DiscoverSet The Stage on Fire with Michael (powered by PRESENTER.WORLD)
Set The Stage on Fire with Michael (powered by PRESENTER.WORLD)
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Set The Stage on Fire with Michael (powered by PRESENTER.WORLD)

Author: Michael Sinnhuber

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95 % of all presentations are damn boring! Which is a tragedy, because great presentations make great things happen!
This podcast is here to help you become a great presenter/speaker, so that you can make great things happen with your story, service, product or whatever you have to offer to the world!

Hosted by Michael Sinnhuber (King of Presentations) and brought to you by his global movement to Save The World From Boring Presentations called PRESENTER.WORLD
2 Episodes
Transformational life coach, public speaker and author Daniel Mangena is creator of the "Beyond Intention" paradigm and ambassador for The Mangena Foundation. Passionate about calling people to take deliberate action in pursuit of a joyful life of purpose, Daniel carries the message to "Dream With Your Eyes Open" around the globe as a regular contributor on and also as host of the "Do it with Dan" podcast series (available on most major podcast platforms). Daniel's Mission Statement and further information on how to connect with him across social media can be found at and using the social media handle @DreamerCEO Overview of all the Channels that you can contact Daniel on: - "Dream With Your Eyes Open” - - Podcast: - Amazon Author Page: - Facebook: - Twitter: - Instragram:
This is the very first episode of my new "Set The Stage On Fire" Podcast. In this first episode I talk about WHO I am, WHY I am doing this, HOW I started to love presentations & speaking, WHAT I am planning for the future and a bit about my backstory... To get in touch with me contact me on or send me a message on Linkedin
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