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WMHW Podcasts are student produced from Central Michigan University. We strive to bring you fun topics and different areas of discussion. We will be adding more variety as the semesters progress. Enjoy listening!
53 Episodes
On this episode, you'll hear about Overwatch, Pokemon, and Red Redemption 2. Get ready to listen to some great video game commentary!
Week of the underdogs! Another sad week for Chicago sports. Ajay was wrong about the Ravens. Jimmy nails some accents. London shouldn't host an NFL team. Enjoy another week of semi-quality content.
Off The Air with MMR

Off The Air with MMR


Cool and weird concert experiences along with reviewing our favorite albums.
This show came together at the last minute.  It was tight but, our crew came through.  Hear the story and some of the music in this episode.
Welcome to a new sports podcast series, "The Kings of North"! For the first episode, two Chicago homers, Jimmy Young and Ajay Caal, talk about Antonio Brown, Chicago sports being hard to watch, and the last 30 mins before the NFL tradeline. Tune in weekly for semi-quality content.
On this weeks episode, Hunter and Billy discuss spooky Halloween games!
On this episode, you will hear about Overwatch 2 rumors, and Playstation RemotePlay
Moore Media Records podcast

Moore Media Records podcast


This is the first episode of a new approach we're trying.  We actually shot this as a video podcast and exported just the audio track for WMHW.  In this ep, our MMR crew explores conspiracy theories.  Who can resist hearing about what the Illuminati are up to in terms of how they may have messed with the music you love?
On this episode, Hunter, Billy, and Diamond discuss Overwatch on the Nintendo Switch, the Fortnite black hole, and Pokemon Sword and Shield.
Get a glimpse of the great local music featured on the October 11th episode of SSL.
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