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Super Professor AKA Clemons Kunkel. I am Proud to be Part of the resistance against peeping trump. I also have some of My Books "Keys to Unlocking the Universe" and CD called "Keys to Unlocking the Universe" on Amazon. There are also to CD's on Self Help first is "Dream Your Dreams" the second is "New Keys to Self Help" I also interview business people and high achievers that push themselves farther, because they believe they can be more, and then they go after their dreams and study and learn new skills to get them to where they want to be. Sometimes it not about the money, it about having fun and helping others to get to their goals. Darius said his mom says we all have a Voice. So I have a question for you? Have you found your Voice? It could be you are a singer like Darius or it could be you like to run marathon like Kerry. Never think that you are not someone special because I can guarantee you that you already are in someone else’s eyes. It could be your little sister or brother that see you as a hero... and they want to be just like you, because you are their HERO. Maybe your Mom or Dad are super proud of who you are. Although they never told you, but they tell all their friends. I know if you think about it you have heroes in your life that you try to follow right? Always live your dreams because someone wants to be like you, so make it a good life. I myself have four books coming out and this is just one way to market the books. If you are thinking of self-publishing a book, check out They are Awesome. They walk you through the publishing process step by step. My first book is a self-help called “Three Steps to Self Help (Dissipating Fear Anxiety And Nightmares)”. In one of my podcasts, I talk about when I was approximately 16 years old, something tragic happened to me, which change my life for the better. The whole story is in my self-help book. I also show you how to remove nightmares, I taught myself this trick when I was 12. I never have nightmares and you can also be like me. My second book which is my baby, is my science book. I talk about not one big bang but two, a merging of two universes, which make up the one universe we see today. I have over 41 points of empirical evidence to validate the theory. Things like the Great Wall, Great Attractor, MACHO, blue shift, and the Great Void are only a few of the things in space I explain in the book called “Keys to Unlocking the Universe”. My third book is a children’s books call “Galactic Keys”. Sometimes science is just too boring, so I am tiring to make it fun. It starts out on a world with a princess called “Princess Leona of the Leona,” the most advanced race of.My new podcast is Against Peeping trump because kids matter. I am sick that peeping trump is in office after bragging on Howard Stern Radio that he has the right to walk in on Children changing Clothes, He is SICK and If you Like him You are SICK. Stop the Sick people, protect all the Children.................................
130 Episodes
Donald J Trump is Banned because he is a Terrorist. What a BABY Dictator. LOSERS for LIFE! #Republicans1. Twitter Banned HIM2. Facebook Banned HIM3. Google Banned HIM4. YouTube Banned HIM5. Snapchat Banned Him6. Instagram Banned HIMWhat a fake baby bone spur A. K. A. fake president Donald j Trump is the World's Biggest LOSERS! Suckers and Losers are Trumpers!
There is Blood on Trump's hands again! When will he pay for all the Crimes and Lives lost from his hate.  Terrorist is Trumpers no GRAY! They took 2 pipe bombs in the building! How many people must die before you remove him? 
Child Abuse by Donald j trump and Republicans Still Going On!  What would you do if someone did this to your CHILD??????600 Children still don't have parents that loved them 4 years ago! 
What are dark matter and dark energy I explained it in my first book …..Keys to Unlocking the Universe …..on Amazon. My second book ….Keys to Unlocking the Universe's Mysteries... is about how to map the other dimensions. So this podcast is about a Macho which is dark matter and that a MACHO is a black hole from Another Dimension that is dragging through our area of space. Dark energy is the other Universe putting pressure on our Universe, which is forcing us to expand. I think faster than light speed is possible by stepping over to the other dimensions and let's space moved without us. Because we are already moving and so are they. The universe expands at 1.3  miles a second in every megaparsec and if we are expanding then so are they. The Milky Way galaxy is falling toward a region of space called the Great Attractor at 14 million miles an hour, we live in the Milky Way galaxy. I hope you listen and follow me, please share if you like what you hear. Let's go to a Goldilocks zone planet!
The Trump train has come off the tracks, there is no putting it back on it is going to crash. Even Vladimir Putin has turned on his buddy and so did Mitch McConnell, They both said President Biden is the president. These were two people that would never turn on Trump if he was able to stay in power, they only care about money not human lives.  Vladimir Putin's a murdering dictator and that's Trump's best buddy. Trump never said one thing against poopty putin!Putin cyber attacked us, put bounties on our soldiers and nothing from  Donald J Trump against Putin. Trump is 100% compromised there is no Gray.SAD SO SAD LOVE LOVE LOVE! 
Donald J Trump is a fake president and trying to be a fake president a second time. He lost by 7 million votes but he keeps saying he won, but he lost in the first election, but he did win because Republicans have the system rigged. Truth matters I don't go by alternative facts from Kellyanne Conway and the Republicans are Donald J Trump. You can't call me a leftist because I voted RepublicanI I don't vote by party,  I didn't vote for the clown in office, I put every president in office except for the baby. I'm 63 so do the math! Why would someone vote for someone that has 22 Failed businesses? Why would you vote for someone that has 6 bankruptcies and don't pay people what they owed? Why would you vote for someone that wants to have sex with his daughter?  Why would you put someone in office that sleeps around on all of his wives? Because sick people like sick people just because you are just like HIM!  Facts matter not Alternative facts!311 DEAD AMERICANS AND CLIMBING!
Cry baby trump need is trumpy bear and his crayon because someone took his Sharpie!SAD SO SAD LOVE!!!!!
Stealing an election is losing not winning in the long run! Only the cheaters think stealing is winning!  We must fix this! This is not Russian! Americans are still HERE! The sleeping Giants have awakened! Sad so sad LOVE!
Individual 1 the criminal Donald J Trump has not served anytime in prison cell but Michael Cohen has! Why is it that a criminal is still on the loose, how come he has not paid for his crimes but other people have?  Donald J Trump should be tried on war crimes kidnapping children, imprisoning torturing children is his disgrace to the human race. As of today 666 children have not seen their parents and we have no idea where they are.  Why did the United Nations have to tell Americans it's wrong to kidnap a child? Because the Republican party is a klan party (KKK) now they do not care about human lives. When Donald J Trump said he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and not lose any votes what did he really say? Donald Trump said I can murder someone on 5th Avenue and my people the Klan people will still love me for murdering someone.  That's the truth there is no gray, its murder when you shoot someone for FUN! The sickness of the Republican party is unbelievable.  Donald J Trump is allowing Americans to die through the virus that he said was a democratic hoax when it's a global pandemic.  Republicans are allowing people to die of stupidity and greed for money. They think they're the holy ones and God will protect only them and let everyone else die. That's really really caring people.  The only problem is their God doesn't save them either.  Donald Trump the Holiness has killed 240,000 Americans! That's doctors, nurses, mothers, fathers, children, Democrat, Republican, independent, religious and non- religious the virus doesn't care who you are, wake up, you may not wake up, the virus doesn't care about human lives pretty much just like Putin and Trump.  Also, Man-Made Climate Changes are dangerous as hell and the clown says it isn't but a 197 Country world leader says it is, who's smarter, world leaders or just one ding dong?You do the math! Criminals must be prosecuted are we can never heal! You got something to say you say it to my face, cuz I'm done being nice too sick people you're killing people you sick things. Let's have a fair contest in a RING!  You picked 10 things you're good at and I picked 10 things I'm good at, let's see if you can win one contest and no cheating babies bring your trumpy bear in the ring with you. Also don't worry I'll bring a Sharpie for you. So you can say you won when you lose.Sad so SAD LOVE
Cheating is the Republican party they can no longer be in power! They only care about money, not kids put in DOG CAGES! THEY ARE THE PROBLEM THEY ARE CLAN (KKK) PEOPLE NOW. SICK SCARDEY CATS TRUMPY BEAR HOLDERS, TEDDY BEARS ARE FOR BABIES! 
Suckers and losers is a Trumper they follow a balloon baby that's a scaredy cat a whiny little baby 24/7 that holds a trumpy bear and gives trumpy Bears to his people for money.Suckers and losers buy trumpy bear to hold to keep them safe from immigrants, when Donald Trump's entire family is immigrants.They listen to a guy that used a Sharpie to change a weather map that's a baby why did they take away his crayons?The entire world see Don for what he really is a baby.  A 74 years old baby is sad to watch screaming, yelling and whining 24/7. Whoever took away his trumpy (Teddybear) bear please give it back. It's hard for the rest of the world to get some sleep.  Also don't give him any more Sharpies, and please take away the nuclear codes.  Person, woman, man, camera, TV is to easy to remember. Wait can you speak another language?Can you believe that these clowns don't even understand what the word Global pandemic means?????220000 dead American and Rising more than a million dead in the world hasn't even been a year yet!
Why is a Dung running the Country? 180,000 Dead American!
Trump INSULTS EVERY MAN ON THE PLANET BY SAYING HE IS A MAN! Don the con is a fake baby bone spur scaredy cat clan leader. Don the con needs a Sharpie to change the weather map to match his tweets. The entire world sees Don for what he really is a BALLOON BABY.  A 74 years old baby is very sad to watch screaming, yelling, and whining 24/7. Whoever took away his trumpy (Teddybear) bear please give it back. It's hard for the rest of the world to get some sleep.  Also don't give him any more Sharpies, and please take away the nuclear codes.  Person, woman, man, camera, TV is to easy to remember! SAD SO SAD LOVE!
164,000  is Trump’s new good job of killing Americans. This is what the clown said. Donald Trump said the COVID-19 is a hoax a democratic hoax! He said it would disappear when the heat came in. He said it's not a problem it’s only one person from China! Trump and fake Fox News made fun of China for locking down 760 million people! Trump ignored WHO the World Health Organization, they wanted to give us the means to test for the virus but Trump said NO! Trump said it’s is like the Russian hoax not real.  Trump work with Russia he's an illegal president.  Republicans should have removed him twice already. The virus is not a hoax and neither is Russia messing with us. Nurses and doctors did not get the equipment that they need to stay alive.  Donald Trump does favoritism on the PPE personal protection equipment.  the virus does not care whether your Democrat, Republican, Clan, or religious it just doesn't care it kills everyone.  Yes, it's a global pandemic and the idiots say it's not! Donald Trump also removed the global pandemic response team that President Barack Obama put in place for us to Keep us Safe. Republicans are not doing their job in removing Donald J Trump they only care about money in the trillions of dollars they have gotten in their tax break. Rich people got money to take care of themselves, we do not.  They can privately teach their kids at home because they got money to pay for everything. Donald Trump is a criminal and he protects his criminal people.  Donald Trump pardons all his criminals. This is only going to get worse because of stupidity and greed. 
Putin and trump are CLOWNS! CHEATING TO WIN ALWAYS!Can you believe that a person who becomes president by cheating is OKAY! It's okay in Russian and in the United States. Putin has been in power for 17 years and had to cheat to stay in power. Putin the clown now is going for a 30-year term because he says the country wants him to the run for 30 years more! Dictators are too funny. Little baby Putin can't win on his own Merit also. Who does Putin remind you of, that's right baby bone spur Donald J Trump. Donald Trump knew he could not win the first time so he cheated and Republicans allowed it. It's sad that the Republicans have to cheat to win. You could never play a game of chess with any Republican cuz they'll cheat.  You could not even have a fair baseball or football game cuz they'll cheap the same way Putin did in the Olympics he used steroids on his people to win.  How can people be this weak in everything they do? Because they were never taught right from wrong and cannot win on their own Merit or even learn to Lose gracefully. Republican said Trump learn from the first lesson, LOL so he is doubling down on the second term of cheating! The clown show is coming to an end because the world sees all the cheating! Anybody can destroy a country if you do nothing to help it or its people! Ignorant people cannot help a country because they're ignorant they have no knowledge to fix anything. An intelligent person listens to the scientist to fix things.  An ignorant person says they're smarter than the scientists because they are afraid to learn something new and is beyond their understanding. Ignorant people say they know more than everybody else but will never prove they are smart they just say they are and you must believe.  Incompetent people hide who they are with lies misdirection and fake news stories! In today's day and age of science if someone says something you can Google it and in seconds get the information. Here is an example.  When Donald J Trump said he had more people at his inauguration than President Barack Obama but there is no picture to show that. If trumper's were smart they would say let me see the GPS location time date stamp on the photo that shows Trump crowd not being there. But they're not intelligent, they do not think, they do not know,  they do not understand how the world works! And what's even worse they didn't even have one picture to prove what they say, when everybody has a phone. Cheating is not winning it's lying and cheating.  Donald J Trump owes millions of dollars to people he is a fake president, not a decent human being even before he got in the office from cheating! Covid-19 has killed 160,000 Americans, but trump don't understand the science behind understanding covid-19. He lied at the beginning, he said it was a hoax and would go away. It's not going away only thing going away is Americans that we’re burying everyday because of incompetence.It's only going to get worse!  
Scaredy-cat Donald J Trump the incompetent human being has allowed 155,000 Americans to die from stupidity or is it from helping Vladimir Putin to control our country? Is it not murder when you do stuff intentionally to kill someone? Why did I know a Global pandemic was coming?  I said it in my podcast. WHO (World Health Organization) said it was a global pandemic and dangerous but the clown in the office does not believe it's a problem and will disappear?  Is it because I care about human beings and he doesn't? Is it because he only cares about money that Vladimir Putin helped him to get from the United States? Vladimir Putin helped Trump to get in office the first time by cheating and Trump is doing it again the second time. Trump had to cheat to win the first time!  Think about that? He knew the first time he didn't have a chance so he cheated! The Mueller report was real, not fake it was done by a Republic, and Republicans didn't care that Mueller did the report, but they decided not to read it. How many Republicans are in Putin's pocket? In 4 months more Americans are going to die because we're not doing what we need to do to stop this coronavirus from spreading. The longer it stays in America and grows the stronger it will become. We are at 155,000 dead Americans and the number is just going to keep growing. Why is incompetence allowed to keep destroying human lives? This is on the Republicans also not just Trump. They say they want a Civil War when they lost the first one!  The Confederacy is dead and they're trying to bring slavery back because they are lazy fat stupid people the Superior stupid race!  LOL! They are nothing but cowards and Incompetent babies scaredy cats that need a Trumpy Bear to feel safe.  Adult babies that need a teddy bear are you serious?!?! This is a clown show! The only thing good about Trump being in office is we see all the Klan, KKK, alt-right, Neo-Nazi, and Stupid people that think they're white when they're stupid! Yes, done being nice to you incompetent people. You want to rumble so do I! I want to Rumble in a ring! Surely you're not afraid to get in the ring with a real white man, are you? I'm only 62 trust me, Believe Me, you can take me out! Let's get on that Fake Fox News Clan Channel and say you want to rumble with Clemons Kunkel! My number is (217-320-5827). My number has always been public. This is not NEW! We will have 20 different contests I picked things you picked 10 things that you're best at!  Let's see if you can even win one! I don't hide who I am that's my real name. Google ME! (Clemons Kunkel). I've talked to you clan people all the time on Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. The funny thing is that not one of you cowards we get in the ring with me. NO, you'd rather pick on women and children. Nothing but scary cats! Get in a ring prove your superiority with me, Not a child not a woman! Tucker Carlson this is for you too. When are you trumpers ever going to grow up? You'd rather hold your trumpy bear!  Teddy bear is for a child you baby grownups! Wake up are get in the RING! Children’s lives matter! Human lives matter! 
What will the Confederate clan people do, you know the KKK, Alt-right,  Neo-nazis and the white nationalist those people, what will they do when they send their kids to school and the kids die from COVID-19? They Sign a piece of paper they won't Sue Donald Trump if they get COVID-19 but what about their kids and what about their kids going to school and dying from the flu (COVID-19) will they get their guns, their ropes, their bombs and do something? They are only murderers just like Putin the strong and powerful white race ( fat balloon sleeping around people that want to be white, they're not white, they're  stable genius, ignorant people). SAD SO SAD LOVE LOVEAlso Where Trump's son goes they're closed because of the flu (COVID-19). Yes that's right Trump’s son's not going to school cuz he's going to be home school like Betsy DeVos was, rich don't have to do what we do, but we can leave our kids at home so they live. Keep your kids home keep your kids safe this is only going to get worse.
Tammy Duckworth is an American Hero she gave her legs for America.  She's not a coward like Tucker Carlson, Donald J Trump, and Mike Pence, they are scaredy cats that need a trumpy bear (Teddy Bear) to feel safe a teddy bear is given to children that have fear from a Monster Under the Bed! Tucker Carlson get in the ring with me, I am going to show you how weak and immature you are! I am Clemons Leon Kunkel my family has died protecting this country, your family doesn't do anything but hide! Let's Rumble, get in the ring with me!My number is (217-320-582) Let's get in the ring will have 20 different contests you pick 10 things that you're good at and I picked ten. Let me show you what a real white man can do! Let's see if you can win one out of 20.Tammy would kick your butt but she has no legs so I will stand up for her! I am 62 years old that doesn't mean I'm weak I'm not a Trumper! Look me up you clown! I am sick and tired of the Confederacy thinking they're strong when they're weak, lazy, dumb, ignorant, and cowards!Confederacy is rapists, murderers, and cowards!  TRAITORS of the United States! Confederacy is TRAITORS to the United States. The clowns signed a piece of paper that they won't Sue Donald Trump it to get the flu ( covid-19)! That’s how stupid and ignorant a Trumper is!Tucker Carlson get in the ring with me you Coward! 
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