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Author: L. A. Rivers

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LA Rivers brings stories to life reading the works of authors at all stages in their careers. Grab your favorite beverage, kick back and enjoy story-time for grownups.
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36 Episodes
@MaugerDStaunton & LA Rivers talk writing and writers - Mauger is a coach & consultant for writers.
Ep 42 Ric Ryan

Ep 42 Ric Ryan


Happy Mother’s Day • Anchor • Richard Ryan Author & Editor • My babies by LA Rivers • Promoting your books for extra content go to
Ep 41 Agent Nicole Bezanson

Ep 41 Agent Nicole Bezanson


LA Rivers interviews literary agent, Nicole Beazonson Of Metamorphosis Literary Agency about what writers need to know about agents as we gear up for Pitmad in June. You can find Nicole at Http:// , Http:// , Http:// & on Twitter . LA reads from her current short story in program featuring as Dru a twenty something artist stuck in a small town.
In this episode LA Rivers interviews author Dawn Hosmer, @dawnhosmer7 of the Twitter Writing Community about her publishing journey and why her second book is the first published work. You can find Dawn at - This week LA Rivers reads from her short story, “Ties That Bind.”
You can find Shervin Hojat at - Symphony of My Heart is available on Amazon, Kindle and Audible.
Ryan P. Freeman is LA Rivers guest, Freeman is a multitalented writer, audio producer and PR specialist. They talk fantasy, Mark Twain, and the need to nurture contemporary talent. Find Freeman’s work at - Today’s story is by LA Rivers, “For the love of Mother” is a mother’s eye view of the pressures mothers face in a post Freudian world.
LA Rivers interviews author, EJ Dawson about her love of books, writing and being possessed by the story she wrote in 25 days. Rivers reads 2 sample chapters from the afore mentioned book Behind the Veil. You can find EJ on and at For more info about this podcast go to
LA Rivers interviews gritty realist, Chad Ard, then reads from his book, “Forever Striking A Crucified Pose”. You can find Chad on and at To submit your work to 1001 LA Nights go to
LA Rivers celebrates reaching the magic 5K followers on Twitter, interviews Eve Corso about her new release, Esteban & Marialena available now, then reads Pauline Yates’ “As The Tide Turns” published on Elena Hartwell’s blog and “We’ll See About That” by LA Rivers. In the last segment Rivers announces the winner for the character placement in one of her short stories and gives instructions on how to claim it. Listeners don’t need to be disappointed for not being selected, since Rivers has come up with a cunning plan!
LA Rivers interviews author WB Welch about her recent collection of short horror stories in Blood Drops. Rivers reads two short stories from the powerful collection , be ready to be gut punched. You can find WB Welch on and her book Blood Drops is now on Amazon and Kindle.
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