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Kim sits down with author Tracy Fox to talk about her new book, "God a Minute"
Kim Sits down with Dr. Michael Scheeringa, the author of "Trouble with Trauma"
Kim sits down with comedian Zarna Garg, who was just featured in People Magazine 
Kim sits down with Dr. Mark Borg, who was caught in the blizzard that was national news last week.
Kim sits down with Washington DC insider Patrick Pexton to tackle hot button topics, mask mandates and Roe V Wade.
Paula & Kim sit down with Real Estate Agent & Comedian Sarah Fearon
Kim sits down with hilarious novelist Laurie Gelman to discuss her new book Yoga Pant Nation
Kim Sits down with conflict mediation specialist & author Bill Eddy
Bros Podcast: "Heat"

Bros Podcast: "Heat"


Will & Nick explain why the movie "Heat" should be in everyone's top 5. This Michael Mann cops & robbers thriller pits two All-time greats, Al Pacino & Robert De Niro against each other. 
Cook & Comic Podcast

Cook & Comic Podcast


Paula & Kim sit down with Peter Linderoth, Director of Water Quality for Save The Sound.
Paula & Kim sit down with nutritionist & health coach Nancy Weiser. Great tips on how to look and feel your best this summer.
Kim sits down with Barb Hazelton & Jo Briggs, the driving force behind The Single Process. A group devoted to helping women survive divorce.
Kim sits down with long time Rye resident & former city councilwoman Susanna Keith who has just launched Hello Career Guru. A Company whose mission is to help women advance in the work place.
What's your sign? Kim and Paula sit down with Astrologer Peg O'Donnell. 
If you got a green thumb, Stephanie Hoover of The Pretend Flower Show is a must listen
Kim sits down with Deborah Walker, Director of Wainwright House and gets an in depth tour of Rye's most prestigious landmark
Kim sits down with The UN International School educator Truike Boukhold at The Wainwright House.
Kim sits down with addiction specialist Dr. Claudia Black, New York Times best selling author of It Will Never Happen to Me.
Kim's final political podcast of 2020 with Washington DC insider Patrick Pexton.
Kim sits down with the director of the Jay Heritage Center Kevin Peraino.  The Jay is Rye's oldest historical site and was once the home of Supreme Court Justice John Jay.
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