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You Know This!

Author: Garfield King - Inkings

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This podcast is extracted from the radio feature Motivation Minute on Music Radio 97 in Trinidad and Tobago. Written, produced and presented by Garfield King, the programme aired every weekday for 28 years - 1992 to 2020. The content served to remind of what most of us intrinsically know or feel.
Airing early in the mornings, the brief radio messages aimed to encourage the attitude … “It may not be easy, but it’s not hopeless.” ... This podcast aims to build on that ethos.
Theme music - Mike Alleyne
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Sometimes all you can say about bad stuff that happened in the past is that you learnt a useful lesson. 
Experience is always keen to share wisdom and teach valuable lessons, but are we willing to be students?
If we don’t speak up time and time again, how can our voices be heard?
Lack of understanding can lead to fear or persecution. Getting reliable information and allowing a little understanding, can bring the light and clarity to remove the fear.
If we don’t take the actions necessary for improvements, how can things get better?
In order to live your dream, you must wake up and take the necessary action.
Creativity often comes when we take the uncommon path, break from routine and take the uncomfortable risk.
Acceptance of the facts as they are right now, provides a solid foundation on which to build your strategy for moving ahead.
Sometimes our preconceived notion of what someone is capable of, prevents us from recognising the valuable continuation they have made.
The job or the family?

The job or the family?


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