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Welcome to Heal Thy Skin, a podcast by DERM HEALTH CO

Dishing up #skinpowerment, sharing skin stories from patients and leading practitioners.

Our mission is to empower you on your skin health journey so you can face the world faster. You will hear from dermal clinicians, nurses, dermatologists, medicine practitioners, plastic surgeons and other specialists.

Sharing topics on scarring, post operative recovery, lymphoedema, breast cancer, acne, nutrition, rosacea, skin cancer and skin health.

Whether you have a skin interest, skin trauma or skin condition this podcast is dedicated to you.
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We are delighted to preview Episode no. 4 of the A-Z Series with Dr Shyamalar Gunatheesan hosted by Dr Annika Smith. Dr Gunatheesan is a consultant Dermatologist based in Melbourne Australia and founding Dermatologist of ODE Dermatology. She is a fellow of the Australasian College of Dermatologists, with an interest in all aspects of Dermatology and a subspecialty interest in hair conditions. Dr Gunatheesan has undertaken research at Harvard University and furthered her expertise with training in London and New York.  She has received numerous accolades for her research and publications in peer-reviewed medical journals and is often quoted in the media. This episode covers all things to do with dandruff, what causes it, related skin conditions, basic approaches to tackle dandruff, how to optimise your scalp health, when to see a dermatologist and lots more!  Enjoy! Connect with them here: Instagram: @drnikkiderm Instagram: @drshyammi_dermatologist @odedermatology Be sure to subscribe to the podcast! And follow us on Instagram or visit us online at --- Send in a voice message:
Welcome to Episode 3 of the A-Z series, on Cosmeceuticals and Cellulite, hosted by Dr Annika Smith with guest Dermatologist Dr Katherine Armour. Dr Armour is a medical and cosmetic dermatologist based in Melbourne. Her subspeciality interests include biologic therapies for inflammatory skin diseases, and the use of cosmeceuticals to treat and prevent skin diseases and aging. She is the founder of Bespoke Skin Technology. This episode will take a dive into cosmeceuticals- what they are, which ones are useful and why and will also take a look at cellulite why it happens and what options exist for treatment. Enjoy! Connect with them here: Instagram: @drnikkiderm Instagram: @drkatherinearmour Be sure to subscribe to the podcast! And follow us on Instagram or visit us online at --- Send in a voice message:
For the first time in Heal thy Skin podcast, we opened our platform to a special collaboration series called A-Z of Skin Conditions.  A-Z of skin conditions special series will be hosted by Dr Annika Smith featuring skin experts from all around the globe to give insights on everything we need to know in skin anatomy and skin conditions from A-Z. Each episode will cover different skin condition. The second episode of this special series is Boils and Hidradenitis Suppurativa with Dr Erin McMeniman Deputy Director of Dermatology Department at Princess Alexandra Hospital and Senior Lecturer, School of Medicine. Dr. McMeniman has a special interest in skin diseases associated with internal medical illness and pregnancy. Her research interests include public health implications of skin disease and skin cancer, multiple primary melanomas, and hidradenitis suppuritiva. Don't miss this episode as Dr Erin and Dr Annika talks about the causes and treatments of boils and HS, plus bonus skincare tips! Be sure to subscribe to the podcast! And follow us on Instagram or visit us online at --- Send in a voice message:
You may suspect you have dry, oily, or sensitive skin, but do you really know your skin? Your skin is the window to your body that reveals the stories of your life. From acne breakouts during your teenage years to the radiant glow of pregnancy and the sunspots of ageing, both your age and your health are reflected in your skin. Skin is the body’s largest organ. When healthy, its layers work hard to protect us. But when it’s compromised, the skin’s ability to work as an effective barrier is impaired. In this week's podcast episode, Marni will be speaking with Miriam Thom, founder of Club Psora. Miriam was living in New York and working as a filmmaker when she experienced her first severe psoriasis outbreak, just shy of her 30th birthday. Her year-long journey into self-healing ultimately led to remission and a career refocus in wellness. In 2019 she received her 200-hour teacher training through NYC’s Sky Ting Yoga, her teaching style informed by traditional vinyasa, TCM, meditation, embodiment and stress-management techniques. She founded Club Psora for the skin sensitive community -- to provide for others what had been missing for her: a safe container offering access to specialists, resources, personal stories and community discourse. She is led by her fascination with pathologies and the narratives that affect them. She seeks to uncover how a deeper understanding of self can lead to a healthier existence. Don't miss this incredible episode as Marni and Miriam talk everything about skin health! Learn more about Miriam Thom here: Website: Instagram: @clubpsora Be sure to subscribe to the podcast! And follow us on Instagram or visit us online at --- Send in a voice message:
For the first time in Heal thy Skin podcast, we will be opening our platform to a special collaboration series called A-Z of Skin Conditions. A-Z of skin conditions special series will be hosted by Dr Annika Smith featuring skin experts from all around the globe to give insights on everything we need to know in skin anatomy and skin conditions from A-Z. Each episode will cover different skin condition. And to start off, we will have Dr Justine Kluk, a consultant dermatologist and skincare expert from London to talk about — A; Acne. Don't miss this episode as Dr Justine and Dr Annika talks about the causes and treatments of acne, plus bonus skincare tips! Learn more about Dr Justine Kluk here: Website: Instagram: @drjustinekluk Resources Mentioned: Be sure to subscribe to the podcast! And follow us on instagram or visit us online at --- Send in a voice message:
Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS) is a chronic, inflammatory skin condition that causes recurrent and painful nodules, boils, abscesses and lesions of the skin. Living with a chronic skin condition like HS is not just about managing physical symptoms and flare-ups. Living with a recurring, painful and sometimes visible condition can impact a person's emotions, social life and relationships. HS presents on the skin, but it can really take a toll on the whole body, emotionally and physically. There are a lot more nights in and a lot more ‘self-care. In this week's podcast episode, Marni will be speaking with Kathryn Shusta, creator of KS and HS.  Kathryn started her HS advocacy work in 2020 by creating KS and HS, an Instagram page that raises awareness of HS and what it is like to live with a chronic illness. She was not diagnosed with HS until she was 17 years old, 7 years after her first HS flare. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence for people with Hidradenitis Suppurativa. Kathryn began her Instagram as an outlet for her feelings about HS. Since then, she has found advocating and helping others to be rewarding and inspiring. She uses her background is in social work and public administration to inform her practice in advocacy. She promotes information based on research and evidence-based best practices through the lens of her own HS experiences. For fun, Kathryn likes to crochet while watching her favourite movies and go on adventures in her hometown. Join us in this incredible episode as Kathryn uncovers the biggest misconceptions and shares first-hand experience with Hidradenitis Suppurativa. Learn more about Kathryn Shusta here: Website: Instagram: @ksandhs Resources: Be sure to subscribe to the podcast! And follow us on Instagram or visit us online at --- Send in a voice message:
Congenital melanocytic nevus (CMN) is a skin condition characterised by a dark, noncancerous skin patch (nevus) that is composed of pigment-producing cells called melanocytes. It is present from birth (congenital) or is noticeable soon after birth. The nevus may be small in infants, but it will usually grow at the same rate the body grows. People with congenital melanocytic nevus may have more than one nevus (plural: nevi). The other nevi are often smaller than the giant nevus. In this week's podcast episode, Marni travels virtually to the UK, to speak with Cheryl Shaw- a Mum, Model, Diversity Advocate and living with CMN. Cheryl was born with giant congenital melanocytic naevus, a rare skin condition that causes large moles to appear all over the body. CMN affected most of her life growing up. But now, she is on her journey of embracing her skin condition and helping others to also embrace their difference. Don't miss this inspiring episode as Cheryl shares her story of acceptance, self-love and empowerment. Learn more about Cheryl Shaw here: Instagram:  @____chezza____ Resources Mentioned: Be sure to subscribe to the podcast! And follow us on Instagram or visit us online at --- Send in a voice message:
When filling out official documents, you are often asked to provide your name, birth date, and sex or gender. But have you ever been asked to provide your sex and your gender?  Most people use sexuality to refer to the gender(s) to which they are attracted. However, sexuality means different things to different people. A person’s sex, as determined by his or her biology, does not always correspond with their gender; therefore, the terms “sex” and “gender” are not interchangeable.  In this week's podcast episode, Marni will be speaking with Dr Riki Lane, an amazing researcher with expertise in qualitative and quantitative methods in the areas of sociology of health, science and gender, sex and sexuality.  Dr Riki Lane is a Research Fellow at the Department of General Practice since 2011, undertaking qualitative and ethnographic research studies into models of primary health care. He is also a Project/Research Worker at the Monash Health Gender Clinic.  Their Gender Clinic work includes: researching ways to improved health care for trans and gender diverse (TGD) people; facilitating consumer and community participation; and developing and delivery of education in TGD affirmative health care practice.  Don't miss this episode as we talk about inclusion, gender diversity, identity and language.  Learn more about Riki Lane here:  Monash University:  LinkedIn:  Be sure to subscribe to the podcast! And follow us on Instagram or visit us online at --- Send in a voice message:
April is Rosacea Awareness Month.  According to the National Rosacea Society, the goal of Rosacea Awareness Month is to spread public education on this skin condition so that more people who may have rosacea seek medical help before it gets worse, and so those whose lives are affected can find greater public acceptance and understanding. Research suggests that many people with rosacea may not be reconsulting with a healthcare professional after losing faith due to previous negative experiences with prescribed medications or even their dermatologist. As a result, many are left to adopt short-term approaches to treatment, choosing to self-treat with over-the-counter skin care products when flare-ups occur, rather than seeking advice from medical professionals. As part of our ongoing commitment to raising awareness of rosacea and the hidden burden of this skin condition, Marni will be speaking with not just one— but two incredible rosacea advocate. Bethany Barnes and Kathryn Lock of The Rosy Club. Kathryn and Bethany are the founding members of The Rosy Club. It is a skin positive and rosacea awareness Instagram page that aims to inspire everyone and anyone to love the skin they’re in. Join us in this week's amazing episode as it's the perfect opportunity to build on the momentum and encourage even more people with rosacea to find their voice and share their experiences. Learn more about Bethany Barnes and Kathryn Lock here: @_bethany_barnes @___k_a_t_h_r_y_n___ Be sure to subscribe to the podcast! And follow us on Instagram or visit us online at --- Send in a voice message:
The lymphatic system is consists of many tiny channels throughout the body called lymph vessels or lymphatics. Like blood vessels, these join together to form larger channels. The lymphatic system carries lymph, a colourless, watery fluid that contains lymphocytes – a type of white blood cell. Lymphoedema is the swelling of part or parts of the body that occurs when the lymphatic system is not working properly. Swelling associated with lymphedema can occur anywhere in the body, including the arms, legs, genitals, face, neck, chest wall, and oral cavity. In this week's podcast episode, Marni travels virtually to London to speak with Nicole Faccio, podcast host and a lymphoedema patient and advocate. Nicole was born with Primary Lymphoedema and unlike many people, visible at birth mostly in her left arm. Her Lymphoedema is known as Milroy's Disease and it is categorised by significant congenital malformations of the lymphatic system. Nicole has lymphoedema swelling in most of her body, including both legs, left arm, abdomen, parts of her back, face and internal lymphatic masses as well. For the most part, she lived a normal life - went to a regular school, graduated with an Engineering degree and moved to New York City to pursue a career in Tech, and most recently moved to London in the pursuit of her dream job. Nicole has adjusted her life around the needs of lymphoedema and decided that the only way she would be able to have a long functional life was not to fight against it, but with it. Don't miss this incredible episode as Nicole shares her story with lymphoedema and living her life normally- with adjustments. Learn more about Nicole Faccio here: Instagram: @facciolita Podcast: @normaladjustments Be sure to subscribe to the podcast! And follow us on Instagram or visit us online at --- Send in a voice message:
Some people are more sensitive to natural food chemicals and find when they eat large amounts of them, they experience distressing symptoms. The most common natural food chemicals that can cause unpleasant symptoms include salicylates, amines, glutamate. Chemicals are found everywhere in nature, including in the food we eat and the water we drink. Some of these, like vitamins, contribute to maintaining good health, while others increase aroma and flavour and make food enjoyable. How much you can tolerate will vary depending on how sensitive you are. Some people have a much lower tolerance threshold than others and will experience a reaction to smaller amounts. Others though, will find that levels build up over a few days before their tolerance threshold is breached and they experience symptoms. Chronic or recurrent symptoms can occur when small amounts of high chemical foods are eaten regularly. When this happens levels build up in your system gradually and specific triggers are not obvious. In this week's podcast episode, Marni will be speaking with Ashli Templer, founder of Pep Creative, skincare brand Yours Only® and podcast Allergy Proof™. Ash has been dealing with pesky intolerances and skin conditions since day dot, as well as Hashimoto's disease. In 2018 after discovering she has a food chemical intolerance and was unable to find any products that were skin, body and bathroom-approved, Yours Only® was born. A series of all system skincare designed with allergies, intolerances, skin conditions and auto-immune diseases in mind, dressed in packaging that looks good enough for a #shelfie. Yours Only® seeks to help and inspire others to look after their bodies, with a % of the profit from each bottle sold going towards allergy research at RPAH Hospital, Sydney. On her mission to open the conversation, Ash then developed Allergy Proof™, a podcast dedicated to helping hard-working women with health issues get through life. Don't miss this episode as Ash talks about the common misconceptions in allergies, topical skincare and food chemical intolerance. Learn more about Ashli Templer here: Instagrams: @ashlitempler @yoursonlyco Website: Tool Mentioned: Be sure to subscribe to the podcast! And follow us on Instagram or visit us online at --- Send in a voice message:
Good vibes only and positivity is a concept where people believe in keeping only the positive and rejecting any negative thoughts and notions. This approach also believes that you’re in control of your body and what happens to you and that you can simply remove yourself from negative situations. You’re to blame if you stay in the negative situation or thoughts, and you’re to blame for bringing up negativity. It is the stigma that bad feelings are well, bad! Having unrealistic hopes is self-destructive, as you are putting mental and emotional energy into making it happen, and are likely to be disappointed when you fail to reach your goal. Can you already see where this is going to fail? In this week's podcast episode, Marni travelled virtually to New York to speak with Kayla Juettner. Chronic illness and disability advocate, and the woman behind the Instagram account @chronically.kayla. Being born sick made Kayla create unique challenges and outlook on the world. Dealing with appointments, and hospitals rooms, and disability can be lonely; thus, @chronically.kayla was born. She wanted to create a space to foster conversations and community around living with chronic illness and disability. Inspiration Porn peak ableism that can’t help but damage people living with skin conditions and disabilities. Many people perpetuate toxic positivity without realising what they are doing, many times as a form of ableism. Join us in this episode as Kayla talks about toxic positivity, ableism and realistic optimism. Learn more about Kayla Juettner here: Instagram and Tiktok:  @chronically.kayla Twitter: @chronic_kayla Special Gift for Listeners: Use kaylaj10 at Mighty Well for 10% off. Brand mentioned: Be sure to subscribe to the podcast! And follow us on Instagram or visit us online at --- Send in a voice message:
Lipoedema: No, it’s not a typo. It’s a real condition that’s often overlooked or confused with lymphoedema. Nearly 370 million women across the globe live with Lipoedema. What is regularly associated with unruly weight gain in its initial stages can quickly spiral out of control if left undiagnosed. Often striking in a woman’s mid-20s, Lipoedema is a condition that leads to the excessive buildup of fat cells primarily in the arms and legs. Lipoedema isn’t rare, but it’s rarely diagnosed. Most doctors think obesity, heart failure, kidney failure, liver disease, thyroid problems or medications cause the leg swelling or think it’s lymphoedema, which is swelling that usually occurs in one arm or leg. While lipoedema and lymphoedema both do involve swelling, that’s where their similarities end. In this week's podcast episode, Marni travels virtually on the other side of the world to speak with Caroline Sprott. Germany's First Lipoedema Fashion Blogger and one of the hosts of Der Lipödem Podcast. Ten years ago, after leaving from work experiencing excruciating pain, Caroline was diagnosed with lipoedema. The diagnosis ultimately made her a strong person, even if her journey towards acceptance was not always easy. Now, Caroline speaks in lymphatic events, models for compression campaigns while continuously raising awareness for the lipoedema community. Don't miss this episode as Caroline shares all about lipoedema plus bonus fashion tips! Learn more about Caroline Sprott here: Website: Blogs: Instagram: @caroline.sprott and @lipoedemmode Podcast: ----- This episode is brought to you by Venus Concept Australia. Venus Concept Inc is a medical technology company and the creator of Venus Viva. Venus Viva™ is a highly customizable skin resurfacing device that delivers exceptional results with low downtime. Powered by NanoFractional Radio Frequency (RF) with SmartScan™ technology, it is a fractional radiofrequency system that allows operator control of ablation, coagulation, and resurfacing for enhanced efficacy in resolving mild to severe skin damage. Venus Viva™ can replace all other skin resurfacing devices with one lightweight, tabletop device. Skin resurfacing treatments are safe for all skin types with low downtime. To book a consultation or a demo, please fill out the form at: and click SUBMIT. A representative from Venus Concept will reach out to you directly to provide you with everything you need. Website: LinkedIn: Instagram: @venusconceptaustralia Be sure to subscribe to the podcast! And follow us on Instagram or visit us online at --- Send in a voice message:
Pediatric lymphoedema occurs when a child has a chronic accumulation of fluid that causes a region of their body to swell. That unresolved swelling can lead to the buildup of fibrotic tissue along with skin changes that can cause mobility issues. Pediatric or primary lymphoedema is rare; the incidence is about 1 in 100,000 children. About 90 per cent of children with lymphoedema have secondary lymphedema, which is much more common. To open Heal thy Skin podcast's third season, Marni will be speaking with Brittany Williams. Founder of Brylan’s Feat Foundation. Brittany is a mother of four, wife, and the woman behind Brylan's Feat Foundation. Her relationship with lymphoedema began when her daughter, Brylan, was diagnosed with primary lymphoedema in 2014. Since that time, Brittany's goal has been to advocate and be the voice for her daughter and all children living with lymphoedema. She recently joined the Lymphedema Advocacy Group in Washington, D.C. to share her story and support the Lymphoedema Treatment Act. Brittany's passion is to make a positive impact on the lymphoedema community and provide assistance in receiving treatment to children in need all over the world. Don't miss this incredible episode as Brittany shares her family's journey with pediatric lymphoedema. Learn more about Brittany Williams here: Website: Instagram: @brylansfeatfoundation Facebook: This episode is bought to you by Elucell Elucell provides cutting edge and scientifically proven treatments in platelet-rich plasma and body sculpting. The team at Elucell are skin and hair health enthusiasts with a combined 30 years experience assessing complex dermal conditions and androgenetic alopecia. Based in Melbourne, you can expect a high-end, considered experience centered around achieving your personal aesthetic goals. Special for listeners! If you are Melbourne based, contact the clinic for a complimentary initial consultation and 30% off on all platelet rich plasma treatments. Exclusive to Heal Thy Skin Podcast listeners. @elucell_australia --- Be sure to subscribe to the podcast! And follow us on Instagram or visit us online at --- Send in a voice message:
Albinism is a condition that affects the production of melanin, the pigment that colours skin, hair and eyes. 1 out of every 17,000 people is living with albinism. Albinism carries with it myths in cultures throughout the world. These run the spectrum from the notion that those with albinism have magical powers to the belief that people with albinism must have red eyes. Their eyes usually are purple or grey which sometimes appears reddish in certain types of light. Failure to destigmatise albinism, address racial discrimination and accommodate visual impairment, combined with bullying and risks of attacks, often results in a large number of people with albinism in isolation. To wrap up Heal thy Skin's second season, Marni will be speaking with an exemplary woman- Oceanne Comtois. Oceanne is a 22-year-old driven and enthusiastic TikTok star who creates lifestyle and educational content centred around her life being visually impaired and living with albinism. Don't miss this episode as Oceanne shares the facts and myths about albinism. Learn more about Oceanne Comtois here: Instagram: @oceannec_ TikTok: LinkedIn: Youtube: Coming Soon! --- Send in a voice message:
The word “scleroderma” comes from two Greek words: “sclero” meaning hard, and “derma” meaning skin. That is why oftentimes, people think that scleroderma is only all about the hardening of the skin, which is one of the most visible manifestations of the condition. Scleroderma, or systemic sclerosis, is a chronic connective tissue disease generally classified as one of the autoimmune rheumatic diseases. For people living with scleroderma, daily life can be extremely painful. The condition affects every aspect of their lives. In this week's podcast episode, Marni will be speaking with one inspirational woman- Farah Khaleck, motivational speaker and scleroderma ambassador. Farah was just 17-years-old when she began experiencing symptoms - discoloured knuckles; facial swelling and general stiffness. Unbeknown to her and several doctors these were the early signs of scleroderma. Several misdiagnoses followed over a two-year period before a doctor finally identified the condition correctly. Since then, she has braved her situation to advocate and voice herself as a strong and empowered woman. Farah sees scleroderma as another challenge and has managed to live with it to her advantage. Because of her zeal and passion, she has managed to openly talk and share her story on various platforms. Farah has managed to educate many on her rare condition and gained support from her vast supporters who cheer her on every day. Join us in this heartwarming episode as Farah shares her journey of acceptance and living life with scleroderma. Learn more about Farah Khaleck here: Instagram: @farahkhaleck Twitter: @FarahKhaleck Youtube: Tiktok: LinkedIn: --- Send in a voice message:
Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer: each year, more than 13,000 Australians are diagnosed with melanoma and almost 980,000 new cases of non-melanoma skin cancers are treated. Skin cancer is mostly preventable, and there are effective treatment options available. Skin cancer treatment depends on the type, its size and location and whether it has spread elsewhere. Surgery is the main treatment for non-melanoma skin cancer, although it may depend on one's individual circumstances. Mohs micrographic surgery (MMS) is a specialist form of surgery used to treat non-melanoma skin cancers when: it's felt there's a high risk of the cancer spreading or returning the cancer is in an area where it would be important to remove as little skin as possible, such as the nose or close to the eyes In this week's podcast episode, Marni will be speaking with Dr Frank Lin of Eastern Plastic Surgery. Dr Frank Lin is a Specialist Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon. He is a fully qualified member of Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons, Australian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons and International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons after completing specialist plastic surgery training in Melbourne. He is a regular speaker at major international conferences and has also been involved in numerous clinical trials for major pharmaceutical and medical devices companies. Dr Lin is involved in the teaching of specialist trainees and students at both Melbourne University and Monash University Medical Schools, as well as lecturing dermal sciences students at Victoria University. Join us in this amazing episode full of learning, all about skin cancer treatments from the expert! Learn more about Dr Frank Lin here: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram:  @easternplasticsurgery Be sure to subscribe to the podcast! And follow us on Instagram or visit us online at --- Send in a voice message:
Like any other part of your body, your skin can be involved in immune responses. Most of us have experienced skin inflammation at some point in our lives. But did you know that it is a way for your skin to tell that your immune system is responding to a certain dysfunction, allergic reaction, or infection? Inflammatory skin conditions are the most common problem in dermatology thus many different treatments are available for the treatment of skin inflammation. The type of treatment will depend on the cause of your inflammation. Another common inflammation culprit is product overuse, especially in those exploring all areas of skincare and a drawer full of samples. Inflammation can come from over-exfoliating, over-sampling, or irritants or allergens in formulas. In this week's podcast episode, Marni will be speaking with Stefanie Milla, founder of Dermalist Skincare, an Australian company at the cutting edge of the cosmeceutical industry. Stef has worked in the skincare industry for more than nineteen years as both a trainer and an educator in the industry. After many years of planning and perfecting the range, she launched Dermalist in the Australian market in October 2019 that have since revolutionised the skincare routines of thousands of Australian women with their range of luxurious, powerful and ethical ‘skip-care’. Join us as Stef walks us through the biggest misconception about inflammation-skin connection and so much more! Learn more about Stefanie Milla here: Website:  Instagram: @dermalist Personal: @stefaniemillaskin Facebook: Sponsor: This podcast episode is proudly bought to you by Dermalist. Dermalist create ​powerful, ethical and luxurious​ skincare​ with a focus on reducing inflammation in the skin - the root cause of many skin concerns including premature aging, redness, pigmentation and acne. Purchase online or at a stockist near you. --- Send in a voice message:
Summer’s just around the corner! But along with those warm sunny days also comes a serious threat: ultraviolet (UV) radiation. We all know that spending a bit too much time under the sun can cause sunburns. UV damage doesn’t just stop at the skin; it can also harm your eyes. Many Australians will remember the ‘Sid the Seagull’ campaign from the 1980s which launched the ‘Slip, Slop, Slap’ message. Some things have changed since then but our sun is still the same. In commemoration of Skin Cancer Action Week, Marni will be speaking with Dr Adam Sheridan of Australasian College of Dermatologists and Cancer Council Australia. Dr Sheridan sits on the Australasian College of Dermatologists (ACD) committees for Mohs Micrographic Surgery and GP Training and runs the Joint National ACD and RCPA Mohs QAP. He is actively involved in the ACD specialist training and certification program. Dr Adam Sheridan undertook Specialist Dermatology training in Australia and the United Kingdom; including Clinical Research Fellowships in Dermatology and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Oxford, England. He specialises in the delivery of comprehensive skin cancer management, Mohs Micrographic Surgery and Medical laser. Dr Sheridan also served as a visiting Consultant and Senior Dermatological Surgeon at The Skin and Cancer Foundation. He is a published author and guest reviewer for the Australasian Journal of Dermatology. With two in three Australians diagnosed with skin cancer by age 70, the skin cancer action week is an important reminder to use sun protection and of the importance of early skin cancer detection for all Australians as we make our way into summer. Join us as Dr Adam shares the importance of skin cancer prevention, early detection, and the biggest misconception about skin cancer. Learn more about Dr Adam Sheridan here: Website: Cancer Council: Sid the Seagull Video: Be sure to subscribe to the podcast! And follow us on Instagram or visit us online at --- Send in a voice message:
No doubt, when an illness barges into your life unannounced and takes up residence, it can leave you feeling angry, defeated, and powerless. Myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) is a disabling and complex illness. People with ME/CFS are often not able to do their usual activities. At times, ME/CFS may confine them to bed. People with ME/CFS have overwhelming fatigue that is not improved by rest. ME/CFS may get worse after any activity, whether it’s physical or mental. Despite the fact that ME/CFS can be as disabling as multiple sclerosis, heart disease and other chronic conditions, most of the general public is unaware of the impact it has on lives. On top of that, the misinformation perpetuated for decades about “chronic fatigue syndrome” has led to patients being negatively judged by others. Sadly, this often places additional strain on people who are already struggling to cope with such a complex and debilitating condition. In this week's podcast episode, Marni will be speaking with an inspirational woman, Georgina Wasdall. Georgina is a creative young woman living in the U.K. She's a model, aspiring actress and disability advocate represented by Zebedee Management. She is living with ME/CFS along with other associated conditions for the past 11 years. Georgina believes that everything happens for a reason as she does her best to stay positive in all circumstances. She shares her story in hope, to help others living with ME/CFS and raise awareness. Finding and loving herself took awhile for Georgina that is why she shares her journey through body positivity, growing confidence, acceptance and being kind to herself. Join us as Georgina proudly shares her story through all the trials and tribulations. Learn more about Georgina Wasdall here: Instagram: @georginawasdall Manage by Zebedee Management: Organisations Mentioned: Be sure to subscribe to the podcast! And follow us on Instagram or visit us online at --- Send in a voice message:
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