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You Know This!

Author: Garfield King - Inkings

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This podcast is extracted from the radio feature Motivation Minute on Music Radio 97 in Trinidad and Tobago. Written, produced and presented by Garfield King, the programme aired every weekday for 28 years - 1992 to 2020. The content served to remind of what most of us intrinsically know or feel.
Airing early in the mornings, the brief radio messages aimed to encourage the attitude … “It may not be easy, but it’s not hopeless.” ... This podcast aims to build on that ethos.
Theme music - Mike Alleyne
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Actively looking for the official accredited information highlighting activities to combat the virus, it might provide the balance and inspiration we need to strengthen our resolve.  
Many people, at this difficult time, are doing little things that are having a big positive impact on their families and their communities.
Take a time out to take stock of what you have and where you’re at, your value and what you can be.
Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.
It’s difficult to think about the learning and the future benefit when we are in the middle of the pain, but that’s where the treasure exists.
Once you decide something must be done to get back on track, energy should go into solutions.
Experience can only be a teacher is we’re prepared to be its student.
Having a deadline can be very useful, but a job rushed due to an unrealistic time limit can have negative consequences. 
As we begin to realise that others are more like us than different, we are less fearful of them and less doubtful of  ourselves.
Belief in our ability to make a difference, to be part of something bigger than ourselves helps to focus on what needs to be done.
Are you moving toward the personal fulfilment you treasure, or are you digging yourself into a deeper hole?
You can’t use your power if you don’t know you have power.
Setting targets just beyond your reach can create a gentle stretching motion that can put you in touch with your goals. 
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