a lot of the wind out of my sails and I think it's mostly because of the greed of the motherboard makers. I talk about why and why I think this will probably be short lived.
In the time I've been making YouTube videos and streaming, the term "influencer" to describe someone who makes content and "networking" to describe the act of community building, have both become common parlance. I really dislike the origins of these words and how they're being utilized and offer some thoughts on that.
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