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The Naked Novelist

Author: Nelsie Spencer

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Look! I wrote a novel and it got published - by St. Martins Press - a big fancy pub house. I know how to write. I've been doing it for a looonnnggg time. And I've been helping others hone their craft and find their voice as writers since 2006. So, I had this idea, I'll read my book - The Playgroup - and, as I go, chapter by chapter, I'll share with my listeners all I know about writing. So, have fun, listen to the episodes in order, and TELL YOUR FRIENDS! Support this podcast:
26 Episodes
Ellie finds herself at yet another over-the-top birthday party. This time it's Mason's and - as usual - things don't go as planned. --- Support this podcast:
Things continue to devolve for Ellie as she falls deeper into the Eastside web of debauchery.  Nelsie shares how to intensify the stakes and the obstacles for the protagonist. Oh, and there's some pretty steamy sex, too! --- Support this podcast:
Ellie breaks more promises to herself and gets caught with her "hand in the cookie jar" by Missy's mother! Has she gone to far down the rabbit hole to make her way back? --- Support this podcast:
Ellie travels deeper into the Eastside world of upscale schools and "perfect" parents as she begins to lose her ability to hold her tongue. --- Support this podcast:
Strangling Snappy

Strangling Snappy


Things continue to heat up and fall apart for Ellie. Nelsie discusses how to increase and sustain the tension and obstacles for your protagonist. --- Support this podcast:
Post New Year's Eve debacle, Ellie wakes to the reality of what she's done. Will her life ever be the same? And, as your personal writing coach, I talk more about creating and maintaining tension and obstacles for the protagonist. --- Support this podcast:
Ellie is getting in  some deep shit as she flies solo on the eastside. Nelsie talks about finding your muse and how writing eroticism was never her plan. --- Support this podcast:
I discuss how I (hopefully) create and maintain tension as Ellie ventures to an eastside party WITHOUT Peter!   In Chapter 18, Ellie finds herself - as usual - the "what does not belong in this picture" item. This time she's at an eastside New Year's Eve party without Peter, in a sexy cocktail dress surrounded by bowties, fur coats and people named Biffy. Ellie looks to survive the night by falling back on old habits.  --- Support this podcast:
Ellie and Peter are all "dolled up" for a full-on Eastside New Year's Eve party at Missy and Antonio's. Snow's falling, lights are twinkling...What could go wrong? --- Support this podcast:
Ellie heads west as fast as her double stroller will go, but an old siren is calling. Will she make it west before she really fucks up? --- Support this podcast:
Missy needs a favor from Ellie. What could it be? --- Support this podcast:
Ellie survives Camille's birthday party, but will she and Peter survive this new moneied world? How "upping" the conflict makes for more intrigue.  --- Support this podcast:
Ellie attends her first over-ther-top birthday party for a 3-year-old. Will she survive it? And learn a bit about being true to the "heart story" of you characters. --- Support this podcast:
Ellie shows up to support her mom at her book-signing at B&N, but somehow decades-old resentments pop us like fresh daisies. --- Support this podcast:
Ellie's big day has arrived! She gets to pitch her idea for a TV show to Lisa Bienstock, HBO bigshot. ONly problem - she's a bit foggy on the whole "Idea" part of the show. --- Support this podcast:
Things get "weirder and weirder" at Missy and Antonio's and Ellie gets desperate to get out! --- Support this podcast:
Ellie and Peter reluctantly make their way to the dreaded Eastside to Park Avenue Playgroup's Get-to-know-you Cocktail party. Is Ellie's leather mini to slutty? Or will she be the hit of the party? --- Support this podcast:
Welcome to Episode 1 of The Naked Novelist Uncovered. Sounds redundant, I know, but, stick with me. These interviews with fellow writers will give us all a chance to look inside the mind of writers in all genres to "uncover" insights, struggles and secrets of the professional (or soon-to-be professional) writer. --- Support this podcast:
Ellie has less than 2 hours to find the perfect, tasteful, yet sexless outfit for Park Avenue Playgroup's Cocktail Party that begins in less than 6 hours. She leaves the kids in a questionable setting and heads for Saks Fifth Avenue in a panic. --- Support this podcast:
Ellie faces another day at Park Avenue Playgroup, only to be discover there's yet another Eastside social fence to climb. --- Support this podcast:
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